Muscle Rev X and Rev Test scam reports

Muscle Rev X and Rev Test

Having come across an advertorial for both supplements I thought it best that I took a closer look at them, especially with the various other similar “free trial” offers turning out to be scams.

At first glance these look impressive enough, but I guess we will find out soon enough whether we would recommend you try them or not.

We do not endorse trial offers. Click here to see which product we recommend as an alternative.

Claimed benefits of Muscle Rev X and Rev Test

Both supplements offer some impressive claims, such as:

  • The ability to build lean muscle and gain insane strength
  • Boost endurance and power
  • Maximise muscle pumps
  • Enhanced libido
  • Increased energy levels

Whether the science behind these supplements can back up the claims is another thing. We would need to look at the ingredients used before commenting further.

Ingredients found in Muscle Rev X and Rev Test

It is pleasing to see that both supplements have shown their product labels on their websites.

Muscle Rev X is said to contain Vitamin C, Calcium, L-taurine, L-Norvaline, along with some Nitric Oxide boosting Arginines.

Rev Test on the other hand contains ingredients such as Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris.

I conclude that using these supplements alongside a protein-rich diet and regular sessions at the gym will result in the benefits claimed.

However, it should be noted that there is no such thing as a ‘miracle pill’, you will always have to put in the hard work yourself if you want to see those gains.

Price of Muscle Rev X and Rev Test

Both supplements are being offered as a free trial, unfortunately there is nothing free about either supplement.

When viewing the terms and conditions of the offer you will discover that Muscle Rev X will cost $4.95 for shipping when you initially sign up, then 14 days later you will be charged $84.63 with further monthly deliveries to be sent.

The terms and conditions for Rev Test are not working but you can assume that the same or similar prices will be used.

As with most auto ship programs you will continue to be charged monthly until your membership is cancelled.

Are these supplements a scam?

While you may experience some benefit from the use of these supplements the high price and their use of auto-shipping should put you off signing up for the trial.

Muscle Rev X and Rev Test are not doing anything illegal, but offering free trials will obviously entice people into signing up for their offer, only to be disappointed once they discover the true cost of the trial.

No doubt this will lead to complaints that they are a scam.

Contact details for Muscle Rev X and Rev Test

While you may be able to cancel your subscription online using the form at the very bottom of their sales website you may also want to contact them using other means.

Phone: 1-855-768-7858

If you have signed up for either supplement please leave a message below.

Click here for our guide to beating online scams.

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  1. I can not believe how disgusted I am with the owners of this product. I will do everything in my power, wether it is my time or my money, from facebook to whatspp, I will be letting people know of this scam and how it is not free at all. How ridiculous of this company to do buisness in such a disgraceful manner.

    • The customer service is a joke. This is a scam! automatically charging you as you hit your 14th day from ordering it whether you have it or not. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! They do not know how to run the company and especially dont have good customer service. I am very disappointed

      • I agree with you they don’t even have managers but false advertising is against the law and they helped me with a prosperous settlement due to their advertising infringement thank you guys

      • yea change your bank card,i did that,they try to take the money but they did not get it,i have the product they get no money,is free they say rite!so i get it for free

      • One of these numbers is a number that you can speak to a real person and the other is a recording. I think this is the person 888-973-8522. If not 800-383-5052.
        I was successful in cancelling. After 4 days, I am going to stop taking both the RevTest and MuscleRevExtreme due the color of my urine being dark amber. May or may not be due to the product but I don’t want to take any chances.

    • I signed up for this and you are right it’s not free I want to take my money back but I can’t even talk to a real person in order to do that. If you know how could you tell me who to call?

  2. This is a scam and I’ve had to go to the bank to stop any transfer. The trail arrived after the 14 day cancellation period so was charged automatically. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT

  3. I bought the trial for cheap and stupid me didnt read term and conditions and now been on phone several times making sure i have fully cancelled my account and wont get charged anymore! Total scam by not telling about the full price! I really hope its been cancelled and i dont get charged or else i need to contact my bank which wastes more of my time

    • Hi tried them, they did absolutely nothing apart from me feeling like sh*t!!! Cancelled my subscription once I knew I was going to get charged and they did not charge me after that.

