D-BAL Review – Boost Strength And Muscle Mass


D-Bal is one of the various products offered by Crazy Bulk. It is claimed that using this product can significantly boost your strength and muscle mass naturally.

Let's see how D-Bal works and whether it is worth buying?

How Does D-Bal Work?

D-Bal Benefits

The unique formula found in D-Bal imitates the steroid Methandrostenolone [1], which creates an active anabolic environment that also boosts nitrogen retention in your muscle tissue.

This results in improved protein synthesis, improved muscle size and strength [2].

Benefits Of D-Bal

The following benefits can be experienced through your use of D-Bal:

  • Improved muscle endurance and strength
  • Fast results
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • More muscle mass
  • Improved blood flow during workouts
  • No prescription needed
  • No injections, taken orally (tablet)
  • 100% legal
  • Safe alternative to pure anabolic steroids

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Ingredients Of D-Bal

The following ingredients are found in D-Bal:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight.

This vitamin can also be found in certain foods, for example, certain fish, fish liver oils, egg yolks and in fortified dairy and grain products.

Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and helps your body to use calcium from your diet.

Benefits [3] of vitamin D include:

  • It helps to contribute to the maintenance of normal muscle function
  • Contributes to the normal function of your immune system
  • Helps with the process of cell division


Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral found in your body. It has many benefits [4] including:

  • Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue [5]
  • Contributes to your electrolyte balance
  • Helps give you a normal energy boosting metabolism
  • Improves muscle function and protein synthesis
  • Helps maintain strong bones
  • Fights depression [6]
  • Lowers blood pressure [7]


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a chemical found in green plants, animals and humans.

It has many uses and offers numerous benefits that will aid your training, including:

  • Increases antioxidant activity [8]
  • Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue (DOMS) [9]
  • A reduction in oxidative stress after exercise [10]
  • Helps to reduce inflammation [11]
  • Less joint and muscle pain [12]


Ashwaganda is a plant. Its root and berry is often used to make medicine that treats a variety of conditions.

It is an “adaptogen” and is used to help your body deal with everyday stress. It can also improve thinking ability and can reduce pain and inflammation.

Benefits of ashwaganda include:

  • Increases muscle mass and strength [13]
  • Reduces bad cholesterol and total body fat percentage [14]
  • Improved physical performance and cardiorespiratory endurance [15]

Suma Root

Suma is a plant and another adaptogen that is often used to treat cancer, diabetes and male sexual performance problems.

It has also been shown to reduce inflammation [16] and can be used to relieve pain.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant, with its fruit, leaf and root used in various medicines.

It is often used to treat conditions like chest pain, eczema, enlarged prostate, sexual disorders and infertility.

Research has shown that tribulus terrestris offers the following benefits:

  • Significant increase in serum testosterone levels, which helps treat erectile dysfunction [17]
  • Higher sperm count [18]

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a gel-like water-holding molecule often used in skin care products as it helps to keep your skin plump and hydrated.

It has also been shown to aid tendon and bone healing [19], which may benefit your training efforts.


Isoleucine is an essential amino acid, which means that it cannot be produced by your body and will, therefore, need to be included in your diet to experience the benefits.

This amino acid has been shown to:

  • Assist muscle tissue repair [20]
  • Boost energy levels, improve stamina and helps with recovery post-exercise [21]

Is D-Bal Safe To Use?

D-Bal is made from 100% natural ingredients and is completely safe to use. All Crazy Bulk products have been thoroughly tested and evaluated for safety, while the laboratory that they are manufactured in has been inspected by the FDA.

Unlike steroids [22] this product will not affect your blood pressure nor will it cause any issue with your liver.

D-Bal Compared To Steroids And Prohormones

D-Bal Legal Steroid

D-Bal is a safe and legal alternative to the banned anabolic steroid Dianabol (Methandrostenolone).

