T-90 Xplode SCAM Review

T-90 Xplode

If you can believe the hype then T-90 Xplode will “deliver mind-blowing results”.

How does this “performance enhancer” work though? And is it good value for money?

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail before we come to our conclusion.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of T-90 Xplode

T-90 Xplode is claimed to offer the following benefits to its users:

  • Explosive workouts
  • Powerful thermogenic
  • Better hormone production

When looking at claims it is always worth remembering that they mean very little without any proof to back them up.

This is why it is sometimes best to ignore them and to look for other proof of the supplements benefits. For example you could look at what ingredients are found in T-90 Xplode.

Ingredients used in T-90 Xplode

Surprisingly, not only does T-90 Xplode list its ingredients and their benefits, but the product label is also shown.

This makes checking their claimed benefits easier to verify.

The ingredients of T-90 Xplode are as follows:

  • Trimethylxanthine
  • Fenugreek extract
  • Eurycoma longifolia extract
  • Tribulis terrestris extract
  • Coleus forskholii extract

I can certainly see some benefit to using this product. Although it should be stated that for best results your diet and workout regime needs to be on point.

Price of T-90 Xplode

The price of T-90 Xplode may come as a shock to you as you may expect a trial offer to be better value for money, unfortunately this is not the case.

While there is no indication of its price on the main sales page, after viewing the terms and conditions the cost becomes clear.

The price of the initial sign up is just $4.95, however this only covers an 18 day period, after which time you will charged once more, this time for $89.41.

As with the various other supplements we have reviewed in the past that were available for trial, T-90 Xplode operates as an auto-ship program so you will be sent further monthly packages until your subscription is cancelled.

Is T-90 Xplode a scam?

Despite it likely able to boost your own training, I cannot recommend T-90 Xplode purely because of its high cost.

There are various alternatives available that wont cost nearly as much.

How to cancel the trial?

To cancel the trial before you are charged then you will need to contact T-90 Xplode before the trial expires. To do this you will need to contact T-90 Xplode via the following contact methods:

Phone: 1-888-980-9165

Please leave a comment below if you have trialled this product yourself.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative to T-90 Xplode is a supplement sold online by Crazy Bulk.

This supplement is called D-Bal and it has been created to mimic the benefits of the banned steroid Dianabol, yet without the dangerous side effects that caused it to be banned in the first place.

Using D-Bal has been shown to help:

  • Boost both muscle mass and strength
  • Give you faster than normal results
  • Boost nitrogen retention
  • Increase blood flow

D-Bal is not available for trial, so there are no hidden or repeat charges.

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  1. I’ve order the t90 pills but im not ready to pay 90$ for nothing as im not on a diet and trainning. But i plan to take this pills with some supplement for better sex drive.

    I will wait until i receive the bottle and cancel this prank for good. Thanks to this web site.

      • Same thing happened to my husband. He was sent the T90 Explode and N02 Blast with the understanding that it was a ‘free trial’. (pay shipping only) It was not. The product arrived THE DAY BEFORE the 18 day ‘free coverage period’ expired. Our card was charged over $100 and when he called to say we were returning the products unopened and wanted our money back, they said no. The time frame had elapsed and if we had “read the fine print’, it would’ve shown we were going to be charged for the product. They were of NO help whatsoever when we called and we ended up having to changed cards as well to keep them from charging us further. They’re a bunch of scam artists, I don’t recommend buying from the or website or anywhere else you see them advertise their products. (like on Facebook where we saw the ad)

        • Totally agree this is a huge scam. Just after ordering the free trial I got a call from them offering a better deal to get additional bottles, but I told them I wasn’t interested in getting any more. Just before Christmas I received more, and phoned again to say I did not want it. They didn’t say anything about being able to return it, though the website does seem to indicate you should be able to. Then, when I checked my credit card statement I noted that they had actually charged me twice within 2 weeks, and I have not even received a second order. I can see I’ll have a battle on my hands going forward, as they did not respond to an email from me at all.

      • Hey Joe if I cancel my credit card can they come after me for it? They won’t let me cancel either and keep telling me I have to pay $50 which is a deal “so they say” at 75% off the bottles to cancel.

