Noxor Platinum Edition Trial Offer Review – Is it a scam?

Noxor Platinum Edition

Noxor Platinum Edition is a product currently available for trial that is a performance enhancer that claims to deliver “mind-blowing results”.

As with most trial offers you need to be careful of what you are signing up for. In previous reviews of similar offers we have discovered that there are often hidden charges and auto-shipments involved.

In the following review we will look at this offer in more detail to see if that is the case with this offer too.

Please read on to discover the truth before you rush to sign up for the offer.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Noxor Platinum Edition

This offer claims to help:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Cut recovery time
  • Explosive workouts

For anyone who is looking to build muscle and strength, claims like this will be very tempting and will certainly entice some to sign up for the offer.

What I would suggest doing would be to first look for proof of these claims. For example are its ingredients up to scratch?

Ingredients found in Noxor Platinum Edition

Firstly, there is no label present on the website, so no way of actually proving the claims.

The website does mention the use of L-Arginine and Nitrate, however, which has been shown to be of some benefit to those looking to enhance their own training.

Perhaps some benefit can be experienced through the use of this supplement, but without actually knowing the exact ingredients used and their dosages we cannot comment on the accuracy of the claims, or whether Noxor Platinum Edition is effective or not.

Cost of Noxor Platinum Edition

If you believe that this offer is available for free, then you are going to be in for a shock. Even those that claim to be free are not usually.

After reading the terms and conditions I can reveal that there is a £4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up for the offer. Then just 14 days later another charge will be made to your account, this time for an amount totalling £99.99.

Just like so many other trial offers before it, should you fail to cancel the trial within these 14 days you will be automatically signed up for an auto-ship scheme that will send you further monthly packages, also at the full purchase price.

Is Noxor Platinum Edition a scam?

There maybe some benefit to using Noxor Platinum Edition, but with no label there is no way of knowing what benefits are on offer before you sign up.

Regardless, this does not matter as the price of this supplement is exceptionally high, with the auto-shipping a serious issue that is likely to lead to complaints.

Personally I would recommend avoiding trial offers. And if you are tempted by one you should always read any T&Cs beforehand so that you know what it is you are signing up for.

As things stand I would suggest that you look for an alternative.

Contact details for Noxor Platinum Edition

To cancel the trial you will need to contact Noxor Platinum Edition using the following information:

Phone: 0800 072 5299

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative would be D-Bal (available from Crazy Bulk), as this supplement contains proven ingredients and is much more affordable.

Its ingredients work in a similar fashion as the banned steroid Dianabol, but is completely legal and safe to use.

The benefits on offer are as follows:

  • Faster muscle and strength gains
  • Improved blood flow and oxygen retention

D-Bal is not available for trial, so no need to worry about hidden charges or auto-shipping either.

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Noxor Platinum Edition
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  1. listen what i am goining to say i want a full refund or else i am going to seek legal advise also i am goinig to the national news papers you have no right to take 200 pounds out of my account read this message very carefull you havent heard the last from me today i have got legal advise

    • Please try re-reading the above review. This website has no link to this trial or any trial offer. You will need to contact Noxor yourself, luckily we have provided the contact details for you.

    • Fell for trial scam too,thanks to the number provided called and cancelled,they wanted to charge another £10 for the pleasure. Called bank,problem solved.block put on them and new card on way.luckily only lost £4.95 for trial. Good luck people. Ring the number these guys have provided.

      • Exactly the same graham they want them sent back to Cyprus or pay £10.95.
        Cancelled card and will not send them back because that will also cost!

    • I also got scammed by £190 have emailed them and they say they have cancelled butbi want to speak to them about trying to get my money back,does anyone know a phone number that actually works?the ones I have tries just don’t work!!

      • this is a scam,they sent me two items i only ordered one,also they never informed the public you are unable to take no xor if you suffer with high blood pressure,which i do,it has cost me another £10-95 to cancel each bottle.the phone number i used was as follows 0800 975 6304 or 0800 1488 165. good luck Jeff.

