Tips for Hard Gainers

12 Tips for Hard Gainers to Increase Calorie Consumption

Being a hard gainer can be a bit of a nightmare, you’ve got an issue that 80% of your friends would give their left...
Cheapest Sources of Protein

Cheapest Sources of Protein – Build Muscle on a Budget

Protein is probably the most important aspect of muscle building, yes even more important than exercise selection, genetic potential, or how often you train. If...
Clean Bulk Vs Dirty Bulk

Clean Bulk Vs Dirty Bulk: Which is Best?

Bulking up can be a lot of fun, you get to eat more, you can be a little more flexible (or a lot more...
How Much Protein Do You Need?

How much protein do you really need for muscle growth?

Protein is probably the most important part of diet for bodybuilders. Yeah vegetables and carbohydrates, and “healthy” fats are also important but it’s protein that...
Shredding Tips

Shredding Tips for Newbies

Most guys (and many girls) are in the gym to get shredded. This is why they train, they may say that they only want...

The Ultimate Guide to IIFYM (If it fits your macros)

Dieting has traditionally been looked at as a short term solution to a problem rather than a way to live your life in a...
Meal Planning Tips for Bodybuilders

Meal Planning Tips for Bodybuilders

Meal planning may not seem as important as designing the perfect training program. But whereas you only need one program for the year (if...

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