Is ProGain 350 a scam?

ProGain 350

If you believe the hype then ProGain 350 will help make your body “lean, cut, hard and ripped”.

Well, in this review we are going to see whether this supplement can do what it claims or whether it is a scam.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by ProGain 350

ProGain 350 have made the following claims on their website:

  • Get a tight, ripped body fast
  • Defined, six pack abs
  • Awesome energy boost
  • Body fat burned away
  • Peak testosterone
  • Toned, hard muscles

While this all sounds impressive you need to remember that no supplement will help you get results without a lot of your own hard work.

If you believe that taking a pill will give you the gains you desire then you will be mistaken and disappointed. Your diet and the effort you put into your workouts are much more important.

That being said it is important that we look at the ingredients of ProGain 350 to see if any of the above benefits are realistic.

Ingredients found in ProGain 350

While ProGain 350 makes some big claims, unfortunately like so many supplements before it they cannot be backed up with science.

There is no mention whatsoever regarding ingredients so I cannot believe the claims that they have made.

Cost of ProGain 350

As with most trial offers ProGain 350 is available for a small postage fee (£5.99), however this only covers a 14 day period.

After this time has elapsed you will be charged £89.99, which is ridiculous since there is no proof that this supplement even works.

It is highly unlikely that you will have much opportunity to trial the product either, as delivery can take as long as 10 days to arrive.

You should also be aware that signing up for this trial offer also allows the manufacturer to ship monthly packages of ProGain 350 to you, while billing you the extortionate amount too.

If this information is a surprise to you, it is likely that you are not alone as it is hidden away in the terms and conditions.

Is ProGain 350 a scam?

There is nothing to recommend about ProGain 350, for those unfortunate enough to sign up for the trial you are likely to feel scammed, which is unsurprising since this supplement is overpriced and has zero proof that it works.

Contact details for ProGain 350

If you wish to contact ProGain 350 you may struggle to locate any contact information as it is not viewable on the website.

Again, you will have to read the T&Cs to find out this information, which luckily for you I have already done:

Phone: +31 20 8084782

If you have signed up for this trial offer then please leave a message below with your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalIf you are looking for a proven alternative to ProGain 350 then you need look no further than D-Bal, which is sold online by Crazy Bulk without ever having to sign up for a trial.

D-Bal offers the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle endurance and strength
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Increased blood flow during workouts
  • 100% legal
  • Safe and natural alternative to the popular steroid Dianobol

Used alongside a good diet and weight training you will soon start to see some significant increases in both strength and muscle mass.

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ProGain 350
Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


  1. hi i would like to cancel my free trial of pro gain 350 as i ordered it like 3weeks ago and it has only just turn up and you are going to take the mone out of my account in the next weeks or so wich i would like o cancell as it was late turning up and i havent use them yet to see if i like them so i wont to cancell how do i go about this

    • Owen, you will need to contact ProGain 350 yourself using the contact details provided above. This website has nothing to do with that product, it has simply been reviewed.

      • I brought the progain 350 after paying for it i found the reviews on google and realised how dumb i had been. So straight away i emailed the company telling them not to take any money out and i wish to cancel my order, you need to put your name, address and email address on your cancellation request, take a copy of your email and then contact your bank.
        They had already taken out the shipping charges of $8.00, but i deserved that for being so stupid. Anyway the bank cancelled my card and is sending me a new one, all i have to do is contact all my direct debits and change my card number, problem solved, but i did it straight away so they had no chance of taking any more money out except the postage charge of $8.00…Hope this has been of some help

        • Your / You’re … You ARE an idiot. Perhaps before you call people stupid you should check you aren’t an idiot yourself.

          • Hi.
            I stupidly clicked on for a free trial suspicious but naively – but I stupidly put my card details in and then it said “your card has been declined, try another card” – 5 minutes later, santander thankfully called me on their fraud section to say £99 has been requested from my a/c by a company called “health and beauty” and for me to verify!! I put a stop to it just in time – apparently the T&C somewhere state they can take this but it is well hidden! Do not have anything to do with this product or company.
            It also kept on putting me onto a HGH website to purchase them also!!

            Surely something can be done to stop this?!

      • to whom it may concern, I am writing to inform you that I am cancelling my order because I cant believe you inform people that it is only £4.00 for the items and then find you have fooled people,this is a trial as far as I understand.hen you have the choice if you want any more.i cant afford to be paying the vast amount s as I am a pensioner.PLEASE CANCEL MY ORDER.

    • hello,they take money from my account and not send for me product,no trial and not product nothing,nobody not buy from here,they lieing and just taking money from account

    • I cancled the day second I saw this review and I ordered it the same day so hopefully I am safe, please tell me if I’m not, I’m contacting the bank to tell them not to take money out of my account tomorrow morning

  2. I ordered the “free” trail and then my credit card was charged three times £90…this is a total scam, please don’t even go near it, the free trial is NOT free and I have NOT seen one good review, this sort of thing should be stopped, thank god I paid by credit card so I could stop the money, these guys are complete thieves….just stay away please and don’t fall into the con that I managed to get myself in…

    • My partner ordered the free trial also , he’s been charged 198 after only being asked to pay the £4 shipping fee! Have you any idea how to contact them or did you just leave it?

      • contact your bank to get your money back. Same thing happened to me, the website only asked for and listed the postage cost, then took out £157 from my bank for each product.

        • Same thing happened to me today b4 I had a chance to read this, extra £157!!!. each product!! Phoned my credit card company and they said I have to make contact with them first to see if it can be stopped at source so I’ve just Emailed them to ask them to cancel the order, now waiting for a reply but to be honest I’m not very optimistic …….will update when I have any news

      • Hi.
        I had the same problem as Rob on January 10, 2016 at 12:48 pm said:
        I stupidly clicked on for a free trial suspicious but naively – but I stupidly put my card details in and then it said “your card has been declined, try another card” – 5 minutes later, santander thankfully called me on their fraud section to say £99 has been requested from my a/c by a company called “health and beauty” and for me to verify!! I put a stop to it just in time – apparently the T&C somewhere state they can take this but it is well hidden! Do not have anything to do with this product or company.
        It also kept on putting me onto a HGH website to purchase them also!!
        I presume since my card was decline and to try another card I thought The matter was over since I did not use another card and close the web page. But £99 pound s were taken from account and I hope they will refund me the money since I cancelled my order.

