Is Testo XL a scam?

Testo XL

Testo XL is a natural performance booster that promises to boost your testosterone levels that will help boost muscle growth, while improving your mood and overall well being.

Unfortunately despite these promising claims there are a number of online complaints that it is a scam. Could this be due to the fact that this supplement is being offered as a trial?

Lets look at Testo XL in more detail to see why it is receiving so many complaints.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Testo XL?

The following claims have been made on the Testo XL website:

  • Boost testosterone by as much as 140%
  • Increase energy levels by 283%
  • Increase libido by 66%
  • Increase metabolism
  • Reduce body fat percentage
  • Cut recovery time

Although these claims seem impressive, I would worry about any supplement that makes any claim that involves the use of percentages.

The reason for this is that there is no mention of where these percentages have come from. To me it looks as though they have simply been made up.

Ingredients found in Testo XL

Testo XL is made from “5 powerful, natural and scientifically proven ingredients”. These include Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid and Tribulus Terrestris.

Unfortunately although these ingredients have indeed been shown to be beneficial there is no mention of the dosages of each ingredient so there is no way of knowing whether this supplement does what claims or not.

Price of Testo XL

As Testo XL is available as a trial you may think that it is free or that you only have to pay a small amount to try it.

Well, this is sort of correct as the initial trial period of 14 days is only £2.95. However, after this period has elapsed you will then be charged an incredible £99.99.

You may also be shocked to hear that you will also receive further monthly packages along with the hefty bill until you cancel your membership.

Testo XL have been clever as they have hidden their payment terms in their T&Cs, which is a common technique used by companies that offer their products via auto shipping.

Is Testo XL a scam?

Although tempting I would recommend that you give Testo XL a wide berth as this trial offer will leave you significantly out of pocket.

In addition the lack of any ingredient information is another worry that you should take heed of.

Contact details for Testo XL

To contact Testo XL you should use the following information:

Phone: 0800 206 1562

If you have signed up for this trial offer leave a comment below with your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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  • 100% legal
  • Safe natural alternative to pure anabolic steroids

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  1. I believe it is a SCAM . I have been trying to contact them on the email address on there website and I have been phoning numerous times and sent numerous emails to cancel . I have made it very clear in my emails that I do not wish to be automatically enrolled into a monthly home delivery subscription plan and I do not authorise any money other than the £4.95 delivery and handling charge for the free trial . They are not listening to me and when I phone it rings and rings and rings one time I waited as it rang for 25 minutes without an answer . It is now at the point were I am going to phone the FRAUD department of my bank to notify them of this scam as I have made every effort I can to cancel but it seems no one will ever acknowledge my emails or answer my calls until its too late and they have already took almost one hundred pounds from my bank (£99.99) even though I am making every effort I can to cancel and they just wont let me I am very unhappy and this is taking up a lot of my time and time is money. BE WARNED this is a very smart & complex company that cares about nothing but ripping you off out of your hard earned cash.

    • Ring them on 0800 046 7364 – it was answered straight away. I complained about their shady practice and was offered a 50% refund – given the advice from my credit card company, that sounded like a result. They also cancelled the order, although I’d already blocked future payments.

      • Just phoned and got the same 50% off offer….but incase no one has realised…this is off your next order which will be shipped and billed every month until cancelled.
        They refer you to their T&C which I have just read and yes it does say they will bill £89 each product (not sure why I’ve lost 2 x £99.99) after 14 day trial offer.. the scam is….there was no mention of ‘subscription’ , ‘continuous payments’ (which are difficult to get out of in any case) or 14 day cancellation period….let alone access to their T&Cs in the ‘Free Trial’ offer. Even the 14 day cancellation is a scam as the products need to be returned unopened….not sure how you can ‘trial’ something without opening it to ‘try’ it!!

        • It is a total con!
          I signed up for a months trial for£4.50
          Only realised when I got my credit card bill I’d been billed £89.99 2 weeks later
          I’ve finally got Hold of customer services said I’d signed into a monthly contract !
          Which I had not
          I wouldn’t mind the product is only £25 on eBay !
          I’ve tried again to contact them asking how they can justify this price just got a automated email saying case has been concluded
          Please everyone take heed
          Do not use this fraudulent company

    • Also got me £200 taken out of bank. Sent email to cancel no reply. Got in touch with fraud department in bank and blocked card this is shocking. Do Not Enter Any details

    • Yep. Crooks! They’ve stung me for nearly £200. I haven’t even received any of this rubbish. Anybody fancy going up and knocking on their door?

