Xtreme Exo-Test Testosterone Booster Review – Is it a scam?

Xtreme Exo-Test

The Xtreme Exo-Test testosterone booster is a product that makes a variety of claims, the following review will discover whether it is as effective as it says it is.

We will look at its ingredients, and also whether there are any of the hidden charges that trial offers like this are well known for.

Before you rush to sign up for this offer please read on, you maybe surprised at what you may learn.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Benefits claimed by Xtreme Exo-Test

Xtreme Exo-Test has made the following claims on their website.

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Cut recovery time
  • Explosive workouts
  • Boost hormone production

To check how accurate these claims are we will firstly need to look at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients found in Xtreme Exo-Test

While there are numerous mentions of what the ingredients of Xtreme Exo-Test do, there isn’t actually one mention of what these ingredients are.

This is incredibly disappointing and makes it impossible to comment on what effect this product will have on you.

It may work as claimed, but may also be completely ineffective or even worse still could cause various side effects.

Without any ingredient information there is just no way of knowing.

I most certainly would not recommend signing up for a product without this information. You could be completely wasting your time.

Price of Xtreme Exo-Test

When looking at trial offers it is always recommended that you take a moment to read any terms and conditions, if they are available.

The Xtreme Exo-Test T&Cs state that there is a $4.95 CAD charge to pay when you first sign up to this offer, which will give you 18 days tor trial the product.

Once this trial period has concluded you will be charged again, this time $119.95 CAD, while also being automatically placed onto an auto-ship program.

This means that you will automatically be shipped further monthly packages, until you contact Xtreme Exo-Test to cancel your subscription.

Is the Xtreme Exo-Test trial a scam?

There is no proof to back up their claims, and the cost of the product is also too high.

With these facts in mind there is no reason for you to sign up for this offer. There are much better alternatives available.

Contact details for Xtreme Exo-Test

The contact details for this offer are as follows:

Phone: 1-866-944-5643
Email: [email protected]

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review then you can do so by completing the comment form found below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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Using D-Bal offers the following benefits:

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  • Increased blood flow
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As it is not available for trial, you can buy this product outright with no hidden charges or unwanted repeat deliveries.

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  1. I purchased the free trial offer and never received it was supposed to be delivered jan.17 th its now the 25 th and have not received anything I dont want it and take my credit card of your list do not send me any thing Im stopping payment on my credit card your scammers

    • Danny, there are contact details provided for you in the above review. I suggest you use those to contact them yourself. This webpage has no link to this or any other trial offer.

    • Hi Danny, I had the same experience and wanted to share with you all.
      I ordered the free trail and never received the product and was charged twice $4.95 for shipping and $119.95 for nothing. Called the customer service at least five times and got no solution. The customer services reps are extremely rude and refuse to refund my money. All they say, we don’t refund. Talked with customer service supervisor who was ruder than other reps. I will never recommend this product to anyone. Everyone, please think twice before ordering the free trail. In case you do not receive free trail, still they will charge you

  2. I purchase a free trial offer and 2 days after they already took 119. Dollars , So stop to take money’s from my credit card now and not send anything more

  3. I ordered these products with the understanding I would only be charged the $5.95 shipping and handling per bottle as a trail….which was true until I received the products in the mail on Jan 18th like they stated.
    The next day I noticed they had charged my Credit card $119.95 & $115.95.
    I emailed the customer service and complained and they told me I had 18 days to return the product from date of order or I would be charged these amounts.
    When the products show up on the 18th day from date of order how could I return them. SCAM

    Then they proceed to tell me this is a recurring monthly charge unless I cancel via the webSIte. I can’t even find a way to cancel my unauthorized subscription on the site so I guess I will be reporting this Fraud to my bank and cancelling the credit card.

  4. This is without a doubt the biggest scam ever since Bree-X. The crap does not work period, total crap. Do not and I repeat give out your credit card information, once they receive it they constantly take out money from your account with out your permission and will continue to do so. I have had a couple of months go by and have received a bill for more than three hundred and sixty dollars. Try to get a hold of the company thats a joke, you either get a recording to press this or that button, or the phone is busy I want to talk to a human being. Even when you cancel your order they still send you more bottles of the crap and still bill the shit out of you. My recommendation is to contact your credit card company explain the situation and have your credit card stop payment on this crap that does not work period. Why can they just ship the bottles by UPS and you pay the shipping charges at the door and be done with it. Its not rocket science.