        Surely something can be done to stop this?

  3. I have read the write up by mens fitness regarding Progain 350 and was very tempted to look it up myself but the thing that stops me is that there isnt any ingridents I cannot find anything anywhere telling you what in it I find that very uncomfortable. They also suggest that you takes testinate 250 as well. I want to know is this the reason why you you lose so much weight the having taken testostrone in the past is this the secret to the weight gain and weight loss??
    Kind regards

  4. Hi there I was just about to sign up for this then I checked this out glad I did now b4 I put me bank card in . Anyway can u recommend anything that will help me gain muscle as well as my work out ? Could u email me please thanks Sean

  5. Hey can I please cancel my free trial. After reading this I was shocked. Please tell me how I can cancel everything please

  6. I’m gonar fucken sue you guys. Mark my words.talking with my lawyer tomorrow. I’m coming after you guys if yous don’t get back to me in the next 24hours.

    • Villiami, you need to contact ProGain 350 yourself. The above is a REVIEW.. this website does not promote that product or any trial offers.

      • Gullible isn’t the word is it FFS how can some people be so thick ? I have for sale contraception for both men & women , it costs £39.99. You will receive this in the contraceptive kit, I small box(about the size of a ring box) inside you will find a small polished pebble plus instructions that read . Female use:- take out pebble before sex and place it between your knees , DO NOT let the pebble fall. Male use:- place pebble in either shoe that your wearing. It makes you LIMP. This time next year I’ll be a millionaire lol.

    • What words are they marking…the ones where your grammar is messed up or the ones where your spelling is that of a 5 year old pmsl – Will you get an adult to phone the solicitor for you ;-}

    • Ffs are you thick? This site warns you about being trapped by progain 350 testinate 250 sellers! Has also provided an email to cancel! If i were to order i would open new account order free trial and if it arrived on time cancel the account but seeing this i wont even waste my time ah well am off to the gym where i can only con myself or not? 🙂

    • Congratulations Viliami Sitake !!!!

      You are officially the thickest bell end, currently blogging on the internet.
      You have won a packet of ‘grow your own money’ seeds.
      Just plant in a pot and you will grow up to 1 million in real money.

      Just send p and p of £100.00 to me and I will despatch your prize immediately.

      Runners up : John Traynor and Darren Foley – You win free advice from Villami’s lawyer.

      • Love it, laughing my cock off!!! Where can I get one of those “money in plant pot” ha ha ha! These guys are the ones being caught out by the phone call, your computer has a virus………… Doh

    • It’s unbeleivable isn’t it if I knew how gullible some people are I could get rich so quickly . Listen people , THERE ARE NO GET BIG QUICK PILLS, OR POWDERS, ITS A SCAM. The only real way to get big is train hard , eat right , and rest . The only other way is steroids but if you really want to ruin your life, go ahead.

    • What you doing on here thereby? If your not one of the many “dumbasses”that’s been scammed!! Fack off. These people a pure victims of a very appealing advertisement that unfourtatley is a huge money grabbing scam!! Don’t need snidy remarks for you! Simon,Billy Rae,jack (what a joke) bean stalker and good old Geoff

  7. I can totally see how the idiots above were scammed. I honestly didn’t think people could be THIS stupid to read a review site and complain to the author about the product which he neither endorses or sells!

  8. i recently ordered the free trial, but then found it strange how i wasnt told the charge for delivery when i ordered or even on the conformation email. Thats when i found this article and have since sent an email cancelling my order. Does anyone know if you get conformation your order has been cancelled and the certainty that payments will not leave your account?

    • I think that by agreeing to the terms which are in the really fine print , the company will take some of your money, these sums seem to be between £89 & £90 pounds at a time so get to your bank , lively and request them to stop any payments going out for those amounts also check on these forums for the names that these company’s use and inform your bank. These company’s are professional scammers they are slipper customers and want your money, you could always change your bank card or make a new account with your bank with all new details and transfer your money to it.

    • The same thing has happened to my bf .. They have charged us 3 times but no tablets .. This is so wrong.. Have emailed them want the money back… but I dont know if we will… Need to go to bank and tell bank!!

  9. The email address keeps bouncing my email back. Any other way to cancel the free trial? I’m in the UK so the number provided doesn’t help me. Thanks for any help!

  10. If you have had an order confirmation it appears there is nothing you can do. I emailed and responded to their emails on numerous occasions since the 2nd Jan 2015 asking them to cancel the order. They proceeded to ship it on the 9th Jan 2015. Don’t expect anything that vaguely represents customer service

  11. I purchased a protein supplement at a said cost of $35 then after reading reviews i contacted them cancelling my order which they agreed to then i see on my bank account they charged me $192.50 ! This is bullshit they need to get shut down

  12. Just went to pay for an item in a store (luckily I work there otherwise height of embarrassment) card declined so called the online card company and they advised of amounts of 2 x £150 to Progain which i did not subscribe to – have sent emails to Progain asking to cancel and them to re-imburse as no contract or online contract was entered into – luckilly the CC i used have advised that if i get the runaround with the company they will claw back the money for me in 30days so all is not lost!!

    • Just get your cash back, don’t go anywhere near them, these scammers are pro’s dude, let the authorities know and sort it through your bank before they take more dough.

