Muscle Building Tricks

Muscle Building Tricks

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A magician always have a few tricks up his sleeve and it is the same as the ‘hench’ bodybuilder will always have a few hacks in their armoury to help you on your journey.

This article is an accumulation of the six best counterintuitive tricks that require an element of trust and courage. Yes these hacks actually do work and the sceptical readers amongst you will probably be thinking here we go again…blah, blah, blah!

However if you keep on doing the same rigmarole in the gym then you will keep on getting the same results. To be a pioneer in bodybuilding the biggest rewards are there to be seen when you have gone against your intuition, tradition, what everyone is doing and you have bravely blazed your own trail.

That is how things progress and if this scenario was not the case; then the science of bodybuilding would be at a total standstill!

In order for you to smash through your plateaus in training does take a certain amount of courage and long term patience. This sometimes requires you to have an unconventional thinking cap on and many of these hacks do go against the grain what you have read in many other articles on line.

Few people know about these tricks and it recommended that you try one or two first and then you progressively add more tricks into your work out regime.

A key point to consider is that muscles adapts very quickly to stress and stimuli placed upon them and changing these variables can substantially accelerate your lean muscle gains. Any you ready to add some new tricks into your armoury?

Turn your work out upside down

The majority of bodybuilders get into a groove with their workouts and stick to the same order every week e.g. Monday is a notorious chest day in gyms around the globe.

Try switching the order of your work outs and start the week by exercising a muscle group that you would normally end with and vice versa e.g. switch around your chest and leg days.

Often this simple switch will wake up the muscle groups and shock them into growing a lot quicker.

Swap around your sets and reps

Are you typically performing 5 sets of 8 reps? Then let’s alter this and for this week perform 8 sets of 5 reps. Yes before you start panic, you can adjust the weight accordingly and you will be amazed at what this strategy will do in terms of facilitating micro tears within the muscle tissue.

A top tip to lift heavy weight to activate the anabolic hormones response and to use compound movements to build lean muscle mass.

The 50-rep technique

For every workout that you are performing this week, for the last set add 50 reps into the equation. If you haven’t been fully fatiguing your muscle groups then you will now. A key point to consider is that the muscle needs to fully fatigued, so that micro tears occur, these are repaired post exercise and this is the basic physiologically of muscle growth.

The main objective is to try and reach 50 in one hit regardless of what you are attempting to lift.

Pre exhaust your muscles

Building muscleInstead of using the 50-set why not try this technique. Begin each exercise in your work out at 50% 1RM and perform 75 reps.

Use an isolated exercise for this and have a 10 seconds rest, after you have completed this training method begin with the main lifts of your work out.

After performing this technique for a couple of weeks you will be surprised how quickly your strength will increase.

Go to failure

Failure is the point of no return where you can’t physically pump out another rep because your muscles are so fatigued. If you probably read an article stating that you should avoid going to failure when pumping iron because it is a slippery slope to overtraining. Granted this is the case if you are performing every lift to failure; however for this week let’s forget about reps.

This method is basically lift until you can’t lift no more whilst keeping your rest intervals between sets the same as usual. Then repeat the process.

However you may not be able to complete your predetermined work out but this is normal because you have fully fatiguing your muscles a whole lot quicker.

Perform some cardio HIIT

Traditionally bodybuilders tend to perform some conventional cardio after they have finished in the weight’s room. However for one week perform 10 minutes of cardio HIIT before you begin your resistance work out as this will boost your metabolism, anabolic hormones and concentration levels.

Specifically this boost in concentration levels will translate to you being more focused and your work outs should be more intense with real purpose.

Try it and see – as you will be amazed at how such a simple tweak will switch you back on fully when smashing the weights!

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Hi, my name is Jonathan, a fitness blogger and bodybuilding enthusiast and I am the founder of Skinny2Fit. I want to provide you with easy access to good advice that is both simple and to the point. Helping you gain muscle mass and strength!


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