Androx Extreme Testosterone Booster Review – Is it legit?

Androx Extreme

Androx Extreme is an “extreme testosterone booster” currently available for trial.

Despite its impressive sounding claims, as it is available for trial you may need to be careful. From past experience you may need to look out for hidden charges and auto-shipping, which are both issues associated with trial offers like this.

Please read on to discover our findings. Would we recommend this offer or is it best avoided?

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Androx Extreme

Using Androx Extreme is said to offer the following benefits:

  • Achieve better muscles
  • Last longer with added stamina
  • Improve faster
  • Maintain peak performance when you need it

While these claims are certainly impressive sounding, the only way to know exactly what benefits are on offer would be to look more closely at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Androx Extreme

Not only is there no label available, there is also no mention of what ingredients have been used in this supplement on the website.

We know its ingredients are claimed to boost testosterone levels, but how?

Knowing the ingredients before ordering is important, not only so that you know what effects to expect, but also to ensure the ingredients are safe and wont cause a reaction.

As things stand we have no idea what effects this supplement will have, whether good or bad, or perhaps no effect will be experienced, we just don’t know.

Price of Androx Extreme

As with all trial offers it is always best to check what it is you are signing up for beforehand. This means that you should spend a few minutes reading the terms and conditions (if they are available).

These T&Cs should reveal the true cost of the trial, as they are rarely free of charge.

With Androx Extreme however, the T&Cs does not reveal the cost. It only mentions that there is a fee when you first sign up then another fee 14 days later if you have not cancelled the trial.

Unfortunately there is no mention of what either of these fees actually are.

Is Androx Extreme a scam?

There is so little information available that it is impossible to recommend this supplement.

No label or ingredient information makes me doubt the claims, while the missing payment information should make anyone think twice about signing up for this offer.

I would suggest that you look for an alternative option if you are looking for a little help with your own training efforts.

Contact details for Androx Extreme

The following contact information should be used to contact Androx Extreme:

Phone: 0800 068 1003

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review, please use the comment form below.

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D-BalOur suggestion would be to visit the Crazy Bulk website to look at a supplement called D-Bal.

This supplement is made from ingredients that work together to offer similar benefits as the banned steroid Dianabol.

These include:

  • Strength and muscle gains
  • Improved blood flow and oxygen retention

As D-Bal is not available for trial, you wont need to worry about any unwanted auto-shipments or hidden charges.

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Androx Extreme
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  1. total scam got what i thought was a free trial of androx and noxor platinum, paid £4.95 p/p per item , then got charged £94.99 and £99.9 stay well clear of this offer,

  2. TOTAL SCAM! what is claimed to be a free sample with only postage costs turns out to be added charges of nearly £200 after 2 weeks. There were no small print saying that the trail has to be cancelled within 2 weeks or you become an ongoing subscriber! Shameful that magazines allow this ‘free’ trial to be advertised!

  3. I have just ordered this product and received the free trial offer. After reading that this is a scam I have emailed to cancel as iv only ordered this the past few days. Will they still try and take money from my account ???

  4. Just read this review and rang them up to cancel and was charged a £10.99 restocking fee. What a scam but at least i court this before thay took any more off of me thank you for that

  5. Dear sirs, regarding Androx order #371079 and Noxor order 371028 ordered as free trials on Oct 23 2016. I have decided, after taking advice not to continue with any repeat subscriptions associated with these two products, my medical condition (Multiple Sclerosis) prescribes drugs that are incompatible with the ingredients of these two lifestyle drugs and my doctor has advised me not to take these two products. I have also instructed my bank NOT to allow you to take any more money from my bank account other than the postage fees I have already paid for the trial of these products.

  6. This morning I discovered they have taken £94.99 out of my credit card account, I’m not sure how they did this, I don’t remember giving them that number! However, I have got my bank to block this company from taking any more unauthorized payments and I have applied for reimbursement of the amount. So hopefully, that is the end of this.

  7. Total Scam! Got the same £200 taken from my bank after 2 weeks! Called then up and managed to get a %50 refund. Absolute shoker, no words really. Their product is however available on amazon for £90, how do these people get away with scams like that is unbelievable

  8. scam . they try to get you t9 oayba restocking fee to send it back . They also wa t you to send one to London and the other to Cyprus. told her to sling her hook and contacted my back and they sorted it . question is .. . is the trial product I’m left with safe to use ?

  9. Rang to cancell. Was told could cancell and keep trial .which isn’t a free trail. For an extra £20. fot the privilege. Tried to explain the trial was only £10 to start with. Told them i had cancelled card so they could not take any money. Suddenly my subscription was cancelled. Glad i found this site and read comments.

  10. I ordered the free trial this morning, and then decided to do a little research – Found this site with the contact info. Rang them up to cancel, the american offered me 50% discount if I ring them before 2 week trial is over. I’m going to wait until the trial product arrives, ring my bank and tell them to cancel any further payments (restocking charges etc) and then ring them up and cancel the subscription. Won’t be getting anything more than the shipping fees for the trial period off me. Always make sure you read up about these products before getting scammed! They will try anything with a flashing ‘FREE’ sign or pretty picture attached! It’s the small print where they catch you out!

  11. Ordered the free trial at 4.95 someone told me it was a scam so I cancelled my debit card straight away , they are not scamming me for 200 baps

  12. Joined over a month ago. Realized it was a scam, phoned up bank to block this company from taking any further payments. However, company used a different name to send the supplement pills and was charghed over £200 anyway! Didn’t realize and they took another £200 out 2 weeks later. Phoned up bank again (Today) and put a block under their new name. Gonna phone spealist department in my bank and try and get my money back.

    Complete and utter scam. Don’t join up! If you have, phone up the company directly before 2 weeks trial is finished.

  13. Read the Terms and Conditions!!!!!. They are not doing anything illegal but it is not good business practice.I have reported them to Better Business and the Advertising Complaints and the local council.
    Had to cancel my debit card before they got into my account.
    Things must be going bad as they offered my 50% off (would not take it for free).They did not even want their rubbish back.
    They claimed that they had received backing from Dragon’s Den,really,maybe that is why it is not on anymore

  14. This is a complete scam, my friend is a 75 year old pensioner on low income and has been ripped off to the amount of £200, this needs reporting to the fraud squad, the money had come out of her account on the morning of receiving the emails, these people are shite

  15. Same here been conned out of nearly £200 there’s nothing that says you have 28 days to cancel your order total rip off its ascam


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