    • Yes it is a scam, I have had the same experience and the only way is to stop them taking your money CANCEL YOUR BANK CARD AND REPORTED LOST AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

      Thank you

    • Same with me! I ordered 2 samples Pure Muscle X / Testerone XL. Pay $7.8 something for each “delivery fee-they said”. 2 weeks later i got $122.88 Aud on my bank statement without receive the 2 samples bottle they promised. Then i ask for support, they said that my bottles have been damaged and returned by postOffice. OMG I must ask for refund! Then they said that, they only refund 50% because another 2 bottles has been sent to me. WTF!!!

      • Same here sad to say, as a business man I thought I knew all the scams. I got a bogus email from my media provider “Virgin Media” saying i qualify for a free gift if I only pay the postage. I paid the postage and got a dubious bottle of High Xl, I cancelled via email further recurring charges. I have since been charged over £99.00 and received nothing. They are also doing the same thing with female beauty products, my wife was scammed for over £200.00 and once again no product received. As this is a fraud my bank have refunded my money and cancelled any further payments. Either give these offers a wide berth or if you have to, get the sample and report your card as lost. This should stop them taking further payments. have you noticed all these scams seem to be of Chinese origin.

    • What u need to do is ring your bank and cancel ur bank card then the company can’t take any payment from ur account again as the bank can cancel direct debits but can’t when it’s a payment so just cancel ur card and get a new one that will stamp them taking cash from you

    • When ever I make any purchases from these type of so called company’s most of the time scams I use my visa cf edit cards never a bank card with the credit card it is a lot easier to call your credit card tell them how you were scamed.i have had this happen with different situations over the years at least several times. Every single time my card payed me ALL THE MONEY BACK AND BARRED THAT COMPANY FROM EVER CHARGING MY ACCOUNT AGAIN . ALWAYS use your CREDIT CARD

  2. This is on ther t&cs .
    The HGH XL trial offer gives you a 14 day supply of HGH XL – you pay only £4.95 for shipping and handling, if subscribtion isn’t cancelled within 14 days £99.99 is charged for the original order. You will then be automatically enrolled in HGH XL Home Delivery Plan.
    They make it extremely difficult to cancel.

    • they are being investigated for fraud, my bank cards cancelled and money take back, as it was not an authorized payment. Bank says they are tired of the repeated complaints about testoxl and hghxl and this company needs stopped and yes they are doing the same with cosmetics now.

  3. Just been ripped off by HGHXL and TESTOXL cost me £200 so far have to go and see the bank about it,would love to meet the owner one on one. you have no chance to cancel, wanted to see them face to face so googled the address on bottles one wasnt real the other was like a mail address, have some balls and give us a real contact number and address.

      • You know only too well how life can distract us from cancelling things like these!!!

        My mother has been very ill since just before Christmas and passed away on 13th Jan (copy of death cert attached)!

        So I have not even tried the product yet and never received the second shipment which I was not aware I signed up too!

        Yes I should have read the T’s and C’s closely but do you think you would have given my situation? i should go and chase up the consignment and try and claim for loss but I have a myriad of things to do as anyone who has lost a loved one will Know!

        I think a full and complete refund would be compassionate which may just keep me as a customer (if it picks me up when i try it after all this heartache)!

        However as we say in the UK I wont hold my breath!!

        kind regards

        Richard Topham

      • very unhappy with ur ways of doin business. Today you’ve taken £93.84 from my account without my permission. My previous purchase was only a sample and a one off payment. U have no rights keeping my payment details and GOIN back in my account without my permission this is fraud.

      • Your name Donna matches up with a reply I received requesting cancellation (so assume you may be same person) however my request to confirm that I will receive a full refund of £199.98 has so far not been replied to. Clearly the tactics used by this company (which appears to have addresses all over the place …latest being Edinburgh which is handy to me so will attend in person) are misleading to say the least and will be contacting Police and Trading Standards if refund is not received immediately.