    • Just got off the phone after they dinged me for a second charge! On the line with their service rep and my credit card rep! Wouldn’t refund anything fuckin assholes! Keep spreading the word because the stuff is shit!

  5. I got my XTREAM TEST and super exo-lean today in the mail. It took no time. Not even two weeks. Can’t wait to get back at it. Been way to long. 2 1/2 years to long. This is all I was waiting for.

  6. Definitely a SCAM website and product. DO NOT GIVE your credit card information. We are pursuing this with Visa and treating it as a theft.


  7. For anyone who is having a hard time finding contact information on this piece of shit company that’s scaming anyone who orders!!! I have finally found the contact info for the customer service by all means call and complain! Get your money back and cancel your subscription

    The # 1-866-944-5643
    Emails- [email protected] or [email protected]

    Your welcome and good luck!!!

  8. Thank you for the review of the trial offer and a HUGE thank you for the information contained in it. I’m trying to contact the company now thank to you.

  9. I order’d the product with the understanding that i would be charged the 5.95, I got it in about 5 days I have not even try’d it yet, then at the begging of the month they charged my account 113.95 that was not authorized I called that number that David supply’d (thank you David) and was told they cant refund my 113.95 but will cancel my account, I hope they do what they said. This is a total SCAM!!!!! Do not try the free try’l they steel money from your account

  10. I was conned into this product through a supposed Telus survey and was offered the product free, but only to pay shipping. Then I was charged for 119.95 + 115.95 for the exo lean 2500 which I didn’t ask for. I called the customer service number and they said the best they could do was a 60% discount even though I explained that what they had done was a scam and illegal. I have cancelled my credit card and reported this to Visa and Telus. The more people report the quicker this scam gets shut down. I doubt I will get my discount

  11. I received my bottle of extreme exo-test testrone it took 14 days to arrive with no chance to try it but this morning I got a charge of $119.95 on my credit card how can they charge me that without trying the product but went on there website is no ingredients list on the bottle I will be returning the product still seal that company is pretty shading procedure send it out so you have no chance to cancel in their time frame unbelievable

  12. I have contacted my credit card provider and explain my situation and informed them that I cancelled my order by phone then send off an email to cancel with phone call recorded and email saved and my credit card company will be watching next month and if it continues they will take action against that company for fraud.

  13. Oh boy what a scam! Just got off the phone with Meagan at the 1-844 number. Just got my product 5 days ago and noticed the 119.95 chg on my card. When asked about the 18 day free trial it starts when you order! So I got less than five days to try and charged because I didn’t respond in the 18 days. All in all the best I could get was half my money back and subscription cancelled. I usually don’t fall for this but they used the dragons as their advertising and I would hope the dragons will look into this unscrupulous business using their names!

  14. I did the trial not reading their “small print” and thought they where samples for doing a survey. This is where this company begins their theft. Well 2nd actually 1st is making a totally useless product, which I am having tested and proving such so they can longer operate at least here in Canada. See maybe they should not steal from people who know exactly what to do in response! So back to the refund, I called and all they could give me was 50%, so I took it after speaking to the non-english staff & a supervisor couldn’t get anywhere, they even hung up on me…lol. They do not like the truth or know how to handle people. All this company is looking for is your money and ripping you off. As I read I am not ther only one, but will be the last after the test results are in on their garbage product.

  15. If you need to cancel call1-866-944-5643 they give you 14days to unsubscribe trial but you don’t get the prod until about 14 days and no way to unsubscribe so here is the number again 1-866-944-5643

    • These people are crooks. Lots of false hype and false advertising. Not only did they not confirm that my order was placed for a free trial, when it didn’t show up, they promised it would be in shortly and that I wouldn’t be charged. 2 weeks later, still no product AND tbey charged me. They said they would refund my money. Checked back with them, they can’t do that. Finally, after my order was cancelled I pkayed hard ball and they agreed to refund my money within 7 to 10 business days. I have confirmation numbers saying they did it but it turns out they waited until the last possible day in the evening to process it so here I am 3 days past the latest I was told I would wait for my refund and still it isn’t back. Atrocious customer support, fake ads ( check out the Sidney Crosby one, totally false advertising), and no one from the company will talk to you. Also, they tacked on their spray product after I placed my order, without my permission which doubled the cost. This is a scam. Do not trust these people.

