Is the Nutra Pump trial offer a scam?

Nutra Pump

Anyone who has ever wanted to gain muscle size and strength have dreamt of using a product that can maximise their workouts. Could Nutra Pump be just what you are looking for?

Well, unfortunately despite its claimed benefits there are doubts that it is as effective as claimed, with some reports even suggesting that this supplement is a scam. What is the truth though, should Nutra Pump really be avoided at all costs?

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Nutra Pump

Nutra Pump has claimed the following on their website:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Gain insane strength
  • Boost endurance and power
  • Enhance your libido

Whether these claims are accurate remains to be seen. We would first need to look at the ingredients found in Nutra Pump before we come to any conclusions.

Ingredients of Nutra Pump

Nutra Pump has a picture of its ingredients on its website, which shows that it contains Arginine and Citrulline as well as a number of antioxidants.

It is said that these ingredients will help relax the smooth muscle around your vessels allowing more nutrients and oxygen to be delivered to your muscles.

This process allows you to experience the increased strength, power and endurance you desire.

Cost of Nutra Pump

As Nutra Pump is available on a free trial you may wrongly believe that it will cost you nothing, well unfortunately this is not the case.

For a start the cost of the trial is not free as you will have to pay postage costs of £5.94.

The trial period itself will only last 14 days from the initial time of ordering, which when you count the time of delivery does not give you a lot of time to try the product.

Once this trial period ends you may be surprised to learn that you will be charged £94.98.

This information is hidden away in the terms and conditions, which we all must agree that no one ever reads.

The manufacturers are counting on this fact as the free trial will entice people to sign up, only to then be charged the full purchase price, which in my opinion is too expensive.

Another fact hidden away in the T&Cs is that signing up for this trial also means that you are signing up for an auto-ship program whereby you will be sent another package every month, along with the huge bill until you cancel your membership.

In some instances you may find that hundreds of pounds could be lost, especially by those who do not check their account statements regularly.

Is Nutra Pump a scam?

There is no doubt in my mind that those who have unwittingly signed up for this offer are going to feel aggrieved and will likely call Nutra Pump a scam.

Unfortunately what they are doing is not illegal, although a little unethical, as their payment terms are clearly laid out in the T&Cs.

Always read the terms and conditions if they are available, trial offers such as this will almost always cost more than you originally thought.

Contact details for Nutra Pump

Nutra Pump can be contacted using the following information:

Telephone: 0808-169-2018

If you have signed up for the Nutra Pump free trial offer then we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

It is possible to experience all the benefits claimed by Nutra Pump without it costing you the earth.

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Unlike Nutra Pump, HGH-X2 is not available on trial so you can buy it without worrying that your bank account will be charged excessively each month.

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  1. Hi,

    I ordered Nutrapump and Protesterone as the site recommends taking them together.

    Both products have the same small print.

    It took 6 days for the Protesterone to be delivered, and the Nutrapump still hasn’t arrived after 6 days.

    The contact details for the 2 products – I have tried the phone number, but it doesn’t connect – this may be because it’s not a UK number??
    Even though the opening times are GMT…could someone confirm?

    If you email the Protesterone email address it auto creates you a support ticket, where as the Nutrapump hasn’t created a ticket, so I don’t know if anyone is even aware that they have been contacted.

    Not had chance to try the product yet, so can’t comment on that.



      • Hi Keith,

        I was in the process of ordering this product when I realised that they would take additional payments, I then decided against it and clicked the cancel order button, but they still decided to send me the product.

        I’ve emailed and get the same response (apologies) I’ve called the uk number which is answered by someone who doesn’t speak English and lied on a couple of occasions about why he couldn’t get a manager to deal with my complaint.

        I’ve contacted the bank about this and they’ve told me that they hold your card details and they cannot be stopped from taking additional funds without ordering a new card.

        I’m now in the process of having to order a new card to make sure that these people don’t try to take additional money out of my account.

        I too would recommend no body to do business with these guys as they act like scam artists.


        • I confirm it is a scam, dont worry about the term.

          1 It is illegal term (coz we can browse pass)

          2. Unfair term…

          Why noone can gid rid of them?

        • Hi,
          I’ve fell for it and tried to cancel my order straight away. I had a fast email response saying once I send the NutraPump back I would then get it cancelled and no further payments will be taken. I really don’t want the £95 to be taken and think it may do anyway.
          If I change my back card will that stop any additional payments being taken?



          • Hi Paul, any luck with this? Ive just ordered last night unfortunately only just reserched now. Im going to my bank to cancel my card before anything gets taken out. I e-mailed nutra pump but no response yet.

          • would some1 please give me the details to return the products please as when I rang them up to cancel they didn’t cancel and therefore charged me £99.97 per product. I have tried to get the returns details from them but they said they are unable to disclose the information too me.
            it would be a really big help

          • Well, like many of you out there, I fell for the ”try our sample for £4..95.”. So I thought ”what’s to lose.” A lot of money, that’s what you can lose. Around Christmas time after receiving the ”trial samples” I then checked my bank account to find that TWO lots of £94:58 had been taken by this firm. I contacted my bank and they put a block on any further withdrawals. This month….March 2015…another TWO £94:58 had been taken. So it’s back to the bank and they have changed my debit card and again blocked these people who the second time round used a different name.

            I did contact these scammers and spoke to one of the idiot thieves and stated that I wanted a refund. He kept on saying that I cannot have a refund because I did not cancel any more deliveries within the 14 DAYS trial period. He did offer me 25% refund. I said that if you can offer me 25% then you can give me 100% back.

            Sorry lads, but it was like talking to brick wall.

            The only advice I can give you is when ordering online use your credit card and not like me, I used a debit card.

        • Try to contact number but doesnt conect. Carnt send bk cos i cannot get rn number so going the bank on Monday. Whats the Uk number.


    • Ok. I have ordered the two products. Nutrapump and Protestostrone, paid the shipping $9.95 Aus. Received about 6 days from USA UPS Tracking. The following is not hidden in the T&C’s ‘return witching the 14 day trial and cancel any further transactions, if not, you account will be charged $109.90 Aus for another 3 month supply’ read this shit carefully people. Remember you must excercise aswell and maintain a daily routine in order to gain or make progress. The pills can’t do it alone and it takes more than 14 days to see any improvements or gains.

      So my point is read carefully and do your research properly. This goes out to everybody concerned.

      • I ordererd these products knowing that it was ongoing because i read the terms and conditions, the pills themselves I have been on for 6 weeks and havent gained a crazy amount of muscle but they do work. 4 kgs of muscle in 6 weeks. not so much a fat burner but you can feel it doing its job when you lift. and I can definatly see results. it is what it is. the marketing side of it may be a scam but the product doesnt seem to be. its working for me….

