Should you avoid the Power Pro trial?

Power Pro

Power Pro is a supplement that promises to help those who want “ripped, muscular bodies as quickly as possible”, but can it do what it claims to do?

The problem with claims is that they are often not backed up with any proof, which is why it is important not to rush into the signing up of any trial offer.

These trial offers are often designed purely to get you to sign up for an auto-ship program.

This is why we have decided that we should look more closely at the Power Pro trial to see if its claims can be backed up and whether it is a scam or not.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Power Pro

Power Pro has made the following claims on its website:

  • Get ripped now
  • Gain strength fast
  • Build muscle easily
  • Maximise fat burn
  • Boost energy naturally

Now, these claims on the face of it sound fantastic. However, you should not fall for them without first looking at the ingredients of the supplement.

How else would you know if these claims are accurate or not?

Ingredients of Power Pro

The first issue you will find with Power Pro is its vague ingredients list.

It mentions things like a Creatine Matrix, an Energy Matrix and a Beta Alanine Matrix but there is no mention of the ingredients used.

Again there are a lot of claims and information but little to back them up.

Cost of Power Pro

The main issue with Power Pro is due to its high cost, which is an astonishing £99.97.

As the payment terms are hidden away in the T&Cs you may be unaware of this high cost, and also the fact that Power Pro operates an auto-ship program, which means that signing up to this trial offer means further monthly packages will subsequently be delivered to you.

Is Power Pro a scam?

While they are not doing anything illegal, there is a reason why auto-ship programs like this get such a bad reputation.

No doubt at the end of the month when you are charged the full purchase price you will feel aggrieved and will likely state that Power Pro is a scam.

How to cancel your auto-ship subscription?

To cancel your membership and to receive an RMA I suggest you phone Power Pro using the following phone number:


You may also want to send them an email using the following address:

If you have signed up for this trial offer and were then charged for your trial then please leave a message below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalAn alternative to Power Pro is D-Bal, which is sold online by Crazy Bulk who have it listed for sale at £36.37 for a months supply.

Using D-Bal alongside a good protein-rich diet and regular gym sessions should enable you to see the following benefits:

  • Increased muscle endurance and strength
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Improved blood flow during workouts
  • No prescription needed
  • No injections, taken orally (tablet)
  • 100% legal
  • Safe alternative to Dianobol

Not only is this particular supplement cheaper but as it is not available on trial you can relax knowing you will not be receiving any hidden charges to your account.

The supplements sold by Crazy Bulk have numerous real user testimonials and photographs so you know juts what benefits can be experienced.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>


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Power Pro
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    • Trying to unsuscribe for a week. No response to my emails, phone calls to customer care cost money and they keep you on the line and dont resolve anything. Ended up going to the bank to cancel the payment and blocking any future charges.

    • I phoned up to cancel the order within seconds of me placing it on line and was told by some jerk that the order had already been sent.This was after he kept me on the phone for twenty minutes trying to fob me off.

      It is a total rip off in which you end up paying twice to receive and then to send back the supplements,unless of course you want to pay 100 pounds a month for them.

      Please be aware Power Pro is a complete and utter SCAM

    • Guys, please note:
      *Reporting your card lost/stolen will not cancel future payments as any payments that are set up on your “lost/stolen” card will be transferred onto your new card that your issuer sends to you. You must inform your card provider directly of what is happening and they will block any future attempts by these guys! Hopefully this tip serves you all well and helps in this experience and any others like it from here on….

    • Yes, they are theive. They took £100 from my account and when I phoned them they said this is a their T&C which I didn’t see I mean they didn’t tell us on the website. I complained to National fraud team. At least we can protect others.

    • Omg me too!! My bf ordered them lead him for a monkey anyone help with the returns address the one on the envope is rubbed off conveinently!! Awful scam

  1. ripped off company. they keep charging my credit card every month and never even received any of the products. call the customer service and they tell me they mailed it and you ask for confirmation and they don’t have any so how do I know that that they mailed it then. I finally called my credit company to dispute the charges.

