Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

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People are now seeking ways to naturally increase human growth hormone (HGH) levels by means of a proper diet and exercise regimen.

Previously, the use of HGH injections, creams, and oral supplements were the concern for those that wanted to unlock to amazing benefits of the human growth hormone. However, you have probably seen hundreds of scams stating that their product will be able to do this for an individual.

The natural method of increasing HGH levels is the best, and safest, action to take.

What is HGH?

All living humans produce this protein hormone through their pituitary gland. HGH is one of the most important hormones that is needed for both men and women, which affects the cellular growth for your bones, organs, muscles, and even supports your metabolism as well.

However, the reason bodybuilders and athletes seek to increase this hormone is because it allows muscular growth (known as anabolism) and increases fat loss.

HGH products are often categorized incorrectly as an anabolic steroid. HGH products are not steroid based and are not even related, the only similarity is the fact that it is anabolic.

Food can be classified as being highly anabolic as well, so the statement that it is a steroid is quite untrue.

Dieting to Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels

A proper diet plan works for every person when it comes to health and fitness, but the difference is what you seek.

Increasing HGH levels through dieting is one of the top ways to accomplish this task naturally, and all it really takes is sticking to your diet plan in order for it to be able to work.

Results will vary for you compared to another person following a similar program, but give it time to work because this is no magical method to make drastic changes immediately.

24 Hour Fasting

Fasting is when you do not consume food at all for a certain period, and only drink water while taking vitamin supplements to make up for the daily nutrients you did not receive through whole food consumption. You can naturally increase human growth hormone levels by 2,000% with this type of fasting.

This is by far one of the top ways to increase this hormone naturally, and is not just some made up number from a fad diet plan. Studies actually prove this statement and shows you can actually benefit from 24 hour fasts from time-to-time [1].

Sure, you worry about your calorie intake to increase muscle size, but this is not going to affect your gains negatively at all.

Eat Less Sugar After Training

Sugar will cause your insulin levels to spike, especially after training. Insulin spikes have a negative impact not only on your HGH, but also your testosterone production as well since the hormones are being suppressed.

Keep carbohydrate consumption only to what you require for your glycogen levels to raise back to normal.

Intermittent Fasting

This is when you go on and off a 24 hour fast at a higher rate. For example, you eat nutrient rich foods for two days and then fast for the third day. Repeat the process and you are performing an intermittent fast.

Naturally Increase HGHBasically you are increasing HGH at a more significant level than a periodic 24 hour fasting once or twice a month.

Exercising to Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone Levels

You of course have to exercise in order to stay healthy and give your muscles a reason to grow larger at a quicker pace.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the top exercise program to start if you seek to increase HGH levels naturally.

HIIT is when you perform short bursts of various exercises for the purpose of increasing your heart rate.

This significantly boosts HGH production because they activate what is known as super-fast twitch muscle fibers. Basically, when these muscle fibers become activated through HIIT your body experiences a drastic release of HGH, which is one of the reasons why bodybuilders and athletes add HIIT programs to their weekly or bi-weekly fitness programs.

You can Definitely Increase HGH Levels Naturally

You have been given various techniques to use in hopes of increasing HGH levels naturally.

A proper diet and exercise program has to be set in place for anything to happen safely. For example, if you know you will be performing a 24 hour fast, then the days prior to it need to contain healthy meals that are not missed.

This does not mean eat more to make up for the day ahead. You simply eat healthy as you already should, then carry on to fasting.

Seek medical advice before participating in any drastic changes to your diet or fitness lifestyle, and this especially applies to those with previous health conditions.

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