Is the Power Testro offer legit?

Power Testro

Power Testro is a supplement available for trial that is claimed to help naturally boost your testosterone levels.

When your testosterone levels are raised you will be able to experience significant strength and muscle ‘gains’ as you will be able to workout that much harder in the gym.

In this review we will look at this supplement in more detail to see if its ingredients could actually boost your natural levels of testosterone.

We will also look to see if there are any hidden charges we need to know about. Trial offers in the past have often turned out to be scams.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Power Testro

Power Testro has made the following claims on its website:

  • Challenge yourself
  • Nourish your body
  • Stacked formula
  • Safe ingredients

To be honest these claims would not entice me into signing up for this offer, which is perhaps a good thing as it will give you chance to see what ingredients this supplement contains and therefore what effects it will have on your body.

Ingredients found in Power Testro

The label available to view onsite shows that Power Testro contains ingredients such as Horney Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali and Wild Yam amongst others.

While there is no substitute for your own hard work in the gym, I can certainly see the benefit of using a supplement like this. It will no doubt aid your own efforts.

Of course whether we would recommend this supplement remains to be seen. It really depends on how expensive it is.

Cost of Power Testro

Power Testro is available as a 10 day trial that will start off as a respectable $4.99.

Unfortunately if you do not cancel within this initial trial period you will be charged a further $84.95.

Whats more is that every month thereafter further payments will also be expected for more deliveries as like the various other trial offers we have reviewed Power Testro is an auto-ship program.

These types of scheme are notorious and will continue to charge you monthly until your subscription is cancelled.

Is Power Testro a scam?

While the ingredients of Power Testro should help you with your own efforts there is no getting away from the fact that this product is overpriced.

There are numerous alternatives available that cost a fraction of the cost of this product.

The use of auto-shipping is another major issue that will likely lead to complaints. Unfortunately there is little you can do apart from cancel the trial to stop further payments. Power Testro have covered themselves legally in their terms and conditions.

This is one major reason why you should always take a minute to see what you are actually signing up for, as once you do it will be too late.

Power Testro contact details

To contact Power Testro to cancel the trial before being charged the full amount you should use one of the following methods:

Phone: (866)981 5134

If you have trialled this particular product and would like to let us know your opinion then please do by leaving a comment below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

To naturally boost your testosterone levels there is one supplement I would recommend higher than all others. Its name is Testogen and it comes highly recommended.

Not only is it proven to help increase your muscle mass and strength, it is also significantly more cost-effective than Power Testro, with no auto-shipping so the price you see onsite is the price you pay.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of Testogen >>


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  1. Ordered both Bottles Power Testro and Real Nitro for the free 10 to 14 day trial and paid $4.95 per bottle for shipping to try but they sent it to me 14 days later in mail shipped separately and received a day apart and then charged me $89.95 PER BOTTLE !! SO MUCH FOR THE FREE TRIAL and I have turned this company and their poor customer service into the Neb. Attorney General and Better Business Bureau for scamming customers and misleading advertising !! You all should be ashamed of yourselves and will be posting on every public website not to do business with your company or product !

  2. Power Testro is a scam. Charge you 90 dears before you can even use the product. Have to call customer service and wait forever to cancel. This company should be fined or penalized. How is it a free trial when you barely use the product?

    • I really thought I was smarter than this but apparently not. I ordered the trial of PowerTestro and RealNitro. Then I decided to check online to see if it was safe with heart disease and read about the scams they pulled. Same day I ordered it I emailed Support and told them I wanted to cancel. Next day I recieved an email back saying they were sorry I was dissatisfied with the product and would receive no more shipments or charges. Today there were 2 charges on my bank account for $180. Called and was told I needed a cancellation number, which didn’t happen to be on my email reply. I’m screwed.

    • When you call to cancel they say “sorry our system is down for 1 hr” then it was down for 3 hrs.. I called right back got another guy who kept hanging up on me.. I couldn’t cancel before the trial ended and they charged me 89.95.. finally got a guy and threatened him with the FBI internet fraud division and he said he cancelled my stuff and refunded me, I’ll be waiting for my refund….