  4. It’s a rip off only. They set up direct debit immediately and charge you with £99.99 within days of purchase, violating even they own terms and conditions (14 days). Call your bank immediately and cancel everything, block them.
    They have fake websites, reviews about this sh*t, not proven to work at all.
    Do not try, close your browser, put the card back to your vallet and hit the gym.

  5. When I got charged for £99.99, I called my bank straight away and explained what I ordered, when and from which company. They said, they’ll find out if it was a scam or not, however I didn’t receive any product even till today (fortunately 🙂 ). Even though there’s a hidden explanation in the t&c about the auto enrollment, I cannot see why I should take the blame being stood up by those f*ckrs. It’s clear that they’re trying to get your money without your permission. I’m sure that there’s no one who’d expected to be charged for 99 pounds and didn’t get shocked.
    My bank did the investigation and at the end I’ve got a full refund. I’ve also been advised that they no longer will have access to take even a penny from my account.
    Don’t waste your time trying to contact the “company”, call your bank instead and hopefully sooner or later testoxl will end up fined and shut completely.
    Don’t give then the chance again, tell your friends to be more careful!

  6. guys theses are almost always scams and the best way is if u buy a cc for let $150 in it u gibe that card and once th amount are past ur limit they will stop the charging and shipping. if u want to keep the product coming just add more money to ur card. that way u control what want as once ur in one of these gimmicks weather its this or face cream or what ever it s almost impossible to get out unless you change ur cc and that’s a pain

    • What a crock of shit. Heres your TestoXL posted ona mobile porn site as a male sexual performance enhancer called 1 Trick. These guys are really aggressive online to steal your money.

      If we get enough reports the scam shows up on the top/first page of goggle search results and thats the best thing to do. The world sees the scam…

  7. I tried to cancel within the trial period by email so that I would have a record of it. No response. Sent it to is there another mailing address or number you could share? My bank did not authorise the payment of £99 to go through.

  8. I saw this on a porn sight and thought it would be good for my fiancé so I did the free trial. Just a few days later they charged my account 90 bucks. Luckily my bank catches those things and they emailed me right away. I called my bank and got my refund as well as a new card so these people will no longer be able to charge me. This is definitely a scam and I would not recommend buying their product. Eventually their company will fail. They have no way of being contacted for cancellation.

  9. I was thinking about getting some testo xl & hgh xl, ive never used any supplements before, I don’t go to the gym either but thought these might help with a bit of weight loss mainly
    after reading all these comments I don’t think I will !!!
    but I did phone them up the other day as it says 14 day supply as well as 30 day supply so wanted to know which was right, I phoned on 08002061562 and got answered after a couple of rings by a man who seemed helpful !!

  10. Signed up for the free trial and never received any product! Did manage to contact customer services to cancel the subscription, not sure if it’s a scam however they’re not a very organised organisation!

  11. Pay on a credit card, you can block the payment much easier that way and make a section 75 claim should they charge you having attempted to cancel.

  12. Don’t do this guys.
    I was lucky my credit card company was on it straight away.
    The card was cancelled and payments blocked
    Read the reviews and go to a reputable shop in future

  13. I just got my trial of both products today. And I’ve just rung them and spoke to a guy called Evan.. Said I wanted to unsubscribe. Made some bullshit about being a writer for a supplement mag in the uk lol. I’ve been sent to emails verifying my cancelation. We’ll see if it worked….. If anyone else has done this and they still took money can you let me know!

  14. Hey, like soooo many others I clicked in a got the “free sample”…and failed to read the entire T&C.

    I came here though and read the reviews and started to panic. Before I even received the product I cancelled and spoke to a really really unhelpful “word that rhymes with itch”. She told me i could not cancel until i had received the product. She also said that if I was to cancel I should get the product and then send it back to them within the 12 days!!! I sent two emails, one to the support and one to the cancel emails. Both received an acknowledgement of cancelling and offered me a discount if i wanted to come back.

    They took the £89.99 from my card anyway!!! So I called again, and spoke to someone who was helpful. She ensured I was cancelled out and I would be refunded as I had called and emailed within the 12 days. She too asked me why I cancelled and to send the product back to them. I told her the truth…I was advised by a GP not to take them, and I would not send them back as I am not in the habit of wasting money on postage!

    I was refunded with 2 days.

  15. Can any 1 give me the address of these fucking scamming bastards, im not botherd wr they are in the world, give the address and il find the fuckers. GOD HELP THEM …….