    • This is the biggest scam I ever seen there don’t say you have too pay 99.99 each tub and have too pay 10.95 too cancel fking noobs not worth that don’t buy

  2. false advertisment you make out people are getting a deal making out you only pay for postage knowing your getting people to put there bank cards on your site so you can clear there bank cards expect some one comming to visit your premise very soon oh thats if you got a premises

  3. total 100% SCAM.. paid the postage for supposedly FREE trial only to find out 14 days later they helped themselves to £99.99 out of my bank account.. now to try and get it back.. AVOID falling for this offer like I did

    • Cancel the card you used. I got sucked into a similar scam and I just told the bank I lost my card. They can’t take shit then

    • hi i was just to try this offer and i must say guys you must read theTERMS AND CONDITIONS ALL TIME , if you had read it it does say that after 14 days they charge you 99 pounds .

  4. I agree with all the previous comments! This is a total scam. They tell you it is free and you have to pay just for the postage. 2 weeks later, they take £94.99 and £99.95 from your credit card! There was no mention that you have to cancel the trial after 14 days or they enter you into an ongoing subscription! This is against the UK Trades Description Act! They are conning people and should be stopped! Don’t believe this fake free trial!

    • That is why they are operating from Cyprus, UK trading laws don’t apply.
      You don’t honestly think they are based offshore for any other reason than to avoid UK trading laws do you ? 😉
      Best bet, never get involved with any offer of this kind which is not with a UK based company, then you will be protected by UK trading laws.

    • Just wanted to confirm if that will work?
      i paid for the shipping on my credit card but have literally just rang up and cancelled the card and ordered a new one.

    • I thought every 1 does this as standard lmao….. nothing is for free. Ordered Friday blocked card Friday tablets come Wednesday and card come Wednesday all done ????????????

      • Hi Mike

        Would you recommend getting these noxor free trial and cancel my card obviously but no one on here knows if they actually work, if you have tried them, any joy with using them?
        Cheers, Alan

    • hey u cannot stop the card once you have paid because you accepted the terms and conditions . If you had read it does say that they charge you . It’s your fault that you didnt read

      • You can stop the card, these people are based in Cyprus, UK law doesn’t apply, so once you have paid for the trial, £4.95, if you cancel that card there is nothing they can do about it.
        Cancelling the card is a precaution to stop them taking huge sums from your bank and ignoring your calls and emails asking them to stop it !

        • Hi Tim , I have cancelled my card straight after the 4.95 trial when I realised it was a scam , will this stop them taking my cash.

  5. Got through to a person on the number who said they cancel but said will send an email not received this also i asked to speak to a sipervisor not got phone call bk
    I rang bk and thwy advised no paymwnts will be taken from here spoke tk the visa debits department.

  6. Total absolute scam – got billed after 14 days as advertising is extremely misleading. Have now called 3 times and been told account is cancelled – and yet no confirmation email. Just cancelled my card with bank to be on safe side. I hate these scum bags.

  7. I can confirm that I too got scammed by the scum bastards that so say give you a free trial. I payed £4.95 for a months free trial. I then found that they had taken £99.95 from my bank account. I found the tablets don’t work at all. I’ve been going to the gym burning around 1000 calories and have noticed no difference in performance than when I wasn’t taking them. I have half a bottle left and will look to seek advice on how to stop this from happening to another person of the public. Great way to treat the general public and get real business @ Noxor. I hope Karma comes for you and rips you apart. I will spread the word of your products. Don’t submit to this awful product.

  8. Not these guys again… as soon as I saw it on facebook I knew … “scroll down to the bottom and there’ll be two bottles of rediculously named “products””!! They obviously just change the names every 2 months to attract new suckers. NOXOR and ANDROX. LOL.They fleeced me back when it was the mighty Nutripump/Testostblast combo!! This has been goin on for years. Always the same …. after a month your bank account is relieved of £198 (£99 per bottle). I just managed to get my cash back with threats of legal action but he wasnt convinced easily. Slippery Oriental guy kept droning on and on about giving me another month at half price……Avoid like the plague… any “free sample” that requires bank details is bogus.