As well as now being illegal, Dianabol can be dangerous and has a high potential for side effects [23].

These side effects include:

  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Raised cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Liver damage

So, while it is still possible to buy anabolic steroids like Dianabol on the black market it is not something I would personally recommend.

Prohormones are another alternative to anabolic steroids, but while legal are not completely safe either [24].

Prohormones are a precursor to steroids, and while it is possible to gain size and strength with their use many would say that using them is not worth the risk for the rewards offered.

When using prohormones you would need to use liver support supplements, while also running a post cycle therapy to minimise the side effects.

D-Bal, on the other hand, is completely without side effects, so offers the strength and muscle gains without any of the issues associated with anabolic steroids and prohormones.

Can You Overdose On D-Bal?

D-Bal is not a steroid so if you follow the recommended dosage information there is no reason at all for you to suffer an overdose.

Crazy Bulk Results

Below you will see just one of the many ‘before and after‘ images of real users of Crazy Bulk.

Of course, you must remember that to achieve results like this you will need to put in your own hard work both in the gym and with your diet [25].

Crazy Bulk results

What you will find with many websites that sell bodybuilding supplements is that they make big claims about their ability to produce massive gains fast, but offer very little proof to back up these claims [26].

Crazy Bulk is different though as that they have plenty of customer testimonials, including the image above of real customers who have seen results.

Below are a few more testimonials taken from the Crazy Bulk website:

D-Bal Testimonials

How To Take D-Bal?

It is recommended that you take 3 tablets once daily with meals, even on those days that you do not work out.

It is advised that you take the tablets 30-45 minutes after your workout.

For best results, it is recommended that you look at both your diet and training regime. You cannot expect a product to work without your own hard work.

How To Cycle D-Bal?

The Crazy Bulk website suggests that you cycle D-Bal for 2 months before having 1-2 week break.

Is D-Bal Recommended?

If you are a hard gainer who struggles to pack on that lean muscle then D-Bal comes highly recommended.

RecommendedIt is free from side effects and has a growing number of user testimonial onsite from previous happy customers.

D-Bal is truly a safe alternative to pure anabolic steroids.

Where To Buy D-Bal?

To buy D-Bal you will need to visit the official Crazy Bulk website. This is recommended to avoid purchasing one of the many fakes we have witnessed being sold on websites like Amazon and eBay.

A months supply will set you back £35.95 ($59.99), while larger quantities allow you to receive huge savings. It is actually recommended that you use D-Bal for a minimum of 2 months.

It is possible for you to get a third bottle FREE when you buy two when using the following tip:

  1. Select the 3 products you want to BUY and place them in your Shopping Cart.
  2. The cheapest item from the 3 will be discounted in the basket.
  3. If you add 3 of the same item, the 3rd will be FREE.
  4. Click on your Shopping Cart (At the top right of the website) and click CHECKOUT and pay for your order.
  5. This works for every 3rd item you add, so if you order 6 items, you will get 2 free.

Shipping to the USA and UK is completely free, while global orders will cost an extra $9.99.

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Is D-Bal Suitable For Stacking?

Not only is D-Bal suitable for stacking, but it is also recommended.

Our suggestion for a bulking stack is the one listed on the CrazyBulk website.

This particular stack is called the “Bulking Stack” and it consists of 4 different supplements; D-Bal, DecaDuro, Trenorol and Testosterone Max.

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

As with D-Bal, these other supplements have also been designed to mimic the effects of popular steroids yet without the side effects associated with them. They are also 100% legal.

DecaDuro is a safe alternative to Deca Durabolin [27] that can help with your recovery times, enabling you to recover faster from those intense workouts.

It can do this as it can increase protein synthesis and collagen synthesis, so both your muscles and joints can be repaired faster than usual.

Trenorol is an alternative to Trenbolone [28] that when used can help to prevent the loss of strength and muscle gains due to it containing colostrum.

