How to stick to your workout program

Stick to your workout program

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To get your desired physique takes a huge amount of dedication and at times you will be sore, you are going to sweat and work extremely hard.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you want to achieve your training goals, then you have to put the time in and stick to your workout program.

Longevity is the key to success and be able to perform your work outs on a daily, monthly and sometimes annual basis is a major part of the training process. Having the right balance of training hard, not overtraining and be consistent is paramount to your work-out program adherence.

Training smart is very important and you should ensure that you as keen at the end of the weight training program as you were at the beginning.

At the start of the training program many individuals are enthusiastic and sometimes as you progress through the schedule excuses, errands, social and work commitments start to stall your progress.

Consequently, people start to miss one session, then this progresses to two sessions and then before you know it you are attending far less. Your dream physique then starts to fade away!

However all is not lost; by following these key strategies discussed during this article will definitely help you stick to your workout program, remain focused and help you to achieve your training goals.

#1 – Find music that you really enjoy

Research has indicated that there is a strong relationship between music tempo and exercise intensity in a work out. The fast tempo group during the research experienced a higher intensity work rate when compared to the slower tempo group.

In addition, music helps you to take your mind off the task at hand and uplifts your mood. Individuals who listen to music, exercise for significantly longer periods of time and inevitably complete the entire work out.

Music is an excellent blocker of social noise, so why not give it a try and see your fitness and muscle gains improve significantly.

#2 – The importance of social support

Again research has highlighted the importance of social support and its positive influence on you sticking to your work out plan.

A work out partner can keep you accountable before, during and after the gym.

A word of caution when choosing a training buddy, always ensure that you are on a similar fitness or strength level. This is because you want to be training at the same intensity and not playing catch up. If you are a beginner, this is especially important in preventing injuries.

Another approach is to hire a personal trainer. Many individuals believe that having a personal trainer is the main reason why they have stayed on track with their training program.

A PT should continuously challenge you and keep the pot boiling in terms of freshening up the training program.

One of the most common reasons for dropping out of a training program is boredom and lack of challenge. This can be avoided from the outset by proper planning and by using a realistic goal setting approach with your PT.

#3 – Set an individual goal for every session

Many individuals tend to focus their mind set on their medium and long term goals when building muscle. This goal setting technique is fine, however it does have some drawbacks; the main one being that people tend to lose sight of each individual session.

When you lose sight of the importance of the individual session, you are more likely to miss the session and be less dedicated to the overall work-out program.

You can overcome this drawback by setting goals for each session. Try to make the goal simple, realistic and achievable such as: increasing your 1 rep max or adding weight to the leg press etc.

Completing these daily goals is very important in enhancing your self-efficacy, self-esteem and inner belief.

Research has indicated that self-efficacy is a large contributing factor to exercise adherence and reducing drop-out rates. Therefore, many individual work out goals accumulate to make medium and long term goals.

#4 – Having the correct plan to suit your lifestyle needs

In a nut shell, many people quit or fall by the wayside because the plan that they are following does not take into consideration their lifestyle needs.

In other words they are setting themselves up to fail due to poor planning.

To prevent this from happening the following factors should be considered:

  • Family commitments
  • Work commitments
  • Sleep patterns
  • Best time and availability for exercise

Once you have answered the above questions accurately, only then can you then start to gauge and plan a model of exercise which incorporates your lifestyle commitments and needs.

A key point to remember is that many people tend to ‘burn out’ from exhaustion in the first few weeks, or miss sessions due to fatigue and/or unscheduled commitments.

Recovery days are pivotal for your muscle growth, increasing your fitness levels and preventing you from dropping out.

Bear in mind that ‘proper prior planning prevents a poor performance’ or in this case will help you to keep on track with your fitness plan.

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