    • Well I never even received my order so after 3 different operators telling me they would push the trial date further, I finally got one that said I could pay $50 to cancel the order. They also said that supposedly its not their responsibility once it says it has been delivered. Mind you it wasn’t delivered to me but oh well. My advice to ANYBODY is do not get this crap. It is totally a SCAM! My advice to anyone is look for better alternatives. So far it has cost me just postage for something I have not even received. But I am up Sh*ts creek without a paddle. Canada Post is now on strike. I may not even receive it. They are not customer friendly. I will repeat NOT customer friendly. If you have a GNC anywhere around you get it there. There is a reason you cannot buy them in stores. I got two guys and one girl telling me basically I was screwed.

    • they are a f-ing scam. i too called just to ask if i was only going to be charged the 4.95.
      they said no, it is re-curring. so i got the numbers from them, the rmn or whatever, sent it back, was charged 135 bucks cdn,,,,i called again, he said i should have a refund on my credit card within 48 hours.
      waiting now over a week, i paid 12 bucks just to send it back so i could track and have a receipt of a signature.
      i will call again tomorrow (today is sunday) and find out. what is great is i keep a very low
      limit on my card, 500 bucks, so now i am over, so mastercard will not honour it.
      if they do, then i will cancell mastercard also.
      f-ing assholes.

    • Total scam. I just got burned because I ordered two FREE bottles. I received the bottles one day after the free trial. Hard to believe that these guys are allowed to still be in business. I talked on the phone to a piece of shit called Angelica (39934).

    • I bout it and had health issues. I recommend not to buy it even though it says money back guarantee. the call back number for customer service

    • I bought it and had health issues. the direction calls for a workout schedule but their ad says no need to workout. I recommend not to buy it even though it says money back guarantee. NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER THEY GIVE YOU, and they keep billing you until you cancel your card but buy then, they have charged your credit card 3 times. Read the TERMS provided on the link on the bottom of their website. Rock never got arrested and Stallone never got arrested as they tell the story on the ads they run. if it were real, the company would had been arrested and shut down already!

  2. I got both the T-90 and NO2 Blast under the so called free 14 day trial…


    I got the bottles in the mail, inside the packaging was a letter stating that if you do not call and cancel they will charge you a monthly subscription. I even got a call minutes after placing my order asking to sign up for a subscription for these products; I said no thank you. I just wanted to try it and make up my mind then… Well, I called as soon as I read the letter in the packaging, when I got my credit card statement, I was charged $86 for one and $89 for another. The charge date was the same date I called to cancel!! WHAT THE!!?? I was ready to return the product if need be, but the customer rep said, no worries, you will not be billed, and you can keep the bottles. So I called again after seeing that I was charged, they fought with me saying that I kept the bottles so they charged me for them. Then they were only willing to refund me 1/2 the price; approx $44. I repeated to them that this was not what I was told when I canceled my order.

    Long story short, this is a SCAM!! Yes, scam, they lure (bait) you in with the no risk free trial, then charge you an outrageous price and make it practically impossible to get your money back.

    This product is not a true supplement. Its a marketing scheme by CitiMex Trading LTD. The company name says it all…


    • Gerald, sorry to hear of your malaise with this company. I was sent to a site stating to “CHOOSE MY FREE PRODUCT” after doing a survey and I’d had fairly good luck getting free bottles of other things like Garcina Cambogia and etc…. and “All you pay is $4.95 shipping. I thought I’d do something nice for my husband and order something for him instead this time. Well, we not only received one, but two bottles as you had above and they both were packaged “together” however they took that so called “free trial” and took out “TWO” payments of the same for ONE package. Since when does it cost 9.98 to send 2 things in ONE package weighing less than 1/4 pound? Anyway, I was immediately billed the DAY I ORDERED $80 and up for EACH PRODUCT. And like you, the jerk argued with me that since I waited for the 14 day “TRIAL” to be over I was to be billed and nothing returned. I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I was led to try a FREE SAMPLE! I stated to him and he said “No, correction, it was NOT a free ‘sample’ but a free ‘TRIAL’!” And I angrily told him that I did NOT sign a contract of any kind stating that when I was led to the site I was TOLD to choose a FREE PRODUCT! All in all I’ve paid a total of $433.00 for a product I was led to believe was a FREE GIFT stated from the site and now I’ve got $5.00 to pay all my bills with and my cabinets are BARE. They drained every penny I had in UNDER 2 months and SURELY there’s got to be SOMETHING I can do. They stated that they would refund the 2 last payments that were over $91.00 a PIECE (funny how the amounts not only change but INCREASED) and I’m going to escalate my argument because they want me to package EACH product SEPARATELY and write the order # and RMA on the OUTSIDE of each package (doubling my shipping AGAIN) and since I’m not a shipping company I fear I am wasting my time and effort in doing so for fear of being victimized one last time by them telling me, “Ooops nope I’m sorry, you didn’t ship everything in a proper manner so you don’t get anything!