        • i ordered these products on the trial offer I admit I was a little wet behind the ears about the t&c’s and have been charged a little shy of 200 pounds after the 14 day trial these supplements are very expensive but after using both products and working out regularly have really noticed a positive difference I can definitely work out past my previous limitations and have packed on a good amount of muscle I had to cancel product as 200 pounds every 30 days is a piss take cancellation was easy enough just called the number on the paper work supplied with the delivery job done no more payments have been taken whet these products are the real deal or a placebo I do not know.
          Plus side energy level while working out through the roof and can definitely see a difference
          Negative side bloody expensive.

    • How long do I have before the full payment is taken out? I ordered on Friday, if I cancel my card today will that be okay do you reckon? I have no idea why I thought that this product would be any good, it’s too cheap to be any good.

    • I ordered this pruduct online, i then cancelled it before they could dispatched the product. I never received any of the products but they kept on billing me. My credit card has been emptied by them and they do not reply to my emails. This is a scam, i would not recommend anybody to buy thus product.

    • This is a scam…. I just called my bank again today the F..kers went back to my account under a DIFFERENT NAME (MUSCLE PUMP) and took payment again, this has now become a fraud investigation because they changed the name to get another payment. Fortunately, I had reported this from January when I first found out so I’m getting re-emburst from the bank and now they are starting an investigation. they crossed the line… It doesn’t matter if the product is good the practice is wrong.

      I cancelled my order online when I saw the cost, however they set it up so that you think its cancelled until you see money being taken from your account. With this new tact it is a clear breach to gain cash through trading the bank said plus with the evidence I have documented and what they have seen on line that backs my story. They are scammer and will do anything to line their pockets. REMEMBER TO WATCH OUT FOR THE NAME CHANGE TO GAIN ACCESS FOLKS!!

    • Hi Keith, I live in the UK and had no problem when calling them on 0808 169 2018. I did the trial and sent the bottles back but I was still charged. I called and complained and they refunded the money. I said I wanted more but wasn’t prepared to pay almost £50 per bottle (NutraPump and Protosterone) so they gave me them half price. I could see the difference they made so I doubt it’s a scam but it’s way too expensive.

  2. I orderd the trial both together. Took a week no products. Rang the number you had. Charged at youre normal rate then the number not recognized tone. Im off the bank on Monday, looks like a new card to be orderd.

    • Hi matt,

      do you think ordering a new card will stop payments on the already registered one? I have changed bank card and hoping it wont.


      • Yes Paul it was the bank who told me the only way was to cancel my card. I eventualy emailed them to get rm number and sent. Their numbers arnt reconised. Ive been taken them for five days up to now no change anyway i go to or three times a week due to work and kids lol

  3. I ordered it and got it after 12 days with the letter advising that they would charge $109.99 after 14 days of the order and continue to ship and charge…..etc. I instantly rang my bank and have my card cancelled on advice that this is the only way to stop them from taking anything out of my account. I can not believe such a fraudulent company is operating from UK!

  4. Fell for this scam this morning. Cancelled by card already. be more careful next time when using online.

    Hopefully new card will be end of it and wont have to worry. Contacted the company but unlikely to hear anything back.

    • Hi Steve

      ive fell to this scam today ive cancalled my card straight away but my question is how did you contact them cause my banks saying I should email them cancelling my order did you do this?


  5. Ordered this a few weeks ago, both products together. Firstly if you have a problem you have to contact two separate email addresses for each product. I entered an old postcode by mistake and sent them both an email. At this stage they were more than happy to help. Two weeks ago I received shipment notifications for both products to the correct address – no problem. After two more weeks i sent them an email asking on its progress. Nutra pump sent me what seemed like a generic email saying that I didnt follow the T&C so cant have a refund – well i didnt actually ask for one, conscience Timothy!! Theyre obviously used to complaints then. They site a product called “Androsolve” which is completely different even though “nutrapump is in the email address. I should also point out that the original advert boasting its results uses a standard layout and changes the product names every so often. They have offered me a 50% refund and reshipment of the product – does this mean they will try and send it again and charge me a further half of £94? I dont really trust that it wont – the wording here seems deliberately ambiguous. As it stands I have been charged £94 something for each and as of yet have neither. Nutrapump is the only one to reply. I have stated that if the products arrive then i am happy to accept the loss (after all, i did want the product and didnt cancel after I saw the cost) but wish to cancel there after. By the sounds of it that wont work. It raised my suspicions when i saw that they dont appear in my list of direct debits on my online banking account. Did anyone else have this dubious 50% refund offer? I am still waiting to here back from both.

    • I have since received an email saying that they are doing as I asked (canceling any further payment/shipments). They agreed to this and asked me to let them know if my original product has arrived – they do not wish me to return the products as part of the bargain as I have paid for them. This SOUNDS alot more helpful and promising than everyones experiences here. But it remains to be seem whether the products do arrive and they actually cancel the payments next month. I was very clear cut with them about what i wanted and i did it with the T&C’s open next to me – it may be that if you dont leave them any loophole they cant exploit it or it may be another fob off. Time will tell…I dont really want to cancel my bank card :/

    • I recieved Nutra-Pump a couple of days ago, rang up to cancell and they offered to pay upfront with 50% off and promised to cancell any future orders.Lets hope its not a lie

  6. Hey same here guys called up and he actually said ignore the letter you have 30 days trail not 14 day, called up the number worked he got me my rm number, I emptied the capsuels and filled up with hot chocolate and put the posterone in my old amino capsules, so jokes on them, they send me 2 x petrone and 1 x nutria pump

  7. I have been scammed too, went for the free trial of both last month and having just looked at my online statement I have been conned out of 9.4.58 and 94.98. where can I get the email address from for these people? I have just cancelled my card.

        • I have not personally sent them an email, as above it was the one I saw on their website. Sorry that I could not be of more help.

          • Does anyone know how much they got charged for the phone call I received mine a week later I didn’t open them because they sent them even though I pressed the cancel button I got the RMA number and sent them back but reading these comments I’m gone cancel my card just in case but as I said earlier how much does it cost to call the as I haven’t had my phone bill yet

  8. I ordered both of these products, Did not receive either and I have now been charged for both. Can anybody help me out as to stop the orders/payments and possibly get a refund. I’ve tried e-mailing both of the e-mail addresses and heard nothing back.

  9. Like some of you guys I have already paid for the delivery of the product, so I phoned today and asked that the trial be cancelled since I had not yet received the products but the guy on the other end of the phone said that in the T & C’s I couldn’t cancel until I had received the products. I then asked for the web address to see these T & C’s to which he put me on hold then hung up! So I have now phoned my bank and they have said that if the payment of £98 comes out of my account I am to phone them up and they will refund my account and stop all transactions from them since it wasn’t clearly stated that there was a massive charge after the trial had finished… so hopefully I can get it resolved but its defiantly a lesson learned!