Colostrum contains the growth hormone IGF-1, which is important as often when you ‘cut’ your levels of this hormone will fall resulting in a loss of those hard-earned gains.

The final supplement found in this stack is Testosterone Max, which is an alternative to Sustanon [29].

This supplement contains Tribulus Terrestris, a known testosterone booster that can promote strength and muscle growth while also helping to reduce body fat percentages.

When used together you will notice a serious increase in both muscle and strength gains. Especially when used for the recommended 8-week cycle.

The price for the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is £108.95 ($179.99), which is a saving of 20% off the RRP of buying each supplement individually.

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Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


  1. Does this really work..was disappointed in the fb-1test reviews.. so really want to know if this isn’t jus another scam

    • Well, for a start this product is not an auto-ship program so it is certainly not a scam. As for whether it works, I would say certainly, the testimonials and real before and after pictures just shows how effective this product is.

      Of course, you need to put in your own hard work too.

  2. Am I missing something here? Please advise me as a layperson.

    Surely one has to also train hard in a gym to get a ripped physique? Is D Bal a substitute for working out then, or do you have to combine the both for positive results?

  3. Where would I get advice on appropriate diet to go with this product or is it just a case of training hard and eating healthy?

  4. I find it odd that Crazy Bulk does not have a phone number listed of any sort.

    If this is a legitamate company, why isn’t there a basic phone number to ensure quality customer service?

  5. I m from Malaysia D bal is available in Malaysia
    And I m new in this field
    Can its work on my body because i m very slim and smatr

  6. Ive been taking D-Bal for almost a week now and am already feeling some difference during training.
    The only question I have is, I take one after each meal, but not before training. I go to the gym before work when I’m offshore and in the evening at home, is the capsule before training included as the three a day?
    I really want to take them to get the best results.

    • D-Bal is not recommended for use by women due to its ingredients, however there is an alternative you could try. Winsol, which is also sold by Crazy Bulk but is designed to help females like you gain lean muscle mass and strength.

      Delivery to Ireland is free.

    • None of the ingredients in DBAL have negative repercussions for women. Amino acids and protein you will already be consuming when you eat protein sources with your meals, though maybe not to the same level as when you take this as an extra. Tribulus (quality sourced only) is a herb that stimulates testosterone levels but it really only works in men. It is however taken by women to boost their fertility, but no muscle booster or harm when taken by a woman.

  7. Hi There I am not a big gym follower, but I do love exercise, I run 6 times a week plus I input my own body work out at home including planks, sit ups, push us, squats, dumbbells and so on!
    Would this product help me to achieve better results?? I am concious of what I eat and drink although not following a strict diet, but struggle to see result. Feel better but I cant go any lower then 84.5KG!
    Can you advise?

    • Yes, this product will help build muscle and strength.

      Of course this all depends on what you want to achieve. Are you trying to gain muscle or burn fat?

  8. I’ve read a lot of supplements on the web saying they gain muscle fast,there ls a lot of people saying about scams,l’ve read about the stack u sell lt does sound good,l haven’t trained for a long time but want to start back,lm 47 now and l find lf hard to put on weight ,could u recomend any supplements for me,thank u,l look forward to hearing from u.

    • Hi Mark.

      I do not sell any supplements myself, but I do recommend the above product (especially the bulking stack for gaining muscle).

      Of course you should look at your diet and training methods above all else, as these will be the 2 most important aspects for muscle gain.

      • Thank u for replying,there’s just so many supplements to choose,think l mite try the d bal to start and c how l get on,do u use the bulk stack,how did u find lt

        • I have tried D-Bal myself and was impressed with the results, although there is no substitute for a good protein-rich diet and a good gym routine.

  9. Hi is this suitable for a 17yr old? Also is there are different range of these supplements for becoming ‘lean/definition’ as it mentions quite a lot on ‘bulking’ and not a lot on getting lean/definition

    • D-Bal, nor any other Crazy Bulk supplement is recommended for use by those under the age of 18.

