10 Strength Building Exercises for Beginners

Strength Building Exercises for Beginners

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Bodyweight exercises are a fabulous acquisition to any beginner’s armoury and the following 10 exercises are pitched correctly for you to try and master.

The exercises do have a certain amount of challenge attached to them and specifically they do work all of the main muscle groups within the body.

Undoubtedly if the instructions for each exercise are followed correctly then you will start to see some gains in your muscular strength. Remember to engage your core and glutes during each exercise and to focus on your breathing- breath in on the downwards motion and breath out on the upwards motion!

Try the following 10 exercises doing 2 sets of 10 to 15 reps each and allow 60-90 seconds rest between each set.

All of the exercise should be performed at a high to moderate tempo and increase your tempo as your ‘form’ improves. Never compromise on good ‘form’ as this will lead to musculoskeletal injuries and this will put you back to square one in terms of your strength gains!

#1 Forward Lunges

Start Position

  • Begin standing tall with legs hip width apart
  • Step forward with your right leg and bring the left foot on to tip toes behind you

Finish Position

  • Then start to lower your left knee to the floor making sure your right knee does not go over your right foot
  • Aim for a 45 degree angle with your right leg
  • Change this position by then returning your legs back to the neutral position
  • Keep your back tall and straight when lowering down

#2 Sumo Squats

Starting Position

  • Have a wide stance with feet wider than shoulder width
  • Feet should be facing slight outwards, and this aids balance
  • Cup or clasp hands together and they should be relaxed at chest height

Finish Position

  • Keep torso upright, back straight and move hips towards ground and below knee level
  • Engage your core and glutes for a more dynamic movement
  • Drive bodyweight back up through heels and engage core at all times

#3 Push Ups

Starting Position

  • Adopt the ‘push up’ position
  • The back of your wrists should be facing your toes and feet
  • Extend your arms and stabilize wrists
  • Keep your legs together and your body straight at all times

Finish Position

  • Lower your chest down until its level with the ground or you can go as close to the ground comfortable.
  • Push back up
  • Repeat
  • Maintain a tight core
  • Do not let your lower back dip
  • Exhale on upwards motion

#4 Diagonal Jumpers

Starting Position

  • Begin standing tall with hands on hips for balance

Finish Position

  • Then bring the right leg into a lunge in a diagonal direction
  • Put the power into both legs and jump as you bring the left leg into a diagonal position
  • Maintain a tall upper body at all times with a tight core

#5 Forearm Plank

Starting Position

  • Begin in the push up position and with body weight on palms of hands
  • Ensure that your core is tight and that you engage your glutes

Finish Position

  • Bring yourself down so you are resting on your forearms
  • Hands flat on the floor keeping the upper arms in line with the shoulders and lower arms parallel with one another
  • Maintain a tight core with a flat back and shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to toe

#6 Floor Tricep Dips

Starting Position

  • Roll shoulders backwards when starting as this aids good posture
  • Hands directly below shoulders on floor
  • Legs extend straight out in front

Finish Position

  • Extend & flex elbows to lower/raise bodyweight so that butt touches floor
  • Depress the shoulder blades, keep neck long and don't rock hips throughout exercise
  • Push bodyweight through arms back to the starting position

#7 Goblet Squats

Starting Position

  • Stand up with feet just outside shoulder width apart and feet facing forwards
  • Keep a tight core, flat lower torso and squat downwards

Finish Position

  • Push your hips back up, until you are just below parallel with your knee bend
  • Drive bodyweight back up through heels and engage core at all times

#8 Reverse Hypers

Starting Position

  • Begin by lying face down on a bench or table
  • Keep the hips right on the edge
  • Keep the upper body keeps relaxed, you may wish to hold onto something for added support
  • Squeeze the legs together and point the toes as you engage the glutes

Finish Position

  • Lift the legs so they are parallel with the floor
  • Do not lift the legs too high as you will feel this in the lower back
  • Squeeze and hold and then return back to starting position

#9 Squat Tuck Jumps

Starting Position

  • Begin by bending your knees and engaging your core and glutes
  • Enter into a basic squat position

Finish Position

  • Power up through the legs as you jump up and tuck the knees up to the chest if possible
  • Return back down into a squat
  • Repeat this motion
  • Maintain a tall upper body all times

#10 Lunge Jumps

Starting Position

  • Stand with feet together and lunge in a forward motion with the right foot

Finish Position

  • Then jump vertically by thrusting your arms upwards and by keeping your elbows bent
  • When in flight switch legs and land on the ground with the opposite leg in the lunge position
  • Repeat

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