Protosterone, is it a scam?


Anyone who has ever wanted to gain muscle mass will be tempted by a product such as Protosterone as it promises to do exactly that.

Unfortunately despite its impressive claims there are doubts surrounding the supplement, no doubt due to its manufacturers decision to market it as a trial offer, which has led to complaints that it is a scam.

Let us look at Protosterone in more detail to see if there are any redeeming features.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Protosterone

Protosterone has made the following claims on its website:

  • Boost your libido
  • Unstoppable energy
  • Increased stamina
  • Enhanced performance

As a testosterone booster these benefits seem realistic as this is what you should expect to experience. However, these benefits can only be experienced should the ingredients found in Protosterone come up to scratch.

Ingredients found in Protosterone

It is pleasing to see that Protosterone has shown its actual label on its website as you can view its actual ingredients, which include proven testosterone boosters such as Tribulis Terrestris and Tongkat Ali.

Therefore it is likely that using this supplement should help boost your natural testosterone levels resulting in the claimed benefits stated above.

Cost of Protosterone

Despite claims that Protosterone is available as a “free trial” this is not the case as signing up for the trial actually costs £4.95, which is to cover the cost of the postage.

This initial cost is a for a 14 day period, which when elapses will mean that your account will be charged the full purchase price of £94.58.

To make matters worse every month thereafter you will be sent a new package of Protosterone along with a charge being made to your account for £89.58 (+£4.95 p&p), which will continue until your membership to this auto-ship program is cancelled.

Is Protosterone a scam?

Although the supplement itself uses proven ingredients so is likely to help boost your muscle gains the fact that it is only available as a trial offer is certainly off-putting, especially when you discover just how much it is going to cost you each month.

No doubt you are going to feel as though you have been scammed should you sign up for this offer.

In my opinion Protosterone is best avoided, there are much cheaper alternatives available that you can buy without having to sign up for an auto-ship program.

Contact details for Protosterone

To contact Protosterone you will need to use the following information (for returns you will need to get an RMA#):

Telephone: 0800-169-2018

If you have signed up for this trial offer please leave a comment below with your experiences.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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  1. I´ve bout the free trial capsules.
    Till today , no money was taking from my bank account and i have no standing orders to the company who sold me this products.
    But if they will take some money from my account, i would like to know what i can do to cancel it.



  2. Bonjour, je vous ai appelé pour annuler la commande que je n’ai pas reçus je viens de m’apercevoir que vous avez prélevé sur mon compte 2x 74,95 je vous demande de bien vouloir effectuer le remboursement immédiat

    **Translated** Hello, I called you to cancel the order I have not received I just noticed that you have taken from my account 74.95 2x I ask you to make immediate repayment.

    • Sorry but I cannot answer in French so will reply in English.

      You will need to contact Protosterone for any refund or issues, I am not associated with this company in any fashion.



    • If you can’t get a hold of them. You have no option but to call your financial institution to have your credit card cancel so they won’t make any further deduction.

  4. i ordered these product like a d##k thining i was getting a good deal then when i came to cancel the product after realising they are taking £100 out of my account every month they refused to cancel it as i didnt have the bottles ?? dont do it guys

  5. Hvordan afmelder jeg så jeg ikke får flere piller tilsendt??


    How do I cancel so I do not get more pills sent ??

  6. hi just phoned to cancel my membership phoned 08081692018 it does not ring but hang on someone does answer only took 7 mins was told at end that i will not be charged any more money but could not send bottles back as i had gone past 30 days will c what happens next month

      • Good thinking that is what I did , As the terms and conditions IE you will be auto charged and shipped is only shown AFTER credit card detail given.And no way to cancel the transaction. To me that is NOT ethical. if you have a good product , you don’t need to operate like a scam. So you lost me.

  7. ordered free sample informed when delivered had to get a RMA to return the product to stop being charged for any more; when phoning (you guessed cant get through) they phoned me back! told them i can not afford the product & do not wont it, we went over & over while he tried to persuade me to just try it before sending back, still no RMA no. Eventually he promised to send me an e-mail address to return or cancel the product have recieved nothing. Have cancelled card so hopefully they can take no more money!

  8. Payed for two trail packs 6 weeks ago still haven’t received anything yet and the bastards have taken $220 from my bank account. Have the fraud squad and police onto it so this company better give it back..

  9. SCAM SCAM SCAM i have had emails which have gone without reply.The phone number gets answered by someone callled ‘Fatima’ , she asked for my phone number but never called back. Contacted my credit card company to block any further payments. This is a con.