  9. I too fell for the trap, after reading that they would improve energy levels. I didn’t receive any samples. When they didn’t arrive, I wrote to the cancel email address, didn’t receive a response and the thieves took £100 from my credit card 2 days ago. I’ve asked my credit card company to put a block on them and will be putting a dispute through. Don’t do it!

    • I phoned the the contact number it took a while to get through, once i got through to an operator i told them i wernt happy and like to cancel any further shipments, they then told me i wont receive any further packages and won’t be charged. As of now i still haven’t been charged and received both bottles at just shipment prices. However i will say i had to pay a customs charge for delivery to the UK of £11.89. All in i paid £22.79 which is reasonable

  10. I just called and spoke to TIM to cancel my subscription and before he cancelled it, he offered to reduce the subscription twice first 25% off then reduced it to 50% off.. I said no and he cancelled. Got the email confirmation straight away but also cancelled my card with the bank. I haven’t tried to supplements yet but I’ll give them ago anyway lol

  11. Has anyone had any luck getting through to them? I’ve emailed countless times and got nothing. What can I expect from calling them? At this rate I’m going to have to just cancel my card.


  12. Thanx for all who gave such great advice, I won’t be ordering my FREE sample NOW ! , These scammers should be “Exposed ” and shamed .. lol Happy Huntin’ .. Craw !

  13. There is no need to cancel your card. I stupidly used my MasterCard to sign up. I subsequently telephoned them and they have blocked any attempts to debit my account and have emailed me confirming this.

  14. Received my trial yesterday stupidly didn’t read review before ordering, glad suspicion got the better of me and I did. Just rang up and cancelled my account they tried to offer another ten days on to my trial and discount but told them to cancel my account so no other charges can be made. Reading the T&C properly from now on.

  15. I got caught out too. Contact your credit card company as soon as possible. They will get a refund on the additional payments taken from your card and block any attempts to take future payments. Keep an eye on your account over the next month or so

    • I was scammed, I received what I thought was an offer of a free gift from my mobile phone provider offering different gifts to choose from. Because I go to the gym I chose the Noxor Platinum tablets, all I had to do was pay for the postage. How stupid was I? It was only when I noticed that £200 plus had gone out of my account that I had fell for the scam! I should have known better!! I have tried to get my money back and was promised a refund (which never came) I have sent emails but have had no response and each time I call I get transferred to the USA and speak to some idiot called Katie who seems to have taken too much of their own produce. The only consolation is that if you call in the morning its the middle of the night where they are, they are about 9 hours behind, just let the phone ring until someone picks up. Its the only payback I think I will get.

  16. I got scammed also ,never read the reviews lucky i saw this and cancelled I also called, they wanted me to pay for the product in full told them to get stuffed.Now they wanted me to ship it all back to the following addresses s pobox 42388,larnac,6533,cyprus and the other bottle to 207 regent street 3rd floor London,West Central,W1B3HH.

  17. I have been caught by the Noxor Free Trail Scam – they have offered me a refund after threatening them with a Police and Fraud warning – but so far their words are worthless.

    Your bank should refund you the money taken on your debit or credit card for free – and enough people complain perhaps the Authorities might wake up to these scammers – there is nothing on the website about additional subscription or charges – just the Free Promo Bottle and postage –

    Their product cannot be any good if they have to sell it this way – I never took the pills as they did not disclose what is in the tablets – and taking other medician I did not want to take something I did not know about

    Having said that – how do they expect the product to make such a difference in 14 days that someone would want to re-order – and at a price of £99 – who the hell would pay £3 per supplement tablet anyway?

    Lets face it – this is a scam product and the place to hurt them is go after their ability to take payments by card – that is why everyone has to report it to their bank as a fraud payment

  18. A WAY TO RECOVER YOUR MONEY …. Hi. I am victim to the same scam. I called Noxor and canceled the so called membership after which I called my bank and canceled any future payments to Noxor. I asked my bank for a full refund on the £99,95 which I was told will take 2 to 3 working days. Please note I used a Credit Card for this order, I don`t think you can ask for a refund on a Debit Card and I called the bank on the day Noxor debited my card.

