Platinum XT-1000 Testosterone Booster Review – Is the trial a scam?

Platinum XT-1000

Platinum XT-1000 is a testosterone booster that claims to provide “mind-blowing results”. The purpose of the following review is to discover whether this claim is in fact true or not.

We will need to look at the ingredients used to check the accuracy of the claims, plus we will need to look to see if there are any hidden charges too.

This product is currently available for trial, which is often a bad sign. With trial offers in the past leading onto expensive auto-ship programs that have resulted in customer complaints.

Before you rush to sign up for this trial please read on to avoid any possible disappointment.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Platinum XT-1000

According to their website, users of Platinum XT-1000 should experience the following benefits:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Cut recovery time
  • Explosive workouts
  • Better hormone production

As mentioned previously it is important not to believe these claims without proof, so it is recommended that you look to see what ingredients have been used.

Doing so will help ensure the claims are proven and that the product is also safe to use, with no side effects.

Ingredients found in Platinum XT-1000

Unfortunately there is no way to back up the claims made as there is zero information available on what ingredients have been used in this supplement.

Preferably we would like to see an actual label with dosages, but Platinum XT-1000 have not even got a list of ingredients used.

Without this information we cannot verify the claims made, nor can we check if the product is safe to use.

For all we know this product could be completely ineffective, or worse still could lead to serious side effects. I would be wary of trying a product that does not disclose its ingredients in full.

True cost of Platinum XT-1000

How much would you think a trial offer would cost? It may surprise you, especially if you are expecting it to be free.

To check the true price of a trial offer you should always take a moment or two to read the terms and conditions page (if there is one available).

The T&Cs of Platinum XT-1000 reveal a $4.95 shipping charge when you first sign up, which is acceptable, but you are likely to be surprised when the second charge of $89.41 is made just 14 days later.

Like so many other trial offers before it, failure to cancel the trial offer will result in you being automatically placed onto an auto-ship program.

This means that you will receive monthly packages of the supplement, whether you want them or not. These of course will need to be paid for too, at full price.

Is the Platinum XT-1000 testosterone booster a scam?

With zero ingredient information to back up its claims, and a high price there are certainly going to be those who would call Platinum XT-1000 a scam.

Trial offers are rarely as good an offer as they appear, so if you are tempted by one make sure to do thorough research to avoid potential disappointment.

As things stand this offer is best avoided.

Contact details for Platinum XT-1000

To cancel this trial offer I would suggest using the following contact information:

Phone: 866-839-8295

If you have signed up to the Platinum XT-1000 trial and would like to leave your own review then you can do so by completing the comment form below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative testosterone booster would be D-Bal, a product available from Crazy Bulk that has been made using ingredients designed to mimic the anabolic steroid Dianabol.

D-Bal is completely safe and legal to use, while offering the following benefits:

  • Increased strength
  • More muscle mass
  • An increase in both blood flow and oxygen retention

As it is not available for trial there is no risk of encountering any hidden or repeat charges.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>


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Platinum XT-1000
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  1. I received two bottles of Platinum XT-1000 today in the mail. Since I did not send any money and order this product I am returning it to Sender listed on each container. I trust you will honor my
    request and avoid this matter being turned over to authorities as a scam. Sincerely,m Robert Knerr

  2. my son used my credit card to buy the trial bottles and i found out i called them and talked with a customer rep. I told her i wanted this cancelled not to send me no orders she couldnt understand no, this was 2 weeks ago i just got my credit card statement they charged my card 186.82 and i didnt recieve any pills which i didnt want if they do not give me credit for this bullshit i am going to take this to my legal lawyer and sue there ass for harassment and fraud.

    • you better get ahold of me at 989-450-7136 soon. I want to be credited for the amount you charged my card this is bull shit, if I dont here from you guys today Legal action will be taken. I have a recording of me cancelling any further shipments with the ignorant lady on the phone who wouldnt take no for a answer and told me finally my order was cancelled then I get charged for it 2 weeks later im not the guy you should be trying to screw over.

  3. Good article. The people selling this are complete and total ripoff artists. I tried the trial and got no results. I actually had bad results. It claims to boost sex drive, absolutely not true. My sex drive returned after I stopped using the product. I think the worse thing is that the risk free trial costs $180. They try to scam you when you cancel. They told me to triple the dosage. I said no. They didn’t care. They said we respect your decision so we will reduce the price on your order. I told them no. I must have said no a dozen times. I had to be forceful about it. Terrible product, terrible service.

  4. I too called and cancelled. Just received another bottle today and was charged 89.00$ I called and demanded my money back. All they did was apologize. I’m getting the address to pay them a visit.Thieves

  5. This promotion charged me 271 dollars for 2 bottles. 1 bottle of platinum x and 1 bottle of cleanse. I’m sick of this scam.

  6. I don’t know about the product but the company is a real scam. If you can I have a call acting like they are in a reporter from ESPN using the product and recommending it. This is not the case.
    When you place your order online for the trial they tell you it’s $4.95 for shipping and handling. However they also aff a second product which does not give you a choice to say no to, making your total over $14. Try to cancel it? Good luck! I had to threaten them with a lawsuit and report them to the FDA as well as the Better Business Bureau. They finally refunded my money. This company Truly is a scam!

  7. they a repo,dont let me cancell,the y have only asian costumer support , dont let peopel talk, keep oferin the product

  8. Worse product of all times. Biggest scam. The “trial” version costs you full price which in my case was $176.82. Tried calling to get a refund, and no speaka the english. Do not buy this product.

  9. 100% SCAM
    The 2 Free bottles will cost you $176.82
    Save your money
    This product is 100% BS
    I have called them @ 844-398-6947
    I have emailed them at
    They told me to send my unopened bottles back to
    Platinum Returns 11551 E. 45th Avenue, Unit C, Denver, CO 80239.
    Before you can do this you have to get a return code from them.
    I put a tracking on the package. This outfit told me they never received the package.
    When I gave them the tracking number, they did not agree. I was charged $176.82 for 2 shitty bottles.
    This crappy outfit is going to refund me $43.71 for those same 2 bottles.
    On their website it states 100% money back guaranty. I have contacted the BBB on this outfit.

  10. This product is a total scam i was ripped off $468.00 by them never knew i was in an auto payment program. I signed up for the trial offer and was never told i whould be charged for subsequent months. I ended up having to get a whole new debt card because they kept sending me their whortless snake oil after i told them to stop. I disputed the charges and my bank BOA came back told me there was nothing they could do about it. B.s. total scam!!


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