EliteGain 350 SCAM Review

EliteGain 350

EliteGain 350 is a supplement available for trial that claims to be able to provide a “clinically proven nitric oxide boost” that can give your strength a pump up to 400%, which is quite a claim.

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to discover how accurate its claims are, and whether there are any hidden charges that we need to be aware of.

What we have discovered in past reviews of trial offers is that they are rarely as good an offer as they are made out to be, with many just a front for an auto-ship program.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of EliteGain 350

EliteGain 350 has made the following claims on its website:

  • Supercharge lean muscle growth
  • Burn fat on abs and chest
  • Cut recovery time in half
  • Boost endurance
  • Increase sex drive and energy

To be fair these claims sound fantastic, but whether they are accurate or not remains to be seen.

These claims have been written to entice the reader into making a ‘snap’ decision, so that they will sign up for the offer without looking for proof of the claims.

I would suggest that you at least look to see what ingredients EliteGain 350 is made from before making any decision.

Ingredients used in EliteGain 350

After viewing the website I was disappointed to find that there is no ingredient information listed anywhere.

This makes it impossible to prove its claims, and puts doubt in my mind that it is an effective supplement.

It important that you know what you are putting into your body as if there are any ingredients that you are allergic too then these should obviously be avoided.

Price of EliteGain 350

When you see statements like “try risk free” you maybe tempted to sign up for the offer as there is no risk involved, but in reality this is not quite the case.

While you have 14 days to decide whether you wish to keep the supplement this is not a long time to see any real results. And should you fail to cancel the trial within this time frame you are going to be charged £97 ($117 USD).

Unlike some trial offers we have seen, EliteGain 350 seems not to offer auto-shipping, which is a good sign. So at least there should be only payment to come out of your account.

Would we recommend EliteGain 350?

Without seeing the ingredients used to make EliteGain 350 it is impossible to recommend it as there is no way of knowing how effective it can be.

The supplement also seems a little expensive too, as there are various alternatives available that cost a fraction of this.

My suggestion to you would be to look for an alternative.

Contact details for EliteGain 350

There are various ways that you can use to contact EliteGain 350, such as:

Phone: +31-20-808-6060
Email: cancellations@elitegain350.com

You can also cancel the EliteGain 350 trial online as there is a ‘quick cancel’ button available onsite.

If you have trialled this supplement please leave a comment below with your own review of your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalWhen it comes to muscle building supplements there is one that I would recommend above all others.

Its name is D-Bal (available from Crazy Bulk) and it is a natural alternative to the banned steroid Dianabol.

This means that using it can help provide you with the following benefits:

  • Strength and muscle gains
  • Faster than normal results
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention
  • Improved blood flow

D-Bal is more affordable than EliteGain 350 and has listed its ingredients too, which makes proving its benefits much easier to achieve.

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  1. Tell everyone to stay away from this site and product their customers service does not exist the number does not work and the email address is fake. The free trial is a cover as soon as they put you through for the £4 shipping cost it then cleverly charges you a £99 for the first month and another straight away for another second month even when it is said that that it won’t come out till the following month I am so angry about this but I can not do anything but warn people to stay away from these sites my bank can not stop them from taking the money. This is a fake company make sure you double check the company before ever committing anything and now I will never trust another online company.
    If anyone can read this and investigate and shut this company down I will be much appreciated

    • This is a complete fraud. I ticked the box to pay the £4.00 shipping charge for the free bottle and found I had been charged £99.99 with more to come every month. Avoid this site.

          • did cancelling you visa card stop any more payments coming out
            my son used my account and bank say as it is payment pending they can,t do anything about it yet but by changing card so will that do it l have cancelled card

      • I have experienced a very tough time with this company , I ordered the product elitegain 350 and instead of only paying for shipping I was charged £99 for the whole month. However I was not to bothered about the payment as I was looking forward to receiving the product , but then after 2 weeks no product received so I started to email the company who assured me that it was a delivery issue on their behalf and the order will be re-edited and will reach me within a few days . Guess what ,another 2 weeks went past still no delivery , then I really started to email them every day to cancel my order and return me my funds , however after a few more weeks I received my funds back in full . So people please be careful before purchasing your product . Thanks

    • Thanks for the heads up, thought it might be a scam when they only offer credit card as payment no way to cancel with unscrupulous companies your have to ask the Company to cancel and if they won’t cancel only way is to contact bank to cancel your credit card avoid this company like the plague this company is just a scam as other folks have mentioned.

