Functional Bodybuilding Program

Functional Bodybuilding Program : Build Muscle, Strength and Move Well

Most of us are training for aesthetic reasons, to look good essentially. There may be exceptions, but most are looking to build muscle to...
High Intensity Workouts

How to do High Intensity Workouts Correctly?

Imagine a dinner with your in-laws or a trip to the dentist, or perhaps a particularly long day at work? All of them are...
How Many Reps for Optimum Muscle Growth?

How Many Reps for Optimum Muscle Growth?

There are two main reasons why people go to the gym, to lose weight or to build muscle (either strength or size). In this article...
Bodybuilding Workouts for Mass

Bodybuilding Workouts for Mass

If you are looking to pack on some hard core muscle, then choosing the best work out to suite your training needs and goals...

What is Kinobody and Will it Get You Shredded?

Greg O’Gallagher is either a fitness inspiration or the most punchable person on the internet it seems to depend on who you ask. His eye...
Bodybuilding Workouts for Strength

Bodybuilding Workouts for Strength

Strength training is a system of boosting muscular strength by progressively increasing the body’s capacity to resist against a force using free weights, machines...
Layne Norton PHAT Workout

Layne Norton PHAT Workout: Gain Size & Strength

Layne Norton is one of the biggest names in evidence-based training at the moment, and with good cause. How many people do you know who...

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