  19. Thank you so much for this review!! You just saved me £100!!! Thank you so so much!!

    I just called them up using the number provided, which is free to call. I wasn’t left waiting long and the lady was very helpful and polite. – They must be getting lots of calls similar to this.

    First of all, it’s worth mentioning, I signed up for trial 2 products – the Noxor Platinum and a testosterone I can’t remember the name of.

    I asked to cancel and they gave me 2 options:

    Option 1. They wanted me to return the products and then they were going to charge me £10.95 restocking fee for each product – so in total the shipping charge plus the £20+. A restocking fee… what a joke!!

    Option 2. Keep the products and only pay half price for them – £50.

    I complained further and hinted that they were using false advertisement (which is a fact). Then she gave me another option…

    3. Keep the products and pay the £10.95 stocking fee for each product. I reluctantly agreed! I would have just blocked them from my bank but I used my business account and didn’t want the hassle of changing it all.

    I recorded the conversation on the phone and told the lady I was doing so. I recommend people do this for a little added security. One thing I will add is when they quote you, they only quote you for the price per product. So if you have more then one product, like myself, remember it’s a quote per product, not for everything.

    In conclusion, everything they do is so sneaky. I do not think they will last long!

    Thank you once again.

  20. HI i got scammed too and they wont refund my money. Any suggestions, I will be going to trading standards about this.

  21. Fucking scam con job,the 0800 number is in the Philippines nothing to do with Britain the bank was not very helpful as trying to put a block on them taking the money,the guy I spoke to in the Philippines was no help at all..????????????????????

  22. I fell for it aswell. Absolute scumbags. Was luck enough to read up about the reviews and find out after I had entered the trial that it was a scam. Called my bank and blocked all future payments to them, but the bank says they can sometimes change their company name to get around the block. Tried phoning the company but they are apparently closed at weekends so I will be phoning them first thing Monday. DO NOT JOIN THIS “FREE TRIAL” and read up on something before entering bank details like I stupidly never done.

  23. Thank you so much for savem me from well organised scam the so- called Norox pl. According to your advice I communicated with that company and able to cancel in less than 24hours of agreement. The company sent me back the notification of cancellation which I printed it and summited to my bank to block for future .Now, I have to fight to refund me £4.95.
    Please, please!, for everyone, never ever deal with online offer in any form it is SCAM.

  24. Noxor Platinum Edition is absolutely scam i personally bought free trial with£4.95 pay shipping on the end of transactions i was offer free trial for testoterone just pay another £4.95 wich i accepted and i paid in tottal £.8.95 they charge on the end i received just one bottle instead of 2 and when i contact them about my second bottle they refused to send one as they said i only order one bottle and p& p cost £8.95 for that so im not in tittle for the the second bottle i i highly recomrecommend not to shop from then as they dodge scammers

  25. TOTAL SCAM – Unfortunately, like others, I was led by the references to a believable set of people called “Dragon’s Den” and did exactly the same as everyone else – got my order for the trial bottles of just under £10 total – bottles I never received – and today got stung for just under £100. Biggest regret is that I told my bank and they suggested destroying my card. Unfortunately I believed the company reply after cancellation that they wouldn’t bill me any more!!
    Don’t get drawn in because although I have threatened legal action and asked for a refund they’re not going to reply or give this back……IGNORE THEM!!

  26. I bought trial Noxor platinum and Androx, $4.95 per trial, . i did not realise these cunts were going to attempt a charge on my card for 2 lots of £95.00
    I did not know about this until the bank stopped the charge and they reissued a new card,
    That is proper cuntish to raid my account, I must admit, my testosterone levels increased by themselves and I wanted to smash their fucking faces into the fucking wall and bury the cunts, but the money was safe. Oh, never mind, reminds me of a deposit scam in east end of London I fell for, in 1982, for the purchase of slot machines on bogus finance, finance failed and you lost your deposit. I suppose these cunts are dead now, still hurts when you have your hard earned scumbagged.

    • To cancel you must use the contact details provided in the above review. We do not endorse this offer, and are not linked to it either.


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