Is Testamatol a scam?


As we get older it is an unfortunate fact that our testosterone levels will reduce. This can cause numerous issues, and can make building muscle difficult to achieve.

This is where a product like Testamatol comes in, as it is claimed to help boost your natural testosterone levels.

How does Testamatol work though and would we recommend it?

Well, in this review we will look at this offer in more detail before we come to any conclusion.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Testamatol

Testamatol is claimed to help:

  • Stimulate HGH production
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Improve appearance
  • Incinerate the ageing process

When looking at claims of a products benefits it is always good to bear in mind that these claims are designed to get you to sign up for the offer as quickly as possible.

I would suggest that instead of rushing into any decision that you take your time to look at what it can actually do, which means that you will need to look at what ingredients it contains.

Ingredients found in Testamatol

While it is always best to see an actual product label, so that we can see for certain what the product contains, Testamatol does not have one available.

What they do have available though is a list of its ingredients, along with its benefits. These ingredients are as follows:

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine, L-Arginine Monohydrochloride and L-Citrulline

Of course it would be better to know the exact dosage, there should be some benefit to using this product. Whether we would recommend it or not will depend on how much it costs.

Cost of Testamatol

Testamatol is available for trial, which you may think would be a good offer. However this is not the case.

When you first sign up for the offer there will be a small charge of $4.95, which is reasonable enough. However, just 14 days after your initial sign up another charge will be made to your account, this time for $89.99.

To make matters worse this wont be the end of the charges as Testamatol operates as an auto-ship program, so further monthly packages will be sent out to you, along with the excessive bill.

Is Testamatol a scam?

While the ingredients are good and I can certainly see some benefit to using this product, the cost of it is simply too high.

If I were you then I would stay away from trial offers, they are rarely a good deal and if you fail to read the terms and conditions you may be in for a shock when the real cost is revealed.

Contact details for Testamatol

To contact Testamatol to cancel the trial you should the following details:

Phone: (877) 483-4176

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review then please do so by filling in the comment form below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

If you are concerned that your testosterone levels are not at their highest then there is a supplement that I would recommend.

Its name is Testogen and it comes highly recommended by those who have used it.

Testogen is made using proven testosterone boosting ingredients. It is also considerably cheaper than Testamatol and as it is unavailable for trial you do not have to worry about any hidden or repeat charges.

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