Testosterone For Muscle Growth

Testosterone For Muscle Growth

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Naturally produced by the body, testosterone is a very important steroid hormone.

Although about 96% of the body's testosterone is used for other things, the remaining 4% is the part that the majority of people are most interested in. This is the part that has the ability to change your body physically.

Increasing the level of testosterone in your body will help you to increase your muscle mass; however, along with those great results it can also cause problems throughout the body.

It is vital, if you are involved in any professional or competitive sports or activity, that you understand that testosterone supplements are often illegal. Therefore, if you are looking to supplement to increase the levels of testosterone in your body to help your performance on the track, field, pool or anywhere else it is worth researching into the legality of doing so.

It would be a shame to try and increase your testosterone levels with supplements to improve how well you do something, if doing so lead led to you being suspended or banned.

The Facts

Testosterone is a member of the hormone family that are responsible for initiating and managing the development and growth of male sexual traits during puberty, called androgens.

Within an adults body though, the volume of testosterone present also responsible for the levels of aggression, sex drive and muscle size. It specifically has a crucial role in managing how the body responds to exercise and muscle mass.

While it is true that both male and female bodies produce testosterone in the adrenal glands; there is a higher volume manufactured in a the Leydig cells of a man's testicles.

In one day, a man can produce around 7 milligrams of testosterone, which is roughly 15% more than a woman produces.

After it has been produced and secreted into the bloodstream around 96 to 98% of the testosterone connects with proteins known as globulin and albumins and is mainly use for transportation purposes, in the bloodstream and kidneys.

Free testosterone is what the remainder is called and it is this that can interact with other cells throughout the body with the option to cause physical changes. In theory, the greater the free testosterone levels you have, the better it will be able to help build muscle.

The Effects

There are a number of ways that supplementing the body's natural supply of free testosterone can help improve muscle mass. It has been shown, for instance, to increase muscle protein synthesis in the body, which leads to an increase not only in muscle size, but muscle mass that is free from fat.

Testosterone is often referred to as an anabolic steroid hormone and is able to decrease the detrimental effects of the catabolic hormone Cortisol. Cortisol is usually responsible for breaking down muscle mass, so when you increase the levels of testosterone this prevents the cortisol from having any effect.

Testosterone is also thought to increase the volume of red blood cells which is useful because the greater the number of red blood cells in your bloodstream,; the better oxygen flows through your body.

Improved oxygen flow means improved endurance, which is obviously important when you are trying to push yourself harder and longer during training when trying to increase your muscle mass.

The Potentials

It should be noted that many of the claims regarding testosterone supplementation that manufacturers reference are mostly unproven. There is at least the potential that testosterone could be responsible for these, but nothing concrete.

Muscle GrowthThings such as it improves the strength of your bones, that it aids certain muscle cells improves the level of nitrogen in your muscles and stimulates another important hormone known as IGF-1.

The Drawbacks

You may remember reading at the outset of this article that testosterone supplementation is not free from risks. This is one of the main reasons so many people look down on it. Besides, the legality of using supplements.

Increased levels of testosterone in your body can cause your larynx to enlarge which can deepen your voice even more. It can also cause detrimentally affect hair growth on your head, while causing the increase of growth hair on other parts of the body.

There has also been the, though unproven, cases of testosterone supplementation having mental and psychological affects on the user. Cases of increased feelings of anger and rage, with incidents of violence have been connected to increased levels of the hormone.

Considerations To Make

While testosterone clearly has a role to play in building and regulating muscle mass, it is only one factor involved in the process.

Other factors that play a part in muscle growth are the body's levels of fibroblast (a growth hormone) and hepatocyte; as well as training discipline, sleep, nutrition. So if you are looking to improve the size and definition of your muscles you can't just rely on testosterone supplementation; no matter how powerful and potent it is.




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