      For future reference I would suggest you go on a bulking cycle to gain muscle before going on a cutting cycle to remove any excess fat. This should give you the lean/defined look you seem to want.

      There is a page on the Crazy Bulk website that allows you to choose a product based on your needs, you can find it here.

  10. Im a plasterer and after a days work im knackered and wondered if this would help with energy levels. I used to be trim but at the age of 45 ive started to get a little spread around my waste.
    Will it help with this as plastering is a good workout..

    • D-Bal is best for those looking for help bulking so I would not recommend it for your particular needs. However, if you do want to boost your energy levels and lose a little of that belly then I would suggest the following product.

      • hi, just the right topic for me. i recently bought the bulking stack. i am not sure how to take them. there are 4 bottles, the TRENOROL says take 3 capsules before workout. The TESTOMAX says take 4 capsules before breakfast, the DECADURO says take 3 capsule before workout, the D-BAL the instruction is easy to understand. Please can you give me a clear instruction on how to take those three supplement i mentioned above. I dont want to over dose my self taking 3 capsules of Trenorol and 4 capsules of Testomax plus the other, taking them at tge same time. pls. i need help. many thanks.

    • There is nothing illegal in this product, however I am not sure what kind of tests you will be undertaking or what your company allows. I would suggest you find out this information before you buy.

  11. Hi.
    I’m 35yo and a Type 1 Diabetic who also has Coeliac Disease (Gluten intolerance). Is this safe for me? I’ve always struggled to put on weight and muscle and keep it.
    Since changing my diet (increasing my protein) and getting my blood sugars under far better control, I’m finally increasing my weight.
    I am 5′ 11″ and currently weigh 74kg.
    I want to bulk up and fill out now that I’ve started going to the gym regularly here on site.

    Any info is appreciated! Thanks 🙂

    • Unfortunately D-Bal is not recommended for use by those who suffer from Coeliac Disease or other autoimmune issues. 🙂

    • This really will vary from person to person, but if you are lifting heavy and taking in plenty of calories and protein then you should be looking to gain between 1/2 and 1 pound of muscle a week.

    • Yes, D-BAL is available for shipping to India. There is a $9.99 shipping charge in addition to the price you see on their website.

  12. Hi does this product increase ostrogene in my body and what supplements you’d suggest i would be taking when using this product? What about aromatising?

    • Dbal as a legal alternative doesn’t doesn’t have the side effects of Dianabol, so you don’t need to take it with estrogen inhibitors or liver protectants. As for other products I would recommend the ‘bulking stack’, which I have suggested in the above review.

  13. Thanks for the answer.
    But what about alcohol usage, during the d-bal period? Does it affect me any way if i take a drink or two on weekends?

    • The odd drink will not affect your use of D-BAL, however if you are going to be drinking in excess often then it will obviously have an affect on your training.

  14. Ok i ve purchased the product now. But i have a last question. As a teenager i had gyno,not related to steroids or smth, how does this product affect it? Will it come back,should i take something else with dbal, to avoid it? Big thanks for your answers!

  15. Im allergic to argonine. Do any of this products contain argonine. Or are these products known to cause skin pimply type rashes?

    • D-Bal does not contain Arginine, but you should avoid Decaduro, NO2 MAX and HGH-X2 if you want to avoid an allergic reaction.

      None of these products have been reported to cause any type of rash.

  16. Can you tell if you’ve heard of pro muscle fit I’ve been reading up and seen some pics of there results and looks quite interesting do you know if that one is a scam
    Thanks steve

  17. Hi will D bal make your heart beat quicker or will it stay the same? And I don’t go the gym no more but I am a brick layer laying heavy blocks an bricks all day an lifting heavy things will d bal still benefit me? And after the 2 months taking it can you just stop completely just like that?

    • D-Bal should not make your heart beat faster, and you should certainly see some benefit even from bricklaying.