  2. OMG, I to have signed up for a free trial only with delivery charge, These people are making millions! I have recently noticed that 2 separate charges for just under £200 have been charged to my account and only 17 days after I said yes to free trial off with apparently no obligation.
    I have found this product to be of no effect whatsoever!


    Whilst writing this I have been on hold to the only number given for the last half an hour. Finally someone answered. Only problem is the line is continually cracking up and it took another 10 mins to communicate my request of a call back. I think it got through, am now going to give it an hour or so followed by a back up email request to try and get this stopped. I think I’ll be visiting my bank swell just to ensure that no more payments come out.

    WELL AND TRULY RIPPED OFF! and very very disgusted that companies can get away with this SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM


  3. Genuine scam, i signed up to what i believed to be a trial product, however i have now just 7 days to get hold of an RMA number (although customer services refuse to answer any of my calls or emails) before i am charged £200 for a product i did not wish to subscribe to, any advice would be welcomed, can i just block the transactions if i go into my bank??

    • Yes you can.
      Confirm by email that you want to cancel the trial .
      Send all goods back by tracking delivery and then contact bank to block out any further transactions with this company

  4. My advice is stay clear of these products. If you find you have been conned into signing for a free trial and then find that you are about to be billed – report your card lost or stolen to your bank. This will at least stop unwanted future charges.

  5. I too have been caught out by these CROOKS, I took action by canceling my debit card,

    and my bank will block any charges made to my credit card.

    Hope this helps .


  6. Hey,

    So I ordered the Power Pro product. I was half way through the order (thinking there’s not something right to this) especially when it costs £5.99. Having read the T&C’s, there would be a £99.97 charge every month if you didn’t tell them before the subscription finished. All they care about is money. Emails took very long and as for the phone calls, they’re basically designed to sap all the money out of your phone because I’ve never waited so long to speak to Customer Services. The guy on the phone rambled on about offers but personally you have to be assertive and say ‘I don’t want this product! How do I cancel it?”.
    Basically, my subscription ends 4th March 2015 so they told me to call in again about 3 days before to get an Return Authorization Number so that I can return it. And guess what, you got 7 days to return your bottle with tracking. Yes. Tracking! Even more money for them.
    I’m never trusting these sites again. I should of been more careful but here I am. But as ever, I blocked my card. Such bad customer service and I wish sites (like these) would be more regulated. But yeah, don’t trust it guys. Pretty much like steroids.

    • After you’ve received your RMA (Return number), you have to return it within 7 days. Pretty blatant timing especially giving it on a Friday meaning the Post Office won’t open until Monday.

      So to put the costs into perspective, I paid:

      1. £5.99 – For Power Pro
      2. £0.99 – Bluesnap payment gateway (something I didn’t even know about and which is why my card company called me up because it was from Cyprus)
      3. £4.98 – For First Class Post with Tracking to get their stuff returned.

      Now I get why Jason Statham uses these products for his body. Because he has millions in his account and probably a guy to do it all for him. I’m a student especially, so if there are any students out there, stay well away from these products unless you want to get into debt.

  7. Yep I was stupid enough to sign up for a free trial. The charges where hidden only visable for a brief second while the application loaded. I’ve called them several times, it’s always just an un answered phone call. I have emailed them several times I got a generic response claiming that they cannot cancel the order an that I must phone the customer service phone line. Bank informed if nothing has happened next week I will report my card lost

    • You should report your card lost asap! They take loads of small charges every other day, as i discovered the hard way! does anyone know what the hell is in the product? To me they look like glorified multivitamins!

  8. Can anyone tell me step by step how to cancel my unwanted membership, I signed up for the trial and only got charged for the shipping but didn’t know about the hidden charges. Before the 14 day trial is up I need to cancel as don’t want to pay 100 odd pound! Can anyone help?

    • Kev.
      First you need to cancel the trial by E mail and by phoning customer services ( no above ).Be firm and assertive because I have spoken to these guys and they try and fob you off.They sound like the Russian Mafia.