      • I’ve been taking progain350 for a good 5 weeks and yes even though they have taken £460 it’s a small price to pay because again I’ve really gained some serious mass and unbelievably shredded up all I can say is don’t do much cardio in the gym on these because the amount of pussy I’ve been smashing is ridiculous !!!!!! This is your cardio !!!!!! This stuff is amazing like a few others my penis has not only grown 3 more inches the girth has too !!!!! Awesome!!!!! What they also forgot to mention was instantly you start to give off this aura that makes you irresistible to women like some scent they love (like a lion in the wild) just keep buying it stick with it ….. I’m off the gym minus the cardio guys good luck you don’t need it though

  13. I ordered the free trail of the Internet paid 18 pounds sterling three weeks later products come five days after that 300 quid out my bank they my give me there contact number it doesn’t exist im fooking gutted you live and learn

  14. Hi there.. my bf odered this than canceled it and they have been sent out and you have changed him 3 times .. I would like the money back other wise ill take this further… This is so wrong.!!

  15. I have ordered a trial and then read some reviews, after I found it is a scam write to the saying I want to cancel went to bank straight away change my details. they contacted me saying that buy buying trial I agreed with Terms and condition and I will be charged after 14 days a full price but it says if you dont cancel. they offered me 30% discount so i will only pay £221. sent them another 5 email telling that I have canceled so they have no right to charge me even according to their polocies. today after a few days they sent email saying that I wont be charge any more in the future as I canceled my membership but they want me to sent back the trials I wrote to them that I still even get them. It has been about 3 weeks since I orderd it no goods received and haven’t been charged so far…

  16. This has happened to me i ordered the free sample and haven’t receieved it of yet but have been charged £158 to my card. I have contacted my bank and they have said that i need to wait 15days for anything to be done with regards in getting my money back. My Advice would be to keep away from doing the trial as it said nothing of the sort about applying for the trial as there is no headace and no money taken put of your accounts

  17. I used the email to cancel with the one that your provided and they DID write me back saying that my order was cancelled and that they will refund my money for the shipping fee’s

  18. I did order and they chatge me 240 pound for the trail after 14 days but I called the bank and I send the prodect back and the bank gave me the money back aftet 15 days just deal with your bank and provide them with evedance that you send the product anf if you did not get it give the bank yhe emails that you send to cancil it hope this will help we bought it because we thought it will be trail not more than thay

    • Do not use Pro Gain 350. This product does not work.
      Instead, use my Magic Beans. You only need to take one bean, daily, for seven days and I GUARANTEE that you will lose all your excess body fat and develop a muscular physique that will put any Mr Universe contestant to shame.
      Seven beans , only £1000.00. Hurry , while stocks last.
      For those of you that cannot spell , Majic Beens have been cientificully tesded and our garranted to wurk……………..

    • Hi.

      Can you tell me if they actually got the parcel you sent back as the local post office is saying the address I gave them is not being recognised. I have Postbus 393, 4000AJ, TIEL, NETHERLANDS. On their first email I received from them they left off the NETHERLANDS so I had to contact them again, seems to be a delaying tactic to prevent you getting the goods back to them, I have chased them to see if this is the right address but no reply, would appreciate the address you returned your to.


    • People aren’t “idiots” just cos they get taken in by these criminals. Maybe there’s alternative reasons!! IDIOT!

  19. Ordered the free trial and paid £16.00, delivery came about 10 days after I paid, checked bank balance and they have taken £158.without my consent and quoted me T&C’s. Emailed them and tried returning the product but the Postbus number they gave me is not good enough for recorded delivery according to the post office. The whole thing seems to be a scam where the purposely delay the delivery and do not clearly advertise that they will be taking money out of your account without you knowing it, have contacted Barclays Fraud as this is exactly that, would suggest if you have been robbed that you follow it up through your bank. If no one does anything this will carry on happening.

  20. Here’s the problem. No one took the time to actually try the supplements. I have been taking them now for 40 days and haven’t done a lot of exercise. I did some star jumps yesterday and I shadow boxed last week. I’m definitely buff now. I have an 8-pack showing and my penis has gained 2 inches. I kid you not. Anyhoos… They’ve only removed around $1300 from my account but it’s worth it. And I didn’t really need that money anyways. I have to go now. I’m deep frying a Mars Bar

      • Darren foley , Richard and the other guy are taking the piss you retard. Does explain how you got scammed in the first place mind. I have been reading this thread for half n hour now its hilarious.

        • Michael Green , not sure its Darren who is the retard.
          Ever heard of irony ?

          (Darren Foley on March 4, 2015 at 11:29 pm said:
          Ill take 10 tubs please! Lol send me payment details)

          Gave him my payment details for my magic beans but he still hasn’t paid.

  21. Total scam. Bank was helpful in cancelling so they couldn’t take out from my account a second time. I also sent an email to their support services they advertized but no joy surprise surprise!!! They really are only interested in getting your money and exploiting the loop hole which allows them to operate. Theses websites should also be shut down end of story but my guess is that their earning out of it as well so why would they!!. Cannot believe i fell for it before researching. My own doing but does not make it right. Stick to hard work instead of a miracle pill which has no scientific proof. Come on gentleman stop whinging take it on the chin and move on. I even sent the pills back to an address they gave me after saying hey would refund if they got there by a certain time. It was in Holland. Pills come from China though. The package was returned to me yesterday. Any one want theses pills please feel free to contact me through my email as i will not be taking them. their boxed up unopened. Also have testosterone booster too which i bought at the same time. What a gull-able twat!!!!!!!!! LOL.

  22. I paid £8 delivery charge on a free sample, which never came.

    A few weeks later £50 has gone out of my bank without notice and not written in terms & conditions.

    I have contacted my bank and they can give me the money back as I have not received any products but if they send me something I have been told to return them (which you can not do as their office is in Holland and the pills come from China) and get my money back. Which is not an available option.

  23. My son had just purchased these two products and signed up for a £24 trial and had £159.50 taken twice from his account. I am trying to get this money back and consumer advice has indicated that under UK law you can under the ‘consumers protection information cancellation and additional charges regulations’ but it is difficult to do so when the seller is registered outside of the UK. Can anyone help on this account and does anyone wish to persue this company – I think we should team up and do it together.!

