Get Huge Traps

Tips To Get Huge Traps

Most people seem to be of the opinion that the trapezius muscle is located along the upper back, covering the scapula. This is true, but...
Benefits of Pull Ups

7 Benefits of Pull Ups: Why and How to Perform Pull Ups?

Performing a set of ten pull-ups with perfect form is one of the most satisfying things that you can do in the gym. Not only...
How Many Reps for Optimum Muscle Growth?

How Many Reps for Optimum Muscle Growth?

There are two main reasons why people go to the gym, to lose weight or to build muscle (either strength or size). In this article...

Muscle Building Workouts For Beginners

Being a beginner in the gym is both the best of times and the worst of times (to misquote “A Tale of Two Cities”). On...
Triceps Workouts Without Weights

Triceps Workouts Without Weights – 7 Best Bodyweight Exercises

For some, having a big pair of arms is incredibly important. Even more so than having a six pack. There are many reasons why, but...

Calisthenics for Building Muscle

Calisthenics’ is on the increase amongst body building circles because they are now beginning to realise that if performed correctly body weight exercise can...
Bodybuilding Workouts at Home

Bodybuilding Workouts at Home

Many bodybuilders are now doing the bulk of their training at home because they believe that the local gym is no longer catering for...

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