  4. Screw these pricks. I canceled it right after they charged me. Hopefully I can get my money back. Never trust trials, I don’t know what I was thinking

  5. the phone numbers DO NOT WORK!!

    i have been trying to get in contact with them and every number i try says its an invalid number!!!!

    • Sorry, but the phone numbers given above were the ones present on their sales page at the time of writing the review. I do not have any other contact information.

      My suggestion would be to speak to your bank.

      • I have been taking both pills for 16 days. The only thing I can say for certain is that they will give you dark urine. I have seen no improvement in my weight or body fat. Of course being 77 may have something to do with that. I cancelled at the 7 day mark, and I received a cancellation e-mail that day. Hang in there, Matt

          • I was doing my usual workout. I exercise 2 or 3 times a week. I spend an hour on the exercycle (while reading the paper and working the Sudoku puzzle), then spend about an hour pushing/pulling iron around and stretching/balance training, then back on the bike until my ride wants to leave. We normally get there right at five and leave at 7:30.
            I was experiencing some bleeding problems (I think this stuff interacts with my warfarin), so I cut back to one tablet per day. The problem went away. I weigh in every night at bed time on a Tanita scale with a body impedance analysis for body fat. A three day average before I started was 195.7 lb/22.9 body fat. The last three of the 19 days I took two a day showed an average of 193.8 lb/23.2 body fat. Please don’t ask me to explain that. I’m just reporting what the scale read. Hang in there, Matt

  6. I ordered these free trials. At the time i did not know that this would be a scam and spent £5 on the free trials, still have not recieved them.

    What do I do?

  7. I ordered a supposed free trial and have been scammed $44.00 total. I haven’t even, recieved the product and already hate it. I spoke with a customer service represenative and was told a superviser or manager was un-avalibiable. What a scam??????? Not avaliable?????? What a joke. I won’t get my money credited back until, I return the product, which will take a few weeks. That’s the real joke. They screw you!!!!!!!! have someone have the character to c/b and explain this……………. Roody poos!!!!!!!!! Never again, will I even, consider them……..

  8. So I just ordered this trial tonight and after reading so many bad comments I canceled my order right away and emailed and called and they said they will charge me 38 dollars to cancel. Does anybody know if I should cancel my card or my account with my bank????

  9. I saw the free trial, then researched muscle rev extreme and revtest never go with a trial, research the product first then purchase from their site or Amazon. Go to GNC and see if it’s legit. I’m on my second bottle of muscle rev extreme and revtest. I have had increased my workout and lost 10lbs in two wks. I also dropped two pant sizes 38 waist to 36. It works just research when you see products like this before committing your bank account

  10. I really wish I read this before trying a “free trial”. First part it took just over a week to receive the products. So now your done to 6 days to actually judge this product. That’s simply not enough time. And yes today is the day I got that unexpected charge. I rushed through the checkout process without reading all the details. I did file a complaint with my bank and hopefully I get my money back but to me they not trying if the price to preview the product is so steep. On a side note if your billing information doesn’t match correctly and you get an email in regards to this. They will still charge the card and you will not receive the product a complete scam. I ordered once with a bad zip code and that’s the part I did a complaint about. They still charged me $89 today and told me to contact USPS to find out where the it went without a tracking number. How nice of them.

  11. I prescribed for sample bottles of Rev Test and Muscle X on the special deal by paying the delivery only and now have realised that there have been 2 unauthorised transaction of AU$114 and AU$115 done in my account.
    If you could explain this and I would like it reimbursed to my account.

    Thank you.


  12. Good Morning, you have taken a payment of £60.08 from my account today and I did not authorise this. I have not received any product from you and would like you to refund the amount to my account and not take anymore payments or send me any further products in future.

