Steroids for Muscle Mass

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Steroids for muscle mass have become quite popular over the past few decades, and as the years progress the supplements become safer and provide better anabolic benefits.

Anabolic simply means the growth of tissue and organs, and in this case it would be the growth of muscle tissue, which means supplements used for this purpose are referred to as anabolic steroids.

There are possible side effects to using this type of body enhancing supplement, but you have the ability to put on muscle mass more effectively as well.

How do Steroids for Muscle Mass Work?

Anabolic steroids are designed to increase your testosterone production first and foremost because this is the hormone necessary from muscle production, energy increases, and basically makes you capable of training hard as well.

Some have better capabilities of increasing muscle mass than others, and choosing the correct anabolic steroid can become quite cumbersome. You want to look at the following benefits to see if the supplement is right for you.

Does the anabolic steroid:

  • Increase testosterone production enough?
  • Enhance muscle recovery?
  • Produce more energy for training?
  • Prevent significant fat gains?
  • Have low side effect possibilities?
  • Have the legal capability to be used?

All of these questions are quite important when it comes to steroids for muscle mass. Next, you are provided with a few of these anabolic steroids that people tend to feel have all or most of the qualities listed above.

Deca Durabolin

This is more commonly known as just “Deca”, and is one of the safer anabolic steroids to come across. This by no means is saying it is completely free of side effects, but numerous bodybuilders and athletes wanting performance enhancement trust this as one of the best.

Deca is capable of putting muscle mass upon your body at almost the same rate as pure testosterone and has lower estrogenic increases, but has only 20% of the chance to aromatize when compared to testosterone.


The best steroid for putting on muscle mass since it is well known for its use for this specific reason.

SteroidA person could put on 20 or more pounds within 4-6 weeks of using this anabolic steroid.

Of course this is not all lean muscle tissue. In order to gain muscle mass at higher levels, you have to eat more calories than you burn. This is a simple concept that people often forget.

Dianabol is often preferred over others such as Deca because it is fast acting and can significantly increase strength and speed.


Anadrol is actually similar to Dianabol, but the difference being in its potency to increase strength, mass, and endurance.

People may argue that Anadrol is superior of the two anabolic steroids, but in fact it takes nearly twice as many milligrams of Anadrol to meet the athletic enhancements of Dianabol. That being said, this supplement is still a moderate steroid that has the capability of increasing your muscle mass – just not as well as Dianabol.


This is one of the roughest steroids for muscle mass that you can think about using. The potency of this supplement is 400 times greater than that of testosterone capabilities.

This is not just some made up number – Trenbolone is in fact that much greater than testosterone for the use of strength and mass increases, but these amazing increases are also the reason most adult males are not able to tolerate such an anabolic steroid.

Only consider taking Trenbolone if you are more advanced in this type of steroidal training program.

Side Effects of Steroids for Muscle Mass

All the benefits of anabolic steroids are not without possible side effects. All have negative effects on your body that can cause potential harm or even death.

The most common side effects are adrogenic, which means you can experience acne, excessive body hair growth, and even accelerated hair loss. Then you have to worry about your cardiovascular system as well.

Steroids commonly increase the bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and suppress the good ones (HDL). This places you more at risk of heart conditions and higher blood pressure as well.

Then you have aromatization as well, which is the process of converting testosterone to estrogen basically. This means heavy water retention can occur and that gyno may also become an issue.

Finally, there is the body’s insufficient production of natural testosterone since anabolic steroids tend to suppress this natural production. While on the steroid it may not seem noticeable, but once the steroid cycle is over you will possibly notice a decrease in strength, energy, libido, and even suffer from depression. All of these are side effects of low testosterone production.

The Bottom Line for Steroids

Steroids for muscle mass do truly work for most adult men, and studies show that even a person who did not train at all gained more muscle mass than a man who trained effectively without the use of steroids [1].

The risks are definitely there and proper precautions need to be taken in place to possibly prevent any medical issues from occurring. Seek medical advice before taking any type of performance enhancing drugs.

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  1. Hi my name is Joey I’m 47 and taking the tren and test stack my question is do I need to take a estrogen blocker because I have sensitivity in my nipples.

    • Personally I do not recommend the use of steroids. However, if you are using them then it is recommended that you take an estrogen blocker.


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