    • Testo XL, 9 Bankhead, Cressing North, Edunburgh, EH11 4BT (as supplied by Nick on 08002061562) after he refused refund quoting T&Cs).
      Unless refunds are given to ALL unhappy customers who have been caught out on these unfair trading practices then everyone should consider Trading Standards and Small claims court action to close this company down asap

  16. Just like everyone else on here I have stupidly been caught out with this fraudulent scam. It’s apparently a ‘continuous payment’ setup so important you notify your card company in the hope they can stop future payments being taken and to disputes the initial transaction which is clearly under the £100 threshold to avoid cover under consumer credit act….shocking!

  17. SCAM SCAM SCAM I ordered 7 weeks ago and I called them today to cancel because I haven’t received anything. I’ve spoken with them on the phone numerous times and they could never track the package, claiming that it was coming from America. They are obviously not willing to refund and tomorrow I have to do an investigation with my bank so that I block them for any future payments.

  18. This forum helped me out so I thought i’d add my thoughts; i along with a lot of others took the deal and was blind-sighted by cheap price. I emailed and cancelled the day after i placed my order for the free trials. my account was debited for the free trial (as expected) and the products arrived a few days later. I did receive the cancellation emails from them but not sure how much to believe whether this actually cancels the recurring payment. On the website, in the T&C’s, it states that you must cancel within 14 days to stop the recurring payments otherwise you will be signed up automatically which is ridiculous. I would advise anyone to contact your bank also, they will stop any further payments coming out of your account and block the company from attempting to take anything more. Also, (in the uk this is) under finance conduct authority, banks must refund you any payments which have left your account without your authority or permission. Hope this helps and may give some of you peace of mind knowing if a payment is taken, banks must refund you under FCA law. The moral of the story is, as the old saying goes, if its too good to be true, it probably is. fingers crossed im not charged the £90 in two weeks

  19. What a scam !!! They took you nearly 200 pounds ! Didn’t refund it after I complained told them what a poor product it was ! Any ideas on how to take it further ie money back / shutting them down ? I’m based in the uk which makes it harder . Worst product ever invented !

  20. Everyone seems to have fallen for this scam again including myself its the old saying if its too true etc I used a credit card luckily they credit card company will act on your behalf and stop payments from being charged by this scam company, the product itself is also a scam but like many I got lulled in to believing the advertising jargon stupid at my age should know better.

    Speak to your credit card or bank account operators explain you have cancelled within the correct time frame and you have followed their procedure for cancellation and they will act on your behalf.

    Finally and the best way is to cancel your credit or debit card this way they cannot take any payments from your account

  21. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! TOTAL SCAM!! My other half applied for the ‘free 30 day trial’ and has woken up this morning to find that his bank account is nearly £200 lighter after only 2 weeks, thanks to these total arseholes! At no point was it made clear that after 2 weeks a huge amount of money would be debited! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Cue a day spent on the phone to the bank trying to get future payments blocked and the money refunded! God help this company if they come face to face with me…fuming is a bloody understatement!!!!

    • The bank won’t give refund but to make sure no more money is took just cancel ur card say u lost it so ur codes will change so they can’t take money

  22. Hello people got the same problem.
    But thanks god,got ripped off only 89.99.
    Went to bank today cancelled all the future payments,but the thing is BARCLAYS said that they wont refund my money because ive agreed TC’s.
    What i can do about it?Is there anyway to change banks mind?

    • I think it’s safe to say that even if the product works, there is NO point buying from a company that has a well disguised subscription. Would you expected Holland & Barrett to auto enrol you on an expensive plan? No.

      I’ve been investigating this company for a while. It’s run exactly like most shell companies. Please don’t waste you money.

      As for the ingredients they are nothing special over what you can buy in Tesco/Boots/Superdrug etc.

      To sum here are a few snippets from their website terms

      “These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration…Individuals shown are paid models and not necessarily HGH XL users…. Results not typical for any and all claims. All images were found on and obtained from public websites and are believed to be in public domain…Celebrities neither endorse nor sponsor any of the products and/or services.”

      TDLR: Don’t buy!

  23. Keep away. Crooks. Villains. Scammers. Robbers. Muggers. Pathetic. Useless. The so called chairman of this outfit is abroad apparently. Unable to return because of at least two counts of child mellestation. Let’s see if he ever has the balls to return to face his accusers. Poor boys.