    • I most certainly have not taken any payments from you as I do not sell any products. I suggest you try contacting whichever company you signed up for, I assume you have signed up for a trial.

  13. I don’t feel I’ve been ripped off, It just didn’t end up being free. After the auto charge (which was twice cuz I got rev test and muscle rev x) it averages 45 dollars a bottle which isn’t that bad, a little costly, but still now I know. The only way ill feel jaded is if my second shipment doesn’t show up.

  14. I did the same thing but unlike most people I am a bargain shopper so when I see something online for cheap I read and make sure its legit then go for it. In fine printing it has the rev test by the terms and conditions saying that after the trial 14 day is up from the time of purchase, you will be charged an additional 84 dollars or something, you can cancel this if you call them and cancel it before the 14 days are up. Make sure you have your order number when HKJ do as they will ask for it and your name and zip code. They have a number on the site but it is the old Verizon wireless number. The new number to cancel your order is 8554621974. They will ask a series of questions but its worth it at that point right? Who want an to pay that much money for something that’s not guaranteed? Once you get it, they will send you an email confirmation and you’re all set. You will still receive your 4.90 trial bottle but nothing more after that. Working out and using that in that month you will see the gains you want. Trust me.

  15. After waiting 10 days from my order date I called to cancel for I did not like the 14 day trial and I did not receive yet, It is supposed to be a free one-month trial, if you want to sell your product then follow your offer, 30 day free trial.
    After canceling I received one product seven days later then another product 14 days later then one week after that you took $230 from my credit card shame on you people, rotten business, how can I trust your product when I can’t even trust you
    The Internet is a powerful tool,
    I don’t like being ripped

  16. This product/company is a complete scam. I, too, fell for the “free trial”, which isn’t free at all. I promptly contacted them within a week to cancel, but still got charged over a hundred dollars for the “free” product (they conveniently claimed that they never received my email). There is a special place in Hell for these people.

  17. I ordered the free trial and then proceeded to find this website, help! I emailed them straight away, they told me to ring a number in a return email but this number only plays waiting music. What can I do to stop them charging me the full cost?

  18. got the link from www, fooled by the review and again got fooled by the so called ‘ FREE TRIAL’ just pay for the postage thing.
    paid the postage for both muscle crap…US$11.85…saw the fine below the order receipt..
    ‘by placing an order, you will pay S & H to recieve a 30 day supply. you will also be automatically enrolled in our membership program. the program will charge you $89.47 on the 14th day of your date for a monthly supply and 30days thereafter until you cancellled. you can cancel anytime by calling calling 855-468-1974. if you cancel before the 14th day of your order, you pay the S&H of your 30day supply. if you cancel after the 14th day of your order date, you shall pay the 30 day supply plus any future supplies without refund’
    SCAM>>>SCAM>>>SCAM…shit i thought it was just an easy US$11.85 scam…after a few minutes, i cancelled both orders and given up on the $11.85..BUT NO its a bigger scam than that… after cancelling , i was charge twice $39[ 50% shit off retail]. now the big question, will i ever get this scam shit product….$90 scam!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is the same company that used two different names for the products but they were they same ingredients. I too was a victim of the “free trial” and then being charged like 80$ a bottle. But in reality I didnt care because with a proper diet and workout routine I saw pretty good results in just 6-8 weeks. So for $160 I got a boost in my summer body. LOL

  20. THIS A SCAM. DO NOT BUY from these thieves.
    First they sold the product a my son who is a minor (16). I called to return the product. I was talking to the customer service rep, I’m giving him all my son’s contact information, when I told him that I was returning the product and that my son was a minor, all of the sudden, he was not able to hear me anymore and asked me to call back.
    So I did, when I called back, the wait time was 5 min. Decided to wait but the wait time instead of going down went from 5 min to 10. WTF, how did that happen.
    You should be put in JAIL TO ROT.