      Next go into your bank and tell them you have been scammed into an alleged free trial which is costing you money through a recurring transaction at the end of each month.
      Give bank your details of how you have tried to cancel by above methods and then they will put block on subscription and possibly return any money to you.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I also signed up and have had the postage charge taken but not the large fee yet.
      You need to contact the ‘disputes’ department of your bank/credit card firm.
      You can ask the bank to prevent any future payments or just cancel your debit/credit card – same procedure as if it had been lost/stolen.

  9. I just looked at there websites and they are nearly identical to a scam that was going on Sometime last year, I would recommend d-bal. I have ordered four items from crazybulk and everything was good, there is also a lot of reviews on the website so I would recommend them to anyone wanting to use supplements or steroids (whatever you class them as)

  10. Hi I’m just wanting to know when they take the 200 pound out your bank is it from the same company that take the free trail money out. I need to let my bank know so I can sort this out

  11. Hi guys, I wish I came across this before I ordered.
    But not all lost as I had ordered with the top up card so if there is no money there nobody can try to put charge on it. I highly recommend one like this for all internet transactions. I sound like a commercial but I think that would save a lot of you a lot of stress.
    I got myself the trial and made sure I had just enough money to cover the delivery. I will not be putting any more money on the card now so they can’t take a payment. I will try to cancel but I am not too worried. The return address on the envelope is 204 Baker Street, Suite 004, London EN1 3JY, I might pop in there in person to save me on postage, although this is probably only a post box. I will be filming returning it.
    Have any of you guys have any good results trying the product though?

  12. Right guys.
    This a a scam company avoid like Ebola.

    Just to confirm that once they have got your details they can even access your money from a closed or cancelled account if they have your account no.

    Phone your bank and tell them your card has been stolen or lost to put a block on any payments going out and to give you a new account.
    If you do have money taken out by these scum then report it to bank immediately to gain refund.

  13. Yes. I’m another one who fell for the super “Trial offer”

    Great shout out to Nat West though. I contacted them and relayed my story. They’ve basically blocked the company from taking out any money from my account and will be on the look out for them when they try. I’ve also been given a reassurance that if they succeed in taking any money by using another company name (it does happen apparently) they will refund my account plus any interest charges. So I’m happy. I’ll make sure I stay well away from trial offers from now on.

  14. I stupidly enough went for the trial bottle never normally do anything like this normally I’ve ordered off amazon or official trusted sites and never had a problem, thought it was a brilliant offer I come across from an ad I saw wasn’t aware of the scam and catches involved till afterwards I read up on a few sites but since I subscribed 2 days ago I haven’t been charged yet thankfully, but was emailed with a number of charges my initial £6.98 for the trial bottle which ok fair enough then another one for 29p every month for a news letter which I never asked for every month then a £99 charge per month for constant supply of the product which I didn’t ask for, alarm bells started ringing when I started being bombarded with calls from other companies that have got my phone and bank details from power pro sending me free booklets and offers on high Street stores and flights n god nos what else but with delivery charges which I don’t want and that will be taken if u don’t phone a ridiculous rate number in so many days total rip off, getting back to power pro there customer service which u also have to phone to cancel subscription, didnt even give it the time of day another ridiculous rate so I emailed them, my email was ignored and got a reply but was about something totally different I’ve since sent a number of emails and been fobbed off again so annoyed so I phoned my bank and canceled my card and my bank will decline any payments that come through that isn’t a direct debt that I’ve set up I.e phone bill, insurance etc.. I’m hoping this is the end of it, I’ve been lucky to catch it early and so far havnt been charged

  15. Scam Scam Scam, they took the money from my 16 year old account leaving him with a £5.00.

    When I spoke to them they admitted the terms and conditions are in very small print at the bottom of the website, unfortunately my 16 year old did not realise what he was signing in for, he thought he was just getting a free trial

  16. Hi guy just ordered this apprently free trial then found this and am not a happy chappy I fell gor this can any one help is it best just to phone my credit card company up rite now and explain this or report it lost or stollen