      THERE HAS TO BE A RECOURSE TO THIS COMPANY CITIMEX! I am going to my bank to start my attack on them TOMORROW! I will reverse EVERY charge that I can. I’ve already had to change my numbers so they no longer have access to my account. But what does it matter? It’s not like anyone can take anything else now anyways.
      ~>:-( FUMING!
      Thanks for your story Gerald. We ought compile our complaints and set out to “get” our every last penny!!!!

  3. Don’t do it unless you read their terms & conditions and understand that you will be charged the entire amount for your “free” pills. 18 days after you place your order they will bill you unless you call prior to cancel. No place during the order process was this mentioned and you’ll know nothing about it until they bill your card on the 18th day.

    • Mine was 14 days and plus I was led to a site (I can no longer get to by the way) that stated for me to “choose a free product” and all I’d have to pay for was the $4.95 shipping. I saw nothing of the sort stating that it was a “trial period” of time. Besides, I was billed the DAY I ordered it for my husband (being nice!) and instead of ONE bottle of something, I got TWO including TWO payments! I was like, WHAT THE??????? Yeah, so DON’T GO FOR ANY FREE ANYTHING on these sites or you’ll find out just like I did that free means I don’t have a penny to live on since being ripped off for a total of $433.00!!!!!!!! You BET I’m going to get it ALL back somehow. I am very angry. I have no money for FOOD and these pills don’t replace food!!!!!!!!

  4. I tried to cancel this less than 2 hours after I ordered them. They said it had been shipped already. What a crook of s***. I will cancel as soon as I get them. Like the other reviews there was nothing saying to agree to terms etc. These guys are just flat out crooks.

    • This is not MY product so I have NOT scammed you. Please try reading the above REVIEW for contact details of the company YOU should contact. Thanks.

      • So….I noticed today that I received in an email the they were refunding the 89.41 to my credit card and to give it 4 days to do so…nothing said this time about returning product but am going to anyway. At least I’ll hold up my end even though most of the time you keep the product from your trial time period….thanks for this forum!

        • Whoah, I wish I got whoever you contacted! I’m not getting anything refunded until they RECEIVE my returned product with express detailed information on packaging. And the kicker, if they don’t get it “exactly” correct as spoken, I won’t get MY refund. They took $433 total!!!!

  5. Hi, I am not happy at all! Ordered Elitegain then my husband changed his mind so cancelled I got an email back (harshly) saying I do not need to send twice but obviously did as we have been billed £200.00 for something we cancelled and never received! ????

  6. Same as Gerald above…just got the xplode and no2….called to cx as the 89.41 hit before I got the product….wanted to give me 44 back and I refused to accept. Then gave me instructions on how to send back…I received them in one pkg yet they wanted me to send in 2 separate pkgs back to them with all these order numbers and return merchandise numbers on outside…totally run around and I laughed….the lady named Kelly Emp ID 38974..was like a answering machine no compassion or emotion just kept repeating numbers….poor thing to make a living at a place like this….TOTAL SCAM…always too good to be true..

    • I totally hear ya Brent when I called to explain that I never received any of the two it was like talking to three brick walls. Same with their supervisor. No compassion or emotion just kept repeating numbers.

    • I was waiting for someone to say that. Damn people, never give out to a not known company your credit card number. I learned that 30 years ago! Prepaid only, or visa/debit. Just put in the amount that you are needing. Sorry to hear about all of your losses. My heart goes out to you.

  7. All the same problem, I too ordered the “30 day trial” which is what their email dated 2/16/16 stated it was, of both T-90 Explode & Ripped RX 2/16/16, shame on me for not reading promptly the “Terms & Conditions” per my bank associate, so 14 days later I’m charged $89.41 + $1.78 International Processing Fee, Red Alert,

    I call my bank first to dispute the charge and I’m informed that there was 2 charges and they stopped the second (2nd.) one from processing as it looked like a scam

