Is Tevida a Scam? Read Our Exclusive Review


Tevida is a testosterone booster currently available for trial. What benefits does it offer and would we recommend it to you?

These questions and more will be answered in the following review. Please read on to discover our answers.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Tevida

According to their website, using Tevida will provide you with the following user benefits:

  • Sexual vigour
  • Fat loss
  • Endurance

To check that these claims are accurate I would recommend checking what ingredients have gone into making this testosterone booster.

Are these ingredients likely to offer any benefit, and are they safe to use?

Ingredients found in Tevida

Firstly there is no label available, so no way of checking how much of each ingredient has been used.

What we do have however is a list of ingredients with their supposed benefits. The ingredients listed are as follows:

Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Saw Palmetto, Orchic, Wild Yam, Sarsaparilla, Nettle and Boron

It is clear that these ingredients are likely to offer some benefit, but as mentioned already without knowing their dosages we cannot say for certain just how beneficial this product will be.

Price of the Tevida trial offer

Tevida is available to buy outright, but we are going to talk about the trial option as this is the one that is likely most tempting.

While available for trial you should be made aware that this is not a free trial. At the conclusion of the 18-day trial you will be charged the full purchase price of $97.99.

Unless you have read the terms and conditions page then you may also be unaware that Tevida operates an auto-ship program. Meaning that further monthly packages will be sent to you at full price.

Is Tevida a scam?

The ingredients found in Tevida are proven to boost testosterone, but without knowing the dosages involved I cannot recommend this offer.

This trial is almost $100 a month, which is too high a price to pay. Especially when there are other more affordable options available.

My suggestion would be to avoid this offer and to look for an alternative.

Contact details for Tevida

The following contact information should be used to cancel this trial offer:

Phone: (844) 461-0925

Please leave a comment for us below if you have trialled this testosterone booster.

TestogenWhen it comes to testosterone boosting supplements there is one that I would recommend above all others.

Its name is Testogen and it is made from proven testosterone boosting ingredients that will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass
  • An increase in stamina
  • Less fatigue
  • Increased libido

As Testogen is not available for trial, you won't have to contend with any hidden charges or auto-shipments.

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  1. It is sad that there is scammers out there and now I am a victim of such a scam by Tevida. Now am trying to get my funds back.

    • Im trying for a almost a year to get my money back. I did order this by mistake and returned within 10 days, I made the clame immediately. I give them my postal shipping number and they said that will be ok, no problems. 15 days after I got charge $240 US dls in my CCard , I call back and they told me that was a mistake, but within 10 day I will have my money in my account. That ia about a year. I have call several time and always they said that I will get the money back in 10 to 15 days. The bad thing is that they are operating with this tactics with different names in there seudo medicines. Hoy they call it Tevida. Before it had 2 or 3 different name, but the company is the same. I don’t know if this thing work or not but according to comment in the internet, it is a big scamm and when someone want their money back….. forget about it. I can’t believe, that no governments is stoping this delinquents. Im sure they will come up in a few moths, with another name, but the source and base company is the same.

      • Dear Friend,
        I can sympathize with your delema. I to got scammed by this company 2 years ago. Same product under different name. Free trial, pay by credit card. All lies and bullshit. Teie to contact them to no avail. So I went to the Fraud Department of my credit card to have the charges reversed plus had a new credit card used so that the scammers couldn’t keep trying to run up charges on me which they did try to do. End results was my credit card company got my money back.

  2. I agree with you that there isn’t enough info on the label. After receiving my order of Tevida and reading the labels I realized there wasn’t any warning about interactions with other prescription drugs(There is Now). I phoned the customer care Dept and explained that although I was in Great health I had previously had 5 by-passes put in my heart and I wanted to check with my Cardiologist before using them…the customer service rep aske me when my appt was and I told her on June 20/18….she said she would leave the order in limbo and gave me three weeks to get back to her which I did. My Dr. said not knowing what a lot of those natural meds do and me being on Beta Blockers and Ace Inhibitors that he wouldn’t want to take a chance….phone Tevida CS back…explained to them, Cancelled my order and my refills closed my account out and that was that…very professional…really sorry I couldn’t give it a try because I wanted to get cut up since I do 9Rounds of kickboxing Training 5 days a week!

