Is the Testinate 250 trial offer a scam?

Testinate 250

There seems to be a lot of supplements on the market promising to boost your testosterone levels, which will help boost your ability to build lean muscle mass.

Unfortunately, some of these products such as Testinate 250 are being offered as a trial, which have led to complaints that it is a scam.

Lets look at the testosterone booster in more detail to discover the truth behind these claims.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Testinate 250

The following benefits have been claimed on the Testinate 250 website:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Immediate fat loss
  • Relentless stamina
  • Enhanced conditioning
  • Peak sexual performance

Although some of these claims seem reasonable enough we would need to look at what ingredients are found in this supplement before we can comment any further.

Ingredients found in Testinate 250

The first issue you will find with Testinate 250 is that the website gives zero indication of what its ingredients are.

It is all well and good making claims that the product offers this benefit or that benefit, but you have to be able to back up these claims.

Cost of Testinate 250

Again there is nothing to indicate the price of Testinate 250 on the homepage, you will have to view the terms and conditions of the website to see such important information, which by the way may be difficult for some to find due to the size of the font used.

Once you locate and view the T&Cs you will discover that the initial cost of the trial is only £2.99 ($5.99 in the USA/Canada), which may seem reasonable enough.

However, what you may not realise is that once the trial period of 14 days has elapsed you will be charged the full purchase price of £89.99 ($99.99), which if you do not check your bank account regularly could leave you significantly out of pocket.

Whats worse is that these charges will continue every month until your membership is cancelled.

Is Testinate 250 a scam?

I recommend that you stay well clear of this trial offer, it will cost you significantly more than you would think, especially when you consider that no information has been provided on how the supplement even works.

The old saying is true, if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

Contact details for Testinate 250

To cancel your membership to this auto ship program you should use the following contact information:

Phone: +31 202410227

If you have signed up for this offer then please leave a comment below with your experiences. We would love to hear from you.

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  • Fat burning
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Testinate 250
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  1. I signed up for this offer and cancelled the subscription before the trial ended but was still charged £89.99 after the trial ended so I returned my order of testinate 250, which arrived on the 31/05/14. I received an email after sending proof of postage that my request had been received and i would receive another email when the refund is processed, this was on the 18/06/14 and I still haven’t heard from them, even after emailing them 3 times I’ve had no reply.. Very annoyed at this company to say the least

    • This is a complete scam, paid my £2.99 and receieved nothing. Then they took £89.99 from my account even though i cancelled on the cancelation page and stopped any future card payments. The £89.99 is taken under a slightly different name with a different merchant id than the original £2.99 so it bypasses the block from the bank. BE WARNED!!!

      • OMG that is so sneaky, I’ve emailed loads with no reply ….What is the name and merchant ID as you suggested it’s slightly different?

          • these add poped up on face book and looked like a good deal weeks free trail only pay postage but i changed my mind and pressed cancell before closing add ye they have still taken 2 lots of 90.66 from my account. rand straight away engaged, emailed and they are emailing back from neitherlands but nothing else.

          • I got stung by the same people with a different weight loss raspberry ketone diet. Their phone numbers are all fake. you get a simple product and then they raid your bank account. My bank, Lloyds wouldn’t cancel until I threatened to move my account elsewhere. They have dozens of products all presenting fabulous results.
            If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. they play on our desire to achieve results fast. skin care, diet, muscle build. white teeth.

      • I know its a while ago for you now but could you please tell me the slightly different name they used for the secondary payment.

    • I ordered this product & cancelled 2 minutes later on the 08/08/14 after reading the terms & conditions. I still recievd order confirmation. I then emailed the support team 3 times, had no reply or no product. But today I checked my bank account & 89.99 was taken out of my account & no reply from this company. THIS IS A MAJOR SCAM.

    • i signed up for this but it never arrived but my money went out been trying for weeks to get money back , wont answer phone emails arent replied to
      yes its a scam

  2. I bought this product from their website and they have been withdrawing close to £95 a month from my account. I have contacted my bank and changed my card yet they have still managed to withdraw money from my account. Do not buy from this company as this is a scam and they should be reported to someone for fraud

    • I’m in same boat and when I ring them they say they don’t sell that product and they don’t have my last 4 digits on record I rang bank cancel card useless have to close account and open a new one that will stop the bastards

  3. I too ordered the 2.99 offer, received nothing and then had £89.99 taken from the bank. I cancelled the order immediately after paying the 2.99 but this didn’t work. They got blocked from the bank but are still taking money. This is a massive scam and you ask need to report it to trading standards as soon as possible. They can keep taking money from us indefinitely otherwise.

