Is Trylo-Flex a scam?


Trylo-Flex is a supplement available for trial that claims to help you to “gain muscle while increasing energy”. It is also claimed to work quickly and easily, with it formula being all natural.

Can we believe the claims being made by this muscle building supplement though? We will need to look at this offer in more detail to see if it works as claimed and whether the offer is as good as it initially appears.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Trylo-Flex

Trylo-Flex has made the following claims on its website:

  • Increase your strength
  • Improve your endurance
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Maximise your flex power
  • Detoxify your body

On the face of things these claimed benefits sound impressive, however I would wait a minute before signing up. At least until you check what this supplement is made from.

Without looking at its ingredients there is no way of proving how effective the supplement truly is.

Ingredients of Trylo-Flex

Unfortunately when viewing the Trylo-Flex website there is no information whatsoever on its ingredients.

There is no label available, nor any mention of its ingredients, so how can we gauge what benefits it really offers.

This is disappointing and puts serious doubt in my mind regarding its benefits. Does Trylo-Flex work at all? There is no way of knowing.

Price of Trylo-Flex

If you sign up for the Trylo-Flex trial offer you will likely be shocked to learn just how much it is going to cost you.

Although there is only a $6.73 sign up charge, this only covers a 16 day period, which when elapsed will mean a further $108.91 charge will be made to your account.

Not only is this overpriced but further monthly deliveries are also to be expected as Trylo-Flex operates as an auto-ship program.

Is this trial offer a scam?

We cannot call Trylo-Flex a scam as it has stated its payments terms in its T&Cs. However it is impossible to recommend either due to its high cost and lack of ingredient information.

If I were you then I would steer clear of this offer. There are many supplements available that are much better value that actually work that you can try, I would look at one of those instead of wasting your time with this offer.

Contact details for Trylo-Flex

There are various contact numbers for Trylo-Flex online but I have listed a few below that you could try to cancel your trial:

Australia: +61-291912796
UK: +44 808 168 3668
USA & Canada: 1-888-563-0374

If you have signed up for this offer and would like to leave a review then you can do so by leaving a message below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative to Trylo-Flex is D-Bal, a supplement sold online by Crazy Bulk that has been designed to be a safe alternative to Dianabol, the once popular steroid that has now been banned due to its side effects.

Using D-Bal can help:

  • Increase both muscle and strength
  • Give you faster than normal results
  • Increase nitrogen retention and blood flow

As this supplement is unavailable for trial there is no risk of you suffering any hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>


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      • I rang the number above and got through and told them I wanted to cancel the whole subscription, and I’m waiting for a confirmation email that this has actually happened, thanks guys for the heads up.

    • Have to agree fucking scam. Watch your credit card forever doing unauthorized transactions.
      I had to change bank accounts to stop them and after 2 weeks I have grain fuck all muscle,
      lost no weight and still a fat bastard, plus loving it.

  1. They do not tell you that they will make further deductions from your bank account without your authority. BIG RIP OFF. Not very happy Jan.

    Wished I Had Seen This Site Before Ordering !!
    You Get The Initial Order, Then All Of A Sudden Your Credit Card Is Being Slugged For $130 + & It’s Bloody Impossible To Contact These Bastards To Cancel Future Shipments !!
    You Cannot Email Them & The Phone Numbers DON”T Work !!
    & On Top Of That, After Using Trylo-Flex For About A Month, With My Usual Gym Work Outs, It Has Made NO Difference AT ALL.
    Stupidest Decision EVER To “Trial” This Scam Of A Product !!!

  3. It certainly mention in the t & c’s that they will make a further automatic deduction after 16 days .. if ur product hasnt arrived then how can u ‘trial’ it?? After reading this.. my best suggestion would be to cancel the order approx 10 days after initial purchase … when the product arrives, test the effects on yourself and if you feel it works for you (doubt it), then maybe make further purchases .. thats wat I’d suggest 🙂

  4. Got the product around 14days after i’d ordered it for a trail… then I noticed nearly $300 dollars taken out of my account, contacted them, got told that’s what’s in the T&C, I must cancel within 14 days. So I promptly cancelled sub, unfortunately I got ripped off. big lesson here… buyers beware!

  5. I like a lot of you got sucked in, ordered the so called free sample had money taken out of my account before the sample even arrived. I went to my bank and cancelled my card. Not to have been sent an invoice seems poor business practice. Like they say there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  6. T&C
    *Results are based upon actual 60 day user experience and are only projected for 90 day weight loss goals. Results may vary. For best results always combine supplement with a sensible food program and regular exercise routine.

  7. Don’t buy this. Called and cancelled and they continued to take money when told no. have called consumer affairs against this company.

  8. I took the risk my has stuff has come in both trylo-flex and fire. the make you sign up for on going purchase very month but all you have to do is cancel that after about 4 days so your order goes though.

  9. Bought this stuff which cost about $14 for the both trylofex and trylofire and heard they debit me again randomly so i called the number provided and they stopped any further payments and mentioned that the ones paid for were in mail, i recieved them in about 3 wks and havent tried them out yet and also havent had any other debts. So fingers crossed these will rip me 🙂

  10. Ordered last week late night while on a low, Tried phoned number and didn’t answered so canceled card they cant credit a card that nolonger exists. Just put down as a lesson learnt and a loss of some change 🙂

  11. Ordered the $7.16 (AUD) product. Have not received it as yet. Then of course the big debit of $127.78 (AUD). Contact your Bank and ask them to put a block on this outfit. Sent 2 x Emails threatening them with fraudulence and illegal consumer activities. Will contact NSW Dept. of Consumer Affairs & “A Current Affair” on the Nine network. Will also contact the Australian Federal Police.

  12. How can you get a 16 day free trial if the product turns up 18 days after you accept the offer, these people are scammers and rip off merchants, stay away before you also get caught out,
    there are other products out there for a fraction of what they charge.

  13. Do not, I repeat do not send your card details. Just finished cancelling my card, could not contact them at all. My sweating on the subject this morning was pretty impressive- lost 500gms. Still nothing in the mail, ordered 3 weeks ago. Another 300 bux missing from my account. Iv got fraud dept on to it, but another lesson learnt…. Beware.

    • They did have your permission. If you didnt want more you could have easily cancelled. I have had the trial but took it over a couple months. I liked it. I think it would have worked better if I had have taken it more frequently. I am willing to spend the extra to give it another go. I know it’s pretty expensive, But Really if it gets me to where I want to be? So be it. I know of things that cost more. You stick to your bread and water. Time will tell.

  14. I cancelled by email & recieved a response within hours confirming cancellation & an email. The phone # of the person who called me is +1 (925) 350 5233 for those who are having no joy contacting them on the local #s they’ve supplied. Looked at my bank statements to find the bastards had deducted $130 approx for a few months. The women who phoned me offered all sorts of deals to keep me as a customer.


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