Is the Nitric Storm trial a scam?

Nitric Storm

Nitric Storm has been create to help men to get “ripped, muscular bodies” but how does it work?

Looking at the website it makes some pretty big claims, but whether this supplement can back them up remains to be seen.

What I can immediately see is that Nitric Storm is available for trial, which is sometimes a bad sign.

From past experience these trial offers lead onto an auto-ship program. In the following review we will discover whether this is the case or not.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claims made by Nitric Storm

Nitric Storm has made the following claims on its website:

  • May increase energy
  • May reduce fatigue
  • May improve performance
  • May maximise your workout

These may seem like impressive benefits but the use of the word ‘may’ covers the manufacturer a little as there is definitive claim being made.

To see what benefits Nitric Storm actually offers we will need to look at what ingredients it contains.

Ingredients used in Nitric Storm

When checking the effectiveness of a supplement you should always spend a little time looking to see what it is made from, otherwise there will be no way of knowing if any effect will be experienced.

Some supplements wont disclose their ingredient information, but luckily for us Nitric Storm has.

The ingredients are as follows: L-Arginine, L-Norvaline, Citrulline and Caffeine.

With this information at hand I can certainly see some benefit to using this supplement. Of course for best results a protein-rich diet and plenty of hard work in the gym is always recommended too.

Whether we would recommend Nitric Storm however, depends on whether it is affordable.

Price of Nitric Storm

Disappointingly Nitric Storm is yet another auto-ship program with a cost that is likely to shock you.

When you first sign up for the offer there is a small $4.95 shipping fee, plus a $.99 fee for the “SecureShip Shipping Guarantee Program”.

At the end of the trial period you will then be charged again, this time the full amount of $94.67.

As this is an auto-shipment program you will continue to be sent further monthly packages until your subscription is cancelled.

Is Nitric Storm a scam?

The ingredients of Nitric Storm are good so it is a shame that it costs so much. Also the auto-shipping is another big issue that will likely leave people annoyed.

I suggest that you look for an alternative.

Contact details for Nitric Storm

To cancel your trial you will need to contact Nitric Storm using the following phone number: 1-(800)-413-6197

There is also an email address you may want to try too:

If you have signed up for this offer and wish to leave your own review then you can do so by leaving a message below using the comment form.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

D-BalIf you have been put off by the high price of Nitric Storm but are still looking for that little extra help gaining muscle then I suggest you take a look at D-Bal, a supplement available to buy from Crazy Bulk.

This supplement is made using proven ingredients that have been shown to mimic the benefits of the banned steroid Dianabol. Yet as these are natural ingredients it is completely safe and legal to use.

D-Bal can help:

  • Build muscle and strength
  • Give you the fast results you want
  • Boost nitrogen retention and blood flow

It is also more cost effective than Nitric Storm and there are no hidden or repeat charges to worry about. This is because D-Bal is not available for trial.

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  1. Warning. Do not buy nitric storm or maximum Test. They advertise being associated with top athletes and offer a free trial but 14 days later (takes 10 days to ship) you WILL sea a charge o 94$ on your statement for each free trial 188$ total. Good luck getting your money back. They. Will tell you that is the shipping selection portion of ordering the free trial, in the fine print you agree to pay full (and outrageous) price of 94$ if not retunred unopened in 14 days. The packaging also fails to mention this when you receive the product. Then to add insult to injury, both nitric storm and maximin test are very poor supplements. Beware. These trials are offered through a number of different sites including Facebook. There will be no mention of the cost. Buyer beware! Here is the number to cancel you order since it is very hard to find on any of the company sites. 1-800-413-3029.

    • Casey,
      Thanks for your posting warning people of this in my opinion, very unfair business practice. I just received my free trial today and decided to look further into the product comments because I noticed it contains caffeine, usually associated to cause high blood pressure.
      I will call the phone number you post to cancel the order and return the un opened bottles tomorrow.
      People that hide essential commercial information from their customers to mislead and cheat them out of money they are never told will be charged, who knows what they can put in those capsules that people are going to put in their bodies.