  4. Hi guys my partner has been recently been attacked buy this fraud website I saw the add on Facebook and had a look to see what the fuss was about and I checked the info on the page and I didn’t really see any appeal for me but a month later my partner got billed for this product we went to the bank and canceled her bank card and details where changed what I’m asking is have any one els had this problem with out actually ordering any thing from them

  5. Put my account details in for this free trial an then was charged $6. I have emailed them to cancel an dont want anymore money taken from me!! After everthing iv just seen tonight about people getting scammed an more an more money been taken out of peoples accounts im really angry an hope this shit has been put to a stop!

  6. I recently bought this product for £2.99 and was later charged £89.99 I called the phone inner and you can’t talk to anyone the number in fact is an Netherlands phone number,I have changed all my bank details to stop them in they tracts,this is a complete scam and I really don’t know how they can get away with this,I promise you this I will find the place were they work from and get my money back,please anyone who has bought this change all your feat ails and don’t just block the scam as they will just use another name,change all your account numbers

  7. Caught out too, £2.99 P&p for a free sample, which arrived. A month later a second set arrived.
    Checked card statement, and 2 x £89.99 had been taken. Notified card issuer, who told me that the payments taken before notification would have to be honoured, but any subsequent ones would be blocked.
    Another payment came out the day before my card was blocked. As somebody else has already mentioned, they are pretty slick, three different product names, Actionmuscle, MacHodx and Testinate have been used, along with an 11 digit code’ . The code , in my case was the same twice, but not the third time. They all begin with 3120xxxxxxx. Most major card providers are aware of this scam , but it is proving hard to stop. I’ve tried a threatening email, no reply as yet.

  8. Like everyone else I got caught big time. It was eventually picked up by the HSBC fraud department and I agreed with them all payments from the 20th September would be stopped however despite this they still managed to get 2 more payments. Now battling with HSBC as well. So far a total of 8 payments wih little hope of any refunds although have not received 8 packages. Have e mailed 4 times so far trying to get an address as I may well consider some form of legal action. Despite this today I received yet another package. Having constantly warned my family and friends to look out for scams like this I feel extremely foolish
    I was always under the impression that in the UK you have to opt into something and not opt out i.e. after the 14 day sample period the law requires that you then agree to take more product. Does anyone know if I have this right?

    • hi sorry to bother you I also brought this offer and heard of this scam I have sent 4 emails not a message back I haven’t even opened the two boxes of the testinate 250 and the box of testosterone booster like I have seen other emails from others I don’t think I have had any money taken out yet but will cancel my card and everything soon as just wondering have you tried any yet if so what was it like and did it work I am abit do I try them or not ok many thanks and good luck

  9. my original post on this thread was july 31st this is an update of what happend since then.

    as i said i blocked the payment for 89.99 to testinate elite but they took it under the name of testinate plus products. i contacted my bank which is santander at first they said the only way to stop future payments was to close the account as just cancelling the card may not be enough.
    After thinking about it i phoned again and spoke to someone else who said the opposite that changing my card would be enough.
    The next day the fraud dept contacted me and because i had received no goods they refunded me the 89.99. I emailed testinate to tell them what i would like to do to them and 10 days later they refunded me the 2.99. 4 days after 1 months supply more money has been taken and no more goods sent.hope thats the last of it. hope this helps

  10. I looked at the adverts, as a bodybuilder you come across a multitude of scam products that have miraculous claims , the way to look at them is one of ” if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is” . Don’t ever get caught out, keep your wits about you 24/7. There is no substitute for a good training programme, a healthy varied diet, a good protein supplement, a tub of amino acids and quality rest periods. Don’t overtrain, train heavy but 3 days a week only with rest days Inbetween, train for no longer than 60 – 90 minutes per workout, take the weekends off but keep your diet healthy with lots of chicken (no skin) , peas and brown rice, try to eat lots of fruit and veg too especially things like spinach, kale and plenty of leafy greens , pulses too , if you need to snack , eat nuts like Brazil’s, or any nuts as long as they are not salted or sweetened. Stick to this and you will get stronger, leaner and healthier (try to increase the weight by small increments every workout) I can’t promise you steroid like size but what I will promise you is more confidence, strength and completely no side effects apart from more power.

