Muscle Building Hacks for Faster Gains

Muscle Building Hacks

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When it comes to building muscle, it is fairly easy to understand that to get the results you want within the time frame you have set, you will have to replicate proven movements in order to achieve your goals.

During this article, we will be assessing easy and guaranteed ways to maximise on muscle growth in a fraction of the time, and with none of these hyped up supplements or expensive equipment to improve your results, our comprehensive muscle building hacks have you covered.

Eat enough protein

Eat enough protein

Contrary to what is stated in media outlets and advertisements, it is not necessary for your body to consume 100’s of grams of protein per day in order to build and maintain muscle, and the truth of the matter is that excess protein can actually be stored as fat, hindering your muscle building development.

Realistically, all the body needs is the daily recommended allowance, plus more to cater to the type of exercise that you’re doing, scaling this protein intake to sustain your routine based on intensity and training frequency.

This works out at roughly 0.8 grams of protein for every lb of weight, making it easier than ever to monitor your overall intake and scale your consumption accordingly.

The bigger the lift, the better

Lift big

If building muscle mass quickly is your goal here, then forget about isolation exercises such as curls and shoulder presses and working specific muscle groups deliberately, as this will only slow your fitness progression to a grinding halt.

During your sessions, it is important to work a multitude of muscles for each exercise (also known as a compound movement), as this stimulates a larger selection of muscle groups and incorporates larger amounts of muscle fibres, leading to bigger and better results than working deliberately on certain areas.

These compound movements can include squats, dips, deadlifts, farmers walks and military presses, as each of these exercises targets more than one muscle group during your routine.

Train hard and often

Train hard

It is a common myth in the world of body building that you need to be working out around the clock in order to achieve the results of your dreams, this simply isn’t true.

It is important to aim for between 3-4 days for your muscle building routine with at least 1 rest day in between each workout if possible, as this will help stimulate muscle growth whilst also giving your body the well needed rest and recovery that it needs.

When training for maximum muscle growth benefit, we recommend to perform 3-5 sets of each exercise for 6-10 reps, with each rep being increasingly difficult between 6-10, as this is the stage that more energy as well as good posture is needed.

Rest and recover between sessions

Rest and recover

During your workout routine, you will break down your muscles in order for them to grow back bigger and stronger, and with muscles developing around the clock, including immediately after a session and even when you’re resting.

It is important to give your body a break in order to replenish and repair the muscles before the next session in order to achieve your fitness dreams.

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