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Huge Arms

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Most guys when asked will divulge that they wish to have bigger arms as they believe that this is the one body part that demands instant respect from others.

Unsurprisingly it is also one body part that women are unable to resist, with many stating how safe it makes them when held.

In this article we are going to give some tips for huge arms, just remember that the most important tip I can give you is to ensure your diet is full of protein as this will help repair the damaged muscle fibres, helping them grow and become stronger.

Tip #1: Arms should have their own training day

If you want to see those huge gains in your biceps, triceps and forearms then you need to set aside one training day just for your arms.

Forget about doing those arm exercises at the end of your workout, research suggests that you will see better results focussing on your arms alone.

The reason for this is that your arms will not be fatigued after a tough workout as your glycogen stores will be full, which will allow you to workout that much harder.

Tip #2: Use a thick bar

Using a thick bar will be more difficult than a thin one so will give you a much harder workout.

Obviously working harder will ensure you see better results.

Tip #3: Don’t forget your forearms

When training your arms it is easy to focus purely on your biceps and triceps. Well, you must not forget your forearms as this will round out the look of your arms.

This is another reason why a thicker bar should be used as it ensures you work your forearms.

Tip #4: Get a pump

When you train hard you will experience what is known as the ‘pump’, which is very important for building big arms.

The pump will bring extra blood and nutrients to your muscles, which is essential for growth.

This pump also help to stretch your fascia, a tight sheath that surrounds your muscles.

For some this sheath will be tight, therefore restricting muscle growth. However by getting a pump you will give your muscles room to grow.

One tip to achieve this pump is not to do too many reps. The aim is to do between 8-15 reps with little rest in-between.

Tip #5: Get lean

There is a reason why bodybuilders try to get as lean as possible before a show; the leaner you are the bigger your muscles will look.

Definition and vascularity (your veins showing) will make your arms look much bigger than if they were covered with a layer of flab.

Tip #6: Focus on just the one body part

While you should continue to train your entire body you need to focus more on one body part at a time. Be more intense with your workouts on your arms and you will see the results.

If you focus on all your body parts at once you will find that your recovery times and results will be slow.

Try working out at 100% on your arms for 2-3 months, with the rest of your body at 70-80% and you will soon see a difference.

Tip #7: Try different exercises

Whether you are trying to build your arms or another body part you cannot rely solely on the same exercises week after week.

Not only are we all different so the same exercises wont produce the same results, but you should also keep your muscles guessing what is coming next, which will yield better results.

Finally to ensure you see maximal gains you need to ensure you are getting plenty of rest and adequate nutrition. Our guide to bulking will certainly help with this step.

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