  24. I think it would be advisable to contact “Watchdog”, “Rip-off Britain”, or another TV show which exposes scams like this. I ordered the two products (HGH-XL and “Testo-XL”), and was only sent a confirmation for the latter.

    There was also one despatch note in the package when it arrived.

    I have sent a cancellation email for both products, however, it’s clear that they operate as two separate companies, so it will be interesting to see if they have given me sufficient information to cancel both products.

    The worst part of it is, I tried taking them (half dose), and immediately came up with a nasty rash on my chest. I believe the products may be harmful to health.

    There are a wealth of similar offers on the internet. I hope these scams are widely reported in the press and national media, to prevent others being similarly ripped off.

    I don’t believe their marketing is legitimate, since it’s obvious that they don’t make it clear in their promotions how they are selling the products.

  25. Well guys I thought that I was quite savvy but fell for this one.answered an on line shopping survey for Morrisons and given the option of a number of “free gifts” for completing the survey.Wonder if Morrisons know how their name is being used!! Totally unaware that it was a “14 day trial”.Got hit with £97.60 charge to my bank account and on phoning them said that there was nothing they could do about it apart from block further demands for funds.Got hold of hgh and was offered £48.95 refund within 3-5 working days but we shall see!!

  26. pretty much the same as everyone else has said in previous reply’s. a very low way of doing business and have popped into my bank to ensure they do not take the second payment they were going to today.
    not sure how i am going to make their lives difficult in but i’ll think on this.
    presently i am training for a sportive in september and was trying to give myself a boost, and i can categorically state that i have seen no benefit from taking these tablets.
    am thinking i may try to advertise the tablets i have left over on ebay with the full story. that could be quite amusing
    waste of time and money, if you want to tone up, do more exercise

  27. I made an order a few months ago on HGH XL and I didn’t bother with the testo XL, they sent my order of HGH and my bank refused payment as those tablets came from USA so I didn’t pay shipping or setup any sort of payment I ignored them and managed to get the tablets for free haha I must say HGH XL are brilliant ive bulked up 3 and half stone in 2 months I might buy some from Amazon now on….

  28. Don’t remember how i did it but i got my free sample and never paid another penny. Didn’t cancel anything or stop any payments

  29. The best way to stop any payments from anybody just call your credit card company and tell them you lost your credit card and I’ll send you out a new one and that’s it they can ever take any payments from you ever again anyone of these companies is nothing but a fucking scam don’t fall for it

  30. I ordered hgh and testo xl as a free trial, I somehow managed to get the products within 3 days which is amazing as I live in the highlands of scotland, and both work of them work for me.. ive been taking 2 of each product every day and night and what a difference this has made to me physically and mentally.. I phoned them to cancel the trial but got sucked into 50% off deal and for me this is working perfectly.. I’ve had excellent cutomer service, the deals may seem to good to be true but trust me or not when I say this, they actually work. Well for me they do any anyways, I feel so bad for those who didn’t get the chance to actually try them because these pills are like gods gift to the skinny and chubby people. I would recommend these to anyone anywhere who wants to feel and look so much better than what they already do

  31. Guys, ring the number at the top of the page, it gets you through to customer services who cancel down the subscription for you (seemingly hassle free). Advisor couldn’t find me to begin with then asked for my long card number (suspicious??) which I didn’t give. I was advised it the subscription was cancelled on the call.

    I’ve stopped payments from the bank as well just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps

  32. Missed the “hidden” con in the T&C’s. Delivered 4 days later but I did not open it after reading ALL the negative reviews, etc. Finally got through to Cust. Service, (American lady with a really bad connection),to cancel. Lucky for me that I had not opened it because otherwise I would have to pay full price and not the trial price. I also got the return address details. I have also informed my Bank, who were very helpful. It’s a con/scam. DO NOT be fooled by it. It’s also half the price on Amazon & Ebay.

  33. Have had this product a few times, haven’t noticed any rashes on my body as far as I am aware of, but the worst case has been when they go into your bank account and take out the money before you receive the product, got threw to an american lady who said I had agreed for them to ship the product to my house and took out the money before I had realized they had taken the money out when I was flicking through my emails this afternoon at work and I had thought I had already cancelled the product.