  10. hi,just a quick question,i too fell for this scam,i just ordered the trial today,it gets worse I used my partners card,she’s going f***ing mad,anyway her card runs out end of September,so im guessing when her new card comes it’ll have a different card number on the front and also the security number will be different,would they still be able to take the money off the card,thanks in advance

  11. Hi,

    Did exactly the same thing as you guys – I foolishly ordered the free trail, realising afterwards I’d been an idiot after doing more research.

    I immediately cancelled my card (I bank with Lloyds in the UK).

    However, even so I’ve been charged the two payments of around £5 each for shipping. I spoke to my bank again and they recommended that I may have to take the hit for those two small payments, because I did agree to it and hey, it’s only a small amount of money so no problem.

    My bank also stated that if I do get charged for the twin payments of £94 or whatever it is, then they’ll refund me. I expect these dirty scam artists to try and charge me within the next few days (ordered around eight or nine days ago now).

    I did manage to speak to someone from Nutrapump on the phone; it’s a pay number and the member of staff spoke pidgin English; I tried to explain I’d be sending the Nutrapump and Protosterone back IMMEDIATELY once I received them, but the guy kept nervously stating ‘I do recommend you try these great products sir’… Obviously reading off a script.

    I’ve now received the two parcels but what I’m going to do is (a) not open them, and (b) return to sender. State that I refuse to accept them as I cancelled them.

    Hopefully, along with cancelling my card and keeping my bank abreast of all developments, I’ll be fine.

    Will update on here with subsequent developments. Feel like a total imbecile for doing this, but hey I’m glad I’m not the only one!

    • Hey George,

      Ive done the same cancelled my card and will be refunded if any payments come out. Its good to know your sharing this information and will like to keep up to date with any future development. Feel silly aswell for doing this!!!! When will we learn!


      • I was told by my credit card company they would stop this payment and it would go back into my bank they will send me out a disclaim form to sign as long as I sign they will refund it john

  12. just fell for this scam, never say never! mistakes will always occur no matter how cleaver we are….
    straight away call my bank who adviser to request a block on future payment, as this the only way to stop further payment from account…. just to be clear…. even if u order for a new card they will still be able to get money from account. u must call ur bank and explain to them exactly what had happen. as every bank has a different policy! haha

  13. Hi I have just fell for the scam as well, I have since read the reports here & have tried to cancel, however the person I spoke with would not cancel because he said the e-mail had been sent. so I’m going to cancel my card as advised here.

    The phone number I got through to someone is : 0808-169-2018.

  14. I can’t imagine how EVERYONE is calling it a scam !!! It might not be effective but I just checked the website and it says clearly all the terms, I’ve seen a lot longer terms and conditions that had important info hidden between the line.

    You all deserve to feel bad about yourselves for putting a credit card on a website without POSSIBLY imagining that it might be for a future charge and have done NO effort in reading a small paragraph !!!

    • That’s not fair these things are designed to be misleading and please do not be so sanctimonious to state you have never been deceived by anyone. Online ordering is commonplace these days, get off your high horse if you’ve nothing of value to contribute

  15. I fell for this scam a few months ago.
    I paid the initial postage fee of about $6 for each bottle and a week later they arrived.
    I didnt even bother to read the T&C so roughly another week later and to my suprise almost $220 had been taken from my account.
    I emailed them and got the standard response about the trial period
    I also cancelled my bank card to prevent further transactions
    I eventually started calling them and you can find their number in the emails you get.
    The first call she told me that they would give me back 50% in which I delcined and asked for 100%
    I was told id be called back within 24hrs from a manager 2days later I called them

    I had a very heated argument with the lady and I said my lawyer had advised me what they had done was in fact illegal and that I will be looking to take the matter further.( I have no lawyer friend)
    She said if I sent the two bottles back id get a full refund.
    About a week or so later the full amount was back in my account and I still have the bottles. Small win?

  16. Yep I’ve been done as well, tried phoning the number, no answer, sent message in these ticket things they do telling them I,m returning the free trial bottles, no reply yet have phoned bank and they have put a stop on any payments being made to them and if they somehow manage to get money the bank will refund me (royal bank of Scotland)

  17. Hi again just been contacted by customer service, language quite hard to understand as he was Indian anyway been offered the 50% discount,these bottles free as I’ve already paid shipment needless to say I never took him up on it, trying to explain to cancel them was a nightmare as he wasn’t,t really taking no for an answer! be persistant, anyway got 2return numbers to put on envelope to send back these trial bottles, then I’ve to e-mail them a tracking number I get at the post offices, the address to send these bottles back to is Customer care return, 204 Baker Street, xuite 004 London EN13 JY, their e-mail address is

  18. If you believe all that is claimed for this product, same with the raspberry ketone, then you deserve to be ripped off. It is not a scam, it is snake oil. I have no sympathy for losers.

    Yours, a wise head.

  19. Yep i got scammed lost $200 still no product been 3 months so i rang and canceled wait and see next month.willl cancel card. Is there any thing the law can do to help

  20. Lost £193 one month and £186 another month before noticing my money getting bad and checked my bank to find they had been taken this out. Anyone know how to take legal action against them or how to get your money back?

  21. I read the terms and conditions and said no thanks it still proceed the order. Taken 4.95 shipping so I’ve phoned to cancel twice, no answer but have been charge and further payment on my card which I presume is for the call cost. Cancelled my card with the bank then tried the number again the phone goes dead.

  22. Hi,

    An update on my message a few weeks ago.

    After cancelling my card and my bank confirming they’ll block any further payments, glad to report I haven’t been charged anything whatsoever. So well done Lloyds Bank for blocking it as they promised.

    What I also did was NOT open the Nutrapump and Protosterone when it arrived. I tweeted Royal Mail in the U.K. who informed me that if I didn’t recognise the deliveries and wrote ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ on them, banged them in the post then they’d be delivered back to where they came from.

    Thus far, all good – no contact by these bastards and no money taken out asides from the initial postage.

    Hopefully I’ve learnt my lesson!

  23. My boyfriends first ever time buying anything online and off course he’s only been scammed.. Taken £140 out off his account. Any recommendations on how we could go about taken further action as I won’t be happy with anything less than a full refund. Any actual success stories on people who have received a refund?