    • i also signed up for free sample with £4.00 carriage
      but they invoiced me £99.99 SO I CANCELLED STRAIGHT AWAY WITHIN THE 14 DAY PERIOD that all internet sales are covered by they still took the money but visa opened a dispute and have got my money back and blocked them taking any more never received the product anyway
      beware of this bunch of crooks

      • How long did it take to get your money back I got caught out with them today I thought it was €4.00 instead they took 90.66 from my card

      • H. How did you manage to cancel yours,mine happened today I feel right fool as I’m disabled and they have taken my rent money, I feel such a fool 🙁

        • Do not feel foolish you are not on your own. These scumbags are ripping people off on a daily basis. The sad thing is you probably can’t cancel the order as this is something I have tried to do myself. They state that once the order has been placed you have 30days to send the product back in order to get a refund however being that you never receive the product thus making it impossible to get a refund. What I suggest you do is contact your bank/credit card company and get them to put a stop on any future transactions. Unfortunately this does mean cancelling your card in order for them to issue you with a new one this usually takes a couple of days. You should then be able to open a dispute case which your bank/credit card company will do for you and hopefully you will get your money back. LAST NOTE FOR ANYONE READING THESE REVIEWS: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT AND THE SCUM OF THE EARTH WHO ARE BEHIND IT.

        • Sorry to hear your disabled Annette and they have taken your rent money.
          Tell me where you are in this world and i will send you the money that they have taken off you so you can pay your rent.
          Don’t want anything in return just a thank you be enough.

    • They are USA based special people who are very strong having the Top Lawyers and politicians behind them. They are well known as bloodsuckers. Message is clear. Stay away.

      • Hi all. They are in Holland. The address is on the label in the packet. I actually got a refund today for the £99.99. I have cancelled any further transactions with my bank. I wrote to them, support@elitegain350.biz I explained how the site ‘conned’ me, & that I had taken the matter up with Action Fraud, & my bank fraud department. (please all do so if you have been conned too for ‘the free trial’) . Obviously the more the merrier & something may well be done about this scam. Giving bank card details to get the free trial, then finding out you’ve just ordered £99.99’s worth, + more to come every 30 days. So stay away if you have just got this far. So guys, as said, get onto Action Fraud, tell these crooks you’re doing so, & good luck with the refund.

        • Hi

          Do you have a return address for them. I am trying to return the order which they insisted on sending to me even though I cancelled it. I have emailed several times and they won’t provide me with a returns address.

          Thank you

    • just another one in a long line to be ripped off,f..k..g fuming,it has taken me 3 wks and 8 phone calls to sort this mess out.don,t anybody else be fooled by this scam.i like everyone else agreed to the 4.00 pound shipping fee for a free sample,to be hit with 99.99 monthly charges.not received anything at all and have been told by my bank that the company claiming the money are selling supposedly electrical items such as razers /tooth brushes ect. what a p..s take .luckily my bank have stooped all further payments and refunding anything already paid.anyone else out there phone your bank right away they will listen and help you.

    • The exact same has happened to me. Applied for their ‘FREE TRIAL’ with only shipping charges to be involved. Then right at the end of the ‘order’ and after clicking on their button saying I did NOT want their further ‘great offer’ I was instantly charged £99 which was immediately taken from my bank account!! I have tried to ring them and have sent a ‘cancellation’ email with no effect!! I will now have to speak to my bank to have further charges cancelled. Be warned – STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. Scott Lamond, Edinburgh

    • It’s true I’ve been scammed of £99.99 and never received a product and they won’t refund me. Pls stay away from them. It’s a big fraud

    • I cancelled my order immediately with them, they then took my £99 and emailed me to say send it back when it arrives and I would get a refund. It never arrived anyway & I have sent them numerous emails about it. I have changed my bank details since then but will still be trying to get the Fraud squad to try and trace them maybe through company house

    • Yes I was caught exactly the same way. I have reported it to Action Fraud. Don’t know if that will help? I also contacted my bank & they said they will block any further charges. I did get a reply from support@elitegain350.biz & they said they would cancel the rest. I also emailed cancellations@elitegain350.biz So I’m hoping that should be that, I will update when I know.
      Your bank should cancel the payments, I cannot see how they can let them continue to allow them to debit your account. They are in control. If they say they can’t they are a crap bank to be fair. Change to another bank, it’s easy now & some banks will reward you with a £100 or so for changing over. To all others, yes as the fella says, stay away from this site or you will be fleeced. In my opinion they are crooks.