  11. Sorry forgot to mention, start off training the big muscle groups, do squats, pull ups (add weight via a weight belt when you are able) clean & presses. Look through sites like for free workout routines, don’t follow routines by steroid filled freaks, they won’t work for you, do your bicep curls but don’t avoid tricep work, the triceps can make up three quarters of the size of your upper arms. Stay healthy & happy and keep your money in your pocket.
    Regards Paul.

  12. I got suckered into this scam as the ad link that popped up looked really professional and was using A listers to sell it claiming Hugh Jackman uses it etc. Then after I bought it you go to there website and it looks dodgy as! No mention of celebrities, and when you click on the contact button, it doesn’t even work! Stay away!!cancel/Change your credit card straight away. Can’t believe they haven’t been shut down.

  13. These bastard are the scum of the earth and they should be shut down.On seeing there product being advertised i took a punt and ordered there free supplement which was which was 2 boxes that they charged £4 each P&P but then i checked my credit card statement and saw 2 payments for £158.The product arrived 18days later meaning that i could not return item but lucky for me the items were bought with a credit card. When i got in touch with my bank and told them that the money was fraudulently taken from my account they refunded my money.Please Please stay away as for there product i will just throw them in the bin because theses bastards cant be trusted on all levels.

  14. i never even got my progain they have taken nearly $400 out of my account, they Advertised on facebook, so i thought it had to be safe, now i am out of pocket for $400 .Dot Not Buy.Its a scam people

  15. the only way to stop money coming out your bank account is phone your bank up, like i had to do and report your card as lost. they will send you a new card within 5 days, then the company that is taking your money every month cant get it. these websites should be shut down by the goverment……… big scam after another… warned.

  16. I ordered the testinate 250 2 week trial for 4 dollar a piece and I never recieved it and then on top of that 2 week later I get charged 158$ and some change for the testinate and then another 158$ for the progain 350 and I never ordered the full deal I only ordered the 2week trial which equaled up to 8$ . I need to know how to get in contact with them to have them reimburse me my 316$ .

  17. These fuckers took £8 for the product then charge my account £150 so they took £158 from me, have not replied to any email I’ve sent!

  18. Avoid this scam….. I paid £4 for the trial and everyday since they have been trying to access my account for £158 – £142 – £126.40 & £99…. F**king scamming C**t’s……!!!!!

  19. I have very good 100 % Herbal formula , after using this you dont need to buy any steroid or these types of fake suplements, you need 4 things to make this herbal suplement,its 100% works without any side effets,so what you need to make this powder… Ashwagandha, Shatavar, Kaunch Seeds, White musli take this powder with milk in morning and evening…its 100% good in sex and for your body…God bless you…

  20. I got scammed… its only been 12 days but from what I see here I wont be getting them. sending the cancel emails doesn’t seem to work either. ill have to close my account. FUCKERS!

  21. Since 2013 these dutch bastards have been doing this. Its about time i took a holiday and relived my days from the SAS… our results are proven.

  22. Cancell your credit card and tell the credit card people the truth its a scam and they should stop the payments as your informing them it a scam before it happens.

  23. These fuckers took £8 for the product then charge my account £150 so they took £158 from me, have not replied to any email I’ve sent, I also phoned

  24. How can i get my money back i signed up for a trial of testinate 250 and progain 350 and i didn’t receive it till 3 weeks later and by that time my trial was over and they took $90 from me and i hadn’t even tried the stuff out yet so i want my money back

  25. Contact your bank immediately . The banks can trace irregular payments made from your account and will stop any future payments when this company or any other company name they might use attempts to take any money from you . Also the bank advised me to keep emailing them to say you want to cancel ( even though they probably won’t email you back ) just to prove you are trying to sort it out just in case the fraud dept becomes involved . I really wish i had seen this site before arranging my free trail , feel like a right idiot now