  24. I fell for this, then read this article. Better late than never.
    You fellas need to bank with First Direct.
    Just called the bank now, they could see number to call on my statement so they did.
    Put me on to a foreign woman who offered 50% off if I carried on with trial. Said no and she said ok. All future payments blocked and no new card needed.
    Happy days (hopefully)

  25. Hi all its happened to me , what a sucker . Well all, there is a way you all can get your money back .
    1. If you use your credit card the card company is responsible to so anything over £100 you can claim it back off the credit card company .
    2. The law says if you have paid for something and it’s a scam .you can ask to have you money back by way of a little know word the bank use but don’t let the public no . It’s called (recall) it gets your money back because they have the code number to which bank and account it goes to .It’s a know word the government put into law to get money from accounts from people how launder money. go to your banks and ask then to (Recall) your money and don’t let the banks fob you off . I have done this. It’s also on martins money Web site .tap it into his Web site and it should come up .hope you all get your money back……

  26. Yes I have been. Scammed as well, love the call back from the supervisor, rang for one ring and hung up with a blocked number……
    I had to cancel my credit card but I have also taken my email trail to my bank where I had canceled my order before it was supposed to arrive (never did) so they have been reported to the fraud department.
    Also like someone else’s comment about a wrong postcode… Same thing happened to me
    Warning don’t be scammed

  27. I’ve canceled my credit card and ordered a new one can anyone tell me if they can still take the money out or will it be sorted by cancelling my card ??

  28. Me too so it seems ……. Only orderd today! bank tmoz new card…..Im Not the kinda guy t leave acount open for online fraudsters anyway but for those who left 2 weeks t see if they get robed lol…….Give ursens a shake

  29. Hi Guys,

    The same thing happened to me! I have the return address id anyone needs it.
    It is….. 204 Baker street,
    Suite 004,
    EN1 3JY.

    The RA number you need is the order number!
    If unsure about the address, google it.


  30. Hi, I ordered both products… When I received them I saw how much it cost so of course I called them. They did answer maybe after about a 5 minute ringing time…. I went through the process of cancelling by getting a RA (return authorization) number. I made sure they emailed me an RA number for each item. So if you follow the return policy correct there should be no problems. I returned there product back to them with a copy of each RA they emailed to me and asked them to confirm to me in an email that it has been received and the account cancelled, which they have done…. The only thing is that I wasted money getting the product (shipping fee) and also I wasted money sending it back to them which I sent it recorded (cost me £7)……. Lesson learnt…

  31. hey John, my RA number that they emailed to me was different from my order number….. I actually called them and they gave me an RA number for each item so you will need 2 numbers…… With them I followed the book to the T as I didn’t want them to say I didn’t follow there terms and conditions….

    • I I phoned up and some oriental creep said my RA numbers were my order numbers with RA in front! … then I got an email AFTER I sent products back with an extended R.A number for only NutraPump. Think this is another way they’ll try n fleece me. “Oh deely me… I see here you put in the wrong RA number!!”

  32. I too was ripped off i realised after i paid the £4.95 postage for nutra pump so didn’t order the other. Next morning i got a call from my credit card company to inform me someone had tried to take an additional £44 from my account and had to destroy the card.
    You will have to contact your card supplier to stop any further payments to these shitheads..

  33. I fell for this crap. Ordered me up a double whammy of NutraPump and Protestorone!! Sent an email to request cancellation within seconds of ordering. Ignored me so called up where an irksome, slimy “Customer Services Manager” very cheerfully explained that once an order was placed (regardless if the Warehouse had received it or not) it couldn’t be reversed!!! Got the “GOODS” a week later and immediately phoned Customer Services again (yes, the same slimeball I got before) to get my RA numbers, which were just my order numbers with R.A. in front (he wasnt up for letting me off the hook so easy- kept droning over and over bout offering me 2 weeks extension and 50% off)… although I got an email “after” i sent them back (special delivery no less – only the best for this company) with an “extended” R.A. number for “one” of the products …. so I fully expect to be fleeced for not filling in the correct number. I’ll probably discover my fate this coming week! Ive also been charged 0.29p for some monthly subscription of a health fact sheet (who the f**k signed me up for that????) and 2 other suspicious charges of 0.99p for each of the products – dont have a clue what these charges are for???? Oh and I received both the NutraPump and Protsterone in the same package … BUT … was very kindly charged P&P for each individually by these scumbags!!!!! Would warn everyone against dealing with these shady bandits…. but …. if your posting here, I guess its already …… TOO LATE!!!!

  34. To everyone taken by this scam don’t feel too bad. These guys have been running this scam under different guises for a few years now. I did some investigation through a mate in the US and they are a US box office but have their holding company based offshore so are not under US trading law.
    They run a similar scam every now and then with made up names and bulls&%% adverts. None of the people in the ads give their consent and have tried to distance them selves from guys.
    Just remember the old adage ‘If it sounds too good to be true IT IS.
    Your bank should help you out. Mine blocked all payments and registered the company as fraudulent.

  35. Hi Guys, same here,order and got both products.
    Already canceled my bank card,just with shipping charges and 2 x 0.99 ,and 2 x 0.29p. for newsletter or member.I don’t think will try to get in touch with them anymore,just time waste.
    I still wonder if just the deal is money trap, or the pills are dangerous and have issue for your Health? Because if they working ,I think to keep and use them without to pay to the criminal bastards.

  36. I fell for it as well. once I received the trial pack I contacted them and sent them back telling them I didn’t want it. I sent it back via royal mail with a tracker number as requested. Since posting I haven’t been unable to contact them .telephone number is dead.
    I have spoken to the bank who say cancelling my card doesn’t make any difference they will monitor card and refuse payment and in the end the scammers will stop . Let’s hope so

  37. Hi, yes I fell for it too, I took the free trial online and recived the two bottles and thought great, give it a go. then read the accompanying paperwork, which showed they would be charging me £89.95 + £6.95 P+P twice one for each bottle, and would continue to bill me till I cancelled, heres where it gets tricky the number 0808 either doesnt connect or goes to automated voicemmail saying they are busy and an operator will answer your call soon, (they dont) in the times I have rtried I have never got through, I am dreading what the cost of the calls is. The automated also said if you cant get through email which is an american company, who have never heard of the offer?
    I called my Bank thanks to this blog site and the Bank knew instantly of the scam and blocked future payments.

  38. I have just been informed by my bank that nutra pump has taken £188 from my account I did not read all the small print like so many of you I only wanted to see if these tablets are any good having read what I wanted to hear I am 70 years old and thought that they would give me some energy I haven’t even trid them yet so my friends yes it is the biggest SCAM going its now Saturday and first thing Monday I will be calling nutra pump to cancel and if they don’t give my money back then I have a number to call its like a fraud squad at the bank I just hope they can do something for because they have taken half my pension the thieving bxxxxxds

  39. Just lost £94 out of my account, lucky the other order didn’t get through otherwise I would be paying for 2 subscriptions.
    In total they took out 4.95, 0.99, 94

  40. Hello,
    I did the same, ordered the trial and foundmout that herres gonna be a heavy charge for the next shipment in the next 14 days… And i dont want that…..
    Somebody please help…

  41. Since I work for a bank can answer this simply:

    Put a lost/Stolen block on your card, ie. phone up your bank and say you lost your card what have you. This automatically blocks Reoccurring card payments, if you just order a new card normally such as damaged card it follows a sequential system and therefore doesn’t block the payments.