      • Got my refund today for the £99.99. So guys, get in touch with Action Fraud & your bank fraud dept. & let these people know you have taken this course of ‘legal action’ & hopefully you will have the same result as me. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    • This is scam website and I advise you to stay away if you are sensible as I was a victim. i had a narrow escape. here is my story.
      i saw the advert for a free trial for a shipping fee of £4 and I was interested. Afterallit is a free trial and if it does not work then it is just 4 quids I will be losing. But I was wrong.
      As soon as you fill in your card details and you click on terms and conditions-bang. It straight away processess your payment without allowing you to read the terms or review the order. Then the worst comes: you get an order confirmation and it is not 4 quids but a flipping,ripping 99 quids. It also comes with a notice that in 30 days you will be billed for the remainder, I was so mad that I immediately emailed cancelling the order. They replied the following day that the order has been dispatched and straight away I knew I had been scammed.They promised to refund 50 percent if my reason are justified for a refund. I have not even received the product.

      I called my card issuer and expalined to them. They told me to wait til the merchant takes the money which normally is after 3 days. Elitegain promptly took thre money and my card issuer refunded the money immediatelly. Kudos to the;they saved my ass! That was the last I heard from them. I thought I was going to receive the product they told me was already dispatched but nothing came.


      • My experience was exactly the same as yours.£4 order then got an invoice for £99 I was furious. I emailed numerous times and got the formatted replies of ‘ return within 30 days for full refund’ or ‘ cancel future order, keep the product and they will refund 50%.’ They never address the issue of it being a scam or it Bing an incorrect order. I contacted my bank and reported it to them as fraudulent activity and they cancelled my card, and said no payments were pending. A few days later the £99 was charged to the card ! I contacted my bank again and they immediately refunded the money to me and said they would investigate the matter but it would take 3-6 months. Numerous emails to the company get ignored or the formatted replies. I had almost forgotten to be cross about it after two months then a small cardboard box arrived in the post with two bottles of their tablets inside. The package was way outside the contracted delivery time and I am not paying to send it back to holland, they can arrange for a courier to collect it if they want to. I would suggest to anyone who also feels scammed, cancel your card and get a new one, get your bank to investigate and get a refund, send them a few emails to cover yourself legally but don’t get too stressed about it

    • Hello Lewis,
      Sorry to hear you’ve been robbed of your money.
      I fell for this Elitegain 350 scam to.
      I purchased it for AUD$103.90 and I was told my shipment would be in the mail to Australia.
      After 2 weeks I cancelled my order and contacted customer support first then a few days later I contacted cancellations.
      I was told if I wanted an immediate refund I could get 50% refund or if I wanted full refund I’d have to send the item back within 30days of order.
      After 4 weeks I was emailing them 3 times a week and then it reached 7 weeks waiting and emailing them every few days.
      By this time I still hadn’t received any item.
      I must have annoyed them so much or bagged them out or shamed them hard because I finally got an email from Rlitegain 350 yesterday saying I had received a full refund of the purchase price.
      I checked my account now and surprise I have received a full refund.
      I must be a lucky person.
      Best of luck with your situation all I can suggest is keep hassling them keep saying how disgusted you are of the company how you purchased item in good faith and you are absolutely furious you haven’t received your item!!! You

    • These guys are complete bastards. The charges shipping and didn’t deliver anything. They then charged USD$69 without authorisation. I called my bank and they refunded the US$69 charge and recommended I cancel my card, which I did. The next day I started to get undelivered mail messages from my ISP. These bastards were using my email address to send out spam emails so now my ISP had disabled my email address.
      Thanks a lot Elite Gain 350, the only thing this product does in makes their wallets fatter through illegal and fraudulent activities.
      What makes it worse it they represent themselves in Men’s Health magazines. These magazine need to vet the companies they advertise for as it impacts their reputation as well.
      Yes, I fell for it, but my strong advice is steer clear of this product.

    • Not from what I’ve read. As said above, recommend getting in touch with Action Fraud about it, then let them know you have done so. It has worked for me.

  2. What a scam – just been charged £99.99 for a risk free trial. Absolute con. You have to place the order before you know the price

  3. Wish I had read these reviews. Like a mug I thought I was only gonna be charged £4 postage. When I submitted my details, the true cost was revealed. I went to the quick cancel part within minutes & it “confirmed” the order was cancelled. Now less than 72 hours later £99.99 has been taken out my account. Dunno what I can do about it.????

  4. Elitegain 350 (Body Dazzle come up on your bank statement) – Do not fall for this con. I ordered a free trial and gave my bank details for the £4 postage and when the confirmation email came through it said I would be charged £99.99 now and every 30 days unless I cancelled. I tried to cancel immediately but the phone number and email address are bogus.

    I have now tried to cancel with my bank which has taken me all morning.


    • I’m another victim but I called my bank straight away and they said they will help to get my money back and will stop all the future transactions

  5. I also fell for the same trick….but when I couldn’t contact them via email or telephone…I called my bank to cancel the transaction right away and cancel my bank card….now they wont receive any money from me. I don’t even think the product is legit and strongly advice people not to buy this product as the company is a fraud company. they other companies used in advertising this product are also fraud because they will always refer you to the fake companies website..that has no customer support, no sign up only details without buying their product

  6. Is this product good as advertised and there are no side effect, can anyone who had used this product before please confirm the genuineness of this product please?

