Is the Nitro Build Plus nitric oxide booster a scam? Truth revealed

Nitro Build Plus

Nitro Build Plus is a nitric oxide booster currently available for trial that makes some pretty impressive sounding claims.

The following review will look at this supplement in more detail and will soon discover whether it is a scam or not.

We will look to see how accurate the claims are, whether its ingredients are up to the job, and also whether there are any of the hidden charges that trial offers like this are well-known for.

Please read on to discover the truth for yourself.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Nitro Build Plus

Using Nitro Build Plus is said to offer the following user benefits:

  • Boost workout endurance
  • Maximise performance
  • Enhance lean muscle gain
  • Shred excess fat
  • Gain insane strength
  • Unleash raging energy
  • Maximise your libido

To check how accurate these claims really are we would need to look in more detail at what ingredients have been used to create this supplement.

Ingredients used in Nitro Build Plus

When deciding on supplements it is always best to look for a product label, as this will not only show you what the supplement contains but also the dosages of these ingredients.

Unfortunately there is no label to view on the Nitro Build Plus website.

We do however have a bit of information available on what it contains, for instance it mentions the use of L-Citrulline, L-Arginine and Creatine.

Now, there is nothing new about these ingredients but they have been shown to offer various muscle building benefits.

Our conclusion therefore is that Nitro Build Plus may offer some benefit, but with no label we cannot comment on how effective it truly is.

Price of Nitro Build Plus

Trial offers have a bad name for themselves and for good reason. With many people signing up only to then realise that the trial leads onto an expensive auto-ship program.

To check if Nitro Build Plus works in the same fashion we will need to look at the terms and conditions page located at the very bottom of their website.

These T&Cs reveal that there is a £4.95 charge to pay when you first sign up then another £19.99 charge at the end of the 14-day trial.

If you do not contact them to cancel the trial you will automatically be signed onto an auto-ship program that will ship you monthly packages at full price (£29.99).

Is Nitro Build Plus a scam?

Nitro Build Plus is not a scam, and even though it does lead onto an auto-ship scheme unlike some trials that we have reviewed previously this one does not cost too much.

The only issue we have is the lack of ingredient information, but at this price you wont have much to lose if you do sign up.

Saying that, there maybe better alternatives available if you are willing to look.

Contact details for Nitro Build Plus

To cancel the trial you will need to use the following contact information:

Phone: 0800-812-1045

Please leave a message below if you have signed up for this offer.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalOur suggested alternative, and one that comes highly recommended is D-Bal, which is available online via the Crazy Bulk website.

This particular supplement has been created using all-natural ingredients that have been shown to mimic the benefits of the now-banned steroid Dianabol.

These benefits on offer include:

  • Faster muscle and strength gains
  • An increase in blood flow
  • Improved oxygen retention

As D-Bal is not available for trial, there will be no unwanted surprises with your order. Neither auto-shipping or hidden charges.

Click Here to Read Our Full Review of D-Bal >>



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Nitro Build Plus
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  1. Order No 7750803
    Please confirm that this order has been canceled and trial product will be returned when I receive it as per phone conversation 3/1/2017

    Thank You
    Graham Thompson

    • It is a scam,…. they give you 14 days trial from when you apply, took 21 days to receive product, meanwhile they take $ 230.00 dollars out of your accountI called them Twice to complain and demand my money back, they put the phone down on me, What a bunch of wankers.

  2. Testoboost ZMA + Nitrobuilt Plus , one 60 capsules bottle of each sold for A$133. 14 days trial is shorter than it takes to get it by post. No evidence of any positive action to the body after 10 days of use. Scam.

  3. The phone number to get out of the free trial is not connected and the email address does not exist perhaps you should not be promoting this product on your web page looks like it is a scam

  4. I didn’t even confirm an order and I revcieved a free trail and saying that I’ll be getting a $128AUD bill later on how do I stop this, since the email address is not valid

  5. I ordered the trial and before I even received it they had taken an additional $130 out of my bank.
    The 1800 number does not work and despite getting onto them to give my money back it has not happened. I am still trying. SCAM

  6. thanks admin for this information i had been considering it but something stopped me from hitting the button to do it and thus has begun my further research and finding this site. safe to say i will not be going ahead with the scammers 🙂

