Muscle Building Mistakes

Muscle Building Mistakes

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Are you following your training and nutrition to the letter and still not getting the results in your physique that you desire?

You are not alone on this and in fact this scenario is fairly common amongst bodybuilders and a simple tweak could be all that is standing in the way of you and your dream physique.

So let’s make sure that the blood, sweat and tears are not all in vain and we will highlight any factors that could be sabotaging your all of your hard work. It could be a combination of the factors or just one little adjustment to your schedule that could make all of the difference. Here goes…

Not being consistent

This is probably the single biggest element that will determine your success or failure in the long term.

If you are not being consistent then regardless if you have the most scientifically designed training and nutrition plans on the planet; if you are not following them consistently they will actually be a waste of time.

Having a muscular physique is the cumulative result of literally hundreds of work outs combined with the right nutrition plan.

This takes dedication, hard work and real focus with consistency is paramount to all of these underlying characteristics.

Missing out basics

Unfortunately many lifters envisage that by doing isolated exercises such as chest flies and leg curls is the only method of making their muscles develop effectively.

However compound moves like squats, deadlifts, rows and presses recruit a larger amount of muscle fibres which impose a bigger stress on your muscle for improved gains.

During compound moves by the very nature of using more muscle groups through a multitude of joints equates to heavier lift and increases in muscular size and strength.

Compare the amount of weight lifted between isolated and compound moves and this should be a wake-up call to start implementing more whole body lifts into your program. Think of compound lifts as building the muscle mass and isolated exercise as sculpting the muscle.

Not monitoring your progress

So many lifters go through their work outs on auto pilot without really paying any attention to what they are doing and perform exercises that tickle their fancy on the day. It is a common scenario that many lifters don’t have a training diary, training plan that has been record and/or any self- feedback from the session.

Therefore if these key factors aren’t in place then ‘How can your progress be monitored properly?

Well with a little more planning and preparation your time at the gym will not be a social event but a more productive management of training time – that will produce better physique results!

If you train with a measured approach then it will improve because it can be assessed properly. Realistically is takes a bit of smart planning and all you have really think about it where you are ‘now’; ‘where’ you want to go (how much muscle mass do you want to gain?) and ‘how’ you are going to get there ( with the right training and nutrition).

There is literally thousands of training/nutrition plans that are free on the internet but a recommendation is use a ‘qualified’ fitness professional to create them to match your individual needs.

A simple approach is then to work through the plans and assess what works and does not work for you and make any adjustments so that you can and will achieve the results that you deserve.

Having unrealistic expectations

Regardless of all the hype on the internet and through advertisements you will not be massive in six weeks especially of you are a couch potato to be begin with.

Building muscleKeep your goals realistic because you will not be able to bench press 300 pounds if you are new to lifting and likewise you will not shift 60 pounds of fat in 6 weeks.

Building lean muscle is all the ‘long game’ and being consistent, dedicated with realistic expectations with keep you grounded and focussed.

Changing your body composition does take time and many people tend to under estimate the whole process and set their time boundaries all wrong.

You can’t rush the process, patience is absolutely vital and realistically you should be looking at adding about 1 pound of muscle per week.

This may seem slow to begin with but if you keep things consistent these muscle gains will soon add up. Over several months you can make some serious changes to your body composition and totally change your physique for the better.

Are you overtraining?

Working out too frequently and for too long is detrimental to your physique goals. You need to have adequate time for your muscle to rest in between work outs and a rule of thumb is to allow 48 hours of rest per muscle group.

This ensures that the muscle fibres are repaired properly and ready for the next work outs. Also training for a muscle group for over an hour has no benefit as the body’s testosterone levels are starting to dip around this point and several other metabolic stresses can lead to overtraining.

The main objective of resistance training for hypertrophy is to cause micro tears and not to over stress the muscle tissue.

In this scenario the muscle will be over stressed and this can lead to injury and lack of muscle mass success. Plus if you are injured then you will be back to square one in terms of building lean muscle mass. Remember that ‘Rome was not built in a day and nor was hard earned muscle mass!

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  1. I Was fat a year ago .with daily excersice and gym I loose wait but I m not gaining proper tightness in my body. I am doing regular excersise but I m not able to reduce water level from my chest and belly.plz plz plz help me.m very depressed.


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