      You can stop using it whenever you choose.

  18. purchased bulking stack from crazybulk and on back of d-bal bottle it says to take 3 capsules 45mins after workout yet your reply to someone asking when best to take d-bal was take one three times daily before meals so which is correct as now very concerned

    • According to the Crazy Bulk website you should just take 3 capsules daily. They do not state any preference. I do not think it matters a whole lot when it is taken. 🙂

  19. I have done a little research about this product, and I would just like a little clarification? I have read your not supposed to overdo the recommended dosage of 50mg a day? But in this description, it’s recommended to take 3 tablets a day, with each tablet being 25mg? So which dosage is correct?

  20. Hi im 28yo male 6ft 3 thin and have never gone to the gym. I have recently started. Wanting to bulk up as much as possible im eating well and lifting weights 4-5 days a week. What products can i get to maximize what im putting in

  21. Hi me and my partner need ivf (me with the problem) I have been told by my doctor to stay away from steroids as it kills sperm does this product have this side affect or would it be safe for me to use

    • This is not a steroid so should not cause any issue. Of course it is always best to speak to your own doctor as they will be able to advise you better.

  22. Hi there,

    I play soccer 4-5 times a week in the uk and train in the gym on a 3 day split would the amount of soccer I am playing effect my results? Also as this supplement aids recovery does that mean you would heal quicker from injury whilst taking these?

  23. I have just started using d-bal but wanted to ask when is the best time to take it?
    Earlier in the discussions you say 30 to 45 mins before training BUT on the bottle it states 30 to 45 mins after training.

    Which is the better option to get the best performance out of the tablets?

  24. Thanks
    Are their any other supplements that you should take in conjunction with the d-bal?
    I have already bulked up and put over a stone on, I just want to loose a bit of fat but maintain the muscle mass. Any tips

    • Yes, it can be shipped to India. The currencies available are GBP, EUR and USD, but I have done a rough price exchange via xe.com and it works out at 3,608 INR. Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Yes, you can use this without a consultation. However if you have an existing health condition it is always best to speak to a doctor before using any supplement.

  25. Hey there,
    This is my first ever time using a product such as D-Bal and i am not sure if this would help me. I weigh about 46 kgs and i am 19 years old, i have tried everything possible to increase my size and muscles and finally i thought of steroids, but then i found this “alternative” that works the same way. Is this the right product for almost an extremely skinny person? And for the amount of weight i have, how long would it take me to see positive results from this product?

  26. Hi there,i’m not really relevant to the site(skinny2fit)as i’m near to 4 stones(56 pounds) overweight with a serious leg injury,that is slowly healing but getting my trunk and upper legs more susceptable to the midlle age spread. The reason i write this comment/plea for assistance is you seem to have an informed impartial viewpoint on fitness supplements. I would like some advice on getting my trunk and top of the thighs in a shape i was proud of 20 years ago,when i was an old fasshioned weight trainer.Do you have any advice please?

    • Hello Simon.

      If you are unable to work your lower body in the gym, is there anything stopping you from using your upper body? There are various exercises that you can do, you should know some with your past experience.

      Also, what is your diet like? As you get older your metabolism will slow as well as your testosterone levels will drop too. First I would look at your diet to see what changes you can make.

    • There should not be any issue but it is always advisable to speak to your doctor before starting any new supplement. Especially if you have an existing health condition. 🙂

  27. Hi there, I wasn’t sure if you got my question. So I’m wondering if I should use the d-bal or the muscle rev. I’m trying to lose weight as well as gain some muscle

  28. Hello there, just restart gym training after a while. Red those information about D-BAL and got really curious.
    It has been claimed that it has to be taken 3 times a day during meals.
    it has been also said that is has to be taken 30/45 minutes after training.
    Please help me to understand the second part:
    the day that i go to the gym how many pils do i have to take? if for example i go to the gym after work but before dinner time , should i take one pill in the morning after breakfast , one after lunch and the last one after work out ? not after dinner?