  24. Definitely a scam! Me and my friends were wondering how much it would cost just to try it out. We read the terms and didn’t like the sound of the free trial so decided to see how much it would cost to buy some outright. The page never actually tells you! I did the order on my credit card because I’m insured against scams like this. When you expect to get to the order page telling you how much its going to be its too late you have already ordered the stuff! I can’t tell you if the stuff actually does anything because it never arrived. When I did get a reply from customer service they said its my fault for not filling in the address details properly. Hardly surprising as each time I tried certain fields kept resetting themselves. I now think this is deliberate for those that try to avoid the free trial tie in.

  25. Don’t do it. I spoke to my bank after they withdrew money I didn’t authorise and Barclays said they know this is a scam. I asked my bank that if they know it’s a scam how can they let them take money off their customers. Now that to me is as bad service as the scammers themselves.

  26. I saw that made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews had used both progain and testinate therefore I saw that there was a free trial for an £8 delivery charge, I received the products 2 weeks later. I thought that was it but five days later £158 got taken out of my account I rung my bank and they cannot do anything apart from cancelling any further payments and I have to wait a further 15 days to see if I receive the £158 worth of shit if not it can go into dispute but all I want is a number or an address I guarantee that I’ll get the money back with or without the banks help if anyone has any contact numbers let me know.

  27. RIP OFF.

    I tried to select for a free sample, couldn’t see how much i was going to get charged, expected it to take me through to a verify page. Nothing.

    I phoned my bank up and they have tried to take two payments of £159.

    If you have ordered, don’t panic just contact your bank straight away, they will help recover.


  28. I requested a free trial for this product and they have taken two payments of £158 from my account fraud squad are looking into this so these scamming bastards will get whats coming to them

  29. I’ve been going in circles with this company for 2 weeks now. I attempted to cancel an order after my son used my card to order this stuff. I’ve only received 1 of 2 orders since apparently I’m expecting the progain and testinate but I can’t get “customer service” to provide me with a telephone number to reach them or return information. I’ve already put a block on my account and canceled the associated card. Now it’s a waiting game to see if they’ll succeed in stealing my money.
    Also, I tried the number the admin listed above. It doesn’t work. They probably change their number on a regular basis. criminals.

  30. Alright guys I had exactly the same problem last month lucky I went into the bank and cancelled my card I think I sent an email to both companies and that was a month ago no money has been taken out.

  31. Hi I also foolishly ordered the free trial from pro gain but used a pre paid c/c I read somewhere that the order won’t go through on a pre paid c/c does anyone know if that’s true thanks

  32. They are mimicking the Men’s Health website.

    Do not fall for this scam, if you do call your bank and get the transactions cancelled.

    I reported the fake site to Google

  33. I am writing on behalf of my partner who ordered the trial just over 2 weeks ago and realised yesterday that £316 has been taken out of his account by these people!! Straight away we called the bank to prevent any further money being taken and emailed to cancel the trial but what can we do about this? This is not just the £89 people have mentioned! In total he has received 4 small boxes, is this correct? Very little information provided and unfortunately another person affected by this scam!!

    • Hi Adam.

      Any one that has purchased this product can complain at following e-mail:

      Then, you will all get your money back.
      Also, the more you type , the bigger your muscles will become.

  34. I recently purchased a small tub if progain like I idiot should have read up on the product after buying one tub I was sent a invoice by email for five tubs and instead of 8 pound coming out my bank they took 150 pound wtf I’ve emailed then bout six times no reply phoned them left all my details no reply has anyone received the product sent it back and got a refund ? Or does anyone know how to get hold of them

  35. I have emailed the company twice as my boyfriend had 5 months supply taken out of his bank when only ordering 1 month, the bank said they cannot do anything until he sends it back to the company etc.

    Has anyone got their money back or had any contact from this ‘company’?

  36. Wow I was going on this website to check out peoples reviews for the progain 350. Wasn’t expecting all of this so I will definitely pass for now, Would be interesting to see reviews on if this actually works or not.

  37. This is a scam. I made the mistake of getting this ‘free’ trial and they’ve charged me £158 twice. My bank has been no help, they’ve sent something to cancel them trying to take anything in the future but I don’t know how to get my money bank of even if I can??? Please help. I’ve sent numerous emails to the email addresses and have had no response. I didn’t even receive one of the trial items.

  38. just part of Terms&Cond


    The Company reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice. ?WTF?
    The company reserves the right to provide its products at promotional rates to individual consumers for which by accepting these terms you agree to accepting product at promotional rates where applicable.

  39. Yes I ordered it too…I read this forum and contacted the company via email. They did not reply.
    At that point I contacted the credit card company to cancel the payment.
    I asked the CC company to cancel any payments to the 3 names they used to take the £8 postage payments.
    The CC company were good as gold and cancelled as gain then took two large payments under two different names than those already used and blocked.
    So they, up to now, have used 5 different names in order to take payments..
    The CC company refunded those payments fortunately so I am not out of pocket but avoid these mothers like the plague. The stuff comes from China I have no idea what’s in it although it gives some herbal names on the bottle..I am convinced that won’t be what is actually in the capsules.

  40. Fell for it. Read this cancelled it within 20 minutes. Had the email 24hrs later that they couldn’t stop the order and offered the discount. I’ve emailed them about 6 times since. Nothing. Lucky they on took postage from CC. Spoke with bank, who were great, blocked them and cancelled my card. On advice sent the Progain back to the address (Testinate hadn’t arrived), then 5 days later Testinate arrived a long with returned Progain, as the address is no longer inhabitted. Emailed them again basically saying that they know where they sent the stuff to, and they can fetch it if they like but I’m not going out of pocket with postage sending stuff to a pretend address again. Moment of madness and very shady how they do things.

  41. I am putting together a contractual obligations seizure order. This will be sent to progain and testinate (odly enough…same building) that in conjunction with banks will legally bind them to refunding not only the trial price but any following payments taken after your formal cancellation. This is because despite being a trial. It is still an open ended contract that has two sides. They do not complete their side which is breach of contract. This is going all the way.

    For those in the UK. Visit citizens advice. They will be able to help you in legal matters like this. It’s contractual theft.