    I call the 888 phone number shown on my bank deduction, get an employee on the other end explain the situation he says 1st. he can authorize 1/2 refund, I say no I want a complete refund, Ok then “You’ll have to return the unused portion, in separate packages with my order number and a 17 digit RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number on the outside of each package” I say fine and the RMA is the same for both item he states “yes it is” I get an email a short time later saying your order has been successfully cancelled you will have no recurring orders! On 3/9/16 I hand carry the 2 packages, correctly marked with order & RMA numbers in view and send via USPS Signature Confirmation Required

    Fast forward to 3/12/16 there appears another charge this time from “Fit Body” for $86.51 again I call the number shown which is different than the first time? I go through the elements of the 1st. charge and am told “well he just cancelled the T-90 portion although I was clear on both and had mailed both items back under separate cover, I also explain that so far I have proof of return from USPS on one item and as of this phone call the 2nd. “is out for delivery”

    The lady I spoke to insisted that my USPS Tracking number was incorrect as she could see any information, this after I told her I have a USPS document printed in front of me that shows 1 item was signed for so far with a name date and time could I fax that document to them and add on my customer ID number? Her response was “No” I should call USPS to verify that my tracking number was correct, I must have told her 5 different times that I looked up that tracking number 3 times, after the call I went back to “USPS.com tracking” and guess what? now the second item has been signed for today by the same individual as the 1st.!

    • All you have to do call your credit card company report as fraud and cancel for a new one, because you never authorized them to charged your card that amount. These people are scammers

  8. These people are scammers and steal your money. Nothing is a free trial as they promise. Please tell everyone and anyone of their very poor business practice and customer service.

  9. SCAM SCAM SCAM. What’s even worst is that the credit card companies are hand in hand with them . The customer rep from credit card new very single detail , better than me, at one point I was wondering if I am calling the Scam company that sold me the pills. Just like everyone else I was told that there is a 14 day supply for FREE, and I pay only shipping. They call me trying to get me into a monthly plan and I said NO NO NO and NO. The fucking credit card company takes their sides because they make money . We are the idiots. PEOPLE!!!!! wake up. Eat healthy and fuck all this scammers. Nothing good comes in a form of a pill. CANCER ONLY!!!!!

  10. I wish I found this thread before I ordered. I called at the end of my 2 weeks to cancel, but they said I was a day late and already had been charged. I wish there was a way to prevent this “reverse onus – you must call to cancel otherwise we charge you” trick from being legal… I knew in my gut this was going to be a problem. And it was. My recommendation. Don’t do it.

  11. My credit card company is also not being helpful. They keep saying are you sure there was not some fine print, some terms and conditions that gave them permission to charge my credit card. I assured them that I did not sign any terms or conditions. That I did NOT authorize them to use my credit card for anything other than shipping.

    That said, I would like to go back to the web-site where I originally ordered. I cannot find it. Anyone have a link to it by chance?

    I saw the product through a Men’s Health article (which was also apparently fraudulent and was not in anyway affiliated with their magazine). Unfortunately, I cannot find the “Men’s Health” article and thus I cannot make my way back to the original order where I can prove to my bank that I did not in fact fail to notice terms and conditions. They did not exist. And I did not authorize their charges. Furthermore, I called to cancel my product immediately as i wanted to see if my husband reacted well to the supplement. Apparently this cancellation was not registered. Now that I have read these comments, of course the company has no record of this cancellation.

    If anyone has a link to their order page, that would be helpful. Thank-you.

  12. Hey guys,
    Pls be careful with this people,they try to still money.
    Is all bullshit,doesn’t work at all.


  13. Boy I wish I had seen this page first , I am out of pocket 40 bucks for nothing

    I returned the product I thought I had bought and the other one I had not bought
    so I did not get charged for the product but the original charge was 14 bucks for the two bottles and the return was another 16. i wrote them and mailed a registered letter to complain which cost me the rest

    I sure learned my lesson but it hurt the pocket book

  14. It is always the case when something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. There are so many of these scams whether it’s for muscles, hair growth or anti-aging, they all prey on the same thing, desperation. You will see these offers of a free trial for a product and once they have your credit card number you will be billed on a monthly basis until that card number is changed. Always research something the best you can or consult a professional prior to making a such a terrible mistake. The only true way to get the best long lasting results is to eat a well balanced diet and to train extremely hard in the gym. To achieve what you want you have to work for it and to be patient. Yes, anabolic steroids work amazingly well but the side effects are a greater risk and some are irreversible and they can kill you. I know many who have died and those who did not wish they did. I built myself up from 160 pounds in my youth to 240 pounds as an adult, it took quite a few years to do so and I did not have a large frame. I am now back down to a 175 pounds and it can take a long, long time to decrease muscle mass that has been put on naturally.

