Is Pure Muscle X a scam?

Pure Muscle X

When you see a supplement like Pure Muscle X available for trial you maybe tempted to sign up, however I would warn against being too quick with your decision.

While its claims are impressive are there any hidden charges we need to know about?

Lets look at this supplement in more detail before we come to any conclusions.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Pure Muscle X

The following claims have been listed as benefits of Pure Muscle X:

  • Muscles grow faster and stronger
  • Your body gets fit
  • Safe and all natural medicinal grade ingredients
  • Skyrockets your energy levels
  • Enhances your sexual performance

While impressive sounding I would need to see the actual ingredients of Pure Muscle X before commenting on how accurate these claims are.

Ingredients of Pure Muscle X

While there is no label available to view, the following ingredients have been listed as being part of its formula; Glutamine and L-Arginine, as well as other essential amino acids.

Without a label or knowing exactly what Pure Muscle X contains it is impossible to comment on how effective this supplement could be.

It could offer some benefit, but on the other hand could be a complete waste of time and money.

Cost of Pure Muscle X

When you first sign up there is only the shipping cost to pay. However just 14 days after sign up there will be another charge, this time for $89.95.

Another fact you are probably unaware of (unless you have taken the time to read the terms and conditions) is that Pure Muscle X is an auto-ship program, so signing up for the offer allows further monthly packages to be sent out to you.

Is the trial recommended?

There are a number of reasons why we cannot recommend the Pure Muscle X trial.

Firstly we have doubts over its effectiveness due to a lack of ingredient information. The supplement itself is overpriced, with the final issue being its use of auto-shipping.

All-in-all I can see complaints being made from those who have signed up for the offer. If I were you I would look for an alternative.

Pure Muscle X contact details

The contact details for Pure Muscle X are as follows:

Phone: 1-800-381-8791

There is also an option to cancel the trial. You can find it at the very bottom of the sales website.

Please leave a message below if you have trialled this supplement yourself.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative that will certainly help you experience significant strength and muscle gains is D-Bal, a supplement sold online by Crazy Bulk.

This supplement has been made as a safe and legal alternative to the banned steroid Dianabol.

It can help:

  • Boost strength and muscle
  • Give you fast results
  • Boost nitrogen retention and blood flow

D-Bal is not available for trial so the price you see onsite is the price you will pay. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.

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Pure Muscle X
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  1. Hi you took money from my account and I don’t want you’re stuff to be send to me and stop taking money from my account or I’m going to take feather thank u ?

    • The above is a review. You will need to contact Pure Muscle X yourself if you wish to cancel your subscription (details posted above).

    • This is definatly a scam they send you the item and you have no chance of reviewing the product before they take money out of your account which they state is 45 days in actual fact they took money out of mine after 13 days and i never received the product and that was 3 weeks ago

      SCAM in big capitals stay away

    • The Pure muscle X site is not the only site that operates like this, there are a lot other site
      on the net that uses the same MO. How can we stop these scammer, I had the same problem with Prostate Revive they use the same tactics.

  2. HI, I purchased some of your pills online .I have had the money deducted from my account but not received the purchase,can you get onto that please,as I do not want to see another deduction from my account without seeing the product….Thank you, Tony

    • This website has nothing to do with the above product, we only review products. Therefore for any issues I suggest trying to contact them yourself, there are details posted in the above review.

  3. totally agree with all comments they also have stolen from me without me receiving anything anyone know how to get out any help would be appreciated

    • They pulled the same scam on me.
      The first thing I did was cancel my credit card so they could not get further deductions and advised my credit card company of what was going on.
      Secondly I phoned them to complain as I had not received the product and they had taken money from my cc. I told them that I had advised my cc company and they were looking into it for me as I had not received the product so how could I have a 14 day trial.
      The scammers agreed to refund my money, which took about 14 days and still left me out of pocket by $20. Better than nothing.
      Buyer beware.

  4. Hi

    Order No :

    You have already taken off money from my credit card even it was said to be in free trial period which is not acceptable . I would request you not to take further money from my credit account until I will permit you to do it after my satisfaction with the product . Unfortunately I have not received the product yet , still waiting …..