      • I had the same experience. The but I couldn’t get in touch with anyone to cancel. Charge for 94 showed up on card. Finally got in touch with company through email. No refund and no pills. Pills are crap anyway. The manager that finally called me was sooooo rise and hung up on me.

    • Husband is on the phone now and they are fighting with him on the phone there trying to get him to pay for it only cause now he is one day late.

    • Even when you call they don’t answer or just give you a run around. I do not understand why the government does not stop this type of company!

    • Thanks Casey, I called and got the auto-delivery cancelled just in time, then they told me about the retention fee because I was keeping the bottles they sent. I argued that the ad said that shipping cost was the only charge, no charge for cancelling. He went offline for a minute, came back and waived the retention fee, cancelled the auto-delivery, and I’m done. Thanks to you, I feel as though I have dodged a bullet. I will try the pills for a month and make up my own mind about their effectiveness, kinda pissed that they used Dale Jr and Jeff Gordon to rope me into reading about the product… should’ve known better. THANKS

    • BE CAREFUL. READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!!! I feel totally scammed for a shitty product! This is not a free trial that is too good to be true! If you don’t cancel right after you send for your”free” trial they bill you 95.00 for what was supposed to be “free”!!! Super shady business practice

    • Well I thank you for this! And all the replies that everyone has posted. I called them and got 50% rebate back. It wasn’t easy I had to lose my temper of course which I don’t like to do. I apologize to the man on the phone and told him I understand he just works for a shitty company. Once again it all comes back to eating healthy and exercise. At least there are no variables you can’t control. Done dealing with fucked up companies and their stupid products

    • These people are total scam artists the bury the auto-renewal in the fine print that you don’t see on the website any where, and then they secretly charge you with no email notification $94 and $96 for the 2 products, which by the way don’t do a fkg thing.

      A total ripoff. Oh you have to cancel within 18 days, not 30 like any and all other companies programs.

  2. I have been so busy I didn’t even realize they were sending me these Nitric Storm bottles after my trial. I saw no clearly stated note that they would be sending them and charging me for future shipments if I did not return the trial bottle. I thought I would at least be notified via email that they would be charging my CC account. I also saw not benefit from the product they were sending.

    • I too did the free trail then the charges came threw on my bank account which I was short the 188 for my mortgage so I called my bank and disputed the charges because I saw no were on the add for that much money which I would have never ordered it if I knew it was that much in the first place. My bank reimburse my money.

      • If you don’t mind what’s your bank name I’m trying get money back from mine. That way I can say This bank gave someones money back

    • just realized my credit card was charged $94.60 and $94.67 have yet to complete my trial bottles and at this point am not impressed with results or the fact that i was billed the completion of my trial. i am not interested in continuing thi trial and demand that these charges be removede from my credit cartd

  3. I concur with everything stated about by Casey. I even opened and tried product only to find it elevated my blood pressure to dangerously high levels. I tried to contact their help desk but extremely long wait times. When I did get charged the 188.00 I called and just waited for them to finally answer. Only to be told that it was not a FREE trial only a trial. This is a very deceptive practice they are following with no upfront warnings. Buyer beware

  4. I unfortunately fell for this scam but only got one bottle. I am going to try my luck getting my money back and we should think of filing a class action suit against them. This has to be illegally sold without any type of subscription information available. I was though I was getting a trial bottle and that’s it.

      • UGH! My boyfriend fell for this too and we got charged. He thought he could cancel closer to the 30 days…not 14! So angry! The woman that answered the customer service line said that this information was on our invoice. NOT.


      • If you need other people to support you I think you could get hundreds to help. Please e-mail me if I can help!!! I’m fighting with my bank know!!

  5. Nitric storm and Maxium Test is a marketing scam to run up your credit card with charges! Consumer beware if you value your wallet and credit card account.

    • Do not buy this scam BS, unbelievable charges from companies that don’t even exist. Now I have to spend time and more money to cancel my banc accounts and have my banc retrieve MY money! SCAM!!!! Thats what it is…

    • They took money from my account on day 17 and are refusing to refund. It is a huge scam, I and the price of the pills were never reveiled. The 18 days they keep throwing up to everyone starts before the shipment ever even gets to you. Don’t try their free trial everyone it’s a scam!