    These products are always iffy, and as mentioned many times read T&C many times before you sign up to them.

    • You mean report it as stolen, which means you get another creditcard (new number on it, brand new account)? Sorry english is already not my first language, and then this bullcrab pfff

  42. Update …. I sent back my package with RA numbers 3 weeks ago…. Thought all was fine and was assured all subscriptions and future transactions would be cancelled after sending product back with RA numbers …. BUT I just received a blasted email for my 2nd “Health Secrets Newsletter”!!!!???? LIVID!!! Charge hasnt appeared on bank balance yet BUT if I get charged even £0.29p for that newsletter i’m contacting my lawyer (who has all documentation AND both telephone conversations I recorded with oriental customer services twat) and then International Fraud Squad to report violation!

  43. I too have fallen for this scam but I have not received my trial of products. I have managed to get a few returned emails and after being on hold to their customer services department for an absolute eternity. The only positive i can see is that y credit card company is investigating the matter and purchases are protected.

    Any one else having any joy getting their money returned?


  44. This sucks I’m joining in the long list of people who have been scammed by this nutrapump company, I feel its business without ethics, thieves in the digital world. What goes around comes around I’m sure someday they will be punished.
    Anyway, I have emailed them regarding this and still no response. I have instructed the bank to cancel my card as that’s the only way they cannot take any hard earned money out of my diminishing account. I have been suffering financially and I don’t see any means that they would return any money.
    Well we live and learn hope and pray.

  45. I too feel victim to this scam. Upon realising how much it was going to cost within 5 mins of the order being placed I emailed them to cancel to which I got a email stating that “the order has been sent to the warehouse and can’t be stopped”. Must be the only company in the world that can’t stop a order. They sent me 2 ph numbers to call both without what country code to call. I cancelled my credit card the following day so they can’t take anymore money. From the looks of the previous messages it’s not even worth trying to contact them

  46. I made the same mistake!!! What a fool i am!! Monday morning, the first thing what I’ll do, is cancel my card, unfortunately if thats the only way:(

  47. So I done the same as us all and ordered the trail for nutrapump and protosterone. I instantly realised I got scammed so I emailed and said I had made a mistake and wanted both orders cancelled. I ramf the number given within 45 minutes of being placed to cancel over the phone. I got hold of a lady who told me it was not possible to cancel and offered me discounted rates etc. I told her I knew it was possible to cancel and I didnt want a refund for my shipping costs but I didn’t want to receive the products. She had to speak with a supervisor. She then told me that I would not be receiving the products and all my details and orders have been cancelled. I asked what to do if they was to turn up and she said to return the to the sender with no RA number. I kept asking her to confirm that I won’t be charged AMD she said yes Mr Barrios, your details have been cancelled and order stopped.
    Let’s wait and see

  48. I bought nutra pump & protosterone off eBay for £65 for both products the seller is from the uk but they get there product from the states should be with me Thursday.

  49. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ive just ordered these products for my fella and now just seen the stuff everyones putting on i feel stupid for not researching more now i need to get this stopped not a happy bunny at all need to contact my bank asap to get a new card by the ooks of it . why havent the trading standards put a stop to this company ????????

  50. Another massive ad on Yahoo page … complete with numerous probably bogus testimonies!!! I tried to post my negative comment and …. surprise … its not a real comment box!! This is just gonna keep sucking money from people indefinitely!!!

  51. So I saw this ad on Facebook, clicked it somehow believing there was a completely free trial, when it got to the page asking for my card details for postage, I thought once they have them details im done, so I exited off the page, three days later I get a call from a sales rep saying oh you forgot to put your card details in for our amazing offer, for me that was confirmation of a desperate rip off company ! My motto, Soon As Your Card Details Come Into Play, Read the T & Cs All The Way !

  52. The only pounds you will loose are the sterling ones. I can believe some people. They think if they buy some shit product they will loose weight magically with no exercising and eating healthy. I do not buy any shit product. I eat everything fresh and home made and i can loose 5 kg in a month easy.

  53. Hi

    im glad i didnt research on this product. Not good when they use peoples weight issues as profit.

    My suggestion to everyone here is to post it on ya facebook so friends know

  54. I’ve also been an idiot on buying this free trial, I have received 1 nutra pump and 2 protosterone,
    My trial end next week and they haven’t charged me yet which is a start gunna ring my bank in the morning and tell them about it so hope they can stop it from happening, but I have the 3 bottles left unopened how do I send them back or shall I just keep them ???? Helpppp

  55. I sent for the free sample of Nutra Pump at the beginning of November. Still has not arrived.
    I found out yesterday that £99.99 was charged to my card by “NUTRA”. on the 23rd Nov. Still no product has arrived..

    Where is this company based? Does anyone know?

  56. Like most of you on here i also ordered the free trial of Nutra Pump and Protestorone without reading the terms and conditions.
    Here’s what i did, within a couple of hours of ordering i rang the customer services number 08081692018 (omit the first zero if ringing from your mobile) and asked if i could cancel the order, i was told that unfortunately the order had already been processed and would have to wait for the product to arrive before being able to cancel the order and send the items back. At this point accept that there’s nothing you can do BUT do request that the weekly/monthly newsletter subscription is cancelled, they should be able to do this
    After speaking to Customer Services i rang my credit card company and explained the situation, they could see there was 5 payments pending (awaiting authorization), once the payments had been authorized (payment taken) i could stop/block any more transaction from the same merchant – i waited 5 days till the payments cleared rang back and got them block anymore transactions for the same company, i also requested a new credit card.
    The 5 payments where £4.99, £5.99, £0.29, 2 x £0.99
    [some of the below is what I did within the 5 days i waited for the payments to clear]
    Luckily i received a jiffy bag with Nutra Pump in after 3 days, i emailed requesting a Return Authorization Number for the following order(s)
    I also quoted #I am within the 14 day period as per the ‘Consumer Contracts Regulation’ “Distance Selling Regulations”#
    I waited a couple of hours and forwarded the email i sent again and also sent the same email to
    as i did not get a reply (straight away) i rang the Customer Services number and requested a RA number or RMA number, you will be offered an extended trail or 50% off just say no, be rude and keeping repeating you want a Return Authorization Number, they will accept this and quote you a number it might just be your order no. with the letters RA or RMA in front or a 13 digit number after your order number, they will also email you the RA number and a return address (the jiffy bag will also have a return address on it) just in case the address is:
    Customer Returns
    204 Baker Street
    Suite 004
    EN1 3JY
    Use the same jiffy bag attach a bit of paper with the return address on it and make sure you write RMA Number: xxx or RA Number: xxx below the address on a separate line.
    Go to the post office and send the packet (jiffy bag) ‘Signed For First’ should cost £4.30
    I did get a reply from info-eng@buynutrapump.comclient and later on that day each quoting a RMA number. Doesn’t matter if the numbers are different.
    After another day or so i received two more jiffy bags, i also received another Shipping notification email for Protestorone
    In my previous email i had two RMA numbers one for Nutra Pump and one for Protestorone
    I sent the second jiffy bag back again at the post office (£4.30)
    The third jiffy bag i received i did not bother opening it i just sent another email to and said that i did not authorize the order and requested a RMA number, i got a reply asking for the tracking number, i asked what tracking number (you will have one on your receipt from the post office – but i did not supply it to them just in case, i don’t trust them)
    I sent the third jiffy bag back via the Post Office and used the order number (from the email shipping notification I received that I did not order) with the word ‘RMA Number:’ in front as per the other two jiffy bags I returned.

