Who can beat Phil Heath at the 2017 Mr Olympia?

Who can beat Phil Heath at the 2017 Mr Olympia?

On September 14th 2017, in Las Vegas Nevada the 53rd Mr Universe contest will be held. Run by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness...
Bulking for Muscle Mass

Bulking for Muscle Mass: An Essential Guide

Chances are that if you have stumbled across this article that you are looking for advice on how to bulk to achieve maximum muscle...
Best Bodybuilders of All Time

Best Bodybuilders of All Time – Who Did We Choose?

Discussing who the best bodybuilders of all time are is a difficult task, and one that can cause a lot of debate. How do you...
New Year’s Resolutions for Bodybuilders

New Year’s Resolutions for Bodybuilders – Tips for Success

The new year brings fresh hope for a new beginning. Yet unfortunately, despite their best efforts, most people will fail to achieve their New...
How To Gain Muscle Mass

How To Gain Muscle Mass? 42 Proven Muscle Building Tips

Gaining muscle mass requires a symbiotic relationship between your workout and your diet. Without a proper diet that is high in protein, carbohydrates, essential fats...
Essential bodybuilding equipment

Essential bodybuilding equipment

There could be a million reasons preventing you from going to the gym for bodybuilding. It may feel like a drag sometimes to drive...
Stronger Legs

#10 Tips for Bigger and Stronger Legs

When it comes to strengthening your legs, there is a fine line between overtraining and not training them enough, with the vast majority of...

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