The Secret of Successful Bulking

Successful Bulking

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When it comes to bulking, increasing size and increasing strength, there are several rules that bodybuilders need to follow in order to achieve that goal.

Nothing comes easy and everything requires patience and perseverance.

People who try and continue even when they fail are able to succeed, while those who give up after one failed try won’t be able to accomplish much.

There are several steps to becoming successful in bulking, read on to discover some of the best methods you can use:

Rule #1: Spend More Time Underneath the Bar

When it comes to bulking up, the most important thing is getting the workout in, getting the training needed and the lifting that is needed in order to break the muscles apart and build them back up stronger than before.

Activate your muscles and make sure that they’re always pumping, always working.

By the end of the day, you should feel sore from the workout that you’ve done.

Make sure that you slowly move the weights up as you progress through each set. Remember that more weight means more mass, but don’t go too overboard as you need to also remember that everyone has a limit. Be patient and results will come.

Rule #2: You need proper nutrition

A good workout comes with a balanced diet, something that is more focused on getting protein and carbs into your system so that your body can recover faster and help you gain muscle faster.

Remember to eat a lot of carbs after your workouts, such as pasta and rice. Add in lean meat such as chicken for the extra protein and make sure you drink water, not sugary drinks that could stunt your recovery and reduce the work that you had just put hours in.

Rule #3: Get plenty of rest

Although building mass requires consistently working out, muscles can’t grow stronger if you don’t get enough rest.

For a mass building program, you need to make sure that you sleep at least eight hours a day, otherwise sleeping less will massively impact your gains.

Many bodybuilders have recommended the muscle nap, a nap that is usually taken in the afternoon to gain muscle and to quickly recover so that the body can continue to work.

Remember that people usually get sleepy around 3pm, so make sure that you consider that into your nap.

Rule #4: Focus on few movements/exercises

When attempting to build mass it can be tempted to try an almost endless amount of movements and exercises in an attempt to work as many muscles as possible.

However, you can achieve the same goal by focussing your attention on the main compound exercises, such as the squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press.

BarbellThese movements will incorporate a large number of muscles so will give you a good all-round workout, saving you time and allowing you to lift to your maximum limit.

Rule #5: How many reps?

Remember that it’s not just the size of the weights that you have to build up on, but also the reps.

Though some people have the ability to increase muscle mass with just 1-5 reps, it is important to note that having a 5-10 rep range will be more beneficial.

Work that in with around 5 sets for each exercise and you are good to go in building weight and building muscle.

Rule #6: Resting between sets

A lot of people struggle with perfecting the art of resting between sets, with many unsure of how long they should be resting for.

Some people either take a really long break or a really short break.

This can not only diminish the capacity of your strength but it also won’t allow your muscles to achieve the form that it needs to be.

There are some people who would recommend that taking a three minute break between squat sets and 90 seconds for other movements is optimal for muscle building.

For more in-depth advice about bulking successfully I would recommend reading the following guide.

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