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Low Testosterone

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It is easy to imagine testosterone as just something that makes you more aggressive or better at sports. Having low levels of this hormone might not sound like a big deal or might even sound a little bit humorous to some people.

However, having low testosterone is a serious condition that can have a negative effect on various aspects of a man's life.

It is normal for these levels to drop over the years but abnormally low amounts can result from a condition called male hypogonadism. This has some big consequences for a man's body and well-being that might surprise you.

The following are some of the signs to look out for.

#1: Lack of a Sex Drive

Testosterone is the main booster behind the male sex drive. This means that if your levels dip then you are far less likely to be interested in sex.

Of course, we all have different levels of sex drive anyway, which is fine and perfectly normal. The difference is that when you have low testosterone you could end up being completely uninterested in it.

#2: Smaller Muscles

When a man suffers from low levels of testosterone he may notice that his muscles appear to shrink and become weaker.

Even worse is the fact that lifting weights might not make as much difference as you would expect. The absence of this hormone makes it much more difficult to add muscles to your body, no matter how hard you work out.

#3: More Fat

While one of the signs to look out for is reduced muscle mass, just as worrying is the increase in body fat that can offer occur too.

This will sometimes lead to a belly forming or it could be that unsightly man boobs start to form. Shifting this extra weight can be just as difficult as adding new muscles to your body.

#4: Testicle Issues

One of the more surprising signs of low testosterone is testicle shrinkage.

This is something that can be checked easily and you might notice that they are a little bit softer as well as smaller. What is less obvious is that on the inside they probably aren't working away as well as they should be.

There may also be a lack of feeling down there too. It usually isn't a complete sensation of numbness but rather a feeling that something is missing when this part of the body is touched.

#5: Lack of Energy

It is normal enough to feel tired after a tough day but men who suffer from low testosterone can feel drained pretty much all the time.

KettlebellsThey probably can't work out why they are so tired when they haven't really done anything to justify it. This can lead to them feeling low in energy and drive just about all of the time.

In some cases this results in the guys just sitting at home for far more time than they used to.

#6: Bad Moods and Irritability

Another of the problems that can be linked to reduced levels of testosterone is that of bad moods and irritability.

A guy with this condition might not even really notice that he isn't as bright and positive as he used to be, although the people around him probably will.

#7: Erection Problems

One of the first problems that someone with low testosterone usually notices is erectile dysfunction.

It is this hormone which triggers an erection and when your body doesn't produce enough it often just doesn't happen. Even when an erection is achieved it might not be strong enough to allow intercourse to take place.

#8: Body Hair Reduction

Another effect is that of a reduced level of body hair. Not every guy affected by low testosterone notices this on their body but some do.

As well as body hair it might also lead to beard growth slowing down in some cases.

How to Deal with Low Testosterone

As we have seen, if your body doesn't produce a lot of testosterone it can lead to a wide range of issues.

The good news is that there are a few natural ways of dealing with it. For a start, regular exercise and good sleeping patterns can help boost your hormones and also deal with the fatigue and lack of energy issues. Weight training has been proven to be especially effective in this respect.

In terms of diet, nut and beans have been shown to help boost the levels of this hormone. It is also important to get lots of Vitamin D, zinc and garlic as well.

Losing weight and cutting down on sugar can also help to increase testosterone levels in the body.

A man's body has a way of giving him the testosterone he needs, so if you are fitter and more active you should find that the levels start to climb. Another option is to head to the doctor to ask about testosterone replacement therapy.

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