  42. Thank you very much for providing this information. I had already put my details in and used my girlfriends card details (with her consent). But after completing the required boxes, you would usually get a conformation page to check everything before you proceed. Well there wasn’t one and further more there was no terms or conditions for me to read, just an acceptance page telling me that there would be a conformation email when shipping commenced! Alarm bells! So I started looking for contact details, which seemed impossible until reading your page.

    After reading the comments above, I have now told my girlfriend to contact the Bank and cancel her card, to which the bank told her that 4 separate billing accounts have already been set up!!

    She will have to set up a new account now as I wouldn’t even waste my time trying to contact Progain350 and that other one, as this could potentially give them the time they need to start taking money.

    My question, if you could answer it is, is the article from MENS HEALTH legitimate as this is the only reason, I gave it a second glance?

    Many thanks for your help tho, and what’s with the idiots above that think that this is a Progain350 page?!?!

      • So is the review actually from mens health in your opinion?
        Oh and by the way she has got through to the bank, there is £16 coming out of the account, which I will take on the chin, then they will stop any other payments being made or have promised to refund if any is taken….

        • No, I very much doubt that it is. I have seen countless examples of these ‘advertorials’. There are subtle differences between these and the official websites.

        • Dave, i too paid £16. After finding this page and reading the comments i emailed them today to cancel within the 14 days trial period and notified my bank to put a block on any attempts by the company to take any further payments. As i was still worried after reading the comments on here that the company can still take money from my account after doing both of the above, i contacted my bank again and asked then to cancel my card and send me a new one. Hopfully this will stop any further payments being taken from my account. My 14 day trial period ends on Tuesday so i will be monitoring my account very closely over the next month. My bank did say if i cancelled within the 14 day trial period and they continue to take money from my account, they will refund me as its fraud. I feel silly i bought this product and my advice to anyone who has brought this product through the trial period, is to email them to cancel the subscription and also get the bank to cancel your card and send a new one…..

      • At first it looked like Men’s Health, but after revisiting the site it actually a bogus magazine front to make it look like a real magazine!! I have clicked on the various so say links and it comes back with the same page….wow….

        My apologies to Men’s Health, my bad!!

  43. And I urge anyone else that has seen this affiliation with Men’s Health to contact/mail them letting them know, I am using the address and expecting it to go to the relevent department, because truthfully, I would never have given this a second look if it had not been affiliated with them!!…..

  44. My bad, it’s not men’s health, it’s a magazine front that does not even exist!! I take it back Men’s Health Magazine….The more I look the deeper the bullshit gets!! Please delete the last two replies, and accept my apologies for getting that wrong… I will post a different reply.. Thank you

  45. I tried the free trial for this and found some amazing results within 2 weeks. I have now subscribed to progain 350 & testine 250. Some people may have cancelled there orders, I think this was your first mistake if you don’t try you won’t get the results.

  46. I placed a trial ordrr and payed £26.99 for a three month supply.
    Ive just this minute found out that the skanks took £159 from my account.
    I have contacted them to cancel ordrr and asked fir refund as price was not what I was qouted.
    All ive recieved is junk mail from them. Cant get access to a tel number.

    Now have to wait 25 days for my card company to try to recoop my money.
    GET RIPPED…. Actuslly means GET RIPPED OFF.
    Tossers. Stay well away

    • I got done awhile back with something similar. With a 14 day trial package with the products called No2Maximus and HT Rush. Got onto the reviews straight away to see if this was for real. But it wasn’t what I wanted to read. So picked up the phone and canceled my bank card straight away. So them clowns couldn’t dip into my account and rip me off. Just paid five euros for post and package. My advice. Stay well away for everyone of these online scams. All there bullshit. Just eat leafy veggies and meat and fruit and nuts and drink at least a gallon of water. Train hard and consistently. Your goals will soon be showing up in no time. Drop sugars completely. Good luck

  47. My bf also ordered this and also we have been scammed out off £158 out my bank today :/ I called the bank they told me this is the 3rd time they have been called today and it is a world wide scam , they told me also that this company can take money when ever they want with Ur details and also pass on details to a 3rd party who can also take money, anyone who have registers there bank details need to cancel there card and get a new one ASAP

    • Hi Jess, did the bank say that cancelling your card and getting a new one will stop any further money being taken out of your account? I cancelled my card yesterday after reading this forum. To date no more money has been taken from my account apart from the original £16 I paid when placing the order.The 14 day trial subscription i cancelled is approaching tomorrow, so im hoping they will not be able to take any further payment from my account.

  48. I stupidly ordered Testinate and Progain 350 on the 3rd March, then someone mentioned this to me was a scam and I came accross this page. I emailed , , and today to cancel my trial subscription which thank-fully is still within the 14 day trial period so hopefully my subscription will be cancelled. I also phoned my bank twice this morning, firstly to stop any future payments from the company, then a second time to cancel my card. The 14 day trail is up in a few days so i will monitor my account. If any more money gets taken I will have to resort to closing the account completely and opening a new one. I feel such a fool for being tricked. Thankfully only £16 has been taken out of my account. Im keeping my fingers crossed thats all i lose, but not going to hold my breath from the comments ive seen on here.

  49. I ordered the 14 day trial put my details in and they it said it wouldn’t accept my card, does that mean no money will be taken out??

    • Hi Tommy, To be on the safe side I would cancel your card and ask bank to issue you a new one. I wouldnt trust the website even if it didnt accept your card, especially after reading some of the comments on here.

  50. thats what they write to me there is their addres.hope everything will finish well and i will get my money back

    Please remember when you placed your order, you agreed to the terms and
    conditions as stated on our website. The terms and conditions state that if
    you do not cancel you are required to pay for your order after a trial period
    of 14 days and if you would like a refund you must return the product within
    30 days of ordering. If you can meet these conditions you will receive a
    refund after payment is processed. Without exception, we are not able to
    refund products received after 30 days of the initial order date.

    We do however, recognize that it can be difficult and costly to return
    items ordered online, and that you may have already used a substantial
    portion of the product. In consideration of this, we will offer you a 30%
    discount to keep the order without the requirement of returning it. If you
    agree to this, you will pay just £110.60 for your order of Progain 350 and
    Testinate 250. If you would prefer to take advantage of this convenient
    option, simply respond by email within 14 days of your original order,
    stating you would like to use the 30% discount.