  7. Wish I had read the reviews too, DO NOT buy any free offers from this company, free product it says and only pay for the shipping at £4.00, then once you confirm your order £99.99 is taken as well as a whole load of other ‘orders’ on a monthly basis.
    I had to spend all morning in my bank and cancel my card details etc, one whole load of hassle, and I NEVER order anything online because I’m very aware of these frauds. BE WARNED

  8. This people are fraudster and it’s all a scam. My daughter used my card to make the order, thinking it was a trial order of £4. Only to be billed £99.99. Which she realised after the order confirmation was sent. We immediately within minutes o of the order cancelled the transaction. The phone number they gave was out of order. We finally find a way of cancelling it through their quick cancel web after trying to call them on another number. The worst part of it is that, we did not receive any other up till date and their delivery time has gone cos we intended to send it back and they still went ahead and deducted £99. 99 from my account. I have informed my bank about it and showed them all the email that transpired between us. The company is in netherland, it’s a scam and should be closed down. I am still on the case and trying to get my money back. Pls! Pls!! People should stay clear of this site. There is nothing free about their trial. It’s a big scam and what they are doing is extorting money from people. A petition is being written now to hunt the company down and close it. Beware Elitegain 350 a company situated in netherland is a scam.

  9. This scam originates in the Netherlands. They took £99.99 from my account although I only agreed to pay them £4.00 for a trial sample.
    I have cancelled all further transactions by reporting them to my bank.

    The EliteGain phone number is bogus. I emailed them and 5 days later they sent me this reply (see below) They actually had the audacity to sign with ‘Sincerely’ but obviously no name.

    Thank you for your email.

    Please remember when you placed your order, you agreed to the terms and
    conditions as stated on our website. If you can meet these conditions you
    will receive a refund after payment is processed. Without exception, we are
    not able to refund products received after 30 days of the initial order

    We do however, recognize that it can be difficult and costly to return
    items ordered online, and that you may have already used a substantial
    portion of the product. In consideration of this, we will offer you a 50%
    discount to keep the order without the requirement of returning it. If you
    agree to this, you will pay just £48.00
    for your order of EliteGain. If you would prefer to take advantage of
    this convenient option, simply respond by email within 14 days of your
    original order, stating you would like to use the 50% discount.

    If you prefer to return your order please ensure we receive it within 30
    days of your initial order. If we do not receive it within this time, we will
    not be able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you. Please
    note that your payment will be refunded if we receive the product within the
    30 day limit. In order to identify you correctly please include your name and
    address including postcode, and your email address on the outside of the
    envelope. We strongly urge you to use a recorded delivery service so that you
    have confirmation of timely delivery.

    Write all this on the outside of the envelope and send it back to:


    Postbus 60, 4020 BB Maurik


    If you require further assistance, please reply to this email ensuring the
    ticket number is included in the subject line.


    EliteGain Customer Service

    • Just report to your bank straight away that you made mistake and tat it was a bogus company as they were not upfront about charges……once you’ve told your bank any future changes are given back to you if taken………..make sure in future that you investigate the product before ordering any free trials!!

  10. I got done today same as everyone else. £4 I’ll give that a go. I checked my bank account later today to find 2x £99.99 taken from my account. I’ve reported it to my bank they have advised to keep all emails and take snap shots of the Web page. I’ve sent several emails and tried the phone number and nothing. Just hope my bank sort it out and no one else gets done

  11. Message to James I got a letter very similar to yours, I sent an email to them straight away once I realized that they had actually taken the money out, which was the same day as the order was placed. What I would suggest to anyone is to call the bank in fact I’ve spoken to mine three times now to make sure no more money goes out. As regards the cancellation my bank has reassured me a stop has been placed, and they’re looking into it!

  12. biggest scam going i never confirmed it i was only reading policies and rules and i get email saying i processed the shipping you think you paying £4 but they will take times 2 £99 out your account i blocked card getting new card bank is aware of them they tracking them down.my bank will refund me but we need get this off fb before more people are affected by they evil scammers once you put nane and adress u been charged also once on they pay page its too late you cabt click out.

  13. This is a big con…… Trying to cancel my bank card, was charged £99 when I was advised I was paying for postage and packaging £4.99. Yeah big difference!!, it£100 however, I work for the BBC and hoping the producer will give the go ahead for a typical online scam investigation… Watch this space elite gain, we will knock on your door very shortly.