  22. Has anyone successfully canceled with them I just did the same thing got billed the shipping than read the fine print immediately called and canceled got billed the 38 or whatever and was told I wouldn’t be charged again and when I call there number again and entered my info they said you have canceled and will have no further charges, did I succeed? ! Please help

  23. My high school son was told of the “free” trial of 2 products through someone who visited his football team – Muscle Rev and Rev Test. He signed up and paid the shipping ($10 total), anticipating nothing more. He has a new bank account with very little money ever in it, other than birthday gift money, etc. Within 2 weeks he had just gotten his trial products, and his account was charged $180, almost all of which was overdrawn. He called and canceled whatever is actually canceled through the phone numbers (automated), but the fees remained. After reading the fine print and realizing the scam here (14 days to cancel your FREE trial), I called them and just entered 0 when it asked for his phone number, and got a human.

    The customer service experience was worse than bad used car sales. While always polite, the rep eventually read me all the fine print and told me there was nothing that could be done other than that. I interrupted her and explained my situation, my opinion on the process, and requested additional contact information other than the phone center I was talking to now. She said there was none and she was the supervisor – the highest person I could talk to. She put me on hold (I thought SHE was the supervisor?) and then offered a 15% refund. I turned her down, and explained that a company that manufactures and sells a product has more business contact information than a call center or sales website (she offered the website). I want that information. She then offered a 30% discount without putting me on hold or missing a beat. At this point I was getting furious at this process and lack of customer service. I stated again, I know it’s not all up to her at the call center, and there has to be additional contact information (phone, address or email) other than those I already have for sales. She put me on hold again, and came back with a “final offer we can make” refund of 50% for each product.

    I caved and took the deal, seething with frustration and anger and wondering what I could have gotten if I’d persisted. At least I got one of my products refunded. So sorry for all of you in this same horrible situation.

  24. Oh why did I fall for this scam! I just got my bottle in yesterday and decided to look it up more to be safe that the product works! And thats when I seen the FINE PRINT! When I ordered the FREE trial it never stated that at all and I even got a call to thank me for my purchase and then even asked if tht was it and the guy said ” yes all you pay for is the trial! This is not the way a business should be conducted! I took down the customer services ID number and name and said that I will be contacting my lawyer and right then within 2 mins I got an email that said it has been cancelled but all I need to pay is 9$ which I will not pay or return the product! Im cancelling all payments from this company and reporting them to the business bureau!! Damn I dont believe I fell for this

  25. I am under doctors care so I oredered with intentions of starting after. With that in mind I didn’t read the terms either. Then I noticed the charge and flipped. I called customer service and followed the prompts to cancel. Then I wanted a refund so I called back and got a recording that put me on hold to wait for a representative. The recording said 5 minutes but was still on hold after 40 minutes. Tried again and got the same result. In the end I had to contact the bank and use the fraud protection. DO NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER!! I still haven’t used it so I’m not sure if it works.

  26. I order the product through the free trial as well. I paid the shipping on the first order then about 14 days after I got charged. I got in touch with the company and was able to get a refund. This was a while back. I jus started using it and working out along with it. I will post another comment in about a month and let everyone know how it works. I’ve been using it about a week now and I have noticed increased energy levels

  27. The new customer service number is 1-888-973-8522. I just talked to a woman today on the phone and she was very very helpful even after the automated service had accepted my cancellation request. Call them. They will gladly refund your order(s), if the item has shipped and you have already canceled your order just address the package as “return to sender” and they will refund your payment when the order is returned to them. For those of you who think that keeping the product after the cancel was going to be free it won’t they will ask you if you want to keep the product when you cancel over the phone with a human. They expect to receive the package. Only if you do not return the product will they have the right to charge you as any business does.

    • The number above works (Jan 13, 2016) — 888-973-8522

      Choose opt 2 ( muscle )… I had to enter address nbr and zip code, and it found my order. They try to give you a 50% discount, but if you persist through the phone prompts to fully cancel, you can get option to speak to agent. They picked up after just a couple minutes and were very helpful.