    Hopefully using all, part or some of these instructions you should be able to return your items within the 14 days and not incur the ridiculous charges after the 14 days. On the downside it’ll cost you more because of the return postage.

  57. To add to Alex’s very detailed and informative post above, I have just spoken to their C/Svc having got through on the second attempt this morning having received my goods promptly on the 30 Nov in UK.
    The guy sounded Russian, was polite and during the conversation where I said immediately I wished to return the goods, he naturally offered to apply the 50% and extend the trial to the 22 Dec. I declined and after he tried again, I said that having tried a few tablets, I was having kidney pains (which some vitamin tablets do give me anyway!) and therefore wanted to return the items in good faith.

    He accepted my reason provided me with 2 RMA return codes, both being my original order numbers and quoted the Baker Street return address.
    He did state that he was cancelling my ‘membership’ to prevent me receiving the additional ongoing tablet order after the trials and the newsletter.
    He did ask for me to provide them with the tracking number when the goods go out as this appears to be part of the return process and if you don’t they may try and say the return is invalid. I cannot see this stated in their T & C’s, which I have kept for future reference.
    I do not intend to provide a tracking number, especially if they do not respond to emails (as Alex mentioned above) and I am not intending to call a premium number again. I was on the phone probably less than ten minutes including the background muzak waiting time.

    I originally paid via my Barclaycard and looking at my account the payments were to a company in Cyprus with full details. There is a dropdown on each transaction that BC provide to allow customers to stop payments etc. However, given the other comments about access to card details; and that this company my have several trading addresses for receiving payments so they could still bill someone, I contacted B/Cd. They have put a block on all the transactions which covers me for any future issues with N/Pump and I would be compensated by B/Cd should this happen. As an extra precaution I have asked for a new card, which only takes 5 days.

    Overall I am disappointed that Men’s H L appear to endorse the product but don’t mention the main point, that everyone is clearly unhappy with regarding the T & C’s and the subsequent ongoing costs linked to the product. I would have thought they may have mentioned some comparisons to other suppliers costs on this, but maybe they assume that everyone earns as much as messrs Hemsworth, Johnson and Butler and therefore accept the costs!?

    Hope this helps-happy online shopping!!!

  58. I orderd this morning and now I feel right a d**k , just shows you should always read t and c right ??
    I canceled my card right after though so does anyone know if they will be able to get any more money off me apart from the postage I payed?? (UK)

  59. The reason they can operate this way is that they are based outside the EU
    The address for returns is a mailforwarding facilty and they use an office services company to operate telephones etc.

    At least they seem to be prompt- a lot of similar sites deliver after the 14 days then refuse to cancel because you are outside the period. In the EU, of course, they would have to give 14 days from day after receipt of the goods. (increased from 7 in June 2014).

    big lesson – do not buy from websites unless they give you :-

    1] details of the ownership of the business (basic requirement for free trade to exist).
    2] a valid geographic address (EU requirement).

    If they claim to be a UK limited company they are required to give registered name & office address as well as registration number

    • I have just ordered the product and £16.29p debited from my account. Company only mentioned there would be an additional charge of 29 pence per month for a newsletter – nothing about future payments/shipments. However, after researching the product and reading of concerns I telephoned my credit card company. They are aware of the scam and have put a block on any further payments. Stated I did not need to cancel my card as the block would suffice and if any further payments were taken from my account I was to inform them and they would sort it out.
      Did say there was a possibility that the company may have ways of taking payments from a new card after cancelling the original one used for payment but was unlikely. Nevertheless it is a concern. I thought I was savvy when it came to things like this but clearly not as savvy as I thought. I will uber careful in future.

    • I got the parcel but no return address. I haven’t opened them and want to sent them back but don’t know where to. I have been charged A$220 and the credit card company wont credit my account until I have sent them back. Does anyone have the return address for the goods? I have had to cancel my card to prevent any further payments. They are scammers as they do everything in their power to make you pay for goods you didn’t order. None of their documentation has company details on it and calling them gets just the same, anonymous insults. If anyone can post the goods return address that would be great, thank you.

  60. My partner saw the advertisement on Facebook and apparently it was from Men’s health (which it wasn’t) about these tablet. He ordered the two bottles using my bank card and the order arrived yesterday. Something told me that I needed to read the papers that came with the products as my partner wasn’t going to. The letter said they will charge me $109.99 AU after 14 days of original order. I immediately cancelled my card. So if anyone had ordered this product and still waiting for it, I suggest you call your bank and cancel your card straight away. If you’re with commonwealth and have the app on your phone, you can cancel your card on there and you should get a new one with 7 business days…and for those that are struggling with extra weight, trust me, there is no other way to lose it other than changing your lifestyle. Clean eating, exercise daily, get enough rest and drink heaps of water. Weight loss tablets, supplements all have side effects. You may not see it now but you will in the long run. Some weight loss pills will help you lose weight fast. BUT what most people don’t know is that these pill can actually cause other health problems; (cancer, heart failure, kidney disease etc) Consult your doctor before taking any of these pills. My partner has now learnt his lesson. Don’t fall for everything you see advertise on the internet. There are more heartless people out there than we think.

  61. Update to my cancelled subscription. Please see my previous post.
    Having emailed customer services regarding the RMA or RA number to cancel the trial and prevent further charges I was asked only in email for my post office tracking numbers for the parcels I returned (3 in total). I queried their question “what tracking numbers are you referring too?” They did eventually reply and quoted the tracking number format for the Post Office or TNT I think.
    I was dubious but supplied them with the 3 tracking numbers from the post office receipts I had (only after I made sure the parcels had been signed for at the return address) you can check this on the post office website.
    I got a replied saying thank you for supplying the tracking information and can confirm my account had been closed.
    Since then I’ve been checking my credit card transactions everyday via online banking just in case any payments sneak through, so far so good. I will continue to check my credit card for the next couple or months just as a precaution.
    I hope this helps!