  14. Luckly i had only 8$ in my account but this freaking web site still transferred the money 99$, Just called to my bank and cancelled my card and i need to get a new card.

  15. I too had £99 taken from my account after trying to get the £4 free trial. Has anyone actually received the product to allow them to try and return it for a refund? My bank says that I have to wait 15 days to see if it arrives and if not they can investigate further.

  16. I also have been scammed
    Thougt i qas been charged 4 euro
    Turned out to be 90 euro
    Email address is fake
    Phone number is fake
    Also my bank told me that just because
    I cacel my card doesnt mean that the company cant get more money from you
    It sometimes defaults onto the new card

    Absolute scam im furious

  17. Hi guys just like the rest of you I’ve been scammed to, feeling well fucked off to I used my debit card and the bank told me the same shite what they Kari in his post may be I should of used a credit card would of been easier to cancel order I think anyway they told me to try contact company which we now know is game so I guess I’ve lost £99 x2 20/1/16

  18. I always said I could not be conned but hey ho £99.99 later I have been. Just like all the other people I thought I was just paying £4 .
    I paid by my visa debit and my bank (Lloyd’s) told me I must let the transaction go through and then caan refund the amount and put a stop to any future amounts
    I did try the phone number but it is fake as is the email.
    Quite elaborate scam

  19. Hi All

    Can anyone please tell me after taking the money have you received your product???

    I have ordered as well and didnt receive anything. Money was taken. I hope the product arrives at the least. Cant believe an European company can be a fraud


    • yes you do receive the product. so if your happy to pay £99 for for one months tablets then its not a scam. however i tried to cancel and give a refund but i’m not going to bother, just learn my lesson not to buy trial products. also the products come direct from taiwan so not sure whats going on.

    • call your card issuer and explain to them. If they cannot refund what was taken they will be able to block further transactions. in my own case my card issuer refunded the 99.99 pounds

  20. Hi, didn’t do this trial but my wife is the raspberry one with the same free trial.

    3 months later and three £99 payments I managed to cancel and got a refund from my bank.

    Don’t do any of these free trial schemes, they are a con

  21. I was browsing Facebook and I decided to read about this. Out of curiosity I was kill.twice with a bill of £99 twice.I contact mo bank and they stop it and they are investigating for a refund.please watchdog find these thieves .phone number is scam like website.we coming for you.

  22. Please don’t try these big thieves as they will rub your bank as soon as you give them your bank account for a £4 trial.They are rubbers.They rub me £99 twice in a minute.I let my bank know because even when I cancel my product on the same moment,they still proceed.please watchdog let get them as these rubbers where not ask to take £99 twice £4:00 once.curiosity kills.Believe this as I am now in tears . I want my money

  23. Having just read the reviews on Elite 350 ,I tried to phone the company to cancel my order having no luck getting through,i was told the number is no longer available ,.I called my bank and cancelled my bank card .Don’t get caught up in this disgusting scam

  24. hi i fell for it aswell e-mailed them right away,had e-mail back order cancelled tablets arrived 10 days later, not the ones advertised but “MUSLE STRENGTH ENERGY” from taiwan optet for 50% offer just waiting for £48 to be paid back

  25. Yes I fell for this con got a new card next morning after telling my bank they said they stop it but I was still charged 99.99 pounds got the tablets 2 weeks later send them back recorded delivery 11.20 pounds 2weeks ago so where do you go from here and they are still getting away with it

  26. did the disclaimers on there menshealth adverts not give it away at all ?

    with its pictures, stories, quotes etc..then read small print at bottom of webpage..

    “It is important to note that this site and the stories depicted above is to be used as an illustrative example of what some individuals have achieved with this/these products. This website, and any page on the website, is based loosely off a true story, but has been modified in multiple ways including, but not limited to: the story, the photos, andthe comments. Thus, this page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. This page, and theresults mentioned on this page, although achievable for some, are not tobe construed as the results that you may achieve on the same routine.”

    so the stories have been modified by changing / making ..the story, the photos and comments lol !
    …if it sounds too good to be true..it usually is lol..you have to put in the hours 🙂

  27. I have just been scammed by this too. It told me it was a free trial for £4.00 then I receive an email stating that £99.99 had been taken. I am going to the bank first thing in the morning to dispute this and hopefully get it back. I hope this doesn’t happen to others as this is quite stressful. I guess this means they are still getting away with this.

  28. Paid for 3 months supply almost 300 pounds, tried to cancel 2hrs after placing the order told I couldn’t, Still have not received the product 2 weeks later. Should have known from the start….

    Please don’t be a fool, this is a SCAM.


