11 Rules of Muscle Building

Rules of Muscle Building

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If you want to build muscle and strength then there are certain things you need to be doing.

Follow these rules of muscle building there will be no reason why you cannot start to see gains in both.

#1: Train consistently

To see those gains then you need to train, period.

You cannot expect to gain muscle and strength if you are not going to put the hours in at the gym.

This means that you should be training often and regularly. Skipping the gym will not help you to see the results you want.

#2: Train hard and smart

While you are at the gym it is also important that you give 100%, otherwise what is the point?

It is also a good idea to be smart with your workouts too. Listen to what your own body is telling you and make adjustments if necessary.

#3: Work your entire body

If you want to grow then you need to work, and not just one or two muscle groups.

Of course compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses work a number of different muscle groups, but you should also incorporate a few isolation exercises on the muscles that see very little action.

#4: You must build strength

To build muscle then you also need to work on building your strength, they are both connected.

This means that each workout you should aim to lift just that little bit more than you lifted the previous workout.

#5: Warm up

To reduce the chances of injury while working out you should take the time to warm up.

An easy way to warm up would be to simply perform the main compound exercises with a light weight.

Some lifters will only need 5 minutes to warm up, while others may take longer. So do what you need to do to avoid injury.

#6: Use proper technique

Using proper technique or form while lifting will help reduce the chances of injury.

This may mean that you will have to reduce the weight that you are lifting. Yet an injury that prevents you from working out for weeks or even months at a time will surely effect how much muscle you gain.

#7: Look at your diet

You will not see the best results if your nutrition is not up to scratch.

Muscle Building DietThis means that you should try to avoid as much junk food as possible, although the occasional indulgence should not do too much harm.

Your diet should however consist of plenty of protein (around 1 gram per pound in body weight), as well as carbs like sweet potatoes and good fats like those found in fatty fish.

#8: Get plenty of sleep

To ensure your body is recovered ready for the next workout you should aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, preferably more.

Your body releases hormones during your sleep that will help repair and build muscle. While a lack of sleep can mess with the hormones that affect your appetite.

#9: Simplify your workout

It is an issue that many of us fall into now and then, and that is overcomplicating our workouts.

If you have hit a plateau and are no longer seeing the gains you would expect, instead of complicating your training plan any further perhaps try going back to basics instead.

#10: Do the isolation exercise last

Instead of tiring out all of your muscles before you begin, focus on the big compound exercises first while you are fresh.

These compound exercise work the most muscles in one go so it makes sense that you are able to lift the heaviest weights with these movements.

#11: Remove distractions

If you are distracted while working out then chances are you wont be giving 100%.

Remove these distractions, for instance if a training partner would rather chat than workout then perhaps it is time to train with someone else.

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