7 Muscle Building Carbs and Their Benefits

Muscle Building Carbs

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While there are some carbs that you should try to avoid when building muscle there are others that you should be eating, as they can actually speed up recovery times and build muscle.

Read on to discover the best muscle building carbs, ideal for bulking (for more tips on bulking effectively I would recommend the following article) but perhaps not the best for your pre-contest cut.

#1: Breakfast cereal

When bulking it is a good idea to start your day off with a breakfast cereal that is rich in fibre content.

You should aim to consume 1 that contains around 2 g of fibre per serving.

It is slow to digest so is a good source of energy.

For a little extra boost add a scoop of whey protein to your milk and mix. This will give you an ideal amount of protein, carbs and fibre.

#2: Bagels

A normal size bagel will contain roughly 40-50g of carbs, which makes it ideal for mass building.

It is also good for those of us with busy lives as there is virtually no time needed for preparation.

You may want to try a whole grain variety if you want to experience other health benefits.

#3: Bran muffins

While there are some good quality bran muffins available (check the labels for nutritional content) they are easy enough to make yourself. There are various recipes online that you can use.

Again the fibre will digest slowly, which is ideal for releasing energy throughout your day.

#4: Cream of rice cereal

Muscle BuildingThis food is perfect for eating on the off-season during a bulk. Again it can be made yourself.

All you need is:

  • 2/3 cup of rice
  • Banana
  • Cup of cottage cheese
  • Pinch of cinnamon

Simply cook the rice in water, drain and mix the other ingredients into it to make a meal that contains around 30 g of protein with 90 g of carbs.

#5: Mashed potato

Mashed potato is great post-workout as it can help restore your glycogen levels. This is because they are quickly digested so will give an almost immediate insulin boost.

#6: White rice with raisins

As with the mashed potato, you can eat white rice mixed with raisins after a workout to help replace your lost glycogen levels, which will ensure you are able to recover quickly from your workout.

I suggest cooking 2 cups of white rice with a handful of raisins mixed in for flavour.

You can eat this as a mini-meal or as a side as part of a main with a good protein source.

#7: Pasta

An easy way to increase your carb intake is with pasta. Just 4 ounces (dry) will give you around 90 g of carbs.

It is also easy to add various meats and vegetables to pasta to make a complete muscle building meal that contains all the necessary carbs, proteins and calories.

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