  6. This is a joke worst customer service ever total scam and this is by far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with I ask to speak with a manager was told Angie was it whom I was speaking with she was over talking me would not put another person on the phone I ask her if she was the owner of course not but left me on hold for 20+ minutes over all terrible product as well customer service

  7. I fell for the internet ad and ordered my trial bottles of Nitric Storm and Maximum Test. They sounded too good to be true. I do not remember seeing any explanation about the actual cost on line, and when the products arrived, there was nothing in writing. I recently discovered that I was charged two weeks later for $94.60 for each bottle. Of course, there is no way that I would pay this amount for these supplements. I called the customer service number and spoke to three different representatives. Finally, the supervisor agreed to refund 75% of the cost. I declined this offer and am counting on a full refund from my credit card dispute. This is a scam!

  8. I too have fallen for the scam and have contacted the company. After about a half hour of talking the rep. I am only getting part of my money back I will be contacting my bank to see if they can do more. What a scam . Everyone should get together on Facebook and let people know this is a major scam

  9. I agree with all of the above. This is a scam! Do not buy this product!!!! It is solely to get your $94.67 charged to your credit card. I thought the product would help me, but it did nothing that made a difference for me. When I got my credit card bill, they had already charged me the $94.67. When I called, “Rosemary” answered and said that they would in no way refund my money. I am going to do everything that I can to damage this company, but if any of you read this, stay away!!! it is all a scam!!!!!

  10. Just in case you didn’t know, the ADD for Nitric Storm and Megadrox are EXACTLY the same. Right down to the people who said the system works including ryan from ESPN

  11. When I called their 1800 # I was told by the operator basically. Too bad, you agreed to these terms ! I suggest you call your credit card companies immediately and dispute the changes. In my case The person at my credit card Company called them while I was still on the phone with them so that I could actually hear their conversation. The credit card Company explained that I did not want the product because the terms were not very clear and therefore misleading. The credit card person also explained that my call was the 4th call she personally had received that day alone. They cancelled my order and refunded my credit card.

  12. My husband fell for this to he’s on the phone with them right now not happy customer. This place needs to shut down

  13. Jerry Felder July 14, 2016

    What a scam I just went to the ATM to draw some money out of my bank account & notice that it was $200 missing out of my bank account! So I went online banking only to find out I got ripped off from these people! I am highly upset & I tried to call them but didn’t get an answer! I will settle this score Monday morning with this company! Buyers Beware

  14. This is such a scam!!!!!!! I am now down 200$ because they said I never called to cancel the product. My bank will do nothing either saying I agreed to it. I am reporting them to the BBB and seeing what else I can do.

    • BBB some times does not work, beacuse they are a paid membership organization. but because they are in Nevada, try any consumer afairs in the state of Nevada, they should be able to do something.

    • This company should be stopped by the BBB! I think they are based out of Henderson Nevada. Can anyone tell my or help me get their company to do the right thing. They should be shut down or change their practices. They are not a company that should be allowed to do this and get away with it.

  15. Nitric Storm. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. Web site says just a $4.99 shipping and handling fee, then somehow they add in another $4.99 for a 2nd product that you cant cancel, then additional fees are added in as well. I called immediately after online order looked like it went thru and asked them to cancel order. They agreed to not ship me the trial product but are still charging me $12 for shipping & handling which they did not do. Unreal. I will be disputing this with my credit card company based on principal alone.

  16. I noticed the small letters in the add stating that you have to cancel it withing 14 days, they tell you this just when you are ready to place the order, and also about the cost, so I decided not to order, and never push the order bottom, they still sent me the bottle, and I guess now I have to call them, try to send it back, I’ll call my bank to see if I can stop them to do the payment.

  17. That is a shame my husband did the trial and it has been working great. He is losing weight, has more energy and it has increased his libido tremendously. But 200 a month is to much money.