      Canceled my order. This is the same as all these supplement sales. The fine print is the same and then they will sell it to you up to 75% off if you call and try to cancel.

      So they are no diff than any one else in the business. I canceled as I doubt the product has noticeable benefits. I joined cuz the add implied professional sports figures I respect use the products but then I saw the ad again and realized that they probably did not actually use these products… so I canceled

  28. I was charged 3 times straight on 14 days. I have cancelled my card. No other way to stop being charged. First time I have been scammed…..aarrgghh

  29. What a scam paid for free sample great arrived then the next month $119.65 Aus removed from my account with out my permission …
    Great Company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. This product, like 99.9% of the crap on the supplement market, is a complete nonsense. All you have to do is look at the claims they are making. I know it sounds great and I wish I could take a magic pill and gain 20 lbs. of muscle in 30 days while reducing my body fat to 5% but it’s not happening. There is no science or evidence behind any of the claims made by the manufacturers of these products. Do yourself a favor and hang on to your hard earned money.

    • i just call at 18557687858 after reading all these comment i have to cal,they say it free but its not,i was told by the customer service,they try charging me 14 days after,but the payment did not go thought.i change my bank card days after i sign up for what they say is free,they is some no good people,keep from them,and am going to change my bank card again ,take no chances with them.

  31. I never even ordered the product! I never signed up for any free trial. I immediately shipped them back after calling their customer service department which was a joke and a half. 2 weeks later I have charges on my account, which still unclear how they even got
    My card information. I cancelled the account filed with the bank, the AG’s office and the FTC. After reading the comments above I realized I have a subscription to men’s health but still never ordered anything, however men’s health is paid for through the same account. Total scam

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I never ordered anything from these companies. I had never heard of them until I saw the charges for $4.90 and $4.95 on my credit card. I immediately researched them online and found this page. I have reported the charges to my credit card company, and will pursue the matter further if necessary. I do not feel scammed, I feel like I am a victim of theft and fraud. I have no idea how they got my credit card information, but it can’t be legal. These people are thieves, frauds, scum. I am beyond pissed.

  32. I should have checked this out before ordering my trial. Everyone on the internet says that this is a scam! I want to cancel everything that I just ordered. My order numbers are 2297863 and 2297861. Please remove them from my credit card and don’t bill me $84.00 a month thereafter. Any questions call me at 816-461-3388.

    • Darren, this website has no association with any trial offer so you should contact them yourself. I have posted contact information in the above review.

  33. This is what i do when i can not cancel the auto ship program. The first thing i do is cancel my credit card. I ask the credit card company to give me a new account with different number on the card. Works every time. Now anything with trial offers,i stay away from them.

  34. How do I cancel this product, there doesn’t seem a way to do it and its costing me a fortune. Can anyone help me please.

  35. Hi guys, I was able to cancel my husband’s subscription with the 1-888-973-8522. I pressed a bunch of zeros to get them to say they have cancelled the subscription. It then asked if I wanted to speak to a representative and hit that button and a kind customer service rep was able to help me through the process. I hope this works for you guys. Please keep in mind that nothing is ever free and that you should always research products and companies before you sign on for subscriptions. They can be very hard to get rid of.

  36. I’ll never use or refer this product to any of my clients or athletes I train. Terrible customer service assistance. I cancelled my membership in the first 6days and they charged me TWICE.


    • Call this number, 888-973-8522. Then click the option they gave you, it will say 1 for diet, 2 for muscle, 3 for testtosterone and click your option then when it takes you to the next screen let her say atleast one word then click 0 and you can speak to a representative. This worked. I tried everything and it worked militia leader times for me.

