Create a Daily Routine for Muscle Gains

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If you want to see long-term success then you will need to take some inspiration from those experienced lifters and create a daily routine for yourself.

Only then will you start to see the muscle gains that you desire.

Here are some of the things that these experienced lifters do every day to move them that closer to their goals.

#1: They keep track of their goals

Once you have decided on a goal, it is no good then forgetting about it. You will need to go back to it now and then to see how you are doing.

This reminder can be just what you need to keep you motivated throughout your journey.

#2: They are not lazy

In the past it was said that you should do nothing on those ‘rest days’ as it could harm your chances of gaining muscle.

However, we now know that the opposite is true, as those lifters who incorporate light cardio (like walking) or stretching on their rest days recover faster and see better gains.

#3: They keep tabs on their progress

Even though your body is not changing daily you need to get into the habit of checking your physique so that you can see the changes occurring.

You could even take photos to remind yourself of your progress. This can serve as a motivational tool too.

#4: They keep a journal or diary

A journal or diary is the perfect tool for keeping track of your progress.

You should use it to keep track of everything you have done so far, what you have eaten, how your lifts have progressed, even your sleep patterns and injuries.

Doing so will help you to look back to see if there is anything that you could change for better results.

#5: They take care of themselves

One of the reasons why you may want to build strength and muscle is to improve yourself, well you cannot do this if you do not take the time to care for yourself and any injuries that may occur.

What you do outside of the gym is equally as important as what you do in the gym.

Foam RollerThe following are all good for helping to aid recovery post-workout:

  • Epsom salt baths
  • Foam roller
  • Extra sleep
  • Massages
  • Yoga

#6: They are consistent

If you want to see long-term results then you cannot think of your training program as a short-term fix. You must think of this as a lifestyle choice.

By training consistently and giving your body the adequate nutrition you can start to see some good results.

Of course the occasional day off wont harm, but too long out of the game can seriously damage those hard-earned gains.

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