  18. I got sucked in also. Didn’t read or find the fine print like most of you who are here complaining about our own naïve trust and hopeful stupidity. After realizing that I’d been charged these over the top fees I called the company and after 15 minutes of music finally talked to a girl who said they would credit me 75% of my purchase, now almost 400.00 (two shipments trial and first auto ship) I got a credit e mail for $70.00 and they had my address and zip code wrong. I called Chase dispute dept. They are well aware of this scam and said they’d take care of it. crediting my account for almost $400.00.
    Thanks Chase for your understanding and excellent service..


  19. This is a total scam. I tried to cancel the EZ refill program and so far have not been able to contact anyone plus, my email cannot locate the address provided for support. I currently have a claim against the charges through my bank. These people need to be held accountable!

  20. Hello. Can someone tell me under what name the credit card charge appears from Nitric Storm?
    Does it say or some other company name? Thanks.

    Huge scam. Before opening the bottles I realized I couldn’t take this product and I called immediately to return. They don’t tell you in their infomercial that your credit card will be charged full amount and no refunds after 14 days! It was the 14th day and they said, “Sorry.”
    So angry. Bait and switch – from their website;
    “If you do not cancel before the end of your fourteen (14) day trial period, we bill you $89.73 for the initial product and we will ship you a thirty (30) day supply of BioMuscle XR on the forty-fifth (45th) day after you placed your order and every thirty (30) days thereafter until you choose to cancel these continuing shipments. No further notice will be sent to you. Upon shipment, every thirty (30) days, we will automatically charge the credit card you used to order your trial bottle for a total monthly charge of $89.73 per month.”

  22. I purchased your product and it does work in about 3 weeks. I will also like to cancel my auto member ship. who can I speak too to cancel my prescription.

  23. Stop this bullshit scam immediately. This email is to notify you of my decision to end this and CANNOT charge my CC for any additional purchases. You have take 2 payments of $90+ and I haven’t received a thing in return.


  24. I fell for it to. I called my bank and put a block on that order and canceled that card . My gut was telling me not to do it.. but my banked save me. I don’t even want their products I have high blood pressure as it it.
    Jokes on them. I will not let them hussle me out of extra money mountain America is a great credit union


  26. I agree with all of the above. This is a scam! Do not buy this product!!!! It is solely to get your $94.67 charged to your credit card. I thought the product would help me, but it did nothing that made a difference for me. When I got my credit card bill, they had already charged me the $94.67. When I called, they said that they would in no way refund my money. I am going to do everything that I can to damage this company, but if any of you read this, stay away!!! it is all a scam!!!!! So how do I go about getting my money back, I only agreed to the original trial order then they sent more and I tried calling , then they sent more.

  27. These people are extremely arrogant on the phone, when trying to cancel your (over priced) trial order. Stay away from this site at all costs. Canceled order, and they sent them anyway and took the money from my bank account without my permission! Even with my heart condition, I can’t take these (missed that in the small print). Happy to be here. STAY AWAY!

  28. It amazes me that people are so gullible. After all these years, you still fall for these outrageous claims? As soon as I saw the ad, I knew what it was. If such a product with the kind of results they promised actually existed, don’t you think it would be front page news? It blows my mind that guys want a great body so bad without the hard work, that they keep falling for these scams. Yes, I think the company should all be thrown in jail. But many of you learned your lesson, I hope. But these scams will keep happening because guys keep falling for it.

  29. Iam already waiting how to file a class action lawsuit against those thieves its a bona-fide fraud and deception telemarketers should be reported to the federal government consumer rights i wonder how many suckers were deceived the founder and president of the company should go to prison for a massive amount of money stolen from hard working citizens give up and stop using and abusing innocent people anyone with information on how to start class action lawsuit against the company send it to my email address

  30. Looks like I just found out what a lot of you already know. What is embarrassing is I am old enough to know better. But I swear I never saw anything about a need to cancel or be charged an extra $94 for the one month shipment. It is amazing to think about the money these unscrupulous blood suckers are making. What is worse my financial institution is not willing to help get my money back nor could they promise me to stop future charges even though I have supposedly cancelled the auto renew. My fear is I will see another charge next month for what has so far been a worthless product.


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