  38. I received the trial offer products and called 888-973-8522, the number on their website, to cancel the automatic renewal. After carefully listening to all options of the automatic answering and being on hold for about 5 minutes a human answered and I successfully cancelled the auto renew. I strongly stated that they are not to send me any products unless I call and order.
    I was assured that auto renew was cancelled.
    Try this number, listen carefully, press 0 to get an operator and wait for someone to answer. It worked for me.

  39. The free trial is anything but free. I ordered the products on 10/10/15, then cancelled them on 10/15/15. They charged me $38.71 for the “free trial” which I had cancelled 9 days before the trial period was to have ended. I have not even received the products yet. I am so disgusted: misleading advertising companies like this one should be banned from continuing to do their business like this. I will not have anything else to do with businesses like this that are so deceptive. It says a lot about the probability that their products are also deceptive and don’t deliver what they are advertising as well.

  40. –> Quit whining about them “SCAMMING” you…. If you were all silly enough to overlook the fine print and notice it states that after 14 days of Muscle rev they send you another bottle at full price! That’s your own neglagence. I also oreder Rev Test along with it. This product also automatically reorders after day 15.

    So, I recieved an entire FREE MONTH TRIAL, for only the cost of shipping.

    • Carl — sadly you are right, but doesn’t a 30-day trial imply 30 days? At best, it is misleading and they are hoping no one reads the small print.

  41. I cut back to one of each pill for 28 days. The average for the last three days was 198.7lb/23.9 body fat. So if I believe my scale, for the 46 total days taking 2 of each pill or 1 of each pill, I gained 3 lb and increased my body fat by 1%. Hang in there, Matt

    Matt Pohl on October 17, 2015 at 8:03 am said:
    I have been taking both pills for 16 days. The only thing I can say for certain is that they will give you dark urine. I have seen no improvement in my weight or body fat. Of course being 77 may have something to do with that. I cancelled at the 7 day mark, and I received a cancellation e-mail that day. Hang in there, Matt

    Reply ↓

    Jordan on October 22, 2015 at 12:50 pm said:
    Were you working out while taking them or just taking the pills?

    Reply ↓

    Matt Pohl on October 27, 2015 at 6:54 am said:
    I was doing my usual workout. I exercise 2 or 3 times a week. I spend an hour on the exercycle (while reading the paper and working the Sudoku puzzle), then spend about an hour pushing/pulling iron around and stretching/balance training, then back on the bike until my ride wants to leave. We normally get there right at five and leave at 7:30.
    I was experiencing some bleeding problems (I think this stuff interacts with my warfarin), so I cut back to one tablet per day. The problem went away. I weigh in every night at bed time on a Tanita scale with a body impedance analysis for body fat. A three day average before I started was 195.7 lb/22.9 body fat. The last three of the 19 days I took two a day showed an average of 193.8 lb/23.2 body fat. Please don’t ask me to explain that. I’m just reporting what the scale read. Hang in there, Matt

  42. I order on the 29th December 2015 u have my order numbers and I was told it would be with me buy 3th January which was a Sunday it is now the 4th January 2016 just won’t to no when is my stuff going to come thank you

  43. What a ripoff. No such thing as free trials. This company sucks. Carl I will continue to whine about a company that takes advantage of consumers!!!!!!

  44. I’ve been scammed I only
    Order a free trial and nkw £91 coming out my bank and can’t stop it help!!! I wanna cancel it so it doesn’t come out my bank

  45. How are folks getting these phone numbers? I do no see any contact info on their web-site except an e-mail form. If looks like the latest number suggested by folks is 888-973-8522, but I see so many numbers (from where?!) that I’m wondering – do they keep changing them? Where are these numbers coming from?

    I haven’t tried calling them yet because I just spent 20 mins on calls to my VISA credit-card company on a cell-phone from Mexico and all my calls get dropped. But not before hearing that there is nothing they can do and even cancelling my whole card will still result in my new card being charged because of the ‘agreement’ I have with them. I have no account number, no piece of paper, no e-mail, no free product shipped – NO information about them at all, and now I’m being charged $131. I followed through a promotion with Paypal and authorized a shipping payment (and I didn’t do a screen-dump) and saw no agreement. I have nothing but entries on my VISA card statement.