  26. This company is a CON / SCAM!! Order both products at just delivery price of £4 each so came to £8, got deliverd etc and didn’t think nothing of it, came to checking my online banking as you do and I’ve had 2 YES 2 payments come out BOTH for £158 EACH!! Phoned up my bank straight away and they confirmed this company is well known not just to my bank also a few others!! LUCKILY I’m able to get a refund from my bank and all access’s will be blocked for this company!! The strangest thing is one package come from Sweden and the other was from Hong kong!! I feel completely embarrassed to say the least!! I know have learnt my lesson and will NO LONGER even thinking about ordering from these type of company’s!! BEWARE it IS NOT worth it for what you think a bargain of £4 postage can turn into ALOT of money!!

  27. Like the rest on here I was taken in but Ive realised I’ve just stopped myself from financial disaster in the nick of time reading this now because I have no money to speak of and was only tempted by its “free trial” : ( . I saw the “offer” : ( advertised in an article in mensworldhealth dot com.
    I’d gotten to the payment page and I thought I’d quickly google search the product and found my way here immediately and now I don’t need to do any more research!
    I was so close to entering my bank details and now thank god i didnt.
    I’d like to thank deeply the people on here for taking the time out to alert others like myself to this. as long as these reports stay up then the less damage these bastards do can on people like us.

  28. This is a scam!! They have taken a whopping £317.50 for testinate and progain350. I have recieved the items but have had to resell the items at a huge loss.

  29. You fucking CUNTS!!! You have taken over £316 out of my bank account. I did not sign up for you shitty products I didn’t even try the trial. I will get every penny back you robbing bastards, I promise you that! I have reported you to trading standards too.

    • Please try reading the above REVIEW. It has been written to warn others like you about how this scheme works, hopefully so that they do not get caught out like you have.

      I suggest you try contacting Testinate using the details I have provided for you rather than ranting on a website that has tried to help you.

  30. Tbh if people actually thought this was real then more the fool to them you can’t blame anyone apart from your own stupidity to be so dumb as to believe this shit, none of these bullshit supplements actually work, go to the gym eat well lots of protein and carbs and you will build muscle and lose fat and again tbh if your dumb enough to think this shit will make you a monster in a month then you really have to take your heads out your arse it’s nothing more than a scam to get lazy fat dumb fucks to part with there cash so no luck

  31. got caught like the rest 8 quid for trial……dont know if they pinched the rest of the money yet …..phoned bank told em lost card got new number …hope this is the end of it ……….simply fraud …

  32. I’ve just been scammed to the tune of €316 today. I’ve spoken to my bank and they have blocked any further debits, but can’t do anything about the money taken today.
    I’ve emailed the company and phoned both numbers without success.
    I don’t know what to do next, they are scum!

  33. My boyfriend ordered a free trial
    And was charged a large a
    Out of money for them he is very angry and wants to know if it will come out every month?

    • Yes it will come out everymonth so you have to call you’re bank about this. They will deduct 86£ a month tonyour credit card

  34. just been scammed out of £316. My bank have blocked any further transactions but it looks like I’ve lost that money. e-mailed testinate to cancel and give a refund but by the look of it they don’t reply

  35. I would like a refund as I was miss sold the product this company is selling I opted for free trial which was £4.00 and your company charged me £129.99 and I will not be wanting this product

    • I suggest you try contacting Testinate rather than leaving a comment for a refund here. This website is not owned by them.

  36. I have just been scammed by these bastards I can’t believe I walked into this. Was supposed to pay £8.00 for the postage and packaging but the trial was free they have took £157.69 out my account all the phone numbers and email address are dead ends. It all looked so official to gutted and the bank says they can’t do anything untill they take the money as it’s a pending transaction or I would have emptied my bank account so have to wait and see if they take the money and if they do which they will have to close my bank account down and the fraud team will look into it?

  37. I just signed up for this free trial and had 2 payments of £157 come out my bank both under different company names. No product delivered out. Luckily enough the fraud department with my bank reimbursed me.

    Steer well clear everyone.

