7 Worst Workout Mistakes

Workout Mistakes

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There are certain workout mistakes that we have all made that have stopped us from gaining the muscle and strength we had hoped for.

Read on to discover what these mistakes are:

#1: Doing too much too soon

When you first start training you need to pace yourself.

It is no good when you first start to go in at full pace as your body will simply not be used to it.

This can lead to injuries that can seriously derail your efforts.

My suggestion to you would be to look for slow and steady results, which you can only achieve by being dedicated and consistent.

#2: Listening to the wrong advice

We have all done it, we see that huge guy in the gym and we ask them for advice. But how do we know that the advice they are giving is good advice?

Sometimes you will hear genuine words of wisdom, but more often than not the advice given will not work out as expected.

#3: You rely on cardio

If you want to build muscle then you should not be spending the majority of your workout with cardio.

Of course, if you are looking to build muscle for a sport then by all means do a little cardio but don't neglect those free weights either.

To build muscle you will need to lift, it really is not complicated.

#4: Lifting too much weight

Lifting weights is great for building muscle (of course the right nutrition is important too) but lifting too much can lead to poor form and injury.

Build muscleI would suggest that you lift with proper form, even if you have to use a lower weight to avoid injury and the days, weeks or even months necessary for the recuperation.

#5: Skipping the compound exercises

If you are only training one muscle at a time then you are missing a trick when it comes to building muscle.

When you perform compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts you will be using a lot of different muscles.

This will cause a surge of testosterone and other hormones to be released by your body that will ultimately help to increase the size and strength of your muscles.

#6: A lack of nutrition

What you lift in the gym is not the most important aspect of your training, what you eat is.

You need to eat in order to grow, so fill up on that protein, those carbs and healthy fats.

Relying on supplements or protein powders is also a mistake too. Of course they have their place but you still need the nutrition that only real food can provide.

#7: Focusing on quantity instead of quality

When you are at the gym you need to make sure that you are spending quality time there.

You need to train hard, with intensity, otherwise you are likely to be wasting your time.

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