  7. i tray to call you in Australia regarding the money you take from my acc/nt on the 21/02/2017
    you only have to take the delivery money for $ 4.50 not $264 as you did can you please call me urgently as im cancelling you order i Spock with my bank and my police i need to talk to you urgently i did not revised any new of you product

    call me on +61 414619215
    steve georgiou order no 7816379 & order 7816386

    ORDER NO 7816379 & 7816388 ON THE 13/01/2017

  9. After much investigation into contacting Nitrobuild plus
    Contact number AU 1800872748
    14 day trial beginning from the date ordered. 10 days to deliver, leaves you 4 days to trial the product and a nightmare to get the information to return the product.
    Read terms and conditions carefully. It contains information about your responsibility to pay postage fees for returns and restocking fees.
    Well thought out plan by Nitrobuild plus to get you to part with your money.
    The contact information was supplied grudgingly by Nitrobuild plus

    • Who ever Thinks of Dealing with this company DONT their professional Money thieves all they want is you bank details and then they send tou stuff you havent ordered and when you ask them where to return it to they give you9CHANGI AIR FRIEGHT CENTR PO Box 991 Singapore 914034 which doesnt exist so they Charge you for what you dont need and what you send back goes to the FILIPINES to be returned to you month Later all their interested in is getting your bank Numbers .
      So goto a bank and start an account with just the postage in it order what you want and close your account and just keep what they send otherwise HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY OF MONEY THIEVES

  10. Haven’t been caught thanks to various posts and sent the following e-mail to the promoters….
    But first of all, WHY I wonder have the reviewers on this site, not updated their review to being highly negative of their admin system and WARNING people NOT to get involved?
    Seems like it’s intended as Advertorial in the first place – and the only true balance is coming form dissatisfied customers!
    This is the mail sent 10/3/17:
    “I was interested until I read the terms and conditions, that clearly show this is NOT a free trial.
    Firstly, I couldn’t read the terms and conditions – they were greyed out – which I immediately realised was intentional as you’d much prefer people to simply fall in to your trap without realising it.

    The greyed out information can be seen if highlighted – but should be prominent.

    Billed 14 days after order?????

    Australia Post road transport postage from the eastern states to western australia takes a realistic 7-12 days.
    Add your order processing time and we’re hitting 14 days plus – without use of the tablets and you would be billing $133 + before any product or “free trial” is acheived.

    Surely you can do better than that?

    You will lose thousands of people like me, that want and are prepared to try the product – and buy it IF it works and represents value for money.
    If it works as well as you claim, I would most probably buy it. I really can’t imagine that I wouldn’t want to – but at the rate I need it, when I want it.

    But will I give you my credit card details to go ahead and charge me before I’ve had the chance to satisfy myself I want to buy????

    Not a chance!

    If that’s the best you can do to promote and profit from a product you obviously believe works, then I expect to be reading a whole lot of negatives from a lot of people that get caught by your very one-sided system, via the internet in due course.

    You are welcome to answer – but please ENSURE I do not go on your mailing list.

    Other than a direct answer to this statement, I really do not expect or want to hear from you again.
    Unless, you DO in fact offer a proper “free trial”, totally obligation free! Like your initial advertising suggests – but doesn’t offer!

    Geoff Page”

  11. Agree with bloke above. Got screwed over, arrived after 14 days trial had ended. Bloke said that this can’t be reversed after telling me that I should have rang them when I received the goods. Wtf? I told him that I think he is scamming people and he had no comeback. I asked if I could return the goods and get a refund and he said that was not possible as the transaction could not be reversed as well. Wish I had of seen the review above before I had applied to try the trial. Not happy Jan!

  12. Warning to all considering this offer and really should have done my due diligence (not so obvious fine print) before committing. After being invoiced twice, $4.99 (trial fee ) then 14 days later $133.00 full retail value of this trial, I contacted the Customer Service team for cancellation & full refund as I had not yet received any items. Their response was that goods are often held up in customs up to 3 weeks and they can’t track shipment. No refund forthcoming re trial agreement. Their terms seem flawed and unreasonable. Tracking may need to be part of their process to ensure consumers like are not left out in the cold with a horrible first experience. Their duty of care for customers seems to be overshadowed by their eagerness to invoice with no flexibility despite regular shipment delays. Rating: zero stars, Comment: avoid like the plague – don’t support poor service operators.

  13. After reading these responses I would like my shipment stopped I don’t mind if I lose the shipment fee but if I receive any more charges to my account i will be dealing legal action against this product and who ever is behind the design of this web page and it’s dishonesty to scam people out of there money.
    Please take this message seriously as I am not a dishonest person as you people are with the scam that you have portrayed to take honest people’s money.