  38. I clicked on free trial for 8pound and right a way billed me 157 and I emailed them to cancel my order they said to late order gone though but offered me 30 percent off shipping and said read policy I did don’t say nothing about refund just says do not refund goods because health and safety issues haven’t had goods but don’t want them rip off b…..s

  39. I opted for the €8 risk free trail as advertised in mens health magazine. As soon as I submitted my details I received an email stating my bank account has been charged €434. I immediately rang my bank, only to be told that there nothing they could do as the payment was pending. I emailed ProGain 350 support team to cancel my order and payment. I had a sleepless night, but in the morning I had received an email from them stating they had cancelled my order and voided my payment as of 24/06/2015. As of today,(29/06/2015), no monies have been taken from my account, but I have had to cancel my card as a precaution ….

  40. I have been using the product for a month and it affected me in a bad way. This company has always emailed me back when I want to speak to them about payments or whatever.
    I have the ingredients of the progain 350 as they are on the bottle. Yesterday I asked them what the ingredients of testinate 250 are. Long story short, after 5 emails back and forth they still hadn’t given me the ingredients and were playing dumb. They keep avoiding giving me them. They have now stopped replying to my emails altogether.
    Whatever is in these testinate pills, they don’t want us to know.

    • hi john ,, can you tell me the e-mail address you used as i have tried to contact these conning barstewards several times

      Many thanks


  41. I had Testinate. 250 back to day what I clicked on Web the box was green but box they sent me was black and red when I Emailed them to ask why box are different And what’s the difference in pills no reply after 3emails do any one know the address to send this crap back on my box some Chinese address Do these pill s work

  42. Same here. Ordered the sample for £4 a box and received them yesterday.
    Checked my bank and 2 payments of £157 gone out.
    Bank marked my account for future unknown payment requests and are looking at trying to reimburse me.
    E mailed the company but no reply.

    • Like everyone been a sucker paid £8 postage x2 for a free trial,immediately billed £157 x2, went straight to Nationwide to cancel further payments, couldn’t do anything about what had gone out as it was pending, they past it on to the fraud dept, I’ve since been reimbursed my money, heard or received nothing from the thieves! Iff you are fortunate enough to receive anything for god sake don’t take it!

  43. Ditto all above – total scam! Clicked for free trial and clicked the option for £29.99 5 months, after asking for your details it immediately tells you £159.50 debited (x2 as also for ProGain!) so clicked on T&Cs and used the Quick Cancel option that pops up. Daily emails subsequently from them saying my cart still waiting, click to complete and activate order however despite not activating or confirming £320 debited my account! They did reply to some follow up emails I sent asking for confirmation that they had cancelled as per Quick Cancel option request but said sorry you can’t cancel due to H&S yadi yada ya as others mentioned ! Then next email response they offered me a 30% discount to which I have again requested full refund – have contacted Bank as suggested by many to report as dispute as at no time did i confirm and activate order! Fingers crossed – can’t believe I fell for it but website designed to capture your personal and card details and processes payment before confirming amount they will deduct so a really cunning trap!

  44. Y have u scam me then y r u putting bulshit adds on y don’t no one do anything were does the money go some one needs to make a report

  45. Helo if u got scammed like I did ph ur bank tel em wat happend stop future payments tell em it’s fraud the bank give ur moneny back I got mine back in 20min Wright now so dnt worry to much people make sure u say fraud is wat happend

  46. Got scammed to the tune of £157 they said the trail was £4.00 for a 14 day trail but when i went to pay a bill on my credit card it was refused because these ditch twats had taken £157 phoned my cc they are disputing it i have sent e mails cancelling this shit i have studied it and wouldn’t be sure if it works

  47. Hello I wish I had seen this site before ordering this although I havent clicked a pay now button yet but received 2 Emails stating I had brought testan something or other and elite gain or something at a cost of £99.99 each. I immediately started looking for some way to cancel and couldnt find anything. I phoned the number given on the site (A Dutch) that just goes to answer machine telling you leave name and number & address. I left it 3 separate occasions on different numbers I found on my travels around the internet. Eventually ending up back on their website where I found a cancel button filled form in 4 times and 4 times got automatic response saying Account has been closed. I went to the support website ( where I found another cancel button used that 4 times as well no replies on that. I dont know if it is cancelled or not so I phoned my credit card who advised me that there is £199 in pending to a Medical company but they cant do anything until the scum bags actually take the money out and to wait a few days then call back and they will be able to sort it out. Why is this world full of greedy arsed scum bags like these people. Hanging to good for them