    • Yes, that is correct. For the ‘rest days’ stick to the 3x a day with meals. Then on the days you workout you should take the 3 capsules after your workout.

  29. I have a job in which I get drug tested on a regular basis is this a safe product to take I have an endless list of medicines I can’t have

    • I would suggest that you speak to Crazy Bulk customer support with this issue. If you give them the list of medicines you cant take they will be able to advise you whether it is safe or not.

  30. Hi. Can I take d bal if I’m diabetic type 2. I take Metroformin and have high cholesterol level and take atorvastatin. If i can which one do i take and what’s the best to increase my testros levels. Thanks

  31. Hi, would I be able to use this in the British Army? As I’m currently training to join but the army randomly does drug tests. So I’m wondering if this would flag up on the tests.

    • The ingredient Tribulus can sometimes cause a positive result for testosterone in some cases, and is found in D-Bal. Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it. 🙂

  32. I am a female in her 20’s looking to gain muscle. Not lose weight. I have a very high metabolism and I am always running around so it is hard for me to intake as much protein as I need. I am a weightlifter also. What products would you recommend

  33. Hi, I am a female and ordered D-Bal as recommended by the Live chat. I was thinking to get Winidrol but I was told by Live chat that D-Bal would be suitable for women too by taking only 2 capsules a day. Please advise.

  34. I am a 58 year old male and my testosterone as you will probably is not as good as it was .what do you suggest,and i also want to shape my abdominal and chest more than they are now.

    • What are you currently eating? Are you working out? If your testosterone levels are low they can be improved with diet and exercise. Of course the above suggested supplement is a good option too.

  35. Have noticed that my overall strength has improved and don’t seem to be so tired the following day after a workout. Am impressed so far with the results.

    • They are only available online, but can be shipped Worldwide, so you can buy them even if you are from the Republic of Ireland. 🙂

  36. Why is it non of the type ads say WITH A WORKOUT PLAN… does that mean I can take and do normal stuff and it works on its own. And where can I find heath risk associated with alchohol tobacco other medications or drugs. What happen if I stop. Do I turn in to hanging skin. What if I miss a day or two. Do I need to eat more. What if you want muscle and have no fat?

    • It is always recommended when you want to gain muscle to not rely solely on the use of supplements. To see the best results you will need to look at both your diet and your exercise regime.

      For drug and alcohol reactions it is best to speak to your doctor, or you could try using the ‘live chat’ function on the Crazy Bulk website. 🙂

  37. hi- i am chetan and am 58 first i just wanna know is d bal can be taken if you are suffering from ibs would it effect the gut secondly how long you can use without any break or in other words is there a time period you can can continue and than stop it and then aftersometime you can restart it

    • For specific medical issues I would suggest speaking to your doctor or the Crazy Bulk help desk (Live Chat available on their website). As for usage, their website states: “Recommended workout period: 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.”


  38. Am impressed with what I have seen so far. The packages arrived a few days after order and I started using almost immediately.

    Have noticed that my energy levels are higher so that has allowed me to work that little bit harder when I visit the gym.

    So far gained around 3 pounds this month, but body fat seems lower too. 🙂

  39. Any issues with coming off this sup? No gynecomastia issues? Or issue or solution to the sudden drop in hormone levels post supplement?

  40. Hi, if doing some cardio as well as lifting would this increase the size of heart muscle, which I’m sure wouldn’t be good

  41. I m from India 45 degree temp current Time I m 75kg now 5″9 height age 23 please tell me what I can do for gain more weight and mass with power help me

    • Nikhil, this is not something that I can answer without knowing a little bit more about you and what you currently do.

      What is your diet like? And also what type of training are you doing?