  15. It is a scam, I called them 30 min after the placing the order to cancel it, customer service said they already shipped the order so they can’t cancel the order.

  16. W5 Who is the cash going to?
    What exactly are you getting?
    Where are these pills made?
    When are these people going to be stopped?
    Why are these people still allowed to advertise?

    I found it interesting that the web-site state’s get your free trial now we will rush you your order you only pay for shipping, But in the fine print “as always” it states “you will be billed full price 18 days after the date you placed your order” and as the majority of the comments above state you receive your shipment with less than half the time they give you to try this product. And if you do call or e-mail before the 18 day trial period is up you get the run around and your credit card is already billed.
    These kind of promotions have to be stopped. Years ago T.V commercials news paper ads and radio used to get away with this kind of junk until everyday people like us protested and refused to get ripped off by this kind promotion from these money hungry exec’s and the promoters who will say and promise the world to people who have weight problems or anything else people are self-conscious about, Anything to separate the public from their hard earned money.

  17. Well if you call your credit card company they can fix the problems you guys are having, uhaul tried to get 50$ more from me once i phone my credit card company in 2 days i had my cash back

  18. Aside from all the scams has anyone tried the t-90?. I’ve tried it felt pretty good the first few weeks now I’m feeling dizzy and nausea.

  19. they just piss me off. i just called to see where the refund was, she said they dont do
    it till i call in after they received it back. i paid the 4.95, and then was charged 135.90….
    on the phone she said she just refunded me the total amount. 30 seconds later i get an
    email saying that i was refunded 101.30,,,,w.t.f!!!!
    plus it said it will go to your bank????, i used mastercard, where is the f-ing bank?
    and now another 4 days. so i just lost out on 50 bucks.
    i sure hope people read this b4 they even try the FUCKING stuff.
    i am now going to report them to the better biz bureau with a copy of all the letters.
    THEM BASTARDS ask kenny would say on south park.

  20. Call You Credit Card Company, and tell them you don’t know who ordered them, Do the same thing they do to you, Lie out your ass, If they wana play a game like that show them who the fu*& there messing with, Then go after them for using your info,
    If they want to play dirty you can too. Do what you have to do in order to get your money back and show these IDIOTs your not messing about.

  21. The old third party marketing company scam. I never got to actually talk to anyone involved with the company, just the marketing folks, which is a joke. They just kept telling about all the money I am saving. Same thing, I had to cancel my card to get them off my back. Who could work for companies like this. on top of it all the product sucks.

  22. Ok then, all I’ve been reading is how everyone got caught in the payment scam. Yes it is definitely an overpriced product with an outrageous payment scam.

    What I want to know is if the product worked as advertised for ED. If someone has any comments on that please let me know, thanks.

  23. I bought both products T 90 Explode and N O2 Blast it’s a SCAM they don’t do anything besides make you look like a pregnant woman and you are a guy your stomach gets bloated and nothing else then they charge your CC I had to cancel it so they won’t charge it Free Advise Stay away from both DO NOT BUY THEM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  24. Can’t believe I fell for this scam. Really wish the whole cancel before trial ends and we charge you trough the nose disclaimer was a little easier to read. How about a check box so people don’t get ripped off. I just wanted to try the product to see if it worked, not automatically be on the hook for a $100 bottle after the fact. I will not be saying anything positive about this product or the way they market themselves

    Really pissed off right now!!

  25. I ordered both t-90 and no-2 blast. As soon as I recieved the product I called the company and complained that I did not receive the products and I wanted a refund for the 2 payments of $4.95. I followed it up with an email to the email address that they sent my reciept from. Even though the email came from an email address that was no-reply@ordert90xplode.com my credit card company excepted that I had done my due diligence in contacting them to let them know that I had not recieved my order. My credit card company reversed the 2 charges for $4.95 as well when the attempted to charge my card fo the 2 payments of $89.41 those charges were quickly reversed. I’ve received a bottle of each and they got scammed at there own game! Everyone should do the same, just do what they do, lie and say you never received the product and you don’t have to pay if you dispute the charge for that reason!

