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If your aim is to gain muscle mass and strength then you need to ensure that your testosterone levels are at peak production.

Unfortunately low testosterone levels can have a significant impact on your training, with lower energy levels, a loss of stamina and decreased muscle tone being just a few of the issues you may experience.

By using a testosterone booster such as Testogen though, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels, therefore allowing you to see those gains you desire.

Benefits of Testogen

Using Testogen can help to boost the amount of testosterone you produce, resulting in the following benefits being experienced:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved focus
  • Less tiredness
  • An improved libido

How does Testogen work?

Testosterone is a type of steroid produced naturally within your body, while women produce a little it is the men who produce the most.

TestogenOur testosterone production reaches its peak as we hit puberty, but unfortunately it begins the drop off as we age (research has shown that typically a males testosterone levels will drop 1% each year after they reach the age of 30).

As your testosterone levels drop you will find that you will be more tired, will notice that your libido is not what it once was along with various other issues.

When you consume Testogen (up to 4 capsules daily), the natural ingredients will work to kick-start your testosterone production.

Ingredients found in Testogen

Testogen contains the following ingredients:

1. D-aspartic acid

This particular ingredient can help to regulate the amino acids within your body that can help to produce the hormones necessary to promote testosterone production.

2. Fenugreek

A herb with antioxidant properties that can raise testosterone levels, your libido, stamina and strength.

3. Ginseng extract

Can help produce an aphrodisiac effect that can boost your libido.

4. Selenium

This ingredient can help to remove toxins from your body and lower blood pressure.

5. Tribulus Terrestris

Another testosterone boosting ingredient, found in various popular muscle building supplements.

6. Vitamin B

Can help to convert carbohydrates into energy. Therefore will help to give your energy levels a much needed boost.

7. Vitamin D

This ingredient not only can boost testosterone production but can also reduce the rate that it is transformed into oestrogen.

8. Zinc Gluconate

The final ingredient has also been show to boost your natural testosterone levels.

Testogen label

The benefits of each of these 8 ingredients have been backed up scientifically, so Testogen will certainly help to increase testosterone production.

Side Effects of Testogen

The ingredients of Testogen have been proven and will not cause any unwanted side effects.

There are no artificial colours, preservatives, binders, stimulants or harmful chemicals present in the formula.

Each of the ingredients found in Testogen are natural and have been FDA approved for safe human consumption.

Of course if you are on any kind of medication or have an underlying health condition then it is always recommended that you speak to a doctor before using any supplement.

If you play sports professionally, then it is always best to check that the ingredients used are allowed. You should check the relevant sport authority before use.

Is Testogen safe to use with other supplements?

If you are taking any supplement that already contains high doses of D-aspartic acid I would recommend that you discontinue its use.

Supplements that do not contain D-aspartic acid are safe to use alongside Testogen.

How to Use Testogen

For best results you should take 4 Testogen capsules during the day, preferably after breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the final capsule to be taken just before bed.

You can also take 2 capsules after breakfast and dinner.

The reason why you should spread out the dosages is to ensure the nutrients are absorbed fully.

Taking all of the capsules in one go could result in some of the nutrients not being fully absorbed and being lost through your digestive system.

Testogen User Reviews

Those who have used Testogen have experienced promising results.

Take Habib Sabbah for example, he managed to lose excess stubborn fat while also gaining 4 kg of lean muscle while using Testogen.

Habbib Testogen Results

“It helped me lose fat, gain muscle, and look terrific in a short period of time. I lifted more weight than I could ever imagine and reached excellent results.”

Testogen Customer Support

It is important when looking at supplements that you are able to contact the company that sells them with any questions, either before your order or after purchase.

Testogen also thinks that this is important and have provided numerous methods to get in touch with them.

Not only is there is simple contact form available on their website, but also a LiveChat option too.

They also have a couple of phone numbers: +44 (0) 203 476 6784 (UK) or +1 646 568 9679 (USA)

As well as an email address: support@testogen.com

If you have any questions you need answering about Testogen then I would recommend using one of these options.

Testogen FAQs

These questions have been submitted by our readers:

Who should use Testogen?

Testogen is suitable for any man over the age of 18, who is looking to raise their natural testosterone levels.

Using Testogen is especially beneficial among men who have an interest in bodybuilding, endurance events, or are athletes of any kind.

If you have issues with your libido or other bedroom related problems then Testogen can help too.

How long until you see results?

This will vary from person to person, and will depend on what is causing your low testosterone levels, and how low your testosterone actually is.

As a general rule you should notice that your mood, focus and vitality should improve after a week of use.

An increase to your muscle and strength may take a little longer, perhaps as long as a month to 6 weeks. Of course this will depend on your diet and training schedule too.

Do I have low testosterone?

To discover if you have low testosterone I would recommend speaking to your doctor about having a blood test.

This is the most accurate way of finding out your current testosterone levels.

How long can you use Testogen?

There is not really a limit to how long you can use Testogen.

It is made from natural ingredients that are designed to boost lagging testosterone levels naturally.