  17. total scam, rang to cancel and a foreign guy tried giving the hard sell(says ring between 8am and 5pm but still answered at 7.40pm,sounded like 1 guy in a quiet room) emailed to confirm cancellation and did get replies but still told I’d have to pay for trial if not cancelled within 14 days,informed him I was on the phone now to cancel all billing and don’t want the product but still gave his sales speech again,the pills did arrive after a couple of days with a return address for 204 baker street london,didn’t open them just returned them(probably multivitamins inside!! contact your bank straight away to cancel all payments,present and future,also got calls from 0121 647939,a Birmingham number,again,total scam also a call from 01273 647939,a Brighton number registered as rocket marketing group thanking me for my order,although she gave a different name at the start of the phone call.avoid this “product” at all costs,

  18. I too fell for this, stupidly enough! I’ve emailed them and will be popping into my bank tomorrow to report my card lost, hopefully this will stop the payments, as so far about 11 pound as been charged, however I used a credit card so should be able to claim this back. Hoping I can sort it all out, been worrying about it a lot the last couple of days. Can anyone confirm that if by reporting they card lost/stolen the payments have stopped?

  19. I am Adam, I would like to thank everyone here, as I was about to buy these pills. Now I know it is a scam’
    Cheers everyone!

  20. I filled out the order form and pressed ‘complete order’ but don’t think it went through. Can anyone tell me if they send any confirmation of your order?

  21. Finally managed to receive a RMA number and send the bottles back and block all payments/ and order a new card a couple of days ago. My advice is, if you do fall for this scam, request a RMA number straight away, personally I emailed them and they got back to me within a few days, I did this to avoid any more costs via Calling them.Then ring your bank/or call at your nearest branch and explain your situation, Barclays were very helpful and sorted everything out on the phone.
    From now on, I’m not paying for anything online unless I know for sure, everything is legit and I have read all T/C.

  22. Fell for this scam. Contracted to cancel items but got fobbed off then got hold of credit card provider to cancel any payments in the future.
    Credit card companies are aware and are monitoring.
    Wouldn’t even call them for return authorisation number and bin the items.
    £10.98 they got out of me.
    Want they going to do black list you.

  23. Hi All,

    It looks like I am in good company in falling for this scam. I ordered the free trial for power pro and Nutra Tosterone before checking up on the forums. I sent them an email to cancel within an hour of ordering but unsurprisingly was told that the order was already at the warehouse, and that I would have to wait for delivery before I could ask them for a return (RMA) number.
    This was 2 days ago and as yet the postage has not been stopped from my account. Do they stop the p/p first and then the big fee later ?. The reason that I ask this is that I was stupid enough to sign up so am willing to pay the postage but need to cancel with my bank before they can get any more money.

  24. I had the power pro and cancelled within 48 hours. Had a call from Rocket Marketing twice and was assured of the cancellation. 2 weeks later £200 taken out of my account which only only noticed when I was about to board a plane going on holiday for the weekend. I spoken to them and they were passive and said they will refund 20%. I said no then someone call and offered 50% which I refused so they refunded none. Called my bank and they refunded it after I explained. However, you need to put a blockage at your bank or they will repeat the same scam at a later date. Thieves and robbers is what they are and I would avoid them at all costs.

  25. hey guys, ok so I ordered the two bottles of power pro and Nutra tosterone, they arrived a couple of days later.. I then emailed them and said I wanted to return, so they gave me an RMA number so I have sent the empty bottles back.. And kept the pills! So what’s the scam??? You should always ad the small print. So far they have been great, with no problems??? Has anyone actually tried the pills?? Maybe they actually work??? Oh also if they are so rubbish then why are loads of reputable companies selling the, on eBay with 100% feedback and great reviews???

    I guess the only scam you guys are talking about is the money they take, but it says that in the small print, and again anyway all you have to do is send back the empty bottles! You can take all the pills out and save them?? Which is great as you then get all the pills for a cheap price!

    Comments anyone??

    Thanks guys,


    • Peter,

      I fell for this and have now cancelled and got the RMA number but I also read the small print stating you must include the trial bottle and all empty /unused products when returning. I am intending to do the same as you and keep the pills. or at least 14 days worth !

      Did they come back to you regarding keeping the pills?