  26. I just order this for the shipping cost only,, then I read reviews,, so I called mastercard and they did say so many companies do keep billing you after you receive the free samples. the customer service lady said the best way to stop this is to report it stolen and this will stop any extra charges from that point on,,,, thanks again for the reviews,

  27. I tried the product and after the two week trial I don’t see the result the seller claims. These trials are just that – trials. I call after the two weeks from when product arrived to cancel. I was told by an operator the trial began when I placed my order. WTF!!!!. Same thing for the Ripper RX. So definitely buyer beware. You could be taking corn starch for all you know.
    It is interesting to try things and maybe some do work. But, this product does not perform and advertised. Don’t get hoodwinked..

  28. Should have reviewed it first … Payed $2.65 CAD shipping, cancelled credit card same day as I ordered T-90 and their reps offered 50% – 75% OFF and refused to cancel out right till I receive it in MAIL and expects me to call back for RMA# … So I referred to the sales rep. as a tranny/transvestite (HeShe) what if I change/cancel my card how can they charge me “IT” told me will find ways to bill me LoL! (On different review site I hear they bill customer for year then send to collection agency WTF – FTW !!! ) …
    Hope I get product just so I can complain how I never got it to credit card company get my $2.65 shipping cost reversed and pray I don’t get recurring charges on my new card !!!



  29. Total Scam.Order June 10th 2016.30 days later the T-90 arrived,but not the NO2 Blast.Called and asked where it was.A reship was issued and a 18 day extension given on both products.Again waited 18 days for NO2 blasts to arrive,called back again.Another 18 day extension was given and another reship.Finally August 10th I received the NO2 Blast.Keep in mind free trial starts when you have both the products(21 days snippy and 14 days free trail after receiving products)August 16th 2 bank withdrawals totaling $101+.Called and asked Wtf my free trial just started 6 days ago.Explained their shipping mishap and multiple free trial extensions and cancelled my account.Goto the bank and file a fraud claim against them to get my money back.Next day another $132.75 was taken out of my bank.Phone this company and asked Wtf are you doing.I cancelled my account with you people.They issued a refund,went back to the bank today.Now their gonna investigate these people and contact the BBB and anything associated with their product.Everything from shipping to boarder crossings.TIME TO SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN.Hopefully everyone gets their money back.

    • And another thing ,they were trying to withdrawal money from my bank account in June a few days after my order was placed and before any shipment was sent out.Again in July multiple times unsuccessfull in those attempts.THEY DON’T EVEN HONOR THERE FREE TRIAL DAYS.Billing you from day one.

  30. Scammed again,Got my refund but was not they took out of my bank.$124.47 was refunded.Phone these sumbags up,Got the same person Jessica employee #39964 who assured me I would get a full refund in the first place.Now she tells me shipping cost is non refundable.I’m like you said you would fully refund the last transaction because my account was closed before you people robbed me again.Her only response was shipping is non refundable and hung up on me.Time to call the BBB and FDA.

  31. I was ripped of as well and have just found out as of this morning between t90 explode and no2 blast they have pulled 520 Dollers of my mc card my Kneisel order date was July 28 I received the two bottles via Purolator on August 8.. So between those dates they have pulled 520 of my card i’m furious and have spent the better part of today on the phone with Master Card and T 90 explode I feel completely scabbed.. I hope that I can have this issue resolved and just have the initial $12 bill to my card.. And I really hope that nobody else falls victim to this…

  32. I ordered my set of 2 bottles on Aug 24, the first bottle arrived in a few days but the other- NO2 Blast took about a week. Before I started them I found this site and decided to send them back even before trying them. I called customer service and they dropped the price to $44 when I asked to return the product, then again to $22 so that I would not have to go all the way to the post office to return them. I told them I had an allergic reaction to the pills and that I almost when into Anaphylactic Shock, where your breathing wind pip closes up from swelling due to being allergic to something. They processed my refund without much debate. They said I needed to return the product in 21 days or I will be charged. I should of said where do I send my $1,233 bill for a visit to the Emergency dept., if I needed to go. I did not, but I can’t believe I fell for this scam and ordered this stuff.

  33. OK so I really wish I read this page before I ordered my free sample.. I received my sample today .. no other charges to my account as of yet but I already put a stop payment on this company so they will not be able to make any future withdrawal… My question is.. does this product even work? Seems everyone is dealing with the same billing issues I haven’t heard much about anyone completing the samples and the results? Can anyone please tell me if it works.

