What Causes Low Testosterone?

What Causes Low Testosterone?

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Testosterone is the primary hormone found within a male’s body, and is something that needs to be closely monitored since serious medical conditions can derive from low testosterone levels (medically referred to as hypogonadism), and because something may already be present that you are unaware of.

You can easily find out if your testosterone levels are low by seeking a medical physician and having your blood examined.

If you think that you are suffering with low testosterone then fear not, there are certainly some methods you can use to naturally boost testosterone levels.

This is not the focus of this article however, so let’s take a look at the primary reasons why your testosterone levels are low.

The Ageing Population

Modern medicine has given men the opportunity to live longer lives, and testosterone levels begin to drop as you age.

The common age for testosterone levels to decrease is 30, and it only declines from here. The rate at which it lowers is by 1% each year for most men, but this is not to say all men face the same difficulties on schedule.

There is no preventing your body from aging obviously, but you can eat foods that increase your testosterone levels and use supplements as well. However, you should consult a physician prior to adding any supplements into your diet if you have had previous medical conditions.

Obesity is the Leading Cause of Low Testosterone

Obesity basically means you have too much body fat, which occurs from excessive eating primarily, but some people have thyroid conditions that cause this medical condition as well.

The reason why it causes low testosterone is because fat cells cause inflammation that affects production of hormones. Estrogen levels decrease for females, and testosterone lowers in males primarily – although both genders produce these hormones.

The solution for this is a proper diet and fitness program that targets fat loss with an emphasis on lean muscle growth. Lean muscles require more calories to maintain and are capable of preventing future fat gains while eating properly.

Low Fat Diet

A low fat diet is unhealthy for your body due to numerous reasons; one being a significant drop in testosterone levels for both men and women.

Your body needs cholesterol from fat to support producing testosterone naturally.

Studies have shown that test levels drop by 12% after only 8 weeks on a low fat diet, which is a very high rate that will only get worse over time. Eat foods that contain dietary fats such as fatty fish, avocados, and olive oil to easily prevent this from occurring.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is abused daily by young adults and the trend does not seem to be dropping either. Testosterone levels drastically drop from excessive alcohol consumption because the male body has difficulty secreting testosterone from the testes while trying to digest alcohol content.

The hormones produced by the hypothalamic and pituitary glands are also lowered, which also produce testosterone in both men and women.

Excessive alcohol consumption is not necessary because this can also cause some people to be affected by consuming only a few drinks a week.

Testicular Cancer

Besides physically feeling the cancer, most physicians tend to find testicular cancer through blood tests that show abnormally low testosterone levels.

Usually cancer only forms in the testicles due to genetics, but abnormal growths have been known to form in men that have no family history of this type of cancer. Testicles are important because they are male glands that produce testosterone and sperm, and anything affecting them, even an injury, is likely to cause low test levels.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

You realize some of the reasons why low testosterone occurs, but you need to know what to keep a lookout for as well. Not all people are going to experience the same symptoms, and it is actually quite common not to experience any noticeable symptoms at all.

One of the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels is fatigue. This hormone helps give your body the energy to function properly much like carbohydrates, and without a normal amount you become exhausted even from the simplest of activities.

Another symptom would be pain in your joints or bones, and also if you seem to easily break bones than the average person.

Testosterone helps produce cells that encourage muscle and bone growth.

Then you can also experience low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and even depression due to hormonal imbalances. Your testosterone is the reason your libido is either high or low, and a low amount simply means you will not have the sex drive you did in the past.

Seek Blood Testing if you have Low Testosterone

The causes of low testosterone and symptoms to be aware of have been presented to you, and if you feel that anything listed applies to you, then seek medical attention to find a solution.

The info given is not to be used in place of a medical diagnosis. Sometimes a proper nutrition plan is the only thing you require to change, so discuss this option with your physician to see if a nutritionist is right for the symptoms found.



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