  29. Like the rest I fell for this scam this morning. I was debited £99.99 rather than the £4.00 they alluded to, confirmation email and screens that are only available to view after completing the transaction explain the con! I contacted my bank (Co-Op) and they have refunded the £99.99 and will block any future requests for payment. They are building a fraud case to hand to the police so let’s hope these bastards get caught soon!

  30. This people would make my Dad send me outa house, I need some help because this refund is not coming back I think after several mails and cancellation on csm123.com, am doomed

  31. I’ve been done today unreal I thought I was wiser than this but it looks totally the business free Trial only 4 poundshipping I thought get in next think omg email 99:00 quid came out off my bank if I get my hands on these mother f##kers I’d rip there Swan off I got onto my bank they told me to cancel my card I been ripped the 100 quid but the bank are trying to get it back for me…..plz plz don’t click the 4 quid shipping or u will end up shit Creek like me

  32. I joined the ‘brotherhood of uk mugs’ today. Same scam – £4 for postage… £99.99 instantly out of account. They are then impossible to contact. I have contacted my credit card company who say they ‘know’ about these scum and are dealing with several similar cases.

    Someone with the necessary skills and contacts need to get this scam to pop-up on the front page when entered in a search engine or warn people on a social network or public media. I do not have the skills or knowledge, otherwise I would – it’s taken me a while to find this site .

  33. I’m feeling somewhat foolish and sheepish at the mo. I’ve just clicked to buy this product BEFORE reading the above. What no-one seems to say however if indeed they ever did receive the product and more relevantly did it deliver what it claims, even if only partly. I suspect a negative response however and ; am about to march to my bank to initiate a new card. Serves me right I suppose.

  34. I’m another one who fell to these slimy bastards! Same as everybody else I just assumed I’d be paying 4 quid for shipping & then within minutes they emailed charging £99. I pressed on the cancellation button, nothing. Rang the number given out. Surprise surprise nothing. So I rung up the bank to cancel my card & also gave the bank information about the company. Low & behold this morning I get a email from the company saying that they had received my cancellation but only to check my account & realised they taken out the 99 quid & this on my new card as well! So be careful!!! In a rage phoned the bank & I had to be diverted to disputes because the Elite 350 had changed the company name!!! After going through the process of telling my account the bank has kindly given given me a refund but I was also told to be cautious & extra vigilant to in case thieving trats attempt to try it on again. Really hope this scum get caught, convicted & sent to jail for a very long time!!!

  35. Hey folks, really pickled off that I didn’t see these reviews sooner. For anyone who is thinking about buying this product, don’t be a f-up. It hurts my bank and my life. Has also put stress on me as I have to sort this out with my bank.

  36. Just joined the scammed club. Very annoyed with myself. Rang Barclaycard immediately and they have stopped both payments (£198) and put a flag on the subscriptions to stop the future payments going each month. One phone call. Sorted. This is a massive scam -avoid. On the plus side I’m very impressed with Barclaycard.

  37. This is one of the worst scammers online. BEWARE EVERYONE . They should legally be banned and fined because of the distress and lies they tell online. They should be reported to European trading standards for the fake claims and ripping people off their money dishonestly.

    • BTW Forgot to mention that I ordered this product on 31st Jan, still waiting for it. Although I cancelled further shipments immediately after I realised they have taken £99 out of my pocket. Last week I received an email saying that my future orders have been cancelled.

      Does any one know should I trust their BS saying my future orders been cancelled…..will they still charge my credit card?

  38. Bring it on!

    Dear Sirs,

    Your terms and conditions do not meet the requirements of UK trading laws and standards. You are selling into the UK and therefore the UK trading laws and standards prevail over your own terms and conditions.

    As soon as I realised that your 10 day free trial offer was not a 10 day free trial offer, on the same day that I was misled by your false statements, I sent the cancellations to you and had my credit card company reverse your charges.

    Therefore, if you continue to ship goods to me, you do so at your own risk. I will not spend any money to send them back to you, but they will of course remain available for you to collect at my convenience and your cost.

    If you wish to take this matter further, then fine by me. I am more than happy to meet with you in a London court, where I can gather together the many other people that you have deceived and we can publicly expose your business affairs.


    John Parker.

    —-Original message—-
    From : cancellations@testinate.com
    Date : 17/02/2016 – 06:04 (GMTST)
    To : johnmparker@btinternet.com
    Subject : RE:Cancellation

    Dear John Parker,

    Thank you for your email.
    We have already cancelled future charges and shipments on your account.

    Please remember when you placed your order, you agreed to the terms and conditions as stated on our website. The terms and conditions state that if you do not cancel you are required to pay for your order after a trial period of 14 days and if you would like a refund you must return the product within 30 days of ordering. If you can meet these conditions you will receive a refund after payment is processed. Without exception, we are not able to refund products received after 30 days of the initial order date.

