8 Rules for Hardgainers

Rules for Hardgainers

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Are you a hardgainer who struggles to gain muscle? If so then there is no need to worry as the following rules for hardgainers will help you to see some better results.

Rule #1: You can’t blame your genetics

If you are a hardgainer then you may think that it is all down to your genetics.

While this may have an impact, you cannot let it get you down as this will only leave you wanting to quit.

Instead look at ways that you can overcome these genetics. There are plenty of ways that your lifestyle, training habits and nutrition can all help add muscle mass.

Rule #2: Don’t worry about overtraining

Overtraining is not a myth, however if you have suffered the symptoms of overtraining then chances are they are because you have not recovered properly from your workout rather than worked too hard.

Most likely you have not had enough sleep, or have eaten the right sorts of nutrition to give your body chance to recover before the next workout.

Remember you are not a pro-athlete that will be spending hours daily honing their muscles. Chances are you are struggling to fit your workouts into your daily schedule.

Rule #3: You are using too many reps

Are you using a high number of reps during your workout? If so then you are going to find that your muscles will not be growing to their full potential.

It is a better option to lift heavier, but with fewer reps.

Rule #4: You are getting too complicated

When you first start lifting you will undoubtedly read every bit of information available to you.

While it is a good idea to know a little, too much information can be a hindrance.

Over analysing your form, or the perfect amount of reps to perform will only leave you feeling confused and stressed.

Stick to the basics to begin. You will soon start to learn what works and what is nonsense used to sell magazines.

Rule #5: What are you eating?

Do you keep a record of what you are eating? If not then how do you know if you are eating enough?

Steak for Muscle GrowthNo doubt you have been given advice to eat more if you want to gain muscle, but if you do not keep track of what you have eaten then there is no way of knowing if it is enough.

Even if it is just on a pad of paper, write down everything you consume. This way you will know if any changes need to be made.

Our bulking guide will give you all the advice you will need to ensure you gain muscle and strength with minimum fat gains.

Rule #6: Stop following diet fads

There are always new diet trends, but most of the time the advice given is rubbish.

Instead of following the advice of the latest trend, focus on eating real food that provides you with the nutrition that you need.

Rule #7: Be intense

It is pointless working out if you are not giving your all. You are never going to gain the muscle you want if you are only giving 80% at the gym.

Lift as big as you can with good form and you will soon start to see results.

Also focus on intense leg sessions. These are your biggest muscles, so working them will help promote muscle growth throughout your body.

This is because they work a large number of muscle fibres, which will release muscle growth hormones that will benefit your entire body.

Rule #8: Focus on your goals

If you want to gain muscle as a hardgainer then you need to make sure you focus on this goal.

Do not be discouraged by a lack of success. Perhaps you just need to make a couple of changes to what you are eating or lifting to start seeing positive results.

Simply giving up is not the answer and will not result in the gains that you desire.

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