    • and I have to wait to receive the product to phone them back up to get their return address to return the product before they will give me a full refund before the 23rd of October!

  34. people people people! any of these products with these claims is a scam, if u want a body u need to work for it! trialed supplements such as creatine work really well and are quite cheap but they only work if you go to the gym and put the hours in day in day out! anything that tries to say you get results with little effort is a scam, there are no products like this or every lazy bugger would be fit, eat what u like, work out hard for 2 hrs a day and maybe use creatine, whey or similar, these only help you work that extra set or 2, thats how they work, they put proteins in muscle to help with getting that last painful set up,hence more muscle, but only if you push in the first place!

    • Get in touch with bank and tell them to cancel all transaction to them. Spoke to HSBC an they say a lot of customers are being conned by them. Do not just cancel the card but make sure you stop all future payments. The bank cannot refund the postage and that is why this company is smart.
      Send the product back in the post signed and recorded delivery. Keep your proof of postage.
      It is smarter to use supplement stores.

  35. i must of been lucky i got a phone number for the company in Canada can’t remember where from it was over a year ago.
    The guy i spoke to was courteous and friendly and cancelled my subscription within the time period stated no problem and i only ever paid the free trial???? price of £4.95

  36. I called the follwing number today after being billed £189.08 for the free 14 day trial with Testo XL, called 08002061562 got an answer straight away they offered me a 50 refund as they claimed I didnt cancel within 14 days, but its an impossible cancellation, so anyone with a problem with these guys the number is 0800 206 1562

  37. Can any one help did anyone give there sort code and account details as I need to cancel through my bank but can they still take money out if I cancel my long diget card number can they still take money out of they have my sort code and account number ???

  38. Thank you for the above, received trial products in the post today, I have emailed them and attempted to call them several times but no answer. I have returned the products in the post (tracked and signed) unopened and got my bank to block any future payments.

  39. scam paid for trial canceled but 2 weeks later took money i didnt realize till more turned up and they took more money rang bank canceled card and asked for refund

  40. Everyone here speaks about it being a scam,which is probably true,or they have a really aggressive marketing campaign, but only a couple of comments about the products themselves. Regardless, has anyone actually tried the products? Or just thought it is a scam even though it is written in the t&cs that you will be charged after 14 days. I have tried the products and for me they work, but I am putting in the effort as well( diet and training). For some guys it probably doesn’t work because you are not consistent enough which can be said about any other product you try(like creatine),if you are not consistent with it, it will not work. I phoned them up as well to cancel and managed to do so just because I didn’t consider it safe and I didn’t want them to take more money than what we agreed on out of my account. My biggest concern, and it is probably a bit paranoid, is that the products might have some illegal substances and not described on the package,hopefully they don’t. With that being said I probably wouldn’t recommend the products just because there is too much risk involved with them taking money from your account and because the products are way too expensive. Hope this helps.

  41. I had researched the pills before starting to pay and knew that they would try to scam me, I rang them as soon as I got them delivered and said I wanted to cancel. They asked when I got them and I said that day, they told me to try it out and gave me an extended trial period (rather than 14 days I got 17/18) …. So the days went by and on the 14th day I rang and said that I wanted to cancel the subscription as it was giving me major mood swings and I started to punch my partner ( it didn’t and I didn’t, don’t worry) but they were surprised and canceled it 🙂 job done haha they also answered the phone well both times to be fair to them … This was all back about a year ago x

  42. I ordered the bottle it says free trial for £4.95 for the shiping and then look in my account £90 gone if I was u i would not sign up with them the rip you off

  43. Cancelled on Doctors advice and received email saying received along with unopened two bottles., money deducted and advised will be refunded … To date several hndred dollars deducted and cant afford as pensioner. Will contact Ombudsman re this immediately

  44. What A bunch of sleazy m*-.;’*frs! I only signed up for the sample offer ( $20 about) not knowing about the no cacellation within 14 day clause. They then hit me for $400 before I realized what was going on! Have cancelled my card, so have put an end to their piracy of my funds, but I am mad as hell, and would like to get some satisfaction(revenge) but this mob is very organized and sophisticated, so I will have to put it down to experience I guess! I am in Australia, and this mobs adds are flash,convincing and are everywhere!! My bank is going to try and do something for me they say, but I wont hold my breath.