    We do however, recognize that it can be difficult and costly to return items ordered online, and that you may have already used a substantial portion of the product. In consideration of this, we will offer you a 50% discount to keep the order without the requirement of returning it. If you agree to this, you will pay just GBP 95.99 for your order of EliteGain 350 and Testinate 250. If you would prefer to take advantage of this convenient option, simply respond by email within 14 days of your original order, stating you would like to use the 50% discount.

    If you prefer to return your order please ensure we receive it within 30 days of your initial order. If we do not receive it within this time, we will not be able to offer you a refund or ship the product back to you. Please note that your payment will automatically be taken on day 14, but this will be refunded if we receive the product within the 30 day limit. In order to identify you correctly please include your name and address including postcode, and your email address on the outside of the envelope. We strongly urge you to use a recorded delivery service so that you have confirmation of timely delivery.

    Write all this on the outside of the envelope and send it back to:

    EliteGain 350 return address is :
    Postbus 60, 4020 BB Maurik NETHERLANDS

    Testinate 250 return address is:
    Postbus 84, 6666 ZH Heteren NETHERLANDS

    If you require further assistance, please reply to this email.


    EliteGain 350 and Testinate 250 Customer Service

  39. after sending them 2 mails to cancel my order the answer that i receive was about therms and conditions and a lot of bullshit . So i called the bank to cancel my transaction and block all other future tranzactions coming from this scam site. They already knew about this site. Call the bank to cancel everything. they can help you.
    Sorry for my english

  40. Boy I wish I had found this site before I was unwise/naive enough to start dealing with this bunch of swindlers! Like the above I pressed that fatal button thinking that all I could lose was the £4 p&p charge. First off, after entering my details, I got a pop-up message that the card which I knew to be valid and functioning had been declined, together with the advice that I could try using a new card. This gave me time ( so I fondly thought! ) to reconsider. wrong! I discovered almost immediately that £99.99 was about to be taken from my account and if I did not post a cancellation request this sum was to taken from account on a monthly basis! I did, on the same day, do just that, both through many emails and by pressing the website’s cancel button. Nothing for days from the “company”. Finally this morning got an email from them ( ” Customer Services” ) offering me a “discount” of 50% – £ 48! (there’s a letter above which quotes the email in full). I accepted the offer in an attempt to cut my losses and the contacted my Bank (NatWest) to put a stop to any further attempts to steal money from my account. fortunately they were understanding, having had plenty of experience of dealing with such crooks, and in fact said they would refund me the full amount and put a stop on any other possible attempts the company might make to extract money from me. I am a pensioner of 72 and suffer from an acute arthritis condition ( hence the interest in the product they purported to sell me) and so in no financial straits to be able to afford such a loss. Please somebody out there investigate this team of sharks and put them out of business to stop others in similar vulnerable positions from being victimised.

  41. Dear Sirs,

    I placed my order for your advertised “10 Days Free Trial” at 08:59 on Sunday 14th February 2016. I then immediately realised that rather than charging the claimed £4 for shipping of the free trial, you were taking the full value for the full supply.

    Therefore just 12 minutes later at 09:11 I sent a cancellation confirmation note to your cancellation email address.

    Two days later you took the charges for the full supply. Only three days later did you bother to look at my cancellation.

    No supplies have arrived.

    I have cancelled my credit card, reversed your charges and told MasterCard that you are obtaining monies by deception.

    If despite me cancelling just 12 minutes after being deceived to place the order, you still shipped the goods, then when they arrive you can arrange to collect them at your cost and at my convenience.

    Not presenting the full terms and conditions before taking any payment, calling your offer a free 10 day trial when it isn’t, taking money after receiving a cancellation notice, ignoring a cancellation notice for 3 days etc. etc. etc. are all illegal in the UK.

    If you want to continue this matter with me, then fine, I am ready to meet you in a London Court, where I look forward to presenting your business methods.

    John Parker.


    I responded to an online advert for a health supplement which they claim could improve a medical condition I have suffered from since having surgery 5 years ago.

    It was a special offer for a FREE sample, for a payment of £4 to cover postage.
    Stupidly, I signed up for this offer without first researching this company.
    I instantly received an email invoice stating that I was being charged £99.99 and a further similar charge every 30 days.
    The invoice contained a “cancellation” email address and a phone number.
    I immediately sent an email to cancel my order. I then attempted to phone them but the number they supplied was false.

    I phoned my bank but was told they could do nothing until the transaction appeared on my account.
    They also said that issuing a new card would NOT stop the money leaving my account.