  10. I have also been caught by this scam after agree to the “free trail” for Protosterone and Nutrapump then had £189.95 debited from my account without my permission. (plus 2 other unauthorised subscriptions for 99p each called SlimLean Insure and Neu Cleans Insure). I had no confirmation email, no contact number or delivery note to get in touch with the company and I am so grateful of this website as I made contact via the email supplied on here:
    I have also found a similar case on the advertising standards authority website about a product called ketonepremium that was doing a similar scam to this one so I have reported it to them and suggest you all do too so they can build a case against them. I have also reported to Trading Standards. Surprising the company have responded to my email offering 50% refund.

  11. hi every one its a scam and bullshit do not buy anything from them lots of hadache after cancelation they will charge u again 29p twice ?

  12. please i want my money back as asap you guy chagerd me $124.31 time 2 im very poor guy i dont make any yet still at school all my saving gone for my xmas….. very sad atm…. i try to contact yours but nothing went thurgh you guy….

    • AJ, this website has nothing to do with Protosterone. You will need to contact them yourself as they will not be reading these messages.

  13. U have to cancel the credit card u bought the garbage off.. do it quickly cause they sting u hard.. i got done double in one week.. load of bs

  14. I clicked on a link through mens health. I didn’t see anything of a free trial ESPECIALLY THE £95 A MONTH!!!! Calling them now as this is not what I wanted or signed for. The worst part is they got me twice one for protestrone and another for utra pump. no way. Im not paying that at all for something ive found I cant use for medical stability.

  15. I got this offer on my FB account through Mens Health Mag, the funny thing is guys I read the reviews that MH had written that supported both, Nutra Pump and Protoseterone and they are the same reviews from one of there staff members for the product (Garcinia Cambogia) which I ordered 5 month ago, (funny that) as we here so many times “if its to good to be true, then it is” I rang them to cancel and of course I was told all the same shit that you have all been told, I only ordered mine yesterday, 24th Nov 14 and tried to cancel this morning. I rang my bank straight away, they rang there fraud section and experts, they told me to send an email to and inform them to cancel my order and that they no longer have permission to access my acount, the bank also cancelled my card. Dont do it guys, ive learnt my lesson, ” always read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS”

  16. Again people does it work or not? There’s all kinds of ways to order said products, Amazon sell them with no quarms I think, so as asked before time n time again does it work? cheers

  17. This is a HORRID SCAM. I cannot believe MENSHEALTH would allow such a link.
    Shocking. They say ‘ CLAIM YOUR FREE’ bottle. It is not free, you have to return it if you do not wish to be charged appx 100 Euros, plus insurance, plus costs for the NEWSLETTER subscription that they automatically sign you up to.

    The cost of the bottle they send you is appx 100 Eur, they initially charge for postage only but if you have not returned the bottle within 14 days of your order, irrespective of when you receive the item, you will not be charged for the bottle you have already received but will also be charged for a second bottle that will be with you within 6 weeks and then monthly 100 eur charge for each bottle until you have cancelled your membership and subcription. This is deliberately made complicated and hard to do.

    Besides you also have to make clear that the newsletter subscription will need to be cancelled too. And if you do not receive the item, which is not beyond realms of possibility with these scammers, you will still be charged- you just have to file a claim with the insurers which invoice you for the insurance seperately.

    Their claim that the BOTTLE IS FREE is FALSE and DECEPTIVE
    They pre authorise your card for additional 40 and 70 GBP for so called verification purposes.
    They subscribe you to the newsletter.
    They charge for the insurance and items will be lost, you will be charged and it could take months to file a claim with the insurers, if they exist.


  18. this is a scam,send them an email to cancel your account ,and you do not want any more of their the email and pass it on to your credit card com/bank

  19. This is a SCAM. I received this then got to read the paperwork that comes with it and found out about the payments should you not return and cancel.
    I tried over 2 hours to contact them by phone and the best I got was rubbish music and an even worse phone line. I never got to speak to anyone so couldn’t get a return number.
    I contacted my bank straight away and got them to put a stop on any future payments.
    I will be keeping a close eye on my account though just in case they try and take money sing a different name.
    Has anyone actually used this ans the nutra pump and does it work

  20. This is a completely scam!!! I payed for the postage an got the product, never read the letter that said that later they will charge me £94.58 for both bottles. Tried to call but they never aswer.
    This needs to be reported to traiding standard!!!

  21. I received my trail bottles in 2014.and after receiving them realised it was a scam.there is no way I was able to get in touch with them.the product does absolutely nothing for you.they mislead you with false trail @ £4.95 per bottle of protosterone and nutrapump.they got that load of crap.i immediately cancelled my bank card and put a stop to them immediately.
    Today 6/7/15 I get a letter from a GGN mastering credit demanding I pay £224.26 for the two bottles included in the cost £34.70 collection fee. So i replied to a return address that the letter came. Basically saying that they ain’t getting a single penny from me.and they can take whatever further action they like and to let me know the court dates.steer well clear of these criminals


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