    • Hey Terry,
      Great that you’ve cancelled your order, but have you addressed the reasons why you have poor circulation to the point that you have problems with erection?
      Has the blood pressure medication solved this in all the time you took it? No?
      Because it will not solve any problems just cause more.
      If you want to get rid of high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, poor circulation, and more…….eat 5 celery sticks a day loaded with sesame butter or almond butter (yummy!). And take Magnesium in a form that is non-laxative like ReMAg for instance. Just google it and take a break from these chemicals. They are made for profit – just not yours!.

  3. Am scamed by teyvida let me im student ots not worth it to me at all. Even was dont know the policy of teyvida. Can anybody know how i can get my money back.. Will be appreciated

  4. Company is a scam. Cancelled within the 18 day trial period but they still billed me. In fact they illegally billed me for two other products that I did not order. $230 gone for a product that does not work at all. Learned a lesson. My Credit Card company is reluctant to help because one of the charges is Pending. Bull. TD Bank in Canada. Will cancel that if they refuse to help. Any suggestions. In Canada and they advertise that product is not available here. Yet is was shipped from Toronto.

  5. this is a scam real scam the label on the bottle is faded so you can’t read any info..
    if you don’t cancel within the trial period they just keep billing you $97.99 per month…
    they have all the bullshit answers as to why they keep charging you…
    Never buy this product

  6. these fuckin outfits do this all the time. Free, ya bull shit thien charges and charges on ur credit card. therer must be or shud be a law. Auto reship and re bill ur credit card is bs scam.. Unproved. just false statments. my pharmacists, if i cannot sell it to you.DO NOT BUY


  7. This is the ripoff of the century. Never deal with these scammers that falsely use celebrities to “endorse” their product. I took it for two weeks, noticed no difference and then cancelled my order Not only did they charge me the “free” price of $5.99 (U.S) for shipping, but the next month they charged me $135.81 and $133.14 (Canadian) on my credit card because I cancelled the order 18 days after they shipped it and not within 14 days. When I am sent a 30 day trial supply, I expect the trial period to be 30 days, not 14. These folks have no conscience and will not listen to reason or common sense. It’s all about the money.

  8. Tevida is a scam due to the fact that they mislead you as to the real prices and they also send stuff that you don’t want. We asked them not to send a certain item but they did anyway and charged us for it. When we complained they simply said goodbye. Also the testosterone boost does not work

  9. I ordered the product Jan 7, 2019, based on a free 14 day trial offer, however, I did not receive supply until Jan 22, 2019, 15 days later. No time to even try the product during the trial period of 14 days; consequently, was charged $134.26 on Jan 24, 2019 Fucking pissed me off big time. I advise anyone tempted to try this product to beware.
    Moreover, the product absolutely does nothing but make my urine brown. In my view the product should be avoided.

  10. This is an utter scam! AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!. YOUR FREE TRIAL STARTS THE MINUTE YOU ORDER! So as in my case I didn’t receive the product until 7 days after I ordered. My FREE trial is now 9 days before I must cancel or be automatically charged $134 Cdn. I tried it .. no significant changes found, and tried to cancel 9 days after I received the product (16 day trial) only to find they have already charged me and I can not cancel and get my money back. I can cancel further shipments but I was still charged for something I found did not meet my expectations. Customer service said you obviously did not read the fine print! Well I read the 16 day trial but missed the fact that my trial started immediately. On the confirmation email that was sent to verify I ordered the product NEVER said your trial has already started. They have a tracking system that shows delivery so why not make it based on that. They said its not our fault shipping took so long. BS
    I am very upset with this cheap marketing ploy and warn others to stay away from disreputable companies like this.

  11. It is a scam. They are interested only to make money from us without giving anything. I am warning others to stay away from this product.

  12. It is a SCAM and they are not very apologetic. Simply put they are on a growing list of con artists that make money being cheats and governments don”t have the balls to shut them down

  13. my name is Jude Mainville annd you send to me tow botles of tevide i dont like that and stop my order. tank you.


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