    If you prefer to return your order please ensure we receive it within 30
    days of your initial order. If we do not receive it within this time, we will
    not be able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you. Please
    note that your payment will automatically be taken on day 14, but this will
    be refunded if we receive the product within the 30 day limit. In order to
    identify you correctly please include your name and address including
    postcode, and your email address on the outside of the envelope. We strongly
    urge you to use a recorded delivery service so that you have confirmation of
    timely delivery.

    Write all this on the outside of the envelope and send it back to:

    ProGain and Testinate:


    Postbus 393, 4000 AJ Tiel


    • U have withdraw 2 payments from my account this order has not arrived money must be put back into account as I take this matter further with lawyers

    • I did not sign up to any subscription. I think this is a disgrace and I would like my £300 back!!!
      I bought two boxes costing £8 each and I have not received any other products apart from those boxes!!!

    • If that is the case – why were the 2 payments of £157 taken from my account immediately without waiting for the initial period of 14 days to elapse?

    • Was this work? did you get your money back if you send their product back to them?

      ostbus 393, 4000 AJ Tiel


      Is this the address that you return to?

      Thank you

  51. I got scammed. They sent the wrong order and charged me £240, so £120 per bottle and tried to take another £150 on top of that! I emailed them and all they did was keep replying to it with automated messages and cut and paste replies. I have email them (with some less than kind words) and said I will be keeping the product and have cancelled my card so they cannot take anymore. This is a T&Cs scam. Plain and simple…

  52. The only way to stop these scammers is to cancel your card as soon as poss then it is impossible for them to take anything,so dont think it will go away if u ignore it.just get to your bank or credit card and cancel it

  53. I bought two things from pro gain
    And didn’t sign up to anything .
    Just checked my bank balance and they have taken £300 from me!!!
    This is a disgrace as the two items I bought were £8 each.
    I would like my money back!!!

    • I suggest phoning your bank to cancel your card asap. Second explain to the bank you did not authorise the company to take further payments from you. Hopefully the bank will refund you the money, as its blatent theft. I too bought products from this company, but luckily i came across this forum just in time and cancelled my card, resulting in only losing £15.

  54. I too very stupidly this morning didn’t do my research and have been had!!!

    I’ve just spoken at length to Barclays who said there is no need to cancel the card, as long as they put a stop on more transactions and also, they have applied a pre debit cancellation as this company is on their flag list. They said as some customers are happy with the company they can’t block transactions right away.

    I have to call back on Tuesday when the payments (2 of £159.50) appear actually on my statement then they will refund the payments immediately and any future payments. Its only possible for them to take 1 more monthly payment (which would be refunded too) as it takes this long for the block process to be set up.

    But, just to confirm fellow idiots, no need to cancel the card, speak to your bank ASAP, apply a block transfer process and ask for pre debit cancellations to be applied to all payments.

    Hope this helps people!!!



    • Matt, I too purchased products from this company and cancelled my trial period offer before the 14 day trial ended. On around day 10 i came across this forum and a few people said that their bank blocked any further attempts for the company to take further payments from their accounts, but still have money taken from their accounts as the company used a different name to bypass the block. After seeing this forum i phoned the bank twice, once to stop the company taking further payments and as i was still worried that further payments would still get taken out of my account, i phoned again and cancelled my card. Luckily i only lost £13 (£8 to purchase items and £5 to send items back when they finaly arrived). If anyone reads this, i would say to them cancel your card as this will guarentee no further payments get taken from your account.

  55. I read the men’s health review I noticed online and it all seemed legitimate so I went to the site and selected the free trial with £4.00 delivery charge. I put my name and address down then tried to enter my card details. The first time the card was apparently denied, so I tried a second time before it was denied again. I was about to use my other card but before I could do so I was called by my bank to tell me that two websites had attempted to take £129 out of my account each under names related to muscle gain. My bank had put a security block on my card thankfully to prevent these payments going through and saved my money thankfully.

    Do not use the progain 350 website to make a transaction at any cost as I had definitely not signed up to pay the amount of money that they attempted to take, and I had also never visited the websites that my bank quoted to me, suggesting that the main website is used as a front for a payment scam.

  56. I had ordered the free trial. It didn’t come. Yes, money was also taken from my bank account. I have been emailing them back and forth on a regular basis. They are not wanting to give me a full refund. They are wanting to hold back 30%. They are constantly sending me their policy on returned products. That would be fine, however I keep reminding them that I didn’t receive anything from them. So, in fact, they have stolen my money. I have requested numerous times for a phone number.
    It is a total scam.
    It is a total scam.

  57. I bought this off the progain website they changed me £16 to post 2 off them I went to my online banking I seen they set up 4 payment under 4 different names to take 16 pound each so I rang up the bank to cancel this they say it a scam they never has as many phone calls about this then I wait 18 days it come then next day I go to my bank they have try to take out £480 each on the 4 different names they set up but thankfully the bank wouldn’t let them I then email them to ask why they using 4 names after a week they just send the same email all a scam and I use the the stuff and it doesn’t work so it all made up to get people to buy.

  58. I seen this in men mags so i email them to say that it a scam but they never reply as would i thought.The stuff is not coming from USA it on the stamp it the Neverland and the more I think about it the more and saying to myself fuck no’s what the hell in them cause these people don’t care all they want is your the rock even say that he never hear off progain 350 or anything so why they using is pic.