  62. Just order it of amazon, it is an expensive product but to be honest it does give results, just remember to workout and don’t expect it to happen whilst you sit on your backside.

    Personally I wouldn’t order off that site at all, as when you come to cancel off the payment (before putting in your bank details) you get stuck in a continues loop back of the site.

    Amazon all the way!

  63. Been scammed by them. I had a long talk with the call centre and they gave in.

    The scammers are:
    Natural Health Network,
    Suite 7, Peel House
    30 The Downs, Altrincham
    Cheshire WA142PX

    Google them and you will see lots of ASA complaints about them.

    • I got cheated by these people. Ordered 14th Nov. Supplements delivered 26th Nov. Cancelled 4th Dec. When my credit card statement arrived I had been charged the full amount for both products on 29th Nov. Obviously you can’t get a 14 day trial in the 2 days after the product has been delivered.
      I contacted my credit card company and they will block all future transactions but will not charge back the amounts already charged to my card and transferred my call to the seller. Nutrapump have agreed to refund 50% of the amount charged and have told me I do not need to return the product. I’m not happy with this, but for £100 I am not really sure whether its worth the hassle to attempt to recover it.
      Is it worth making a complaint to Trading Standards? I will have another try with my credit card company as they can charge back the company.
      Incidentally the product has made my left arm ache very painfully after taking them for four days from the beginning of December since I took them. If anyone else has experienced a similar side effect then will it be worth investigating action against them.
      Thanks for the address.

      • Mate I got scammed didn’t even get the product and got charged I can’t get through to the company keep getting automated emails. Is there a trade commission where I can lodge a complain. It’s not the money it’s the principe

  64. I got this trial also. It was recommended by mens health.

    I’m only 5 days into my trial and I don’t look or feel anything different. I called them today to cancel and they refused to let me cancel and tried to send me more crap.

    They refused to give me there address to return the products.

    It is wrong what they are doing to people.

    I called the bank and told them about it all. They have put a stop on all future payments to that company and they are going to charge back my trial amount too.

    Avoid this at ALL costs. It’s not worth the hassle.

  65. They must realise the word is out as they have a new yahoo advert (just the same ad really except the product names have changed) for HGH XL and TESTO XL!!!! Seems to have exactly the same quotations and recommendations from the same people who supposedly commented on the old NutraPump/Protosterone ad. Also the same sneaky MEN’s (LIFE&) HEALTH endorsement written to look like its actually officially recommended by Men’s Health Magazine! …. Its not!!!

  66. i recently got scammed by this company and started receiving emails about health advice which i was to be charged 29 pence a month!! i immediately rang the number and got through to cancel this subscription. i then had an email from my bank (Natwest) informing of the scam and to ring their card hel desk. I did this immediately and they have stopped payments to this account.
    The tablets arrived today along with the letters informing me of the further costs. So much for free!! Well all being well i have only been hit for the shipping costs and they can take a jump.
    Has anyone received any letters of demand though? If its in the small print and they havent legally done anything wrong, could they come after us?

  67. I fell for the trick on the 9th of december , gave my details just as requested for p+p (didnt read the small print)…till i started doing research and found hundreds of people just like you all ..complaining about the company….but was too late…. i got my delivery of the two bottles….i went straight to the bank to try and shut the whole process for the next £94.58…the bank told me they get this all the time ,no money would be taken by the company……..unfortunately on the 19th december £94.58 was taken by them ..had to wait till today (monday) for banking to resume…i phoned them and told them the situation and by 6pm i had £94.58 put back into my account….at 9pm i had a phone call from (056) number i believe that code to be Chile, i have no friends family or business in chile am i right in saying this was the comapny phoning me about the money they never received?….i never answered anyway 🙂 also the bank have reassured me that if anymore transactions are processed by the company i will get full payment put back..but i must phone the bank if this does happen…best keep watch on my account…..p.s the pills are crap so far !!

  68. Yoh! I can’t believe this, I’ve been scammed and my wife complained about me using her credit card, she is going to kill me. There’s nowhere we can lodge a complaint or take this matter somewhere, because we can not allow this people to continue doing this to people please.

  69. I always am very skeptical but this people got me. I ordered the trial without reading the t&c and I have not received my product yet and after numerous emails all I get is the automatic reply. Now they have charged my credit card but I don’t even have the product. I just paid for something I don’t even have. This is a joke. How can someone or some company scam like that. Isn’t there any law against it.

  70. THIS IS A SCAM, I ordered the goods, half an hour later cancelled, got an email 6 weeks ago to say they couldn’t cancel, after several emails they asked me to wait until January 8th, 14 days before this they debited my credit card, they don’t answer emails, the telephone number is not working, ITS A SCAM,

  71. I ordered the Nutrapump and Progesterone trial in mid November and the goods took till mid December to arrive which made a joke of the 14 day trial, I rang and asked that my order be cancelled immediately but was advised I could have a 14 day extension to trial the goods, this period has now expired and I will be returning the remainder of the goods as they have had no effect at all.
    Please provide a return postal address so these may be returned immediately and ensure no further transactions on my account.

    Brian Martin
    105/22 Ward Street, Mooroobool, Qld 4870

  72. I ordered nutri pump before Xmas and thought everything was all good until they took 2 payments of £94 out my bank account days before Xmas iv already been to my bank and they have said if they took it out again I’d be able to get it back and funnily enough they took another £94 on the 31 of December im absolutely disgusted passing a free trial off then robbing me of hundreds of pounds. DO NOT a ORDER NUTRI PUMP!!!!!

  73. I also fell for this scam. On 24 December 2014, they deducted US1630 from my credit card, i cancelled the product on 10 november 2014. I immediately went to the bank and filled a dispute form, i also emailed these scammers and they said that they will refund me. On 02 Jan. 2015 i received my refund. I then cancelled my card and ordered a new card. I will not buy online again, learned my lesson.

  74. My partner has been scammed by this company and has rang them up everyday and managed to get 50% of his money back he speaks to the same man every time and gets told by the man that there’s 100s of advisors when clearly there’s only him!! My partner keeps asking too speak to manager but the man just says there is only an email address for manager who will then ring him back SCAM!!!

  75. These shifty mother fuckers. I feel like a fool for trialing there product. Who reads the fine print?? And yes they charged me $106.88 for the ongoing delivery which I had no knowledge of until I checked my bank account. Fuck you nutra pump.

