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Shredding Tips

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Most guys (and many girls) are in the gym to get shredded. This is why they train, they may say that they only want to lose a couple pounds, or to build a bit of muscle, but the truth is that when they picture the perfect result it’s a six pack.

But this goal isn’t as unattainable as people expect it to be, most people can get a six pack if they work hard enough.

What is shredded?


There is a difference between losing weight and getting shredded, though they both start off the same.

You need to create a calorie deficit through reducing calories in and increasing energy expenditure (exercise), training to get shredded just involves continuing the diet past the point where most people would be happy.

Lowering your body fat to the point where you can see your muscles with full definition does not require training at an insane intensity 24/7.

It’s more about extending the amount of time spent on dieting while slowly lowering calories each week.

In this article we will be sharing some tips on the most effective way to get shredded.

Tip #1. Assess your capabilities

While almost anyone can train to get shredded, one of the first things you should do is assess whether you should.

If you are over 30% body fat, then training down to 6% is not a smart idea. It’s possible – just not smart.

The journey will take too long, and the longer it takes the worse the side effects.

Being in a prolonged calorie deficit can lower testosterone, reduce your immunity, and lower your metabolism.

A good way to go about things if you are very overweight is to lose weight in stages.

Diet down for 12 weeks until you have lost a bit of weight then have a 4-6 week maintenance phase, then you can diet down again.

Repeat this process until you are near enough to shredded to begin the process.

Tip #2. Measure everything

Measure Everything

Calories in, calories out, weight of food, weight on the scale, progress photos, body circumference measurements.

Track everything, because dropping fat to single digit levels requires your entire diet and training program to be at optimal levels.

If you aren’t measuring your calories at the very least it is unlikely that you will get successfully shredded. Because you can’t lower calories if you don’t know how many you are currently eating, can you?

Tip #3. Love your bed

Sleep is one of the most important factors of a healthy life, and this goes double when you are trying to get shredded.

It is necessary to control hunger (Leptin and Ghrelin are affected by bad sleep), and to help you recover from exercise.

Because you aren’t eating as many calories your body won’t recover as efficiently as usual. So add an extra hour to your sleep schedule.

Tip #4. Lower calories slowly

Many people think that dropping their calories from 2,000 to 1,200 (as an example) is a great way to get ripped. But this is a bad way to go about it.

For one your energy levels will drop fast, you’ll also be hungry all the time, and will most likely give up.

Instead you should concentrate on slowly lowering your calories on a weekly basis, dropping 50-100 calories each week will ensure that you lose body fat at a steady pace.

As you get closer to your goal you can drop a little more, so long as you feel comfortable doing so.

Tip #5. Don’t train too hard in the gym

Exhausted After Workout

Most people have an idea in their heads that training while on a severe cut should be all about high intensity work.

This is technically true for the beginning of a cut, but towards the end, when calories are at an all time low and your stored fat (energy) is dropping you cannot train like you would when on normal calories.

You need to adapt your training, even bodybuilders do this. Lower the weights, train low intensity (walking on a treadmill instead of sprints), and make sure that you don’t over exert yourself.

Passing out in the gym because you’ve overdone it will not help you reach your goal.

Tip #6. Prepare for the future

You can’t stay shredded forever, as we mentioned before – your metabolism will drop, your hormones will be affected, and you’ll struggle mentally. So you need to have a plan for getting back to a normal weight. One of the best strategies is to reverse diet.

Slowly add calories in week by week, in the same way that you dropped them week by week while trying to get shredded.

This technique will ensure that your metabolism is improved, that you don’t gain too much weight, and that when you decide to diet down again you’ll find it a lot easier.

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