  59. I ordered the free trial turned up from china after a week or so but emailed then first they replied please let us know if it doesnt turn up. Pro gain seems all good, testonate 250 also seems good must admit I didnt start training till recently but can say I can see some improvements in my physic but it could be down to a serious change in my diet and the full body workout, ordered a second lot from the free trial same site as before mens health they cam from Switzerland aparently same ingredients but powders in the tablest are different colours ? No extra funds were taken but im ahead of the game there !!! Pro gain and testonate say they are 100% natural can we be so sure as they are not regulated by the food and health industry why do they not have their own website ?? Now on the news there are diet pills killing people DMP stay clear

  60. hey guys I ordered the pro gain 350 just over 5 weeks ago not knowing what it was I thought it was a prohormone but aside from all this and the fact they took 200$$ out of my account. I decided I mine as well take I mean I did buy it sorta. so i took it and immediately the first thing that I noticed was my endurance went from shit to insane I was able to run miles with have any problems I was able to workout with out any stopping I was never tired I could go for days my strength did go up a little bit.

    side effects to pro gain that I had were— I couldn’t sleep I had muscle spasm do I think pro gain was worth the money

    simple answer no I do not if you want great endurance you can get that in general just from creatine or anything gnc sells but in my opinion if your going to spend all that money on something for you to build muscle you mine as well buy steroid because pro gain is pointless but that’s my own experience

  61. Oh boy im stupid. Free trial £4 to pay i bought both and i was charged £360. Not what i wanted my bank is doing a visa dispute. I would rather have done what someone had done on here and cancel card but the website i went on is no longer letting me to go on it & i have written a email. I have the products though un opened would be even more stupid to open it lol…BUT YEH STUPID! i hope i dont have to give this company £360 because of a scam!! I have no proof of the webbsite saying it was £4 🙁 so im gonna see how this all goes….but i would suggest anyone not to buy online and to believe we will loose weight with these magical pills!!

  62. Anyone who thinks it’s safe to take extra Testosterone needs help, in the long run it will greatly increase your chances of Prostate Cancer, and a dozen more health problems on top, it will burn fat no doubt but so will a good diet and plenty of exercise, please guys I know a lot of you are young, and life seems eternal right now, write down any ingredients you want to take and go see your GP, AND TAKE HIS ADVICE. And good luck with your goals.

  63. The T&C’s clearly state (when you can find them)…


    The Free 14 Day Trial option gives you 14 days of product free with the purchase of two bottles containing 46 days supply.

    Country Currency Full 1 Bottle Price (or 1 Bottle Trial)
    Europe EUR 79.00

    So, you’re signing up to two full bottles of the stuff, which is where this £160 + postage keeps coming from, and if you go for ProGain and Testinate, you’re signing up for double.
    However, if you want to cancel, when you access the T&C.s screen, you have a “Quick Cancel” option which apparently stops all emails, orders and shipping. no idea if this works though… just popped up when I had a look.

    Good luck to all who have been scammed. If it seems too good to be true… Google it !!

    Gruff x

  64. … and just to prove a point. here they are advertising 2 different products, that apparently do the same thing.

    Seriously people… it doesn’t take much to uncover a scam,

  65. I tried it for 40 days and I noticed a definite difference, I lost body fat and gained muscle. It was well worth the money, I would gladly have paid double – and checking my bank statement it seems I have! As soon as I have saved up enough I will be reordering.

    I did experience erectile dysfunction, but that means I can spend more time down the gym working on my pecs rather than smashing pussy, which I never really liked; pumping with the boys is much more enjoyable.

  66. Paid 3 weeks ago – nothing. BS email replies about sending items back before 30 days after order went in. So, I won’t get the goods (at all?) until at least 30 days after I ordered, so the best they’ll refund – if send the stuff back – is 70%. Con. And Men’s Health is promoting this scam?

    • Fucking stinks mate , men’s health is the only reason I ordered . This place should be shut down , how can a item advertised at £8 end up costing £157 . I fell for the progain 350 and the testinate 250 so double whammy £314.
      I cannot afford this even if it’s only for a few months while the bank sort out . Total wankers I

  67. I have failed to this trap as well as i ordered last night while i didn’t read it carefully. Immediately i went to online bank to check my money, suddenly i notice how much they have taken away from me (157 pound ). I emailed them to cancel it but they reply back that they can’t. However, today i went to the bank and ask them if i can cancel any of my direct debit payment. I had to phone bank again to tell what i’ve been through, they said i need to wait until my bank statement show that they took money out and then they can do something to help. Anyway i cancel my debit card now and hope that they will give me a refund.

  68. Bastards , wish I’d read this b4 ordering , well the £8 for each offer was £157 on email receipt for each item . Ive canceled card from bank and they are investigating .
    They say it’s to late to cancel order as I aggreed to it but may get my money back if they take it and after ive tried to cancel it . Let’s see what happens , but any company that offers a free trail in future stay away from . To good to be true , just wanted to lose a little extra fat in time for my summer marathon has probably ended up costing me £314 .
    How can companies be like this , I’m gonna tell the bank nothing has arrived no matter what in 10 days time once the frud department contact me . Twats
    I agreed to £16 not £314 wankers

  69. Just received my two bottles – more than 30 days after ordering so no refund, but if I do send them back I’ll get a 30% reduction and only have to pay …wait for it…”If you
    agree to this, you will pay just £8106.40for your order of Progain 350.” Only 8K!!!!
    Thieving CUNTS.

    • Wow , my bank are taking my money back off them . Not sure what to do if I receive the order . Keep it or send it back , they can’t take no more money as the bank has blocked them from my account 🙂

  70. Hi guys do u know any contact information that i can contact them to get refund? because my bank couldn’t do anything with it. I need to contact them directly.

  71. They have taken the £314 out my bank today , so rang the bank again and my credit card is covered as the terms were not written clearly before I ordered .
    The bank have stopped any further payments and are re debiting me the full amount . I told pro gain not to send the product as I was taking this up with the bank , if they send it that’s their problem .
    I found in the terms and conditions that I should have only payed £210 for the amount I ordered so now they lost the lot .
    I’m glad the bank were so helpful , do not order off these robbing gits .
    I’ll see if the money goes back into my account tomorrow 🙂

  72. Soooooo close, filled in address and everything lol. £4 postage only for free trial other options available but this one was no additional costs via Facebook men’s health advert. Did a quick Google search and here I am, thankfully. If only others did the same. All CC companies will refund the price as the t&c’s aren’t available, the advertising is very misleading. As they say: to good to be true! Webpage closed!! Phew.