  34. Add me to the list of wonder people…I just received the bill for over 400 dollars for 2 bottles of 1 product I didn’t order…How can they get away with this…I will sue them for false business practice and hopefully get all your money back…

  35. SCAM. I saw their advertisement on Facebook with the two free trial offer. It was presented as a diet solution. I thought “it must be legit since it’s on Facebook which is a huge multinational company supposedly serious” and blah. The Facebook link directed me to an ESPN page with Wayne Gretzky in the main picture. Without verifying, thinking I was on a real ESPN page, I’ve made the transaction and they were supposed to charge me 2x 4.95$….

    Then after 10 mins. I had a doubt, after noticing that the ESPN page didn’t have any working link, so I’ve made a little research about them and rapidly found out:

    1- The URL is not from an ESPN domain.

    2- Of all the testimonies at the bottom (seemingly Facebook accounts), none of them are real, none of the names are actual Facebook accounts (I’ve checked them all).

    3- The same product is also promoted for raising sexual drive, thus I was also mislead from the beginning about the product itself.

    4- I was charged right after the transaction for 6.95$ from a company I’ve never heard about nor dealt with in any way. I haven’t made other transactions with my credit card, thus that company must be related to the scammers. Its name: SHOKATY INTERNATIONAL. After checking companiesofcanada.com, it appears that this company has the following status: Dissolved for non-compliance (s. 212) on 2014-07-22…. BUt they’re still in «business» and have a bank account!!!!!!!

    Thankfully, my Visa Bank, TD Canada Trust, was really helpful for settling this matter in a couple of minutes!
    1- They will refund the 6.95$ transaction
    2- They’ve cancelled my card right away and will send me another with a new number
    3- They were very helpful, and will engage procedures trying to bring them down, I’ll stay put for any testimony or whatever they’d need

    In short: case settled, it’s a real SCAM. MANY THANKS to this web site and forum WHICH HELPED A LOT for settling the matter with my bank.

    Side-note: this morning, right after I called the bank and cancelled my card, a guy from the T-90 Xplode scam called me so as to verify my address! I told him I cancelled the transaction as well as my Visa since the ESPN page was by itself a SCAM, like identity theft (ESPN AND Wayne Gretsky)… But he then told me that I could not cancel given their fine print policies! He said “it’s not a SCAM”, I replied “it is for the sole fact that your ESPN page is bogus”, and hang on him. I don’t care, they won’t be able to steal even one cent from me and my Bank.

  36. They got me for both supplements for 6 months straight and my Bank, PNC, paid the sob’s over my objections. I had asked PNC every month to stop this and they did it with a provisional credit. They then had the gaul to award this band of thieves the money after all. So I got scammed for about 1100.00 over a trial offer of $4.95 that I called and canceled the next day upon discovering my error.

  37. Do not get sucked into Free Trial Products NO2 Blast or Alfa Force Testo, This is a scam to get this company to “Hook” you for your funds. I ordered for Trial on Dec.5/16, then a couple of days later I received a call to receive other products at a largely reduced rate monthly subscription…I said was not interested and did not want any more of their “Products”. Received Products charged Twice @ 6.77 on credit card (X2) for postage and handling CAN Funds. December 21/16 charges for two more products is taken from account $240. I phone their 1-800 customer service and said I want this discontinued and was told my request was noted and he further told to contact my bank also to ensure no other Funds would be released—Warning ! January 8/17 more funds are taken from my account $240. again. I phone my Bank and explain my predicament– it will be disputed by them. I will phone again customer service regarding this on next business day. I have cancelled my Visa card and will receive a new one— nothing but a hassle but it is necessary. Oh yes with the two ” Orders” I have paid for, no products have been shipped even though the second order is only 2 weeks after the first—BEWARE Folks !

  38. December 6 2016 I order sample cost $ 6.74 only for purpose of consulting with my family doctor if my heart condition allow me to take RIPPED BLAST at all. Week after somebody from shipping department call and offer me attractive deal but I explain that I need samples only. (You recorded this conversation and so did I). Shortly before Christmas (I was away from BC) parcel arrived. Early in January 2017, (when I come back home) I learn from my credit card statement then I was charged without any authorization $ CDN 120.05. Next day another parcel arrived, I call your representative and she told me now is to late (more then 14 days) to return first parcel. She give to me Authorization to return second parcel only, which I send back and after more then 4 months finally you credited my master card. Please e-mail me next Authorization to returned for second parcel (transaction day Dec 23 2016 posting date Dec 28 2016). I hope I will live long time until those unusually business practices will be solve. Bottom line, I never received samples parcel which I order and pay for Dec 6 2016 at all????


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