    Abdullah Al Jobair
    48 Settlers Hill Drive
    Golden Grove , SA 5125

    • Damn it, i should hv read your message or come to this site earlier. I had a similar situation like yours buddy. FXXX pure muscle x sucked my credit card. and i could take the the so called “trial pack”, after taken few dosage my doctor asked me to stop. cos my blood pressure shot up. Im not sure could it the reasons after taken these supplements. anyway doctor asked me to stop and monitor my bp. I hope get my bloody refund.

  5. I recently trailed a couple of your products.
    I’m sorry but can i please be my subscriptions cancelled thank you.
    Please contact me if i need to do more to have this done with your support.

  6. I just received my first shipment of ‘pure muscle X’. I received 2 different packages today. 2 days aft ordering. I don’t want. What should I do ?
    Brian Junghans 4/2/16

  7. Come on people, how dumb are you really? This site was just REVIEWING the product. It is NOT, and I repeat NOOOOT a product of Sheesh Stop asking for your money back here. Go to the PureMuscleX site that you ordered from and stop complaining on here.

  8. Rip off company I just had a argument with a consultant about how I havnt received my free trial after paying delivery an shipping after I started stuffing up every excuse they had an I threatened to report there company for fraud my conversation got ended by these frauds don’t fall for this scam ppl

  9. This is most surely a SCAM. I ordered the product trial, Pure Muscle X and Testosterone XL, the first sign was that they charged me double what was listed for postage, next within a couple of days they had taken from my credit card, without my permission $250+, I immediately contacted my financial institution to cancel the card itself. Then put into motion steps to regain my money. Then I found out that they actually had put into motion 2 lots of payments from my credit card, so even though I had cancelled it to prevent further loss of money, because they underhandedly set up for multiple payments, I was unable to stop the second round of payments. All this within days of ordering the ‘TRIAL’ and having not actually receiving the products to actually TRY. Anyway in the end my Bank managed to get my $500 + back, so all is good on that front. The product itself turned up 4 weeks later, but I dare not try as these people seem to be nothing more than con artists.


  10. Hi ,
    I ordered the trial offer and then noticed that the additional charges for ongoing supply were made on my credit card.
    I contacted them at , .
    The staff called me on skype and explained that my trial product had been damaged in transit and returned to them. They gave me a full credit and cancelled the direct debit.
    I have now received the trial product today…and will give it a go.

  11. Hi please cancel my order. I have done further research and have decided I do not wont to trial this product. I have tried phoning you with no luck. Do not send me the sample

  12. Hi there, in your comments you say the contact details are above ??? Where exactly ? I can’t find them ? as with all these other people, I wish to cancel before being charged, however they have no contact details to cancel ! Fair trading should be all over this bunch of thieves. If there is any details you can provide, that would be much appreciated, I understand this site is not linked, however, when you have their promo on your site ??? you will receive comments such as those.

  13. haven’t received product but two withdrawes have been made out of our account !!!!free trial ??postage to be paid only ??well how about the product that was ordered two month ago ?.your company has been removed from our direct debit access to our account. fraud investigating officers have all the details of your company .

  14. Stop sending me this fucking shit pure x muscle it is bullshit it is crap sorry no more money I already close my visa card thank you

  15. So happy i didn’t fall for this scam. there was a fake news story about the supplements that Dwayne the rock Johnson takes to increase his size. which led me to a free trail for the supplement he took. it looked very convincing and i almost entered my bank details. doing your research has definitely paid off. so sorry to hear about u all getting scammed. just glad i found Ur reviews before i actually signed up for it.

  16. i emailed the email address provided about cancling the product and heard nothing back from them, nor did i received the fre trial product yet stil got charged shipping costs, im just hoping with me contacting them within the 14 days they will not charge me full payment for thenext product….stil waiting to here back from them

  17. Cancel my subscription.. I am 75 …I don;t need or want it…My grandson used my card…I agreed because he said it was only about $5.00… Now I see the scam you pulled…Charging a exorbitant amount for worthless crap…
    Cancel my subscription… I have stopped this card and have requeted a new onw and with a stop on your site…Period…
    Cancel. Cancel Cancel, Please…
    Billy Hicks

  18. Please cancel all further shipments of pure muscle x to me as from today Tuesday 4th January
    2017. I cancelled before but the shipments still arrive. If you send me your postal address I will
    return the unopened bottles as I have not used any of your product. Please stop invoicing my account.
    Thank you
    Brian Jones


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