  45. I received an advert for both HGH XL and TOST XL that Tennis Superstar Andy Murray was using it but it was soon to be banned by the ATP!

  46. A Truly shitty company who steal money. there is no mention of an ongoing subscription when you take the ‘trial’ offer. I am now £200 down, with no way to contact them. Mail addresses do not exist and phones go unanswered

    AVOID. but if you are reading this, i guess it’s too late for you too!………..

  47. Bloody thieves & flaming cons!
    They should be banned & quite frankly, strung up!!!!
    Their office address is 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX… can go there & give them hell.
    I will also report them to the regulators.
    Got my money back after I promised to report them to the bank for fraud – call them up & have a go. 08002051562 – very likely you would get through to some rude, abrupt & mannerless ‘Yank’ but don’t let that deter you.

  48. This is a total scam. I have had £410.00 removed from my bank in 20 days. I have called the number 23 times and only just now received an answer. “Yes sir we will cancel your account”…”No sir we can’t offer refund because you have involved a Third Party (my bank)” It is our company policy nor to refund if you involve a third party”. ” No sir it is not in our Terms and Conditions”

    I have asked my bank fraud department to get involved and my daughter, who is a lawyer is drafting a letter as we speak.

    Absolute rip-off merchants

  49. Guys, it’s true! Whether the product works is irrelevant to me—they scammed me out of $94.60 with this auto order thing that i don’t recall reading or agreeing to. They are adamant that i agreed to it yet like many of you i don’t remember doing so. If their T&C had it it was imbedded deeply. I would have put this trial period in my calendar to cancel right away. The product did nothing for me and even if it did work i was not going to pay almost $100 for a bottle! They are scam artists and deceitful. Beware!

  50. I ordered the free 30 day trial of Nitric Surge and Max Testo XL. Then my credit card was charged twice for $90.60 and $90.67 after 18 days because, they say, I didn’t cancel after the 18 days. MY bank recognized the scam and asked me if this was a valid charge. The bank called the scam company while I was on the phone and we canceled the product. Little did we know that two days prior the scam company had sent another 30 day supply that they will credit my account if I return the box or refuse shipment.
    It’s called Evergreen billing. Read the fine print. Bad choice on my part. Sleazy Marketing on there part

  51. There wording us not properly worded so that people understand that it is not a trial but that on day 18 you are charged fill price and it will be auto reordered unless you cancel prior to it being automatically being sent out. Also the trial cost is the shipping and handling and then billed the additional $96 and change. What a rip off it didn’t even do anything it promised to do. Be aware do not waist your money.

  52. This is a pure SCAM!! Charge you $98 after 18 day trial. Has no effect. Deceptive business practice to simply make money on a useless product…!!! Don’t do it!!! Sleazy outfit!! Shameful!

  53. Never got a chance to see if it worked because it is a Marketing Scam. Took almost 10 days to receive the product and yet you have only 14 days to cancel From the time the ORDER is Placed. So I called after 18 days ( 4 days of using the product) because I saw a 119.00 charge on my credit card. I was told because I missed it by 3 days I was SOL even though I had only been able to try the product for 4 days. Of course I was reminded of the Terms and Conditions at least a dozen times, even after I Threatened to dispute the charge. This company operates a Scam. The fine print in the terms and conditions which I never did see is legal but try and easily find it?? Even if their product works why would any one buy it after going through this. I said to customer Service if it really works then let people use up the trail bottle and reorder at their convenience!! My advice to my self and others Go to a supplement store and buy it off the shelf. I should have known Better!!!

  54. I recently fell for this scam as it was supposedly backed by the dragons den. The same day i found out about the extortionate subscription charge in the small print i phoned my bank. They told me to contact the company the next morning ,as the number for this supposed company was given to me off my bank I also asked my bank to stop any unortherised payments. I phoned this number and spoke to an full on Asian man called Dean Royce (probably not his real name) from Milton Keynes who said he would cancell and send confirmation to my e-mail ,which they did not do. I checked my bank balance the following day after work and noticed someone had used my details for a bit of on line shopping to the sum of £700.00. I contacted my banks serious fraud office who are refunding my money as i had infomed them about this deviant company , My Bank cancelled my card.
    Everything about this company stinks and should give a wide birth . This practice of misleading people needs to be nipped in the bud. S.O.C.A. Needs to look at this.


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