    I am so ***** angry that VISA can’t stop this.

  46. They hide the terms in the small print and charge you before the 30 day trial is half down. When I called to complain, Diane, who was refused to let me speak to anyone else, stonewalled me and arrogantly informed me they held up their end of the bargain and the $89 charge would remain. I really lost it at that point, threatening and screaming over the phone. I hate when I get that way, but honestly, she seemed used to it.
    I called back a second time in a calmer tone to see if i would at least get the shipment I paid for after the cancellation. I spoke to Jacob who told me I could get a refund if I returned everything. I asked for an email to spell out those instructions. If you are unhappy with this company (and I expect most people are), keep calling 855-809-2280 until you get a more helpful representative.

  47. Just to followup on my last posting from Jan 31:

    I called the Customer service number of 888 973 8522 and successfully cancelled the order.
    Folks here talk about the terms and conditions of an agreement, and seem to know about phone numbers, like the last posting, but I have none of that. All I have is the phone number I found in this thread (thank you for that!). Anyway, the menu-items I used was ‘2’ (muscle) and then I pressed ‘0#’ when it asked for the phone number associated with the account. That got to me to a person.

    I made a point of being polite and calm throughout this exchange when it directed me to a real person. I didn’t get his name. He tried to give me discounts but finally let up the pressured sales talk when I explained I’m not even in the country (I’m in Mexico for 3 months while this bogus product is supposedly being shipped to Canada – and I know the initial trial product did not show up).

    I didn’t even ask about a refund or return. First, I’m in no position to return the product if it does get delivered, and I’m just happy to make this stop.
    I can’t believe I fell for this scam, but it came as a promotion through Paypal for customer appreciation and I trusted them.

    I asked for an e-mail confirmation of the cancellation, and received it. It is from and says:

    This email is being sent to confirm that your account has been
    cancelled. You will not receive any other shipments or charges.

    Armed with this, if this now continues, I have ammunition for my credit card company (VISA) so they can stop/reverse any future payments if necessary. They were not so helpful the other day when I tried to get them to stop this.

    I wish you folks luck. I was freaking furious when I saw this happen and then VISA not helping me, and all my calls on my cellphone from Mexico dropping. I guess I was too furious to think of using Skype at the time, which is what I used for this final call.

  48. ive tried this product and it works 6 months ago i was under weight only 10 stone now im 19 stone of muscle iv never felt better or fitter in my life.

    • this rip off, scam product gave me fevers and flu like symptoms , two days apart each time i took them. very dangerous and prescription only in Australia.

  49. Someone please get a class action lawsuit against these scumbags. I think this product caused my ear to start ringing.. 2 months now.. TOTAL SCAM COMPANY. I WOULDN’T RISK TAKING THIS PRODUCT.

  50. I responded to an ad for a product called Revboost. Shipping was $5. At checkout, was another product offered, NitricRush, also $5 shipped. On july 24th 2017 I find 2 charges added to my charge card, for $92.67 and $94.67. These charges put my card over the limit. So I first paid the card company $150 to bring the overage back down to the allowable maximum balance, then discovered the two unauthorized charges. I’ve called the card company to have these unauthorized charges removed. Several days later, i see that the charges are still not removed. I’ve since called the company doing this to ask how and for what these charges were for. I was told that the 2 products shipped for $5 each are actually $92.67 and $94.67 as i had not returned them in 14 days. This info was Not shown on the order form and i cannot find it on their website, even now. this reminds me of a bait and switch of the price. I believe that this is the business model of the business. Btw, the ingredients on 1 bottle showed a Horny Goat Weed. I’ ve never heard of that one. So i maintain that their terms and the massively inflated prices are either hidden from the customers altogether or in the tiniest of print in a remote location. i believe that most people get charged extra without knowing about it till they find the charges on their cards.


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