  42. Hi I am 69 years old in pretty good shape I work out 3 times a week weight machines for 30 minutes and then walk on the treadmill for 65 minutes walking 3.5 miles will D-Bal help me tone and lose some belly fat I am 6’2″ and weight 200 lbs and I guess maybe look a better and feel better?

    • It is recommended that you take D-Bal once daily anyway, but you should take 3 capsules.

      I would also recommend looking at both your diet and training too for best results.

  43. Hi there , My weight is at 70kg I don’t have an a lot of body fat but I’m looking to bulk up and gain muscle , what would you recommend, many thanks

    • I would suggest eating loads, increase your calorie intake substantially.. with protein with every meal.

      Then focus on compound exercise like deadlifts, squats and bench presses. Get your form right before you start lifting too heavy, but aim to add a little extra each workout.

      Finally, do not expect changes overnight. Stick to this for a couple of months and see what gains you experience.

  44. Have noted that my energy levels are higher in the gym, which allows me to push that little but harder. My recovery times also seem to have improved too.

    Not bad for the price!

  45. There is no substitute for a good diet and regular trips to the gym, but I have noticed that this has given me a little boost. Energy levels are noticeably improved, which allows me to push that little bit harder.

    Only time will tell if this will results in any significant gains. But I am optimistic.

  46. I have a few question

    Im currently at 142 pounds and my height is 5′ 8, do you recommend D-Bal or other supplement.

    I eat alot like 3000 something calories a day but i don’t gain weight, would this help me?

    • This will help, but you also need to look at both your diet and training too.

      You mention you consume 3,000 calories daily, but do you really? I would keep a diet journal and note down how much you actually consume. You may be surprised at the results.

      Also look at the kind of foods you eat.

  47. hi im a young 65 trained most my life but got a beer gut now would this product help me ..if i cut down the drinking of course..still benchpress around 60k 4×10 ..its the crunchies that kill me

  48. On my current regime I use Creatine, Bcaa’s and Whey protien. My question is, can I continue to use these alongside this product or should stop and use d-bal on its own?

  49. hi there will I have to worry about my liver?and about gyro?do I need any sort a supplement after cycle anti-es or thistle milk?help please

  50. Hi, Im 15 years old and im 5″6 130 pounds. Im about to start high school football and i need to gain muscle and weight fast. Is this what I should use? Is it legal for high school sports?

  51. I’m in my 60’s and play racquet sports at a competitive cub level, will these products help a person like myself. I eat 3 meals a day and drink alcohol 1 day a week.

  52. Hi,
    Can you explain the recommended cycle if I try the bulking stack? Should I take all 4 once a day 45 min after a workout for 2 months then for 15 weeks just use my regular protein powder/weight gainer? Also I have a very irregular sleeping pattern as my work requires a mix of day and night shifts average 12 hours long but I still try to get to the gym 3 times a week. Is there a different product you would recommend because of that?
    Thank you

  53. Hello admin, I am in Nigeria and I wish to purchase your product. But sadly, you do not ship to Nigeria. Is there another way you can’t get this across to me?

  54. Is dbal for sale anywhere else? I havent got a credit card but would like to buy it.

    Can you buy dbal locally? Like in an actual physical shop? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • D-Bal can only be purchased online, and only from its official website. Unfortunately you will need a credit/debit card to order.

    • Yes, D-Bal is available for shipping to France. Just order and it can be shipped direct to your doorstep, with discrete billing and packaging.

  55. I m doing normal workout I want my body make perfect shape & good looking. Can I use it. This safe.. D bal any side effects like storied. I m really want this but I scared from his side effects. Waiting for your honest reply. Can u shipped in india

  56. I was using l cartine in the morning before running and muscle pharma cla core in evening before workout ,,both these were for fat cutting ,,,moreover I was using on whey protein in morning ,evening after workout and at n8 before sleeping,,,I have just bought crazybulk dbal ,,,is it safe to add with the above supplements I was using earlier

    • It is best to check what ingredients are currently banned by the USADA and compare them to the ingredients used by D-Bal.