  73. I would like to cancel my order because I haven’t trailed the product yet coz it hasn’t arrived. And I don’t want it to be in a monthly thing.

  74. Hi, I have been stung on the Progain 350 and Testinate advertising. As everyone else I agreed to free trial only. Within a second of the trial £364 was taken from my account. I immediately cancelled the order as per the instructions on their official site. All I got was a not happy with your order spill offering a 30% reduction as they could not return goods. I again emailed them explaining that I had not received anything but was cancelling the order. Again same silly reply, I waited for a few weeks and nothing so I sent an email as requesting an immediate refund as theey had broken consumer rights. All I got was a thanks for clarifying my order and address. A few days later they turned up from Taiwan. I sent a other email and again a silly reply with a 30% rebate , this has been going on for some months now and the hope of getting anything back is slim. I don’t count myself a fool by any means but this time I was taken for ride by a very clever con artist. If can help any others please post this for their sake as I am a genuine consumer robbed by protein.
    Thanks Clint

  75. If anybody else falls for this, here’s what you do. Cancel immediately via email to, by phone to +31208084782 (you won’t get to speak anybody but leave a message) and by submitting the quick cancellation form at Contact your bank or credit card company too. If you’re lucky, they will reverse the charge. Otherwise they will tell you to submit a transaction dispute form. You’ll receive an email in a few days offering you a 30% discount on the order. State in your reply that you cancelled the order, you haven’t received anything and you’d like a full refund as per their terms and conditions. If you receive the product, refuse the delivery (it’ll be the small box from Taiwan). Send copies of all emails, the product page on the progain350 website (showing the amount you expected to be charged), the cancellation confirmation you received from, your phone bill (showing the call made) along with copies of the terms and conditions from both and as well as the transaction dispute form to your bank or credit card company. I did this and received a refund from my bank. Oh, and if you’re reading this progain350, go f*** yourselves.

  76. Absolute disgrace, a supposed free offer becomes £314 from my account and they make me jump through hoops waiting for the products and then returning them by registered post (which they advised me to do). I check and they haven’t bothered to pick up the package after attempted delivery and do not respond to my attempts to contact them. They are a scam outfit no doubt about it.

  77. The scammers are happy guys, just watch their account getting richer every day.
    They don’t even have to do anything!
    Easiest money ever
    And instead you get a plastic bottle of flour from China worth 1£

  78. If this is a scam, why is the site still up today for people to order and get knocked, why has nothing been done after so longer time?????

    • Come on!! .. Look at the web site…These pricks cannot even spell.
      Have a look at the “ingrendients”

      “EliteGain 350 ingrendients and effectiveness”

      Also , do people really believe the following ? :

      “EliteGain 350 increases the flow of blood circulation. This rushes to your muscles, making them larger and it also has the same effect on the size of your penis size too. You’ll be so pleased that you decided to use the EliteGain 350 supplements.”

      Anyone falling for this IS a huge nob……………….

  79. Yeah i got scammed, but their scam backfired. i now have 5 bottles that they tried to charge me hundreds for, but the bank reimbursed my money and locked them from debiting my account, only cost me $5. ive been procrastinating a little before starting its use, i wanted to get a little bit fit before getting into it, so now i been naturally workin for a couple weeks im gonna give it a go.

    will be interesting to see if the claims are true, i am also a type 1 diabetic which if you know how to use insulin can be a benifit to gains. so topping that with progain350 i might get some big results

  80. We are what we are so dont expect to change with chemicals that offer solutions which are plainly untrue. Any positive comments can be made by those who make the stuff. Enjoy what you have.
    Some talk about screwing for 13/4 hours…great but i bet the poor lady was sore!!

  81. Admin can you please tell me if cancelling on the day of ordering is make me “safe” from being scammed I am contacting the bank in the morning so stop them taking money just in case this did not work. Am I safe or not. Thank you

    • Jake, there is no way of me knowing if you are safe from being charged or not. The best thing to do is speak to your bank as they will be able to see if there are any charges pending.

  82. This lot took 99.99 out my bank for a free trial,I’ve now got my bank fraud squad onto them you cannot contact them it’s a fuckin scam

  83. You can contact them easily in two ways for cancellation:
    A. Send an email to and indicate your name, address, email address and request cancellation;
    B. Call the customer service line at 0044-203-129-3643 and provide your name, address, email address and request cancellation.

  84. The advert said free trial costs only £4.00 for Elite Gain 350 but after paying yesterday 25th feb, I got email that I’m paying £99+and further payments . This was hidden from the main advert. I’ve contacted my back and most importantly the card company to stop payment. Only after the scam did I began searching google and found other’s experience. This has been on for almost 2 years and no one is stopping them. why is sky news accepting their advert.

  85. Good news everyone, I have just developed something that’s going to help all of you who are waiting to get your money back! My new Eternal Life rings are now available. Things rings look just like any other ring, yet they have a magical secret.

    Made with metals found deep in an ancient unicorn burrow, you simply wear a ring on the middle finger of your left hand. The conductive metals harness the natural life elements that are floating all around us and channel them in to your soul.

    The result? You will live forever – GUARANTEED! This means you can have no more concerns about how long ProGain 350 are taking to refund you – you can wait forever if you need to!

    No BS, these really work, check out this review from happy customer Levi Jean:

    “I’ve been wearing the eternal life for 6 months and I haven’t died yet! Absolutely amazing!”

    And if that isn’t enough to convince you, every ring comes with a 100% double money-back guarantee. That’s right, in the unlikely and unprecedented event that you die while wearing an eternal life ring as directed, we’ll refund twice the amount you paid. So, if you don’t live forever – we’ll actually pay you!

    There is a limited run on these rings of just 500 units (unicorn metal is in short supply) so contact me today to reserve yours today for the low price of just £949.99 plus 3 further payments of £499.

  86. Yep I got scammed too “Do’h”!!! I rang the bank and cancelled my card so they cant charge it. They only have taken out the delivery charge of 4 bucks but nothing more yet. Least they cant charge me anymore!!!


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