  48. I got done today. Like everyone else I’ll try that for £4. I checked my bank later on today and bang 2x £99.99 out of my account. I phoned my bank straight away and it’s been dealt with by fraud department. Hopefully I’ll get my money back. Keep all emails and take snap shots of Web page keep as much info as possible as evidence I’ve tried the phone number and tried the email address nothing. Bastards

  49. thank you all of you guys and gals I was about to order the free trial and after reading all massages it open my eyes
    thanks everybody

  50. I fell into this scam today. Elitegain350, thought I was only buying into a test sample at the cost of £4.00 or something shipping. No clear mention of upfront costs of two lots of £99.99 taken out my bank straight away. Only when I checked the email confirmation it said I will be delivered 60 days and have paid for 20 and have been given 10 days free. Bill price of 1 package sat 143.99. Less 10 days -48.00. Total processed today 99.99. was I furious to find out if not cancelled Within 30 day, every 30 days, 30 days supply will be sent for a 50% discount with free shipping. I was straight on to my bank today they said they blocked my card and to ring disputes team tomorrow. I fear I won’t get my £200.00 back because I payed through Yorkshire bank master card debit card?? Can anyone tell me if I could get charge back money back. And is blocking my card enough, can disputes reverse charges? I emailed the scammers under,, and yesterday or whatever it is email. I’m hoping they can not take any more money out and will I get my money back? I hope the scam people reply and cancel subscription and refund my money. I don’t know what else to do. I suppose I should ask disputes to send a new card if the scam people are operating under a different merchant name and id.

  51. Exactly as above, I was caught on Sunday 17th by this on facebook….really stupid of me to fall into this as I usually blank these promotions however, Have just phoned my credit card and they have raised a dispute and advised me to phone this lot…not entirely confident that I’ll get through by phone and they have already taken 2 x payments for £99.99 from my card too. I have emailed them but, no reply.

  52. Exactly same problem with me. I changed too my debit card, my bank engaged a dispute and I complain to the Citizens Advice Bureau and their UK Trades Standards Dpt recently, they were looking very concerned for the sensitive information ! But I think to block definitively this scam, we should unite our testimonies and complaints, create a group, or a blog and send a global report to the UK autorities for international scam and legal break, if not I am afraid they will still run in the future ! Has anybody in UK complain to local Citizens Trades Standard Bureau at least, because more people will do it, more they will take care of it !

  53. WARNING!!!!! Do NOT buy these products it is a complete SCAM.
    I’ve lost £200 in this SCAM.
    As soon as I find a way of getting this money back I will tell you so you all can claim, watch this space.

  54. Complete scam!
    You ask for the free trial but are charged £99. I tried to call the cancellation phone number with out result. Contacted my bank and they have had so many complaint about this company that they have found out couple of other phone numbers you can call. But even though you get thorough to an answer machine and leave message they still do not refund it.
    I’m now trying to get my bank to cancel the transaction as I didn’t buy this.
    It is similar if you are buying a spare tyre for your can and they send you a complete new car and charged you for it. Can’t be legal and the banks should put this company on a black list.

  55. The worst part of it is that men’s health magazine advertise it on there website, I saw this and tried ordering the free trial today but thank God my card got declined, hopefully that’s the end of it, it’s funny how everyone says they don’t answer back but if you put in your name and email and not your card details a guy with the company will call you the next day and ask for you to pay over the phone! Absolutely disgusting people!

  56. Yes its a scam I was caught out after I,d had paid for the trail then they will slug you another $114 after 14 days and its on going if u don’t cancel straight away. I was charged only the freight fee so far but no product had arrived

  57. Wow I’m not the only one here,how do I stop these guys taking money out of my account,I’ve rang can’t get through I’ve emailed them,they have taken so much money from me can anyone help pls thanks guys ,I hope you get caught you bastards and your product is shit,low life’s,hope you NO you have taken my kids Christmas money thanks very much.

  58. This company is a joke they promised me a full refund when after 2 months the products never arrived they charged me a full £70 and disappeared, stopped emailing me back and vanished they’re a scam and a bunch of criminals dont trust them and dont do business with them FUCKING BUNCH OF THIEVES !!


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