5 Things to Avoid if you Want Stronger Legs

Stronger Legs

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If you want stronger legs then it is pretty obvious that you should not be avoiding “leg day”. This means that you need to be making an active effort to work those leg muscles.

There are also certain things that you need to avoid, here are the top 5.

#1: Not squatting

Unless you have an injury that prevents you from squatting then there is no excuse for not having this part of your leg routine.

There is a reason why most professional body builders and trainers swear by the benefits of the squat.

When you first start squatting you should focus on performing the move using correct form to avoid injury.

You may not be able to lift much to begin, and don’t be embarrassed. It is better that you learn the form to start as an injury to your back will certainly not be much fun, and will certainly derail your bulking efforts.

#2: Not using the full range of motion in the squat

You may have heard from a friend or so-called expert that full squats are bad for your knees, well this is not true with science actually showing that it can strengthen your knee instead.

The truth is that bad form will damage your knees, so using my advice above stick to a lighter weight until your form is perfect.

To perform a full squat and to experience the full benefit of this movement then you need to lower yourself slowly to just below parallel position, with your hip crease below the top of your patella.

You should then return to your upright position, with full control of the bar.

#3: Doing steady-state cardio

Do you jump on the treadmill at the end of your weight training workout? If so then you are probably damaging your strength and muscle gains.

Walking or jogging for hours can effect your muscle growth so try to avoid that treadmill.

Instead if you want to increase your endurance but do not want to damage your muscle building then I would suggest that you look at trying HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training.

This form of exercise will involve you performing a cardio workout at 100% intensity for short amounts of time.

A HIIT workout will typically only last a few minutes so it wont harm your gains.

#4: You aren’t adding weight to your lifts

If you are not adding any weight to your lifts then how will you become stronger and subsequently bigger?

Your muscles will get used to the same lifts each time you visit the gym so your gains will plateau.

The key is to add variety to your workouts to keep your muscles guessing what is coming next.

You could also increase reps, add sets or cut your rest periods to add a little variety.

#5: You are not consuming enough protein

While nutrition is a very broad subject, if you are not seeing the muscle gains in your legs that you would expect then perhaps the reason is not that you are not lifting enough, but are perhaps not eating enough protein.

Protein is essential for muscle growth as it helps to repair that damaged muscle tissue you tear while working out.

You should be aiming to consuming between 1.5 to 2 grams of protein for every pound you weigh.

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