  16. This product is a rip off. There really is no free trial. By the time you get the product they will have already billed you another $120. and if you do not pay attention to the fine print you end up paying $245 before you ever get the product.

    If you do not receive the product you will have to pay $5 for shipping then 15 days later you are charged $120 then another $120 30 days after you order. so a total of $245 for a product you never received.

    They will not refund, only attempt to ship more product.

    And this product rates very low here and on other websites only 50% satisfaction here.

    Do not order this there are much better products and companies that actually want to help you and not just sell lots of non-refundable product before you ever get to test it out.

  17. This is a big ripoff!!!

    Do not order this product. They will give you a trial period during which you can return the product but you will receive the product past the trial period.

    Then they will charge your account and say you cannot receive a refund.

    I did not want the product and asked them for an address to return their products to them but they did not want their product back and asked me to keep them. Then they proceeded to charge me for it.



    I will find out if there is a government agency that can take them to task

    I am going to report them to my credit card company.


  18. What a scam!!
    I was charged $707.70 over two months and received this garbage once.
    I called 1 866 944 5643 and cancelled my membership.they will not give me a refund.
    Buyers beware this is a total scam,I also cancelled my credit card.
    If there is enough people taken by this company maybe a class action lawsuit can stop them and we can get our money back.

  19. This truly is a scam. The best thing you can do is call them and cancel all future charges, get a confirmation number, then contact your credit card company and give them that confirmation number. That will prevent future charges, but you are on the hook for whatever they have already billed you. Fraud?…good question. You decide.

  20. I just spoke to my credit card company, They have confirmed that this product and company is in fact a scam. They advised me to cancel my credit card immediately and send EXO an email to the Customersupport email address cancelling my membership. This covers me for any other charges this company may want to invoice me in the future..

  21. worst scammers in the world. you sign up for a “trial”. they start the 14 day trial the second you sign up. So two weeks later when you finally get the “trial” your charge card has been hit for 120 dollars!!!!!
    They will not refund the product. DO NOT SIGN anything or even try the product. They are pirates and scammers in a major major way.

    Horrible people doing Horrible business

  22. Me to I ordered the free sample and now $240.00 find out how much I have been ripped off.these jurks should be shot with a ball of you know what.The product is just a big scam.Dragons Den the tv show sure lowerd them selvs buy the product on thier show.So we know how low they go to make a buck also.pissed off

  23. Total scam, they never sent me the “free trial” and then charged me 120$ without telling me and now will not send anything and haves “strict policy” about not refunding anyone, terrible company. Stay away there are other T supplements for a third of the price that actually give u the product.

  24. This is a scam. It said that it was a free trial. You have 16 days to reply but the product didn’t arive in 16 days. So how are you supposed to try it and get back to them when you don’t have it to try first. Then they take the money out of your account. So take note do not buy this product.

  25. Carl C

    I have had them take off two payments from my credit card. All that I have received is the free sample. The stuff DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!! I agree with the rudeness of the customer reps. My order did not arrive for Good luck getting any money back. BIG TIME SCAM!!!!!!!

  26. Its really simple, you request a free trial, you get nothing and they bill you for nothing for the next few months, sometime twice a month until you check your account and they suggest you close your account! In Australia they would they heavily fined an closed down.
    I feel a web page set up to publicly ensure they are shamed until they can provide a legitimate service or crawl under a rock and disappear.

  27. It sure is a scam. I had to cancel my credit card too. I received a free trial. I could not get it though unless I clicked on purchase work out booster. that was the only way I could get the free trial. Then, low and behold,I was charged twice for something I never requested.

    • Hi Dave, cancel your credit card and get your bank to retrieve your money. My bank did it for me. They can reverse the transaction.

  28. Just noticed I got billed 119.00 CAD twice in the last two weeks
    I read all the fine print and never seen this on the site I was using and they used the dragons den claim on the page I was on. Contacting MasterCard to stop all charges from this scamming company



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