Top muscle foods [infographic]

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If you want to gain muscle and strength then what you eat is just as important as how much you lift.

In fact your diet is even more important as many bodybuilders will tell you that the key to building muscle is 30% exercise with 60% nutrition.

Below you will find a graphic showing a list of some of the best muscle building foods, that should provide you with the protein, essential amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need to successfully gain muscle mass:

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Top Muscle Foods

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Article Name
Top muscle foods [infographic]
An infographic showing 46 of the top muscle foods that will encourage muscle growth and strength gains.
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Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


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