I would suggest that you do take a break from using Testogen every few months as your body may become lazy or too reliant on this supplement.

By having a few weeks off you can ensure your normal testosterone functions are working as they should.

Is Testogen a scam?

Testogen is certainly not a scam.

There are plenty of testosterone boosters out there, perhaps hundreds or even thousands, with many of them being expensive placebos.

Some of the worst are those listed for trial.

Most of these trial offers are a complete waste of time. Not only because they rarely contain any testosterone boosting ingredients, but also because they are grossly overpriced.

These offers entice you into signing up as the initial cost is low, however after a short trial period (usually 14 days) you will be charged again.

This second charge is usually around the $100 mark.

You will also find that these trial offers lead onto an auto-ship program that will ship you further monthly packages at full price.

These offers are usually difficult to get out of, so no wonder they have such a bad reputation.

Testogen is not like these offers, its ingredients have been shown conclusively to boost natural testosterone levels. It may not be the cheapest testosterone booster around, but it is certainly affordable and in our opinion one of, if not the best available.

You can buy Testogen without having to sign up for a trial, so no hidden charges or auto-shipping to contend with.

Is Testogen recommended?

Testogen comes highly recommended. It is made from potent ingredients that will certainly help to increase your natural testosterone production.

Its ingredients have been proven to work and are free from side effects.

It is also affordable, unlike some supplements we have seen online. With no unwanted repeat or hidden charges.

Where to Buy Testogen?

If you are interested in buying Testogen then you will have to visit the official website to purchase.

While this may seem inconvenient the reality is that buying direct will ensure you are buying the authentic product and not a cheap rip-off.

You will also find that you will be entitled to the best possible price, with:

  • FREE shipping
  • 60-day money back guarantee

At the present time a months supply of 120 capsules will set you back £34.95, however the larger packages will allow you to make HUGE savings.

For example if you buy 3 bottles of Testogen you will get 2 bottles completely FREE. This package would normally cost you £199.75, but it is currently available for just £119.85 for a 5 month supply.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering Testogen is safe and secure, with state of the art 128 bit SSL technology used to encrypt all personal information.

After completing your order, you will receive a confirmation email showing the details of your purchase, as well as reference and transaction numbers. You can use this information to double check your order.

Your order will appear as “Advanced Health Limited” on any credit card statements.

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  1. I am a fitness freak and take nutritional supplements to enhance my training. Testogen boosted my energy and stamina, helped me put more into my workouts.

    • No, you do not need a 5 month supply. Obviously if your testosterone levels are low then when you stop using this supplement they will drop again.

  2. Am happy so far with this. Have noticed a few gains recently and have only been using it a couple of weeks. Just be aware you can’t rely on supplements alone. You need to look at both your diet and lifting routine for serious changes, unless you use steroids which I wouldn’t recommend.

    • As you age your testosterone levels will naturally drop. Using Testogen can help give your natural levels a boost, which offers various benefits.

  3. So I’m 53 in good shape but when I run and work out I find I could use some more energy will this help?Does it have any probiotics in it?

    • It will certainly help as it will naturally increase testosterone production, which offers numerous benefits.

      No, there are no probiotics present. 🙂

  4. I am doing body building and are want to build up faster for this are need this pill to speed up the process how many days does it take to get results?

  5. I’m 53 and work out 3 days a week will it help and I find because of my not so good eating habits I could use some energy.

  6. I am 80.yes old.I had tribe bypasse to my heart.& I take 1.metformin 500mg 3 times/day.for T2 Diab.
    2. Amlodipine 5 mg and
    pharmapress 10 mg for bp
    3. Simvastatin 20mg night fr cholesterol.
    4. Ecotrin 81mg blood thinner.
    Is there any DANGER TP LIFE if I take TESTOGEN EVEN AT
    Low dosage of 1morning &1at night.tell me what side
    Effect I may have or any medicinal interaction. Pl reply.

  7. I have had a radical prostatectomy in 2002 for prostate cancer and 36 treatments of radiation in 2004 because the cancer came back. This totally destroyed my nerves that give me an erecting but I was able to achieve it with the (extremely painful) penile injection method. However, due to the pain, the expense for it and that it got to the point that I had to increase the injection dosage for effect, I quit using it around 2005. My urologist told me that pills such as viagra and Levitra would be useless on me as my problem was not mental or a result of the common reason for Ed. but physical as a result surgery and radiation. Therfore, would this work on me though I take pills for irregular heartbeat, Prinze angina, heart pounding at 180 beats per minute, and had a minor heart attack in 2007. Other than that, and the strong morphine I take three times a day and other pain pills for arthritis and severe back pain, I’m in pretty good shape for a 71 year old. I used to lift weights for twenty years when I was younger but not anymore. My concern is will this product enable me to get a useful erection the way I could prior to the surgery 2002.

    • Testogen is not available to buy in Walmart of GNC. It is only available online via its official website, it will then be shipped to your home address. 🙂

    • You don’t necessarily need to stack anything with Testogen. However, I would recommend that you follow this guide for more tips on how to boost testosterone naturally.


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