    I eventually received an email from EliteGain saying that if I returned the product to their address in the Netherlands within 30 days from the order date, they would give me a refund.
    I cannot do this as I have yet to receive the order. They also claim that I signed up for this deal. I only agreed to pay £4 postage for their special offer.
    I’m guessing the order will not arrive in time for me to ship it back to the Netherlands to meet their deadline.

    Since then, I’ve belatedly done my research and found a great number of complaints about this company from other victims of this scam who like me, were led to believe they were paying £4 for a free sample of this product, and then received an invoice for £99.99.

    I’m in constant touch with my bank to see if I can get my money back, and cancel any further payments. I did make the order but for an outlay of only £4 postage for their “special offer” I didn’t feel I was taking much risk. I should have seen the warning signs when there was no option to review the order and the price I was paying, before I clicked ok.


  43. I still can’t believe how many people are STILL getting scammed by these reprobates! I was also and am STILL waiting for the product some five weeks later! I cancelled the order, and changed my card, and thankfully my bank was very understanding. Some people on here are considering keeping the shipment for a £48 refund on receipt of the goods, good luck with that as the dam stuff never arrives in the first place!
    I STILL can’t find anyone who ever actually received anything other than one person who got something nothing like what her ordered?
    STAY away from these people as you WILL be scammed! And if you did then go to the bank and get your card cancelled immediately!

  44. I placed an order with them only to find out they had charged me £99.99 and not the £4.00 shipping charge for the free trail, there contact no is a Geoff cann in Amsterdam who doesn’t answer the phone or replies to texts sent,also there emails are fake as they don’t reply to cancallations.
    as I paid by credit card I have reported this to my card company and they have reversed the charge and also cancelled the next charge that the crafty bastards set up.

  45. Can’t believe so many people been screwed over like me! Brings some comfort just thinking is wasn’t just me that feels stupid!

    Same shit happened to me £4shipping then being slapped with £99 x 2
    I cancelled by e-mail straight away stating I wanted a total refund. Rang my bank told them about this scam, cancelled my card,the bank were great and told me I could get my money back, just waiting to be refunded and now has been 3 days. The bank said just give it around 5-7 days see if I,be been refunded if not giving them a tinkle! But the bank statement hasn’t shown the company taking the money out which now has been 3 days! But I have a strange transaction on the statement stating Camealot lottri panning 25p into my account!

    • Hi guys same thing happened to me I can’t believe this I am normally so careful with these kind of things. Anyhow I cancelled my card thinking that this might stop any further transaction. Now my bank has told me that no it wouldn’t have they could’ve just called Visa and get the transaction going so they cancelled it for me and told me that they were going to refund the money so I’m happy. These scums needs to be shot

  46. I signed up for the free trial, then seen the monthly charge. After various attempts to call the cancellation phone number I emailed them. I did receive a reply stating that the order had been cancelled and no further charges would be incurred.
    I’ll double check with my bank to make sure.

  47. Peoples, don’t get mad, or ripped off, get even. Yes I was also suckered in but you have the law on your side. If you purchased these products from the UK using a UK bank card/credit card inform you card company/bank immediately quoting Section 75 of the consumer credit act, that’s the one about receiving unsatisfactory goods or services, and then they are law bound to refund you your money and cancel any further payments. Whether they try to recoup it from the vendor I don’t know but YOU ARE PROTECTED so don’t let your bank try to hoodwink you as well. Also, as far as Elitegain350 & Testinate250 are concerned, when contacting them (I did everything by e-mail so as to have a record) quote to them the Statutory Distance Selling Regulations, which supersedes their terms and conditions, and allows for any online or telephone order to be cancelled anytime from the moment the order was placed up to 7 days AFTER it has been received.
    The only down side is that if these bottles do turn up, legally, you are still responsible for returning them at you own expense. Which I did, I even paid extra for recorded delivery so I would have proof so there would be no come back. But that is up to you.

  48. Has any one ever received anything from them, I paid the £4.99 foolishly, and I have emailed and cancelled I have received their standard reply. Luckily they did not take £99, and I have now reported my card as lost and ordered an new one.

  49. Fraud. Signed up for a free trial and have received nothing! Their customer support and cancellation email addresses do not exist and return message permanent failure. Is there an stress to report this type of fraud and get these people locked up?

  50. Cannot believe I fell for this.
    I have lost so much money and my bank cannot do anything about it.
    I thought that this would help me lose weight and I would be able to be healthier.
    This is not the case, I have now lost hundreds of dollars.
    I even tried to cancel the order and the emails they provided bounced back, called the number as well and was given a bogus web address…
    Another payment will come out today I think and still I have not received any products, I can’t tell my partner about this as they already think I am dumb and they will leave me, I cannot believe this company has taken my money and given me nothing in return.


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