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Looking past the veiny delts, screams of agony and concentrated eyes peeking out from beneath a sweat covered hoody and you’ll actually find most bodybuilders and bodybuilding gyms have a friendly, welcome all atmosphere.

Those who genuinely embrace a fitness lifestyle would never look down on those who are aspiring to do the same.

The intimidation of bodybuilding gyms is often just a self-conscious, self-inflicted fear for the new or less developed gym goer or aspiring bodybuilder.

That said, there are a few industry wide, universally frowned upon actions and scenarios you most certainly do not want to find yourself in if you want to continue to enjoy the comradery of the bodybuilder gym setting.

Wannabes and ‘gym bros’ take note and avoid the following bodybuilder gym pitfalls if you want to survive until your next set:

Put the weights back!

There’s no faster way to irritate a gym full of mass monsters, than to show up and disrespect their environment.

Besides, its common courtesy! For the love of god, whether you’re in a bodybuilder gym or a Virgin Active, put your weights and equipment back where you found it. Every weight, every grip, every mat has a home.

Nothing screams, “I don’t give a shit about anyone else in this place” quite like messing it up and just leaving it for someone else to deal with.

Some of these mutants around you likely near enough live at this gym, you wouldn’t go to one of these guy’s homes, mess up their living room and then walk away would you? No, consider yourself told.

Save your thumb workouts for outside the gym floor

Nowadays in many gyms, I could swear virtually every day is ‘thumb day’. Every other guy is knocking out serious reps of thumb extensions on their smartphone. Texts, emails, tweets or life story Facebook updates to let the whole world know you’re at the gym.

With the exception of skipping tracks for your headphones, keep your phone in your pocket, if you’re able to tweet your ‘besty’ then you’re able to get on with your set and move on.

Chances are there’s someone patiently waiting for the bench press you’re currently taking up as a seat so you can Snapchat in comfort.

Needless to say that is not cool and you’ll find yourself moved along with or without your consent after not too long.

Respect the time of those around you, lift your head up from your phones and make sure your thumb workout isn’t preventing someone else from actually get something productive done.

The squat rack is for squats

It’s a typical dilemma. Many gyms don’t have more than a couple of squat racks due to the size vs space required.

Unless you’re planning on wimping out and using a smith machine, if you want to do squats, you do it in the rack.

It’s an unwritten rule that squats take preference over any other exercise when it comes to the use of the squat rack. Using it for anything else is usually down to laziness or just straight forward ignorance.

If you’re doing bent over rows, pick the bar up off the floor for each set, you’re training your back aren’t you? Same for military press, unless you’re pressing over 100kg’s you have no excuse to even consider using the squat rack.

And don’t even get us started on people curling in there, I’m not even going to explain why that is wrong. If we had it our way it would be an instant ban offence.

Man up and train legs, otherwise leave the real bodybuilders to it and go back to the recumbent bikes.

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