  76. Foolishly, I went for the trial scam in early Novemer, 2014. It was clear that the capsules were useless so Many contacted their customer service to cancel the trial. I was told I did not need to return the products despite asking for a return code. I was billed just under £200 in December so I rang again to confirm my cancellation. It was the middle of March, I was charged the same amount but on a different card! How they obtained it, I don’t know. I rang customer services who were not helpful; they had no record of a further charge. I contacted the bank involved and they were aware of the company and the scam so they are blocking the company, recovering the charge from my card and sssured me that that would be the end of it. I’m pretty sure the company is outside the EU and the address to which to return the goods is a forwarding address. I will investigate reporting them for fraudulent business activity to the Police Fraud number.
    Avoid like the plague!

  77. These are a Scam, the pills are useless. BUT when they take the payment off your card for the trial you have entered a subscription and unless they get the pills back within 14 days you cannot get a refund. However I am like you lot, I got scammed and lost over £100 and the other day they took another £100 but my card was cancelled, how the hell did they do that? So I contacted my bank, they said because I entered a subscription they have the ability to take the money out using another method called a merchant token. So I had to have the bank cancel the subscription and the bank send a message back to them saying it being cancelled and if they try to take any further payment then it will be refused. So careful, they can take payments card cancelled or not.
    The company is in Puerto rico.

  78. yep i got scammed into this and they took $140 from my back account , didnt know about the extra charge as you would have thought they would be open with this and tell thier buyers , but no, only in fine print , SCAMMERSSSSSSSS

  79. This is a big scam which I got sucked into, When I discovered I could not use Nutra pump due to low blood pressure I tried to return it but they did not give me a return number, I had to cancel my credit card. I have just had a enquiry from NZ post asking if I received some vitamins from a Sevdelina Vasileva Bulgaria who I am assuming is Nutra Pump. I managed to get a address.
    Send all your product back to there.

  80. I also ordered free bottle of Nutra Pump at £6.99 postage and packing on 12.12.14. I soon felt this is a scam. I emailed to cancel on the same day. I had an email back for them on 14.12.14. Advising me that, “We are sorry you wish to cancel. We will refund 50% of costs.

    One bottle of Nutra Pump came 18.12.14. I have not use any tablets/opened bottle. I emailed them again to reinforce I do not wish to have any more Nutra Pump. I notice £96.97 came out of my bank. Then £94.97 came out in January 2015.

    I emailed them again and told them that I cancelled within 14 days [was same day and three times within 14 days]. They emailed me back after I at to email them three times. in January to March. With Newsletters being emailed to me at 29p/ month.

    Total amount drawn from my bank is £200.10p. I told my bank and they are blocking them. I at to post documents to my bank of all the various names they use. Yes, Muscle Pump, Nutra Pump and others..

    Although they say refund of 50%. I still not sure if 50% of £6.99 or £200.10. Its a lot of money, even if it works. Just like all above. Its not worth it. With all the stress involved not many would gain muscle with work out under this stress. The body would not increase in size.

    Its not worth it. Money is hard to get but it seams easy for these people. I note …nobody as mentioned ..Mens Heath supports this Nutra Pump and Torrestone.

  81. Yes it is a scam
    I have never received the free trail offer
    and I was schocked with 2 payments of 87.63 and 89.95
    I did contact my bank and now I am trying to get my money back.

  82. I fell for this last year too, but I’ve just had a collections letter from a recovery agent saying I owe them nearly £130, some company in Netherlands, is this just scaremongering trying to get money out of me? Anyone else had debt collection letter, first thing I’ve ever received and it says despite prior requests for payment, which I haven’t had

    • Hi.. I have also received this outrageous debt collection letter. I refuse to pay this as i didn’t even receive the products. This company is a total SCAM! they will not get away with this and i am taking further action myself with watch dog and trading standards. How dare they.. i hope they do take further legal action.. because i have all the evidence i need to show that these are total con artists.


  83. hi I’ve just received the same letter from debt collection company, it’s over 11 months since I last heard from them

  84. I too have received the letter 11 months after I fell for this. Just trying to speak with citizens advice. Will post if I have any luck.

  85. Lots of other people having the same problem with debt letter. Please go here and write a reply.

  86. i have received the letter today as well …they said if i dont pay in 7 days they will taske legal action…i did cancel the direct debit last year before the trial period expired…
    the thing is they daid to pay in 7 days ..the letter been issued on 6th of this month and i received it today…what shall i do?

  87. I ordered this product last Aug 2014 and tried to cancel the order within the 14 days with no response at all from phone calls and emails. I final got through when calling late at night and cancelled the order. I then cancelled my credit card and informed the bank.

    But NOW!!

    I now have a letter from a company called GGN Mastering Credit chasing me for £129.68 for the order I cancelled almost 12 months ago. This company is based in the Netherlands and they are saying if I don’t pay within 7 days they will commence legal proceedings. Has anyone else had this letter yet?? Also what shall I do? Cheers

  88. hi all looking for advice ,took the free trail, emailed to say did not want anymore they tried to take money from my credit i alerted the bank which reimbursted me that was sept 2014 never heard anymore about it till yesterday received a letter from a company GGN in the netherlands demanding 94 pound etc plus 34.70 collection fee. is this another scam company? and is this legal under scottish law? regards robbie

  89. Hi all, I’ve had the same issue as Robbie and have had an email from GGN in the netherlands demanding almost £240! Anyone had any progress with it?

  90. hi all, I was also tricked into buying the product. I used my business card and as soon as I made payment, I googled and found out I was tricked… However, here’s the amazing part, I called my bank and they immediately cancelled my card, no payment was taken and I am now receiving these products every month for FREE ever since Jan… so my next step is to try them, which has been on my mind but im doubting to take them…

  91. This is relatively a scam. They ship you one dose fee, and then, without any approval and comlete lack of feedback link to stop shipping send you one large porption of overpriced capsules. They do this once, my fri ends fron the health industry say that this company is known for constantly offering new products and collectin one portion of money from the client.
    After first forced shippin they stop – at lest this was my case.
    The funny thing is that the product works well on fat burning, and likely the muscle gain, but this is due to a dose of vitamin B3. You could achieve the same buying I.e. NAD+ much cheaper and the stuff being more effecive (B3 I s a methaboloc precursor for NAD+)

  92. Hello .I gave my order 8dollr for tablets and capsules but you chared me 188 dollar . you abuse and I have your froud . I never relized and anybody . you did not address and phon number to me I’ ll take a lowyer to pursue .

    Thank you for cheating

  93. i do not recall ordering anything from you but a billing showed up on my CC. Cancel anything pertaining to me immediately and if i receive anything it will be returned immediately

    Landis Courington

    • Landis, the above is a review. We do not endorse trial offers like this. I would recommend using the contact details provided to cancel.


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