    This company they even give your bank details to rocket advertising and then they start taking money out of your account

    The phone no they give is a company in Canada that denies all knowledge of power pro.
    They start taking money out under different names i.e. BLS Ultra or Nutra and 200 pound was taken out in one day.

    Taking money without consent is a SCAM,

    and we all know E bay cannot police its site 100% and has dubious products on the site and 100%feedback could be fictitious from the company

    Inform your bank ASAP cancel your cards

    I will be going to trading standings regarding this, and I have reported it to the fraud squad

  27. IT IS A SCAM

    I put in my details for a trial order then a screen flashed up with the T&Cs, I read and immediately hit no. However the sale went through all the same. I called straight away and spoke to a man that said the order was sent. I told him there is no way it was sent with 4 mins. I asked for an RMA number and he refused.

    As I said no to the T&Cs I was not going to have the tablets. However they have been sent and arrived. The item was posted the day after I spoke with the man.

    I have emailed the company telling them the story and have asked for a postal order for the P&P they charged me, also the post to send it back. If they refuse I will keep the tablets and are legally mine after 6 months. I never asked for them.

    I called my bank and they have put a stop in money coming out of the company ever. If the do try and use anther company name to get money then that is fraud, and I’m covered by the banks for that.

    I have also reported to council trading standards.

  28. Hi guys unfortunatey i done this lastnight can i please get advice on how to cancel ive tryed to and they have said they will be phoning me ?? Still waiting !!cnt believe ive been so stupid the things you do to gain confidence in yourself and not as if im earning a fortune

  29. I hope everyone just avoid this operation – truly set up in such a way as to ensure they get return sales !! and yes very difficult to cancel the transactions as most bank do not / cant stop CC recurring payments as its a contract between the seller and buyer – BEWARE – though the banks are sympathetic if you provide enough information and detail that you have been silly and duped !! so yes i manged to persuade bank to ‘block’ any transaction – PS note if you cancel the card you signed up and receive a new one it transfer any recurring transactions authorities you have agreed to, to the new card !!

    I manged to get them to give me the RMA’s by simple hard persistence and just constantly saying ‘I want to cancel’ and ignoring all the sales pressure – finally they provided as they are also contracted to do so T&C’s work both ways – I told them i had manged to ‘blocked’ future transaction.

    Finally make sure you return bottles via at least signed for (recommend Special Delivery) – again part of your contract with them and provide tracking number as detailed in RMA email – they are obligated under contract to then cancel your order.

    trust this helps everyone 🙂

  30. I very stupidly ordered this product before I found out that they havnt been tested in the U.K. Pill’s arrived yesterday, Sat. 09/05/2015, you have to take two lot’s at the same time. I wanted to cancel but the only phone number is 0808-169-2024, which is in COSTA RICA my friend’s. I also have to return them 1st class recorded or they will not accept your cancellation, at my own cost.If you cant cancel in time, they will deduct £109.97 for one, and £109.97 for the other plus £9.99 p.p. each MONTH from your account. So give this lot a very wide berth.

  31. Called RBS to stop payments was told if any money was taken out of my account I would be refunded even if they used a different name.

  32. I to was conned by these mothers as well they took £400 out of my account in one month under two different names and when I told my bank about this all they kept saying was unfortunately you entered into a contract … So I closed my account with the TSB there just as corrupt as fucking PP

  33. hi
    I am in Australia and the phone number does not work to cancel! I have sent emails and Facebook msgd but getting nowhere!
    Can someone please point me in the right direction

    • My wife done the same so just Face it you have been conned so cancel your bank card and direct dept asap so they dont take more money out of your bank account..

  34. I was dumb enough to subscribe to the trial and have been trying to contact them in returning the bottle before i am charged, i can’t seem to contact the number that was given, any suggestions? or should i just go cancel my card like a lot of you have said?

  35. I fell for this pish aswell everyone I’ve spoke to the bank and blocked everything also returned this glorified crushed vitimans to Ruislip greater London before trail end never again am I going to be so stupid and thick feel for everyone else too utter rubbish ????

  36. I fell for this scam cancelled within the trial and blocked card payments now got a foreign debt collector with no phone number writing to me demanding £138 within 7 days


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