Premier T Boost Review – Is this testosterone booster a scam?

Premier T Boost

Premier T Boost is a testosterone booster currently available for trial, what benefits does it offer and would we recommend this supplement to you?

If you are considering giving this offer a chance then I would recommend you read our review. We will look more closely at this offer to see what actual benefits are available.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Premier T Boost

Using Premier T Boost is said to offer the following user benefits:

  • May help support muscle build
  • Supports athletic stamina, endurance and performance
  • Ramp up energy levels

To check that these claims are accurate we will need to look more closely at this offer, and whether its ingredients are up to scratch.

Ingredients found in Premier T Boost

At first glance the Premier T Boost website looks sparse with very little information available. However, if you scroll to the very bottom of the website you will find links to other pieces of information, including the ingredients.

Unfortunately, while there is a list of ingredients available there is no dosage information. And the ingredients listed seem to be those more commonly found in a diet pill, rather than a testosterone booster.

The following ingredients are listed:

Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder, Psyllium Husk Powder, Irvingia Gabonensis Seed, Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% Chlorogenic acid), Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Buckthorn Bark Powder, Citrus Pectin Powder, Fennel Seed Powder, Gelatin, Rice Flour, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate USP

This is disappointing and leaves me wondering if this product works as claimed. There is nothing in these ingredients that can help boost testosterone.

Price of the Premier T Boost trial offer

As Premier T Boost is available for trial you may expect it to be free, however this is not the case.

When you first sign up to this offer you will have to pay a shipping fee of $4.98. You will then be given 14 days to decide if this product suits your needs.

If you do not cancel the trial within the allotted time frame you will be charged again, with this second charge being $89.98.

The trial leads onto an auto-ship program, so failure to cancel the trial will mean that you are going to receive further monthly packages. Of course each additional delivery will be charged at full price.

Is the Premier T Boost trial a scam?

With confusion over its ingredients and the high cost there is no way that we could recommend this offer to you.

There are better and certainly more affordable options available, so my suggestion would be to look at one of those instead.

Contact details for Premier T Boost

To contact Premier T Boost you will need to use the following information:

Phone: (866) 727-5753
Email: [email protected]

Please leave a comment below if you have trialled this product.

Our number one rated testosterone booster is Testogen, which comes highly recommended.

Made from a variety of proven testosterone boosting ingredients , Testogen will provide you with the following user benefits:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass
  • Improved stamina
  • Reduction in fatigue
  • Increased libido

Testogen is not available for trial, so no hidden charges or auto-shipping. It is also a more affordable option.

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  1. You sent me a trial bottle of stuff. I am not satisfied with the product. You also sent me another supply, and I’m returning it. Please credit my card for this last shipment. Thanks Sheriff Bill Simpson. Box 207. Arthur, Nebraska 69121

    • Bill, to cancel you must use the contact details provided in the above review. We do not endorse this offer, and are not linked to it either.

  2. They are disrespectful people their customer service is awful. They charged me 201.00 for products that I didn’t want I was only looking for the trial offer which they claim to not understand me so since they couldn’t understand what I wanted and insisted on me purchasing a bottle for 69.00 I in return said NO THANK YOU just put my money back on my card. They did but I wouldn’t recommend these people to no one. Nasty disrespectful people!!!

  3. Ordered a trial bottle of PREMIER T BOOST. Immediately got a confirmation that I also ordered PREMIER NO (which I did not) and would be billed $4.98 per bottle. Sent the company an email to cancel the order that same night. They replied saying I had to call the customer service. Called the next day and a girl, who sounded like she was still in bed, said I had to call back after a certain date. Waited until that date and called and was then told that it was too late to cancel. I WAS FURIOUS!!! They told me they would credit me 30% of the order which would be about $3. I was happy to be done with these crooks! Then I get my credit card bill and they have billed me $180 for the months shipment. Called my credit card company and reported them. Got the charges removed. DONT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!! THIS COMPANY IS FRADULENT!!!! DONT BELEIVE ANYTHING THEY SAY.


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