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Ripped abs

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We’ve all talked about “six packs” and “getting ripped,” but how do you really work your ab muscles? Here’s a closer look at the abs and some tips for getting ripped.

So what do the “abs” consist of?

The Rectus Abdominis

The muscle that reaches from the highest point of the pelvis to the sternum is known as the rectus abdominis.

This is the part of the abs which, when properly developed (expecting that the individual has low enough muscle to fat ratio ratios levels), will give the appearance of a six-pack.

When you move, this is the part of your body that draws your upper chest toward your hips when you’re flexed at the waist.

The Oblique Muscles

The obliques are the muscles at the sides of the waist. The obliques consist of three layers of muscles: the inside obliques, the transverse obliques and outside obliques.

Together, these muscles contract to tilt the midsection, and also contort it from side to side.

The Serratus Muscles

The serratus muscles are the finger-like strands of muscle on the rib area between the front abs and the lats.

Their job is to protect the rib enclosure and likewise support in bringing the upper arms from the front of your body to your sides.

The Intercostal Muscles

The intercostals are the muscles that lie between the ribs. These show as groups of muscle that descend in the sides of the rib confine and the upper mid-region.

How do I get ripped abs?

Losing fat from your midsection is the first step to getting ripped abs, and you’re going to have to work in order to make sure that that happens.

One of the greatest falsehoods about getting ripped abs is that you need to perform a number of exercises or buy a lot of different items in order to get the results that you’re looking for.

The reality of the situation is you can do crunches all day, every day, and purchase every exercise device ever constructed, but you will never see a “six pack” if they’re covered with fat!

You need to burn that fat off so that you can actually see your abdominal muscles.

A lean, perfectly carved set of abs is likely at the top of the list for many people who are looking to impress the people around them. The guarantee of a great looking midsection is the main mental inspiration they have to push through an intense workout or to eat meals that may not necessarily be appealing to them (high protein, low calorie meals).

By making yourself “pumped” mentally, you will be able to pump yourself up physically as well. The more mentally ready you are, the easier it will be for you to succeed with your goal of “getting ripped.”

While your diet and nutrition plan is unquestionably the principle figure in getting that ripped look in your abs, training your abs with consistency is likewise essential.

General abs training not just helps you attain the look you’re trying for, but it also makes it easier to work on all the lifts that burn the most fat like the squat and deadlift.

You have to take care of multiple parts of the body at the same time in order to see the results that you’re looking for.

Most people know that they have to regularly exercise and train the abdominal area in order to attain great abs. The issue is, once you're done pushing yourself to exhaustion at the gym, you likely would prefer not to plunge into an abs session.

To cure this, most professionals prescribe booking one session a week for abs, calves and lower arms. If you’re doing it all at the same time, it guarantees that you're pushing them with the most extreme power, and that you aren’t giving them the short end of the stick when it comes to your fitness routine. That way, you don’t have to worry about ignoring them in the midst of a great workout routine, and you will start to see progress where it may not have been before.

The great thing about abs is that the exercises are easy, and you can do them almost anywhere. Cycle between different types of crunches for sets of 12-20 reps.

You can even do them at the workplace. Every once in a while, you should take a break at work and cycle through a couple of activities that will help to develop your abs.

Put the time and energy into your efforts and keep working at it. Make it a part of your lifestyle and get some sort of ab work in wherever you go. You’ll eventually start to see a difference in your abs and you will soon get ripped!

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