    Kind regards,
    Chris Hanson

    • Chris, this page has no link to this offer. I suggest you re-read the above review so that you can use the contact details we have provided for you.

  14. Scam ; fine print agrees to ongoing charges . hit my account the day after “free” samples sent ; No further product received .
    Phone number does not answer and email does not exist .
    Police should be made aware of this lot !

    • Inform the ACCC,that’s what they are there for.Then get on to A Current Affair.No good complaining here where not many people read these reviews

  15. Hi All

    I have tried the product in question and though I haven’t become totally ripped in the last week or felt my fat being shredded or even maxed out my libido, I have noticed some positives.

    When you look at the price of the product and compare with similar products at a store they are comparable. I don’t agree with the marketing method but am curious to see the longer term effects.

    The ingredients are supposed to create a response that’s beneficial for muscle growth and help cardiovascular strength, both of which will help burn fat and increase fitness.

    But, as with anything, it won’t do it for you you must eat healthy and work hard for the change, if you yearn for you must earn it.


  16. Ordered trial 27 March. Contacted firm on 17 April as to where my order was and was told that it may still be going through customs and then was told I have just been charged full price of $265 for two products that were not ordered. Will be going into bank tomorrow to see about having the payments cancelled on a fraudulent charge by this firm.

  17. I too have fallen in the trap and have been scammed. I rang up to cancel subscription before the end of trial and they charged me $264 two months after I called to cancel. I was just on the phone and the man said they have no record of me calling. I have no proof of purchase or authorization numbers for cancelling as it had been 2 months so I thought it was all sorted.. boy was I wrong.. Has anyone been successful with getting there money back? I’m off to my bank in the morning to start the dispute with them, but is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks in advance Nathan.

  18. LIke everyone above – this is clearly a scam because the terms and conditions of the ‘Free Trial’ are not clear at all. They also billed me .62c for a newsletter.

    Dispute the credit card transaction with your bank. The merchant is unlikely to get paid and the transaction will be reversed. As a merchant, getting paid for internet purcahases are fraught with danger if there is no credit card signature.

    Also the terms and conditions are not in the package.

  19. Hello my name is Chris Snedden I recently signed up for a trial with nitro build, I consumed the product as directed and was not happy with the results and do not wish to buy anymore. Now you have sent me a second shipment of the product that I do not want and and will return to you on the 23rd may 2017 and trusting you did not deduct any more money from my account I hope you honour my request thank you.

    Yours Sincerely

    Chris Snedden

    • Chris, this website has no link to this offer. There are contact details provided in the above review that you should use to cancel.

  20. This stupid people dont realize that this website IS A REVIEW ONLY of the product. IS NOT THE SELLER WEBSITE. Hey dude, the owner of this website, i feel sorry for you that you are getting into this only for trying to make clear what is this product. People dont get it…

  21. This may not be a scam but it is a ‘rip-off’.
    I received the product 7 days after the ’14 trial period’ so was unable to use the trial period and not able to return the goods under their policy, in the meantime my credit card was hit with a $270 charge which is now non refundable.
    I’d steer well clear of this unethical business.

  22. Max call ur bank. They will reverse the charge. I had this happen to me with a pair of bottles(weight loss n lean muscle growth). It was supposed to be $14.95 each for postage for their ‘trial period’. The product didnt turn up for 28days but i was charged $130 each at 14 days. I called the bank they searched the company name on line then said to me that they could tell straight away that it was a scam company. Money was back in my acc 3days later. Fun how their bottles had no ‘ingredients’ list and to top it off wen i read the labels they had the same 3 things in them just the name of the bottles were different lol. Good luck

  23. I inadvertently bought the trial bottle of pills. Big mistake then found a bill for $133.00 in my bank account. And, I might add, nothing to show for it… no ongoing pills!
    To say this is NOT a scam is wrong!
    They know what they are doing and their idea is to fleece unsuspecting, innocent individuals; what if I did not look at my bank statement from time to time?
    At the moment the bank is investigating.
    Thanks for the opportunity to air the gripe.

  24. Well I only just purchased the product about an hour ago and then came across your website review and wanted to cry my eyes it. It’s Saturday and I can’t contact my bank because it’s to late at night and it’s Sunday tomorrow. Therefore my bank is closed. What a shit coincidence.

  25. Thanks for the review on Nitrobuild. Very useful.
    Of more concern are the large number of people that have bought Nitrobuild and then seem to think your website is linked to the company!
    May explain why people get caught up in auto-shipping schemes – do some research first!


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