      If you are in any doubt then it is best to er on the side of caution and avoid any performance enhancing supplements. 🙂

    • This would not be harmful to you as this product is based on natural ingredients, therefore you should not encounter any side-effects.

  57. Since using this have managed to gain around 10 pounds this month. Not all of it muscle, but a few months of these gains and I can start thinking about cutting. 🙂

  58. Is there a safe supplement that works for reducing waistline fat in a 76 yr old male, reasonably active using minimal medications.

    • You wont encounter any side effects when using D-Bal.

      It is available for shipment to India, with FREE shipping available.

    • If you are suffering from a medical condition or taking any medication then we recommend that you consult with your doctor first before taking this supplement.

  59. Bought and received my package within a few days.

    Happy to say that I have gained a few pounds of muscle already. Happy with the results I have seen. My lifts have increased too.

  60. I am 63 years old I broke my back 10 years ago in a motor cycle miss hap L 4 and L 5 still have nerve problems and can not do some work outs will this work me?

    • We cannot offer medical advice. If you are unable to workout then it is unlikely that you will see any benefit from this product.

  61. Been using this for around a month now. I know Christmas got in the way but pleased to report I have gained around 10 pounds in the month.

    • Depending on where you live the following delivery times are to be expected:

      US: 3-7 working days
      UK: 1 Day on orders placed before 2 pm
      Europe: 3-10 working days
      Canada/Australia/World: 5-15 working days

    • Taking Dianabol will help your body to retain nitrogen, which helps to widen blood vessels through vasodilation. This ensures more oxygen and vital ingredients are transferred where they need to go (your muscles).

      These extra nutrients and oxygen helps build lean muscle mass, will help to increase stamina and boost strength.

      Unfortunately, due to the risk of side effects we do not recommend the use of Dianabol.

  62. Got my first delivery at the start of the year. Have seen that my weight has one up half a stone. Not sure its all muscle, as I have made a conscious effort to eat a little more.

    • There are no side effects associated with D-Bal. It is a safe and natural alternative to Dianabol, a steroid that has been shown to cause side effects.

  63. Had my doubts, because this review seems too good to be true. But it seems to be working. Strength has increased, and I have gained some weight too.

  64. Hi there,

    We are finally taking legal action against the company that ripped you off with the muscle supplements.

    However to be successful we need everyone to COPY AND PASTE their account into the sites below – can you please do this ??

    For reference your testimony was :

    I signed up for the free trial of Muscle Max and Testo 360 paying the postage costs as per the table showing my payments.I barely started trying the 2 products I ordered when I started getting deliveries that should have been signed for but were being thrown over my back gate, at first I thought they had made a mistake and duplicated the order. But I got a total of 7 deliveries one a day with both products in each delivery. I tried to contact the suppliers but they never got back to me. At this point I had not checked my account to see if they were taking payments, it wasn’t till I went to the bank on the Saturday that I found they were taking payments every day. I spoke to a bank manager and asked why they had let this happen as it was obviously an irregular pattern . I told them to stop paying this company and asked what they were going to do to get my money back. They said there was nothing they could do. And said I had to get in touch with the suppliers to get a refund.I tried again to get in touch with the suppliers and threatened to get the police involved but still had no reply. At this point they had cleared out my account and put me overdrawn by £351.33 as you can see from your table above they took 14 payments for each of the 2 products. I packed all of their products and posted them back recorder delivery and enclosed copies of my e-mails and asked them to refund my account immediatlly with again threats of getting the police involved. They refunded all my money except the initial trial postage costs. This took time but I had full refund by March 21st 2017. I had already incurred bank charges and the cost of posting the product back to them. I was so very stressed because I thought I had lost all that money they had taken a total of £1154.86 . I was lucky that I had savings so that I could get my account back into credit so as to limit the bank charges.


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