  3. This is a total scam (Times 10) . Same thing happened to me and I am still working on getting my refund. I was charged for both bottles 89.95 & 89.94.

  4. I was charged. , $ 4.95. From my damn card & I didnt evening purchased this shit. , why. Take my mobey & cant get my money back its wrong & stealin from people

  5. I have just received the trial offer and there is a charge for 89.95 on my debit card. I want this removed immediately i did not get to even try the free trial as yet. So as i see cancellation is within 10 days and i am cancelling this so remove it from my debit card asap. Card is in the name Diane Ladet. Shipping info
    Sandra a Burdell
    3541 Browns road
    Millbrook Alabama Home 36054
    These charges were not approved.
    I will be going to my bank as well to show these were inappropriatey charged. I am advising you to remove them now!

    • Sandra, Please don’t use your debit card for anything from now on…I use to work for S..Trust Bank…its b/c debit cards are directly linked to your bank account and when a vendor store is compromised electronically or you punch in your 4 digit pass code it is automatically stored in their system…they can empty your bank account…eventually you get your money back but there is a long recourse waiting period and electronic bill pay are linked directly. Also, your bills still need to be paid on time or your credit suffers. Good luck.

  6. Ordered both Bottles Power Testro and Real Nitro for the free 10 to 14 day trial and paid $4.95 per bottle for shipping to try but they sent it to me 14 days later in mail shipped separately and received a day apart and then charged me $45.00 PER BOTTLE !! FREE TRIAL?????????????????. The company and their poor customer service is a total SCAM. I AM REPORTING THEM TO EVERY BUREAU I CAN FIND.

  7. BEWARE OF POWER TESTRO!!! Ordered this without researching to see if it was a scam…well, found out it is DEFINITELY a SCAM!! Do not order Power Testro from I would imagine all websites that sell this are the same as this one. Came up on my bank statement as WEL*CLEARONEHEALTH with a phone number of 866-884-5050. I actually got lucky and happened to look at my bank statement online and saw that they had taken out two charges of $4.95 (they said two orders were made for the Power Testro but I only ordered once!). I was mad about being charged twice for shipping charges, and then once I got on phone with them, I was told about the auto-ship subscription I signed up for!! I was told that I would be charged $89.95 for subsequent shipments! I told them to immediately cancel it…then was offered to get it for 50% off!! They are absolute SCAMMERS!!!!

  8. The $84+ charge will not go through if you cancel your order before the 14-day trial period ends. I did pay the $4.95 because that is what was agreed to. To be safe, I cancelled my current card and requested for a new one. So far it worked…In the future, I will be very cautious of these types of marketing promotions. I see that there is often a catch to great deals.

  9. I paid 4.95 for shipping trail on two products then they started shipping me new bottles of the products and charging me 89.95 per bottle for something I did not order.

  10. Trial period expired before product arrived at house. Charged for $178 plus dollars. Called to cancel and at least got back $127, but company still got $50 plus dollars out of us!!! Total scam, Do Not Fall for this!!! Vanessa was very nice and explained everything to us.

  11. There is no such thing as a free trial!!! I thought I would have known this but I did not. I was charged the shipping costs and then an additional $89 10 days later. When I called they told me it was in the contract. I was charged an additional $89 the following month for nothing. When I called again they said it the product was in transit. What product I asked, I did not order any other product. Now I have to deal with my CC company to ensure no other charges are made. Be carefully this is a scam.

  12. Typical scam. Don’t know WTH I was thinking, but I’m out $9.90 today. I called to cancel the order within 10 minutes of placing it and got suspicious after not being able to link to certain page and then read all these comments. Called their C.S. and “Frank” said that yea, I’d still be charged the S&H price but wouldn’t even get the two bottles I paid for. Going straight top my bank now and likely cancelling card now because if these people can get away with this kinda crap, who knows what else they’ll do! Will not do this typa thing ever again. Lesson learned!

  13. the power testro is a total rip off …BIG TIME !!!! when you try to cancel they charge you 97 dollars for the 14 day free trial



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