5 Ways to Overcome a Training Plateau

Overcome Training Plateau

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It’s a common problem faced by the body building crowd. You are progressing by leaps and bounds, building up muscle and shaping up your body as consistently as can be. Until one day, you hit a wall.

No matter how much you work out, your muscles just plain refuse to grow. What just happened?

You just got hit by a training plateau, a condition where a muscle group becomes resistant to your workout. Your results mean nothing and they simply flat-out flatline.

Seeing the lack of results means your motivation goes down as well. This can affect your workout significantly, leading to some missed workouts here and there.

Ultimately this discrepancy makes itself rather known as your strength and physique whittles down.

All those gains in size and strength you have made till now, they don’t matter. But all is not lost though.

There are ways to overcome a training plateau. There are ways to readjust and reinvent your workouts from time to time so that you never reach a dead-end again.

Here are 5 ways you can avoid running smack dab into the Great Wall of training plateau:

#1: Dropsets Are Your Best Friend

Whenever you feel like you have failed to achieve the weight that you are pushing, it’s time to drop some of these weights a couple of notches and keep going. This is called a dropset.

It gives you a massive pump, making your muscles come alive with an influx of nutrient-filled blood entering your muscles. This can also result in you giving that exercise set your all.

To use a dropset, you require just any dumbbell or kettle-bell. They can also be done with a partner in the form of barbell lifts.

The only limitation which can arise is the amount of equipment you can stash on to your gym to do dropsets.

#2: Super Sets

Incorporate supersets in your workout, especially if you employ the traditional body-part training splits.

A superset is when you pair two movements which work opposing muscle chains. Think the opposite of any exercising set – a deadlift paired with a squat, a bench press paired with bent over rows and so on.

You need to finish one set of each exercise and then move on to completing the opposite of the exercise to achieve one superset.

Supersets make you feel like you have done great work at the gym. It pumps you up and you are more likely to maintain it.

#3: Resting Can Help You Gain Strength

When we say rest we don’t mean loitering around. We mean integrating a rest-pause into your lift.

When you lift weights, you can hold it and maintain it at the mid-point, pausing for a preset duration and leaving yourself suspended for the time being. The time can be either 10 to 15 seconds, three breaths or any other safe variant that works for you.

Once you finish this movement for as many reps as possible, this can help prevent training plateau to set in.

The reason behind this is that it gets rid of the momentum which helps you lift your weights. This can also work for a deadlift, specifically by pausing at the bottom of the deadlift.

#4: Bodyweight Is King

Ever thought of using your own bodyweight for a change? Lifting weights is all good, but sometimes, nothing breaks a training plateau as assuredly as a good old-fashioned pull-up or pushup.

These gym-class classics are a lifesaver. You can do many variations of these basic exercises and get total body benefits as a result.

#5: Circuit Training Is Helpful Too

If you want to work those fat stores in your body, full-on circuit training can provide you the means.

It’s the most efficient way to getting a prime bod. A supercharged circuit training results in working each and every body part to exhaustion.

By just cutting down your rest sets to 30 seconds, you can get the best out of the cardio and a strengths workout at the same time. Its super-effective in eliminating training plateaus.

With these 5 tips, dodging the nefarious training plateau is not only possible but easy as well. Follow them the next time you feel your body is going to hit a concrete wall.

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